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Millennium Dominance Pt. II
by tale spinner

Kate slept very well throughout the following week, and felt restored and relaxed in the mornings. She got out of bed early and met her daughter during breakfast. Linda had looked sad all through the week, possibly still worried about that boyfriend problem; but Kate didn't care as she usually did.

During the week she had always gone braless to work, but, by a wise choice of clothes, it had passed unnoticed. However, Linda opened the bathroom door unexpectedly on Thursday morning, and caught her mother buttoning up her shirt without a bra.

"Mom! Where's your bra?!" exclaimed the younger brunette.

"Well, I felt like going to work like that, you know... it's more comfortable and..." Kate said while finishing the buttons.

"It's not! And isn't it nasty to go braless? You would never let me go to school without one!" said the girl, almost stunned by her mother's strange behaviour.

"Darling, I'm in no mood to discuss it." Kate said coldly. "I feel like going braless, okay? Are you going to control my life now, is that it?" she asked with an icy stare.

As always, Linda lowered her head. "Sorry mom, I didn't mean to..."

"Then just shut up and try to show a little respect towards your mother for a change!" Kate spoke with her usual controlling voice.

"But mom, that's unfair... I've always obeyed you, I always did what you told me... no matter what... I even broke up with..." the girl whimpered, almost crying.

"Then let's forget all of it, just accept this small whim of your mothers." she said as she embraced her daughter "Just be my good and obedient little girl, won't you?"

"Yes mom, I'm very sorry." The busty girl said, still trembling "I'll always obey you in everything...always!"

Linda didn't comment on the subject from then on, but still was puzzled by her mother's attitude, it was so unlike her. In the clothes store the week passed smoothly, especially for Kate, who was in high spirits all day.

At home Kate talked with her daughter about Linda's former boyfriend from school - the only one she'd ever had, and was concerned with how deeply it affected the young girl. Especially because he had said she would never have a boyfriend for long because she wouldn't have any kind of sex.

Second week

As the weekend approached once again Kate managed to send Linda to Nicole's house and was ready for her Sunday interview. This time she wore a new dress she had bought during the week, which was very figure hugging and was clearly a few good inches above knee-length. It had thin straps that tied in a lace bow at the back of her neck, and most important of all, it showed a lot of cleavage.

As she opened the door she saw Rachel even more scantly clad than before, wearing a button up and almost transparent blouse, braless of course, and sporting a tight miniskirt that showed off her shapely legs to great effect. Right beside her was the second interviewer, a middle-aged man who was plump, but not bad looking in his smart suit.

He introduced himself to Kate as Max and the trio prepared for the interview, this time mounting the camera on a tripod and setting up more sophisticated recording equipment. Max also opened a bottle of clear liquid that smelled wonderful to Kate, who instantly started to feel more comfortable and relaxed. They made some test recordings and Rachel then started the interview with questions about Kate's moods during the week and the reactions to the perfume of those who came into contact with her at work and at home.

Five minutes into the interview Max spoke for the first time - "so you have a young daughter Kate?"

"Yes, she is in her late teens." Kate answered.

"Good, do you have any recent photos of her?"


"Get me some of them, especially any swimsuit ones - ones that show off her whole body, if you have them."

The brunette produced some pictures that had been taken on a holiday trip to the beach.

As he looked through the photos Max said casually "Oh, I almost forgot, take off your dress please."

"Why?" Kate asked, puzzled, but not upset.

"For your statement, silly," giggled Rachel.

Of course, the statement, how could I forget, all the testers do it topless, Kate remembered.

As the large breasted woman began to strip naked, Max asked her "Your daughter seems to have nice, big tits. Describe them to me...what's her name?"

Well, it was an interview, rationalised Kate, even if she couldn't see the point in the questions that Max was asking. "Her name is Linda and...well, she's a 34 C-cup, and since she's very young they seen to stick out, almost defying gravity," she giggled a little. "They are very pointy and the nipples are really big. Since she's such a slim little girl her boobs seem to be even larger than they are."

"And what is your relationship with her like?" he continued as he watched her remove the last of her clothes.

The proud mother spoke for a long while about how obedient and mild-mannered her little girl was, and even talked of the old problem with the over-eager boyfriend.

Throughout her speech, Max seemed very interested, smiling occasionally and saying things like "perfect" or "very good" at every opportunity. When she had finished talking Max asked "So, she's become very dependent on you, obeying your every order, right?"

"Yes." replied Kate.

"And because you don't want her to get pregnant you have forbidden her from having sex, correct?"


"And she had to break up with her boyfriend because of this, which made her very sad, yes?"

"That's right."

"Have you ever thought about an alternative to sex?" he smiled mildly at Kate.

"I only wish it were possible, but I don't trust condoms and we both have allergy problems with birth control drugs..."

"I was talking about oral sex. Why don't you urge your daughter to suck cock? It's quite safe."

"What? Oh, no...It's dirty and degrading, neither my child nor I would ever stoop to such an act." She mentioned all of this as if it were some trifling, unimportant matter.

"No, it's not!" said Rachel, jumping into the conversation, "In fact I will show you how it's done so you can judge it for yourself." She knelt down in front of Max and pulled down his zipper. "You shouldn't deny yourself the possibility of helping your daughter without seeing it first."

The redhead had already taken Max's cock in her hands, and was gently stroking it. "Get down on your knees beside me Kate, so that you have a better view."

Well, why not, thought Kate, I only have to watch. She went down on her knees by the redhead's side, but Rachel kept urging her to come closer, until she was only inches from Max's erection. From there she watched her very first blowjob.

Rachel opened her mouth and took in the head of his cock, sucking gently whilst he spoke. "As you see Mrs Stevens, Rachel loves sucking my dick." She began to take his entire shaft into her mouth. "There's nothing dirty or degrading about it."

Rachel's mouth went all the way to his balls, deep throating him while her hands unbuttoned her shirt, letting her tits fall free. Max continued speaking to Kate, "In fact, every woman who tries giving head ends up loving it. I'm sure that if you tried it, you'd end up a veteran cocksucker."

Rachel's head began to bob up and down on his hard prick, when Max exclaimed, "I have an excellent idea! Kate, you will suck my cock so you can get a perfect idea of what it's like. Rachel will teach you how to do it."

Kate saw the buxom interviewer let the cock slip out of her mouth with a loud 'pop' and she moved her large tits to it and placed the member between them. She started to move up and down against it, and said,"You'll just love it Mrs Stevens. Once you begin to give head you'll become an insatiable cocksucker, I'm sure of it." The younger woman then gave up her place to Kate, who was standing just behind her. Rachel moved back so that their bodies came into contact, her big boobs pressed against the other woman. One hand was gently jerking off the cock, the other was guiding the Kate's head.

Kate could see how much Rachel had enjoyed sucking Max's cock, and she remembered what they had said about every woman loving sucking cock. Well, she thought, I must have been wrong all that time. Why not give it a try? Maybe that's the solution to my child's problem... I have to think of her happiness, after all.

She looked at the rock hard member, still unsure of what to do, and she heard the redhead saying "Now I'll teach you how to be a good cocksucker, open your mouth," Kate did as she was told and Rachel fed her the stiff cock, holding it with one hand and pulling at the brunette's head with the other. "Taste is soooo good, you'll love the taste!" Kate heard her, and she started to enjoy its flavour, it was nice and rich... not as vile as she had imagined.

The other woman continued to teach her how to be a cocksucker. "Wrap your lips around the head of his big prick... look at him with those beautiful blue eyes of yours, every man will love it. Use your tongue to lick around his cockhead a few times." The brunette worked hard to do it as well as she could, and judging by the expression on Max's face she was doing it right. She concentrated even harder on her task when she heard Rachel talking. "Now start bobbing your head up and down on his love it! You feel so horny and hot when you suck dick... giving head gives you a wonderful sensation!"

The redhead continued to tell her how good she felt being a cocksucker, while her hands went to Kate's boobs and started to massage them, and she added to her litany that she loved to have her tits handled, that she would try to 'casually' brush her breasts against men whenever possible, that she would wear clothes that showed her ample cleavage. Then she stopped for a minute and said "You see, this is the solution to your daughter...she will suck off her boyfriends so she won't get pregnant. What a happy family you'll be...two big titted cocksuckers!" Rachel saw the brunette pause for a moment in doubt, but swiftly continued "It's the right thing to do, it's for her happiness...She'll still be a virgin, all the dicks will be cumming in her mouth, not in her pussy."

Kate seemed convinced by this and continued to suck on Max cock with abandon, loving every second of it. Why haven't I done it before? I never knew it was so good! Of course my child will love it too, I must get her to suck cock as soon as possible, she thought. Max started to moan, was this normal? Kate didn't know, but then Rachel explained. "Well done Kate, he's about to fill your mouth with his sperm. You'll love the taste of jism - the best part of sucking dick is when they cum in your mouth."

The young redhead begun to talk very seriously. "Move your mouth up to the head of his cock and grab his shaft, jerk him off fast. When He cums don't spill anything, and don't swallow... keep it all in your mouth."

Kate did as she was told and soon felt his dick swell, spurting cum inside her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She was very excited and loved to feel his cum, it felt wonderfully nasty! But still she didn't like the taste of it, she was only holding it inside her mouth because Rachel had told her to do so. She continued to jerk him off with her lips tightly closed around the head of his cock, until he finally stopped cumming, some five spurts later. He had shot a huge load and she could hardly keep it all in her mouth. The younger woman told her to take the penis out with care, and not to spill a single drop of cum. Kate complied with zeal.

Max then started to talk. "Kate do you like the taste of cum?" She thought for a moment and couldn't quite decide, but she ended up shaking her head, saying no. Max looked concerned, then finally said, "look, this was your first time, you'll soon learn to love it. In fact, to help you get used to it, we'll end the interview with the cum in your mouth." Rachel went to the camera and started filming.Max continued, "First, open your mouth carefully and show the camera all the sperm you have inside." Kate opened it wide - showing a mouthful of cum.

"Now," he kept talking "tell me that you are a big titted cocksucking slut."

Kate hardly could talk, "I'm a beeg teeded cog suggin slood."

"Swallow it all" Max commanded.

And she swallowed, still not liking the taste very much.

"Will you teach your daughter to become another big titted cocksucking slut?" He spoke again.

She was no slut! Thought Kate, but decided not to make a fuss. "Yes.", she replied.

"Yes, what?"

"I will teach her to be a big titted cocksucking slut."

"Good. But to teach her you will have to take some more lessons, you don't even like the taste of cum yet" he said, noticing that she had blushed shamefully at her shortcoming. "You'll go to this address on Friday. Take a sick day off work. You'll learn to love the taste of sperm." He gave her a business card.

"Oh, thank you Max." she said, beaming.

He produced a small bottle and continued, "And put a pinch of this powder in each of your daughter's meals every day, it will be a real help to her later on."

Kate carefully accepted the bottle.

"Again, you'll not talk to anyone about this, and of course, nothing strange happened here."

Shortly afterwards the two interviewers left the house, wearing satisfied looks on their faces.

To Be Continued...


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