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Millennium Dominance Pt. I
by tale spinner

- Introduction -

"I don't know mom... he wants more, not just to kiss and know... I..." The young girl was very embarrassed, but had always trusted and obeyed her mother in everything, and now that she was discovering the passions common to all teenagers, she decided not to hide anything from her mom.

Kate looked at her daughter with concern. She was a very beautiful teenager, she had a pretty face with bright blue eyes and a cute upturned nose. Her face was crowned with shoulder length black hair. Her daughter Linda was very slim and long legged, but had the generous bust that was so common to her family; she was already a C-cup and her breasts were very firm. However, she was shy and had very few friends, in fact after her father's death she had become completely attached to her mother, trying to please her in every way and rarely leaving her house, turning into a very naive girl.

Her mother looked quite like Linda, she had married very young due to an unexpected pregnancy, but she looked a little older than she was, mainly because of her conservative clothes, which gave her a serious, austere appearance. However, she was still only 35 years old and in good shape, a little plumper than she used to be, but with a nice butt and a pair of perfect 36Ds breasts. Her blue eyes and black hair she shared with her daughter.

Having married at 17 herself, Kate was aware of the danger in avoiding the tricky subject of sex. Her own mother had never talked about sex when Kate was Linda's age, she had been too prudish to do so, and was suitably shocked when Kate confessed to her pregnancy and never spoke to Kate again - and had forbidden her younger sister, Donna, too from ever meeting her again.

Thankfully her deceased husband had been a good man who had taken care of her and was able to provide for both her and Linda during the five years before the car accident. By the time of the crash she had already found a good job and was able to hold things together financially. By now she had become a hard working woman, and was just about able to make ends meet.

Since her husband's death she became very repressed, not having had another man in her life since then; those who knew her even considered her frigid. She was not about to let her daughter make the same mistake as her.

"Look at me darling. There's nothing to be ashamed of... it's natural, very normal to girls your age to feel like that, but you are a good girl, you're too young to be doing that sort of thing. If he can't wait...well, than you better try to find another boyfriend... one a little less passionate, one with a bit of self-control."

"But mom... I love him, and..."

"LINDA STEVENS! I don't like that tone, this is far too serious to be joking around... do you want to be seen as some kind of SLUT??" - Kate was yelling, now quite upset - "You'll do as I say...RIGHT?"

Subdued, Linda trembled with the mixture of fear and respect that she always felt toward her mother, and said what she always said in these situations - "Yes mom... you're right".

Linda lowered her head submissively and Kate knew that her daughter would soon leave her boyfriend; despite her sadness Kate was sure that was the right thing to do... she didn't want her child to live through the same pain she had had to endure. She knew that Linda was very obedient and always did what she was told to do, that was the way she had been raised. Even though she sometimes worried that the girl was becoming too submissive and too dependent on her, it was Kate's way of dealing with her child, and she was never able to change it.

- First Week -

Kate was very tired, it had been a hell of a day at work and still she couldn't relax. The money was running very low. Business at the clothes store was slow and she would be getting very little commission from sales this month. With all this spinning around her head, she heard the phone ring, and picked it up in a foul mood.


"Hello, is that Mrs. Stevens talking?" - said the woman at the other end of the line.

"Yes, who's speaking?" - she asked, not recognising the voice.

"I'm Deborah, from Millennium Perfumes, of the Millennium Chemistry Holding. We are a new perfume company and we're choosing a group of testers for our new release 'Obed V'. Your name was chosen at random from a list of women your age and social class and we would very much appreciate your collaboration. You'll have to write weekly reports and agree to a non-disclosure contract, but we are paying a generous weekly wage, if you're interested."

The offer sounded very promising. Brightening up a little, Kate agreed to read their proposal letter, which arrived three days later. It all looked very simple, she had to use the perfume every day and write reports about smell variations, resistance to bathing and other test-related information.

Four days later Deborah visited her home to talk personally with Kate. She was a young woman, in her mid-twenties perhaps, and she also happened to be a very pretty blonde. Despite her looks, she was conservatively clad, with a professional demeanour - she was eager to promote the benefits of being part of the test group.

After reading every part of the contract Kate agreed to the test. Although she was a little annoyed that every week she would have to receive a visit from an expert from Millennium Perfumes who would perform a "qualitative interview", which would be secret and no one, not even her daughter could know about. Despite her reservations, she needed the extra money and it wouldn't be that great a nuisance anyway.

During the following week she diligently applied the 'obed V', and continued writing her daily report. The perfume had a pleasant but subtle fragrance, and only one co-worker noticed it. It was Aky, a cute oriental girl who was her only competitor in bust size at the store. However, Kate quickly managed to change the subject and protected her clandestine testing of the perfume.

On Sunday Linda went to her friend Nicole's house. Nicole was a short and very busty brunette, and also a very prudish Christian girl. She was also one of the only two friends her daughter had. Since Nicole had a pool in her backyard Linda would probably spend almost the whole day there.

As expected Kate received a visit from the perfume company expert, a redhead called Rachel. Kate disliked the girl on sight: she was very young, about twenty, and had a great body, full breasts, a tiny waist and round butt, all of it showing in a short dress, which barely covered her ample cleavage. Her face was not perfect, but the effect of her green eyes and short stylish hair was impressive. Kate felt the interviewer's outfit was too revealing, and more than a little vulgar.

Placing her handbag on the floor, Rachel proceeded to remove tape recorders and a sheet of paper that looked like a fairly extensive questionnaire. She smelt of a different perfume, one which Kate liked a lot. However, the redhead said it was available only in small doses until it had been market released, and she, as tester, would receive a little today.

Kate was dressed in a white T-shirt and a skirt that came almost to her knee, it didn't show much of her body, which she thought would have been inappropriate. Kate started the conversation as they got ready for the interview:

"Aren't you a little young to be an expert? I was expecting someone older."

"Mrs. Stevens, I assure you I have plenty of experience in this company."

She said this with a little giggle as if it was some private joke. Rachel then started the interview, asking lots of standard questions. Some minutes later the strap on the right shoulder of her dress fell a little onto her arm, revealing a lot of her breast, which was unencumbered by a bra. Rachel didn't seen to notice it and continued to take notes and ask Kate questions. Gradually the strap slipped even further, until the top of the interviewer's nipples began to appear.

"I think your dress is falling down, you're almost topless, you...", Kate said.

"Mrs Stevens," interrupted Rachel. "We're two grown women, I don't think there's anything wrong with this. Don't you agree?" The interviewer stared at Kate with a nervous and eager look, holding her breath as if something important was about to happen.

"Yeah...I guess you're right." said Kate, without knowing why it had bothered her so much a little awhile ago - it still felt weird, but not wrong.

"In fact," continued the redhead, relaxing her stance, "don't you think it's very hot inside here?"

It was pleasant, not hot, thought Kate, but she had just blundered once and didn't want to look too dumb. "Yes, it is kind of hot."

"I think I will take my top off, do you mind?"

"No, I mean... well, no, you can go on." Something was wrong, but she couldn't quite place it, she was probably just nervous about her first interview.

Rachel lowered the top of her dress revealing two big and firm breasts: a C-cup, almost a D. "Oh, much better," she said "it's good to let my tits out free for a while, especially for a woman with big melons like mine. I can see you have great hooters too."

"Yes... I mean... my breasts are large..." said the brunette, disliking the vulgar terms that Rachel used, but still trying to be polite to the company's expert.

"Oh come on, nobody talks like that. Are you really that old? Why don't you just say: "I have big tits, real hot hooters" asked the redhead, giggling a little "Or are you too shy?"

Ashamed to be thought of as shy and old Kate blushed, and said "I have big tits, in fact they are 36 D-cupped hot boobs." She thought it was strange that she never used that language before, it seemed so normal.

"Wow, that's huge! Let me see them." said Rachel, smiling wickedly.

"What? I don't think..."

"Oh pleeeaaasee... I'm just curious." The redhead came closer to Kate, until their faces were inches away. The sweet smell of the interviewer's perfume was very strong now. "There's nothing wrong with that, just take off your shirt, that's all."

Well, she is right, thought Kate, what's the problem with two grown women taking off their tops and showing their tits to each other? An atmosphere of unreality took hold of the brunette, and still reluctantly she took off her T-shirt, exposing her full and beautiful chest, which was supported by her heavy bra.

Rachel still looked unsatisfied, and measuring the other woman's breasts with her eyes she said "it's hard to see it's true size with that monstrous bra, why don't you take it off too?"

Not wanting to hear another reprimand Kate undid her bra, setting free her huge tits.

Rachel smiled again and reached for her purse and took out a vial of a blue liquid bearing the name 'Yence V', and said "See this? It's the perfume I'm using... give me your hand." With that she poured a little on Kate's hand and continued, "use a little everyday before you go to sleep... smell it, isn't it wonderful?"

Kate loved it. It made her feel very light-headed and relaxed.

"Now dear, before I go I have to record you reciting the agreement statement." Rachel took a small hand-held video camera from her working bag and started to record.

Kate was a little concerned, she was unsure if she would ask to put her top up or not, but she started to pick up her bra.

Rachel said "no, no, no... you're fine, all of our testers say the statement topless. In fact you should move your shoulders."

"but my breasts...tits will jiggle a lot!", Kate complained.

"But, of course they will! That's why you'll move your shoulders."

It made sense to Kate, who started move her shoulders, making her breasts sway lightly as she read the statement Rachel had prepared for her: "I, Kate Stevens, assure that no one will become aware of this experi..."

Rachel, without stopping the recording said "faster, move your shoulders faster."

The brunette moved a little faster making her breasts jiggle obscenely "...experiment. I also assure you that I'm a hot cunt... wait I..."

"Just say it, ok?" said the interviewer with a no-nonsense face. "And move your tits faster."

Blushing, Kate sped up her movement and finished the text with some difficulty, "...who will learn to suck cock and swallow cum and will be willing to be rammed in the ass. I will love to fuck men and women and I'll help the company to seduce and enslave other women. I'll love to be gang banged and drink gallons of cum if the company so desires." Them she stopped, having finished the text.

"Weird statement," she thought, but couldn't see exactly what was wrong with it.

Rachel seemed satisfied. Still holding the camera, she lifted her hand and grabbed one of Kate's tits, feeling it. Kate stepped back and said "NO, I don't like that!"

"Please Kate, it's completely normal for a woman to fondle another woman's breast..."

"I know," said Kate, still not sure if it was normal or not, "but even so I don't like it, I... I just don't know why, but..."

Rachel seemed concerned, which made the brunette very nervous. "Okay." said the redhead, "No problem. Just listen to the instructions for this week: you'll continue with the use of 'Obed V' every day, and 'Yence V' during the night. Nothing strange happened here and you will not talk about it with anyone - you will act normally... Oh... I almost forgot, you will not wear a bra anymore, and next week you'll wear a more revealing outfit. I will not be alone, another expert will come with me." Grabbing another vial on her bag Rachel produced a strange green lotion, "Rub this on your breasts every night, it will help them get firmer - another of the company's wonderful products." Stuffing her equipment into the bag she said, "Bye, I can't wait 'till next week".

The interviewer lifted up her bag and left, still smiling wickedly.

To Be Continued...


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