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Millennium Dominance Pt. IV
by tale spinner

Week Two Special: Kate Drinks A Lot

It was Friday morning and Kate had lied to her daughter, saying that she was going to work, but instead she called in sick and went directly to the address indicated on the business card that Max had given her. She was very nervous, but couldn't figure why. She decided to wear something a bit more formal: a sophisticated suit, 3 inch high heels and a very transparent blouse which did little to hide her buxom figure - in fact, her breasts were only really hidden by the suit.

She loved the blouse, it was especially good for brushing against men's arms or chests. Her boss almost had a heart attack when she passed through the administration door; he was on the middle of the doorway reading a report and only noticed her when she brushed her tits all the way up his right arm, and when he saw her breasts through her almost-transparent blouse, his jaw almost hit the floor. It was so fun and naughty!

The building was crowded, with busy people constantly hurrying through. It was a important administration centre for the Millennium Chemistry, or so it seemed to Kate. Her name was cleared with security and after she had waited for some 15 minutes in a comfortable chair Max arrived to greet her.

His sweet perfume immediately relaxed her; she rationalised that the smell marked him as a familiar person, someone whom she could trust.

He guided her through a maze of corridors to an exclusive elevator that only opened after a retina scan on Max. They entered in an opulent room that contained two big couches and a small table. On the table lay a hypodermic needle and a large glass of water.

Max started to talk and Kate soon felt very relaxed and comfortable. "First of all I must know, do you really want to help your daughter?"

"But, of course I do!" she answered.

"Then I'll have to inject you with an experimental medicine we've been working on, it will help be comfortable in this process." He took the hypodermic needle and injected a liquid into her arm. He then turned to her, and said roughly, "On your knees, in front of me, whore."

Kate thought he was being crude in talking to her like that, but she wanted so much to help her daughter. She decided to accept his bad manners and knelt down in front of him.

"Take off your blouse." he commanded.

Was she going to make a statement? Kate decided not to ask as she stripped.

"Now get my cock out."

She quickly unzipped him and grabbed his growing cock. She wanted so much to suck it again, it felt so good to suck dick!

"Suck it, whore."

She opened her mouth, and licked the head with her eager tongue, then she took his half hard member into her mouth and begun bobbing her head up and down on his hardening penis, completely happy to be giving head again.

"Look at me.", ordered Max. Without hesitation, she raised her bright blue eyes to him. "Keep sucking, only take my cock out to answer my questions and then return to sucking it as soon as you finish your answer, you cocksucking bitch."

He was so rude! If she didn't love his hard dick so much...Oh, and he can help my daughter too, I just can't quite remember how...Kate's thoughts were lost as she sucked even harder.

She was sucking and licking with all her might, when she heard Max ask her: "So you know why you're here?"

Taking his prick from her mouth, she said "So you'll train me to help my daughter?"

"No." he said, "you're here because I like big titted women. You're already on the point of obeying me completely. In fact you don't have any emotional understanding of what you're doing." He grabbed her head and started to force her to deep throat him, and since she was not used to it she gagged a lot as he continually forced her head up and down his shaft. "You are one of the first slaves created by our new experimental drug."

"Your daughter, on the other hand received, from you, daily doses of another drug." He took his cock out of her mouth. "grab your tits and put my cock between them..." She did as he commanded. "Now squeeze them around my penis and start to move them up and down...yes, tit fuck me, you bitch!" She was looking directly into his eyes, curious, though not worried, to hear more. Her body was feeling tings she hadn't known existed. It was like a constant minor orgasm, and from time to time, a huge and powerful climax would hit her.

"Your daughter's conscience is unaltered, she understands perfectly everything that is happening to her, but now she has a strong addiction to human sperm. It causes her to feel incredible sensations and she'll crave it with all her heart. And her addiction is so strong that she could die if she failed to obtain a steady supply of it." Max was half mad with lust from her tit fucking, and he grabbed Kate's shoulders, lifting her and throwing her onto the couch. She landed on all fours, her big tits swaying below her. "I'll fuck you doggy style now" he said.

She had not been penetrated by a man since her husband died, but now she didn't seen to care. He grabbed her hips and slid his cock inside her, starting to fuck her hard. "Of course I'm going to provide a dose of sperm every Sunday, but she will soon need more, much more... and I'm sure you'll help her get her regular 'servings', right?"

"Right..ugh! Oh...I'll...I'll help my daughter get her sperm." Kate said while he moved in and out of her.

Grabbing her long black hair Max forced her head down, so that she had to arch her body. He started to talk again. "But your situation can improve, you'll receive drugs that lessen the effects that you feel now... as long as you continue to obey and satisfy all my needs!" He started to move faster and soon he was cumming inside her. He collapsed on top of her - she was already exhausted from the powerful sensations she had felt.

Max took a minute to recover and Kate took the opportunity to ask "Max...was it Rachel that chose me?"

"No," he laughed. "She had never seen you before, but you'll meet the person that picked you out, she'll help you get used to the taste of cum." With that, he pressed a hidden button on the couch and soon a large number of young men -all naked - entered the room. A woman stood behind them, but before Kate could see her face, Max smiled and asked her, "I think you already know Donna, remember her?"

Kate couldn't believe her eyes as she watched her younger sister step into the room. She was about 29 years old by now, and had huge 38D breasts, unnaturally firm and pointy. Kate was shocked and unable to react as Max stepped out of the room.

"Hi sis.", said Donna

"Why Donna? Why?"

"Because you're my sister," she said without remorse. "Max liked the idea so much that gave me some 'medicine' that helped me think straight. Now shut up and listen. These twenty boys are going to jerk off and all of them are going to cum in that glass. And when the last one has finished you're going to drink it all. They'll jerk off again later and then you'll suck every cock until they all cum in the glass again...and then you'll drink it all again.", she laughed, "After that you'll suck them off in pairs. I'll tell you how to do it right, my little prude sis, and you'll take all their sperm in your mouth... I'm afraid you'll have to swallow it all, of course."

Kate saw that they were already jerking off quite rapidly. "Don't worry big sis," she heard Donna saying, "They can all cum plenty of times, they were prepared for this, and the drug Max injected into you make you feel great when you're drinking it. You'll learn to associate it with the taste of cum and will soon start to love it."

Kate saw her sister sit neatly on the couch and start to caress her head, as if she, her older sister, was some kind of pet. "It's so exciting to see all those men jerking off, don't you think?" The quicker ones were already coming in the huge glass, working hard not to waste any of the liquid as they handed the glass on to one another. Donna started to caress her sister's shoulders and Kate noticed that more than half of the men had already cum. Donna's hands were causing a wonderful arousal that she had never felt before. Suddenly she wanted - no, she desired - the taste of all those cocks.

Soon all of the boys had deposited their sperm into the big glass. Kate gasped as she saw the huge volume of the foul smelling liquid swirling around, and breathed deeply as her sister grabbed her tits from behind and spoke softly into her ear. "Drink it, drink it all Kate, swallow all that sperm, sis."

Kate begun to drink from the glass; the taste was vile, but she felt a constant orgasmic sensation as she swallowed the sperm. Her sister was slowly caressing her large and sensitive breasts, and whispered in her ear, "What would mom think Kate, if she saw you drink all that cum? Twenty guy's jism...gosh, that's an awful lot of sperm."

"Do you know that he made me fuck daddy? Mom watched it all, she couldn't move, she was drugged of course, but she saw it all..." Kate kept drinking, and even though the taste was disgusting, she was in ecstasy.

"Momma started to cry when he fucked me in the ass. Back then I loved to take it in the ass. But he ended up coming in my mouth, you know... that's one of Max's favourite endings. I showed daddy all that cum in my mouth...then I showed it to mom, and kissed her...forcing all of dad's sperm into her mouth. She was one of the subjects of the first sperm-addiction drug... she swallowed it all."

Kate had almost drained the glass. "I noticed Max's excitement about momma's suffering and the whole incest situation, so I thought of you, and had the pleasant surprise of finding your beautiful, big titted, innocent, teenager daughter, what is a rare combination..I decided to take care of her too, after all I'm still her auntie!" With that Kate finished the whole glass.

The men were jerking off again and formed a line in front of Kate's face, as her sister said, "Come on, open your mouth and take that big fat cock inside." Kate shivered in unwanted pleasure as Donna taught her deep-throating and several other cocksucking techniques. Each guy lasted no more than thirty seconds with her, and then she moved on to the next lucky subject.

As Kate learned the secrets of giving good head, her sister returned to her plans. "I almost pity little Linda, unlike us she will feel that what she's doing is immoral, wrong...but she won't be able to help it. The need will become too big and consuming. She won't be able to fight it." Kate saw some of the men cumming again, shooting their sperm into the glass. She was almost longing for the wonderful sensation of swallowing cum, even if the taste was bad.

All of the men had already spurted their sperm into the glass a second time. Donna gestured for the last boy to hand Kate the glass. "Smell the odour before you start to drink it... what do you think of this fragrance?"

"It's vile!" Kate said.

"And the taste?"

"I'm getting used to it, but it's still bad."

"Your daughter... poor Linda... she already LOVES it! The smell is incredibly precious to her and the taste just drives her crazy. She just doesn't know it yet." Donna's right hand moved to Kate's pussy and started to play with it. "Drink it all as I talk to you."

Kate started to drink again, tasting the nasty flavour of sperm on her tongue, but receiving the orgasmic sensations she was already accustomed to. Donna began anew, "Linda will be a cock sucking, cum swallowing slut... just like our mom is now. Max will humiliate her, forcing her to suck his dick." Kate swallowed faster and faster, utterly enjoying her unnatural orgasms as she heard her sister's speech. "And she will suck his cocks, eager to get the precious cum, even if she hates what she's doing...hates what she has become."

Kate finished the huge glass of cum and was already longing for more of the sensation-bringing liquid. She noticed the line of hard cocked men in front of her again, this time in pairs. Donna told her "Let's see what you've learned sis, suck them until they come." And so Kate spent the best part of the day practising the techniques her sister taught her, until the last duo finished inside her mouth. Her sister, who was just beginning to correct her cock-sucking mistakes and guide her in the best ways of giving head, told her to get dressed and prepare to go back home.

"This Sunday, sis," she said as Kate was leaving, "your daughter will be with you in the interview, make sure she is there. And the drug you received today will last the whole week, so if you wish to experience those feelings again... you already know how to get it."

Kate was almost outside the door when she heard "Oh! I Almost forgot to tell you... Max is planing to fuck you together, and he is going to love fucking Linda's virgin pussy..."

Donna thought she could almost see hatred in Kate's eye for a second, but she knew that the drugs made this impossible, and smiled with satisfaction.

To Be Continued...


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