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My Class Reunion
by Muse

I felt a pair of hands slide over my eyes. They were soft feminine bands that were oh so warm. A soft voice whispered into my ear, "Guess who?" My wife giggled and I proceeded to play dumb. I knew the voice, even though I had not heard it in twenty years.

"Give me a hint," I replied, enjoying her touch.

I felt her breath in my ear as she whispered, "Do you suppose Mrs. Jolley will give us a pass to go to the library?"

I laughed and said, "It must be Dana!" She dropped her bands and I got up from my chair to give her a hug. So here we were at our twentieth high school reunion and for once I was seeing people that I wanted to see. Not just the dweebs that had something to prove, but also the kids that I ran around with. I had carpooled with both Dana and Pam. Although I saw Pam at our tenth year reunion, we both commented then that Dana had dropped off the face of the planet. Dana would have to have been the one person that I longed to see.

See she was the girl that I wanted in high school. Everybody had someone that they lusted after; Dana was the object of my affections. We had been out a couple of times as 'friends'; you know the royal kiss off, "I like you too much as a friend" bullshit. And now, it was like my prayers were answered, Dana was at the reunion and miraculously she was paying attention to me.

As she sat down in the chair to my right, I introduced her to my wife who was sitting at my left. "Oh, I remember Teri," Dana replied. She and my wife engaged in the mindless chitchat that happens at these kinds of events. While they were talking, I had the opportunity to study Dana. She hadn't changed much. She was still on the slender side, even though I knew that she had a couple of kids. She used to wear her hair at chin length in a modified pageboy style, now it was longer and more styled. In the dress she was wearing, the swell of her breasts peeped at the neckline, subtle but effective. I knew that her body had matured from the eighteen-year-old she was to the sexy woman she had become. I joined in the conversation, but soon it was strictly between Dana, Dean, Pam and myself. Our spouses were sort of left to their own devices while we reminisced about our high school days.

I knew that we had all changed. I had no illusions about what I looked like. At thirty-eight years of age, my hair was becoming grayer each passing day. Paunchy waistline and laugh lines around my eyes had replaced the lithe youthful body. Yet those twenty years slipped away while we laughed and talked about that special time in our lives.

As the evening progressed, Teraesa visited with those folks she knew and I watched a subtle

change in Dana. She started making lingering eye contact with me. Yet, I did not recognize the signs of interest until she caught my gaze. I noticed that her eyes were dilated, the pupils so large and black that the brown irises of her eyes had almost disappeared.

As I returned her smile and frank gaze, I nearly jumped out of my skin as I felt her hand gently run up my thigh. I shifted my weight, but her hand remained, and what amazed me was the tenderness of her caress. Since her hand remained on my thigh and the tablecloth hid her action, I relaxed and imagined what I would have done if she had done that while we were in high school. I probably would have creamed my pants, I thought and I proceeded to smile. I didn't realize that Dana was reading my face, because the next thing I knew her hand moved up and over from my thigh and was gently stroked my balls. I caught her eyes and she smiled. She leaned ever so slightly towards me, and proceeded to continue the conversation while all the time stroking my sleeping dick. Or at least it was sleeping until her fingernails ran the length of my prick. It leapt to attention at her insistent strokes.

I excused myself from the conversation so that I could find my lovely wife. She had sat at one of the tables where she was nursing a mixed drink and chatting up one of her old classmates that had married one of my old classmates. I leaned over and asked her if I could get her anything. She replied no, that everything was OK. I excused myself and went back to our room, since we had rented a room at the motel so we would not have to drive home. I went to the bathroom; my dick was rock hard where Dana had teased it earlier. I sat on the toilet and proceeded to stroke its hard length. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that it was my wife giving me such a wonderful hand job, but it was Dana's face that kept invading my thoughts. I saw her eager gaze, her full lips and her warm smile. The next thing I knew, I had erupted into the confines of the toilet bowl. I admonished myself, "Mitch, you are behaving like an adolescent." But somehow, being with these people had awoken every adolescent desire that had been within me since I had graduated twenty years earlier. I cleaned myself up and returned to the ballroom.

It was almost as if Dana sensed when I walked back into the room. I immediately made a beeline for my wife and sat down beside her. Within ten minutes Dana had joined us at the table. I sat and watched Dana and Teri talk. Through their conversation I learned that Dana had moved away from the area with her husband, but since her divorce two years ago she had moved to Greensboro. Her oldest son was attending Greenville College on a basketball scholarship and her daughter was getting ready to be graduated from Western Green High. As I sat and listened, I heard them talk about mutual friends and teachers. It wasn't until later in the conversation that my ears pricked up. Dana commented that she liked -- a boy in high school but had mistaken her interest in him as purely platonic. My wife traded stories with her concerning the subject.

"It seems that in high school that we just don't know what we want, or if we do we are too scared to reach out and grab it," Dana commented. Her eyes caught mine and an amused smile crossed her lips. I laughed and agreed with them. As the conversation became more about the wishes we make at 38 years of age, you know the one where you wish you knew at 38, but still had the body and years ahead of you of a twenty-year-old.

Dana said, "Oh, there are things I definitely would change, wouldn't you?" I agreed and my wife nodded her head as well. She went on to say, "All I know is that if there is something I want to do, I do it, damn the consequences. Life is too short."

I responded with, "That can be a dangerous philosophy, Dana."

She replied, " All I know is that an opportunity lost is just that, lost. We don't have the chance to make that opportunity happen again." The entire table agreed, then the next thing I knew we are all sharing what we would do if we could relive just one experience. Most responses were of loves never explored, chances not taken, and life that was not lived to it's fullest. Dana stared directly at me when she said, "If I could, I would take a platonic friendship and explore the erotic of it." As her eyes questioned me, my groin tightened and I felt pressure build in my dick. Her wish and mine were the same. Suddenly I had an itch that I thought would drive me crazy.

As the conversation waned and the evening progressed, I noticed that Teri yawned surreptitiously several times. I leaned over and commented that she appeared to be sleepy. "You know that I didn't sleep well last night," she stated. "Why don't you stay and visit for a while," she commented. "Just wake me up when you come in," she promised warmly. I walked her to the room and tucked her into bed. I slipped out and returned to the party. The crowd was starting to thin out around midnight, but Dana and Pam were still there. Pam and I danced for a little while, until Dana cut in.

"Colour my World," by Chicago came on. Although we both agreed that the song sucked, we continued to dance and she snuggled closer to me. It was the kind of slow dancing you did in high school. Close enough for a cheep feel. Since we were reliving high school, I helped myself. Dana, surprisingly, nestled even closer. I felt her breasts rubbing against my chest, the gentle swell of her belly rubbing ever so lightly against my cock and glans. My groin continued to tighten and I felt an erection coming on. I moved to put a little distance between us, but Dana didn't allow me to withdraw. She looked up and said, "I feel your excitement, what's so wrong with that?"

As I stared at her, she held the gaze and stated simply, "Did you find me attractive in High School?"

I groaned and said, "Dana, you little tease, you know I did. You turned me down flat. Just friends were all that you were willing to commit to."

"And now?" she mused.

"Dana, I'm married," I responded.

"But haven't you wondered, just once, what we would have been like together," she posed?

I stared at her for a minute and hugged her close. I murmured in her ear, "You know I have, but that was the past."

"From that erection, I would say it is also in the present," she replied.

I coughed and sputtered, "Dana, have you lost your ever loving mind?"

"Mitch, come with me for fifteen minutes," she begged. "There is something that I always wanted to do and I intend to fulfill that fantasy before the night is through!" She linked her arm with mine and we walked down the corridor. We went into the bar and Dana ordered a shot of Kahlua. We left the bar with the brandy snifter and walked to the couches outside the ballroom. We had a good deal of privacy while I sat and watched her down the liqueur.

"Dutch courage?" I asked.

She smiled and said, "Perhaps a little for backbone. I can't say that the thought of this moment hasn't crossed my mind a million times. Now that I have it, I want to make sure

That, for one that I savor it, and two that I don't mess it up."

I leaned over and took the empty glass from her hands. After sitting it on the table beside us, I leaned back over and grazed her lips with a gentle kiss. As we heard the disc jockey wrapping up for the evening, I was busy French kissing her. My tongue rolled around in her mouth, grazing her teeth and upper palate. I gently touched my tongue to hers, and our tongues proceeded to rub and touch each other's. I broke the kiss long enough to flick my tip of my tongue at her parted lips. She wet her lips with the tip of her pointed red tongue. Her lipstick had worn off, but the moisture from her tongue made her lips glisten with a rosy red hue. She leaned back over towards me and proceeded to insert her tongue into my mouth. I started to rhythmically suck it. She moaned and I felt it leave her and slowly enter my body. I responded with a groan of my own. We were making out like a couple of impassioned teenagers. Her hands were wrapped around my neck and my hands were busy exploring her breasts. They were small and soft. Through the softness of her dress, I could feel the nipples peak against the thinness of the dress. At that moment, I realized that she wasn't wearing a brassiere. I broke the kiss. She was trembling. Dana then reminded me that we were still in a very conspicuous place.

She grabbed me by the hand and walked me to the back of the building. We exited out the glass doors to the dumpster area. "My car is parked out here," she told me. The erection that I had begun sporting grew a couple of inches. Thirty-eight years old and we were going parking? I snickered and Dana's head swiveled to look at me. "What is so funny?" she asked.

"All through high school what I wouldn't have given for the pleasure of parking with you," I replied.

"Well guess what, better late than never!" she stated. As she opened the passenger side door of the Lincoln Towncar, She hit the electric locks. She opened the backseat door and motioned for me to get in. She hit the automatic locks and shut the front door and crawled into the backseat beside me. I looked around; she had parked in a secluded spot away from other cars. She had backed in, so that no one could see into the back window unless they walked up on the car from the grounds.

As I looked at Dana, she smiled leaned over and captured my mouth beneath hers. We resumed the impassioned kissing. I lost track of time as our tongues played their little game of quest. My hands ran up the length of her thigh. She was wearing hose, but as my hand went under the hem of the skirt I hit bare flesh. She was wearing garters and stockings. I felt an immense pressure in my groin. Everything about her outfit told me that she had one purpose for attending the reunion, and that was to seduce me. I sighed and caressed the warm skin above her stockings.

As my fingers eased higher, I hit the tight little curls at the juncture of her thighs. She sighed and my hands began to stroke the curls, occasionally pulling gently at the hair. She continued kissing me, but she shifted so that she was lying across my lap so I was holding her in my arms, supporting her neck. As she reclined in my arms, my hand continued to stroke her. My fingers parted her folds and I felt her wetness. Her lips were so wet, so full. I pulled my hand out to taste my fingers. She watched, as I tasted her sweetness left there. I licked them clean and proceeded to place my fingers back on her love button. She opened her legs wider as I started rubbing her lovely little clit. She started unbuttoning my shirt, trailing kisses where she opened the garment. I felt the air hit my nipples.

Her head moved until her lips captured one. She sucked and bit at the nipple until it puckered from the attention. As her face started to color, her hips rolled with each movement of my hand. I increased the friction to her clit, never failing to stroke her from the opening of her vagina to the bud of her pleasure place. She whimpered and I increased the stroke. I slipped my ring and middle finger into her warm, wet pussy.

The tissues were swollen and spongy. She groaned as I inserted my fingers, but I moved my thumb to her clit and began to stroke her with a combination of the tip of my thumb and the knuckle of my thumb while I slowly fucked her with my fingers. As her eyes closed tightly, I heard the growl escape from her lips. She broke the kiss to arch her back and to thrust her hips against my hand. As I felt her pussy contract around my hand, I watched her orgasm color her face and her face contort from the pleasure. What a rush to see that she was receiving so much pleasure from my strokes. I eased up on the intensity while she recovered, but before her breath became normal, I increased the intensity of my strokes again, inserting my fingers into her dripping pussy until I felt her buck again. Although my experience with women had been minimal, I knew that few women had the ability to be multi-orgasmic. I felt the walls of her vagina caress me, and draw me in further.

When I withdrew my hand it was dripping from her juices. I put my hands into my mouth. Her smell and taste caused my dick to harden until the hard-on began to hurt. As she regained her composure, she looked up at me and smiled. She shifted until her hands were at my belt. With all the urgency in the world, she undid the buckle and drew my underwear down until my penis emerged fully erect. She looked at me, grinned and licked her lips. The next thing I knew, she had enveloped my cock into her warm, wet mouth. She sucked gently and began the rhythmic motion of a slow fuck.

I groaned and shifted back into the seat so I was lying prone and at her mercy. She had one hand around the base of my cock gently encircling my shaft in her hand. Her mouth and tongue were dancing all over the tip. I was as big as I had ever been. She slurped and sucked. Dana sucked hard and her mouth and tongue caressed the ridges along the shaft. The hand that held my prick now moved to knead my balls. As I felt the pressure begin, I felt her finger snake to the area between my anus and my balls.

She gently raked a painted fingernail along the path. I let out a groan and my jism began to shoot out. Instead of detaching, Dana began to suck harder, drawing me in again and again as I shot spunk into her mouth. As I lay motionless moaning my satisfaction, she began to slowly lick up the shaft and tease the head. She ran her tongue into the eye at the head. Although I had already cum, my cock gave a little jerk and a small amount of semen hit the corner of her mouth. She licked her lips and ran the backside of her hand along her lips. She looked up at me and smiled a smile of both knowledge and contentment.

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I believe." she said. I leaned down and gently kissed her on the lips. As we relaxed for a minute, she said, "I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. It wasn't a true fuck, but at least it was one terrific parking experience. Can you pretend that it happened in High School?" she asked.

"Dana, I'll do my damnedest. Did anyone ever tell you just how talented you are with that mouth of yours?" I responded.

"Well, let's just say, it is one of the things I have learned in the last twenty years that I would love to have known in high school." She laughed.

After I bade her good-bye, I went to my room. I took a shower and snuggled in behind my wife. I wish I had felt some measure of remorse, but Dana was right. It was more like unfinished business. In my heart I love my wife, but the experience was too much to deny.

Teri murmured, "Did you have a good time?"

I kissed her gently and replied, "One of the best, without you of course."

She smiled and kissed me back then she said, "Let's go to sleep." Which we did.


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