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Millennium Dominance Pt. III
by tale spinner

Week Two Special: Linda's Weird Adventure

It was almost the weekend again, and lately Linda had been having a lot of fun on Sundays - her mother had been encouraging her to get closer to Nicole, one of her only two friends (the other being Debbie, a cute girl with light brown hair). Linda wanted to please her mother with all her heart. She was working hard to control her natural shyness that had prevented her from having any real friends since her father had died.

Nicole was a good girl from a very religious family, who were fairly comfortable financially. They had a big house and even a pool, where she, Linda and Debbie had been working hard every Sunday to get a tan, despite their rather conservative swimsuits. Nicole's father enjoyed the girl's company and was very nice to all three of then, although Linda sometimes thought that she noticed him ogling her big breasts, and even his own daughter's well developed bust. Debbie was not as big on top as her or Nicole, she was a perky B-cupped girl, but she had a perfect round butt and beautiful legs, which drew the attention of all the neighbourhood boys, and even Mr Devoux, Nicole's father.

Linda was walking through her school halls, still upset by her mom's strange behaviour of the last few days. She had started to wear more provocative clothing, especially things that showed her generous cleavage, and since she never wore bras anymore, her ample chest bounced provocatively as she walked. On Friday she had come back from work with a strange look on her face, saying that this weekend she had something important to teach Linda on Sunday, so she couldn't go to Nicole's house. Another weird thing was that her mother had been using some new ingredient in the food and it had a strange, and not very pleasant flavour. However, her mother insisted that it was important for a girl to eat well at home. Maybe it was some kind of vitamins or stuff like that, although for the first few days she felt a little sick after meals.

Still thinking about her mother she started to put her books in her locker, when Dennis, the class nerd, emerged from the bathroom, panting and looking sweaty. Yuck, that boy was a creep! His locker was just to the right of hers, what crappy luck! Linda pretended not to see him, as he passed her and started to open his locker. He had probably spent the last hour in the bathroom, since she hadn't seen him in her English class.

Just then he opened his locker, his left hand came very close to Linda's head. She smelled the most delicious aroma coming from his hand, but she didn't know what was it. She looked at him and worked up the nerves to talk to him, she had to find out what the smell was. "H-Hi Dennis... I..." she said, already blushing from her natural shyness.

He looked puzzled and said "Hi... it's Linda, right?"

"Right", said an extremely red Linda, taking his hand in hers. "Can I check for something on your hand?" she asked, lifting his hand to her face in the hope of recognising the perfume.

He blushed deeply and quickly whipped his hand away, but something on the back of his hand fell onto Linda's finger. It was a white and sticky kind of liquid that had formed on her finger in a small globular shape. She saw that Dennis was blushing and gagging, too stunned to do anything. She raised her finger and smelled the strange liquid. It was FANTASTIC! She loved it and decided to take a tiny taste. She loved the salty flavour; She eagerly stuck her finger in her mouth and had a most incredible sensation, she was so hot inside she couldn't control herself. "WOW! That is great! What is it? Can you get a little more for me? Pleeeaassee!?" she would have given anything for another gulp of that delicious liquid.

Wide eyed and open mouthed Dennis was stunned for some seconds, and then smiled and said, "OK, let's get a cup so I can get a little more of that stuff for you."

"Oh, really! Thank you! I'll get you a cup." She ran off and quickly found a small cup of coffee that had been used by some teacher. She cleaned it and returned, exultant.

The boy looked weird, with a wicked grin in his lips. Linda showed him the cup, but he didn't take it, instead he said, "You know Linda...since you want it so much...I think there's a couple of things that I want from you too. You see, it'll be like a kind of gift exchange..."

She guessed that he wanted something like money or for her to do his homework, something like that...she agreed immediately.

He smiled cruelly and told her what he wanted. "First of all, go to the bathroom, take off your bra and return here." He noticed that she was shocked and continued, "Well, if you don't want it that much, fair enough. I think I'm going home..." he slowly started to turn away from her.

The beautiful busty teenager fought a short and losing battle against her feelings. Dennis was beginning to walk away when she blurted out, "Wait! I... I will... I'll do it, wait a minute, please." She ran to the bathroom and struggled to take off her bra as quickly as possible. Putting her shirt back on, she felt her tits bounce as she walked, her big mounds moving in an obscene way, especially because she was almost running. As the girl reached Dennis she started to say, "Well, now you'll..."

"Not so fast Linda, let's go to somewhere more...private.", he smiled, taking her to a quiet corner where no-one was likely to pass by. He got very excited just looking at her boobs through the fabric of her shirt and hoarsely continued, "Undo the top button of your shirt."

She was very embarrassed, but she desperately wanted another sip of that liquid. She reddened further as she undid the button.

"Now the next one.", he smirked, and she did it. He checked to see if anyone was coming and continued, "One more." he ordered, and she did. by now a lot of cleavage was showing, her incredibly firm young breasts almost bare. "The last one." he said, and she undid it, completely humiliated.

Checking again for intruders, Dennis was satisfied that no one was coming and grabbed the top of Linda's shirt, opening it down to her waist, the sleeves rolled down around her arms.

Her tits stood proudly on view for her classmate, her beautiful big nipples and the tan marks from her one-piece swimsuit were obviously having quite an effect on Dennis, but Linda, on the other hand was softly sobbing from pure humiliation. She tried to control herself, but couldn't, and her tears continued to fall, as Dennis handled her large boobs for a couple of minutes. Seeing her crying for so long, Dennis decided to stop. He took the cup, and smiling broadly, he sneaked back to the bathroom. He refused to tell her what the liquid was, but assured her that she'd get her cupful. Some minutes later he returned, looking drained, but still smiling, and handed her the cup.

Linda couldn't believe it, there was a dribble of the substance in the cup, but it was so small. She had expected more. She smelled it tenderly and drank it all, and even used her tongue to clean up the cup and lick her lips. She was in heaven, and a little orgasm rocked her body. She wasn't used to it, as she had rarely masturbated since her mother had told her that it was wrong. It seemed like a very powerful orgasm to the naive young brunette. Dennis stood in front of her, fondling her breasts while she climaxed, and as she started to calm down he said, "If you want more, I can show you how..." But Linda pushed him away in disgust.

A part of her wanted to stay and get another delicious load, but she resisted and quickly ran away, her breasts were bouncing wildly as she struggled to button up her shirt. Her only thought was that she had to find another way of getting that liquid, whatever it was!

To Be Continued...


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