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Millennium Dominance Pt. V
by tale spinner

It was Saturday. Just yesterday Kate had been disgusted by the taste of semen, but since her training she had began to crave the powerful responses that it brought her.

Linda was at school for a special class, and all Kate could think of was sucking a hard cock until it came in her mouth. She tried to resist her urges, taking cold baths and shunning human contact, but it was futile - the busty mother devised a plan to resolve her desperate situation.

Her boss, Mr Rudolf Stone, was alone in the store, doing the accounts. Kate remembered how hot he had been when she had pressed her tits against him. She was sure he had a raging hard on when she had turned around; when he had seen her boobs showing through her sexily transparent blouse. Mr Stone was around fifty. He was bald and skinny, and his heavy glasses gave him a serious and sombre appearance. However, he could give her what she needed.

Twenty minutes later, she stood in front of the closed store, uselessly trying to abandon this absurd idea, but nonetheless thinking of the intense pleasure of swallowing cum. It was just too much for her. Kate knocked on a tiny back door that opened onto a small waiting room that was furnished with the secretary's table and a couch.

She was greeted by a surprised-looking Mr Stone. "Kate? What're you doing here?"

"I'm sorry Mr Stone, but there's something very important for me that I have to do." The busty brunette said as she entered. She was dressed in a short skirt, which clung five inches above her knee, and she also wore a revealingly half-open blazer. Without a blouse or a bra her generous cleavage was showing, and her big boobs bounced freely as she walked into the room, swaying her hips in a provocative manner.

Stone stood wide-eyed and astonished. Without knowing what was happening, he stuttered and gaped at her. Kate had always been a very conservative woman; he couldn't understand what was happening. "Ha-have you forgotten something?" Stone asked as he closed the door.

"No." said Kate, looking him in the eye. She unbuttoned her blazer as he locked the door and she was delighted to see him open-mouthed, staring at her large tits, totally speechless. The busty woman walked closer to him, only stopping when her face was mere inches from his; her huge breasts were rubbing against his chest and her hands were sliding down to his crotch, where she found hard cock.

"It seems I've found what I was looking for..." she purred.

Dropping onto her knees, she unzipped his trousers and took his stiff member in her hands. Kate knew it should feel degrading and humiliating, but recently she wasn't able to feel shame, immorality, hatred or any other feeling, only the pleasure and rightness of doing what Max commanded her.

She started sucking Stone's cock, practising the new techniques that she had learned on Friday, and soon she was lost in a blissful state of ecstasy. She loved sucking his dick, and was so anxious to taste his sperm! Her boss was completely taken aback by her actions, but was totally swamped by uncontrollable sexual urges, stronger than anything he's felt in years. Kate kept slurping, sucking, twirling and licking for all she was worth for several minutes, hardly hearing her boss's moans and groans of pleasure.

After some minutes Stone grabbed her hair and pulled her onto the couch. He climbed onto it, and began pulling off her skirt and panties, whilst Kate jiggled her ass obscenely and looked over her shoulders, inviting him to fuck her. "Oh Mr Stone, put that hard cock in my pussy! Fuck my cunt...pleeeaase...I need it sooo much!"

"So, you're a real slut, and for years I thought you were such a prude...feel my cock Kate..." he said as he started to fuck her. "I've wanted to do this for a long time!"

"Have you always wanted to fuck me, Mr Stone?" She asked provocatively.

"Yeah! I love your big tits, you horny slut!" He was almost babbling. His penis was disappearing inside her, all the way up to his balls.

Kate smiled wickedly, feeling very naughty, "So, you want to shove your hard dick inside all your big boobed employees?" She heard a barely audible, "...yes." and then added, "So, you also want to get your cock inside Aky? That Japanese bitch has such big melons!"

Noticing that her sluttish talk had got him even hotter, the busty woman continued, "Oh Mr Stone! You're so good! I'll fuck you whenever you want...and I'll get other big titted whores for you. Oh!!" Kate had a small orgasm from fucking Mr Stone, but also from talking dirty. In the last few days talking dirty had become such a massice turn-on for the brunette.

Kate felt great - her boss was fucking her pussy as hard as he could. However, even though she had been thoroughly fucked, she knew that she had to drink his cum to have her special orgasm. They switched positions so that she was on top of him, and before long she was bobbing madly on his penis, her breasts bouncing wildly as she moved, all the while saying "Oh Mr Stone! I want to drink your cum...I want you to cum in my mouth...tell me when you're going to cum..."

He watched her tits bounce higher with his every thrust; she was becoming increasingly aroused. Suddenly he begun to spasm and gasped, "I'm cumming! I'm about to cum..."

Kate quickly got off of him and moved her head down to his member, but he had started to ejaculate almost instantly, and his sperm was shooting onto her tits and face. The beautiful woman sucked savagely at his cock taking the rest of his cum into her mouth. She then proceeded to lick her own tits, and then cleaned her face with her fingers, licking all the jism off her slender digits, her face a mask of pure pleasure.

She hurriedly washed herself down in the store's bathroom and went home, while Rudolf Stone traveled back to his house and his wife in a state of utter happiness, knowing that this was something he would repeat as often as was possible.

- Third Week -

It was Sunday. Linda was dying of curiosity; she wanted to know all about the important thing her mother needed to show her today. She was also very worried about other things - most importantly, she had to get more of Dennis's secret potion, but she didn't even know what was it! Worst of all was the constant thirst she had been feeling since yesterday. The young girl thought she must be sick, as no amount of water could quench her thirst.

At about nine o'clock a strange man dressed in a formal suit entered the house, and it appeared that he and her mother knew each other well. "Weird", she thought, "he's a friend of mom's and I don't know him." The man introduced himself as Max and said that he could help her with the problem she had been enduring.

Linda hadn't been expecting a guest, so she was dressed in a plain yellow T-shirt and a pair of large old shorts. Since she had just woken up, she hadn't put her bra on yet, and this made her feel a little uncomfortable in front of this strange man - her large teenage breasts looked as if they would rip open her T-shirt and spill out. However, there was little she could do, her mother hadn't permitted her to leave the room or put on her bra.

"Problem? What problem mom?" asked Linda, her angelic face twisted with concern. "Is this some kind of psychotherapy?"

"No, my dear. Remember that jerk who used to be your boyfriend? He broke up with you because you wanted to remain a virgin." Kate spoke to her daughter in a distant, patronising voice, trying her best to intimidate the youngster.

Visibly blushing, Linda looked at the strange man who was perched so near to her. "Yes, but...what he has to do with all that..."

"Pay attention Linda." Kate spoke forcefully. "Max has given me the solution to all your problems; remember what your former boyfriend said to you? That you would never keep a boyfriend for long if you never let guys have sex with you?"

"Y-yes." said Linda, not understanding quite what was happening.

"Well my dear," The older brunette said, towering over her daughter. "There's one type of sex you can have and still be a virgin...

"WHAT?!" said Linda, caught completely by surprise.

"Yes, that's right my child. You're going to try oral sex. It will be so much fun, I..."

"MOM!! You can't be serious..." yelled Linda, wide-eyed and flabbergasted.

"LINDA! I'm your mother. I've thought about this a lot and..."

"You want me to put a guy's penis in my mouth? What is wrong to you...?"

"Don't you dare take that tone of voice when you speak to me!" Kate saw that her child was stunned, standing open-mouthed and staring at her. "I don't want you to be an unhappy teenager; sexual experiences are very important at your age. I just don't want you to get pregnant and end up destroying your future."

Linda couldn't believe what she was hearing. "But mom, s-sucking co-cock is dirty and told me so...". The young girl was afraid of her mother, and though her submissive nature urged not to argue with Kate, this situation seemed crazy!

"I was wrong! It's the only way to please your boyfriends and still obey your mother. Don't you always say that you'll obey me in everything?" Kate stared at her young daughter with obvious disapproval.

"B-but mom...I..." Linda was crying softly, ashamed of what her mother was proposing, and sad to be having a fight with the person she loved most in the world.

"LINDA STEVENS! I'm telling you that I see no problem with you have a little oral sex now and then." Kate watched her daughter fall into a state of complete confusion, she clearly wanted to obey, but it was too unnatural for her. Kate continued, "I'm your mother and I decide what is best for you...and right now I want you to try oral sex. My friend Max here will help me teach you..."

"T-teach s-suck his p-penis?!" Linda was stuttering in disbelief. She was completely bewildered, but could still see the man's eyes staring at her big boobs with obvious desire.

"I don't want you to be a sexually repressed teenager, my child." Kate could sense that her daughter wasn't able to think straight, the young girl was so stunned, she was barely reacting anymore.

"N-no." said the teenager, this time with no real conviction. Her mother seemed very sad at this reaction, and failing her mother was the one thing that Linda feared the most.

"I worked hard to raise you with some dignity. I love you with all my heart. I even try to find a solution to your difficult teenage problems...and all I get in return is this show of disrespect." Kate adopted her most wounded face. Setting herself, she strode in front of her daughter and started to intimidate her, and then verbally abuse her. Linda edged back until she was standing in front of Max, who patiently sitting there with a wry smirk on his face.

Linda was terrified and upset. It was insane, bitter tears were falling uncontrollably from her big blue eyes. Her body was numb, it was such an unreal situation, and still her beloved mother kept yelling at her. Even though she knew it was wrong, she started to feel bad about her mother's obvious distress. Obeying her mother's orders was second nature to the girl, and even with this perversely unnatural request

Linda wanted to do as she was told. Kate's sorrowful face and the terrible sadness in her voice deeply pained the young brunette, who was inwardly struggling to accept and understand her bizarre orders.

The young girl hardly managed a whisper. "You're asking me to suck cock mother. How can you think that's's disgusting..."

Kate forced Linda to bend down on her knees, her daughter wasn't fighting anymore. Then she knelt down herself. Both busty brunettes were sat between Max's legs, the younger one looking confused and defeated, fearful of the obvious bulge in his pants. Kate started to unzip his trousers and turned to Linda, "You think it's disgusting because you've never tried it; the fact is that every woman who ever tried sucking cock has ended up loving it!" She quoted Max with pride.

Taking his engorged member in her right hand Kate started to jerk him off, still speaking to her shocked young daughter. "Since you don't seem to believe your own mother anymore, I'll show you myself that it's not so terrible." The chesty mother started to lick voraciously at tip of Max's cock. "'ll love it my darling, it tastes sooo good." Then she put his cock inside her mouth - eliciting a loud moan from Max - and after a few seconds took it out of her mouth with a 'pop' sound. "See? All men love it...your going to be very popular with the boys." Kate

started to suck Max harder, bobbing her head up and down on his stiff member, her right hand still on his shaft as her left hand roamed over the back of alarmed young daughter's head.

Linda couldn't believe this was really happening, she was kneeling in front of a strange man, and her mother was sucking his cock by her side. The girl felt weak, she didn't have the energy to fight this anymore. Her mother's hand went to the back of her head and she took the large cock out of her smiling mouth and said, "Now it's your turn Linda, put it in your mouth...come on darling, take it in your mouth." With that, she forced the schoolgirl's head down onto his prick until the tip of Max's member touched her daughter's closed lips.

This is my mother...and she wants me to open my mouth! Linda was lost in her chaotic fears, and all the while Kate jerked off the huge dick, it's head softly ramming against her daughter's shut lips. Her mother continued to urge her to open her mouth but Linda was just too confused to actually do anything.

"Open it...come on, open your mouth Linda, I'm telling you to suck this cock." Kate repeated continuously until, deciding to try another approach, she faked losing her temper and yelled at her daughter, "OBEY ME LINDA! I'M YOUR MOTHER! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!"

Surprised by the violence of her mother's words, Linda yielded, submissively opening her lips. Kate immediately fed her the cock, it's purple head entering the child's mouth while she continued to jerk it off. Max took hold of Linda's head and moaned as the girl attempted to take his hard member out her mouth.

The schoolgirl was so humiliated that her face was shining red with shame. Her eyes were tightly closed as she heard her mother softly whispering in her ear: "That's my girl, I'm very proud of bob your head up and down on it." Max and Kate's hands guided her head aand she gave up fighting them, and just obeyed her mother's commands, by now completely defeated.

Kate kept on speaking to her daughter. "That's it, my little cocksucker, you'll learn to love it soon, giving head to men is such a filthy thing! I love it! Just yesterday I sucked Mr Stone. He tasted so good, especially when he spurted all his sperm into my

mouth...his jism tasted great when I swallowed it." As she heard this last statement Linda lost control, trying without success to cry out, but Max's rigid cock was in her mouth. He took the opportunity to shove it deeper into her throat, making her gag.

Then suddenly everything changed. Linda felt the first taste of his pre-cum on her tongue and it drove her mad with lust. Her pussy started to get wet and she trembled with shivers of pure horniness. It tasted delicious, and she realised that she wanted more of it. She started to suck cock as her mother had instructed her, but now with sheer delight, even deep-throating the stiff member because that seemed to excite Max more, and that would make him produce more of the fantastic liquid.

Max could sense the change in Linda and it was all too much to him. He pulled his cock away from her throat and into her mouth, spurting out a huge jet of slimy cum.

As he started to ejaculate into the teenager's mouth, she felt the incredible sensation that Dennis' liquid had given her, and she euphoric with pleasure as she tasted Max's thick cum - the orgasms were much stronger than those she had with Dennis! Max's liquid was a little different from the schoolboy's stuff. It was the same substance, only more potent.

Then Dennis had fed her...his cum! The realisation shocked her; that she was willing to do anything for the taste of cum?!

The young girl, unaccustomed to swallowing sprays of hot jism, gagged briefly on the cum and then swallowed it all down. Max spurted twice more and then removed his dick from her mouth. There were small drops of his sperm and her saliva dotting her face, he then shook his cock again and he spurted one more jet of cum, this time on her cute little nose and chin.

Still feeling the effects of her orgasm, Linda started to raise her hands to clean up her face when she heard Max saying, "Leave it like that for now." She looked at him, surprised. He continued, "...behave yourself and I'll give you another load later."

She couldn't believe it; he was going to give more of that wonderful liquid! It was sperm, she knew that now, but she wanted it - no, she needed it - so badly that she was willing to obey this strange man and do anything he wanted. She tried to resist, but her need was simply too strong. She lowered her hands to her sides and fellto her knees, feeling very embarrassed. Now that the orgasms had faded, her face was a constant red.

"You, little girl, are now addicted to human sperm. It will give you great pleasure to taste and swallow it. But if you go too long without it you will feel the withdrawal effects, and that could be very painful..." Max smiled cruelly. "Now that you understand your situation, we can continue. If you still want to suck my cock and drink my semen, take off your shirt, and don't let it touch that cum in your face."

Linda fought against the mad thirst for sperm that she was feeling, but the mere sight of Max's half-flaccid cock reminded her of the wonderful things that she had felt. Finally, she carefully removed her T-shirt, not letting it brush against her cum splashed face. Her big teenage boobs stood proud and firm in the air - all for this stranger's appreciation.

"Before I'm finished with you, you will have an almost constant craving for semen and there will be no limits to how deeply you will be willing to degrade and debase yourself to obtain it. Do you understand?"

Burning with humiliation, the topless teenager nodded. Her embarrassment grew as her nodding dislodged thin string of cum from her chin and it dripped down on to her ample right breast, and the slimy liquid slid onto her large nipple.

"Now you can lick yourself clean." he said, and immediately Linda's tongue darted about her face, collecting every last drop of sperm, and then meeting her mother's tongue, as Kate was also hunting for the precious fluid. Kate licked away every drop of cum from her child's breast and nipples, them clean. Orgasms rocked the schoolgirl again, and her mother's tongue nibbling on her breasts was also exciting her, even though she knew it ought to disgust her. She was completely lost in pleasure as her mother sucked upon her nipple.

"Now you want to drink my cum again?" asked Max.

"Y-yes." The girl stuttered in shame.

"Look me in the eyes, you little slut!" he said roughly. She was taken aback by his vulgar words, and slowly raised her beautiful blue eyes to meet his gaze. "What size are your tits?"


"That's very big you teen slut. Right?"

She couldn't answer this, the girl was too schoked to react.

"Answer me Linda. You are a teenager cocksucking and cumswallowing big titted slut, right?"

Shocked by his words she could barely say "Y-yes."

"Yes what?" he demanded.

"I'm a teenager cocksucking and cumswallowing big titted slut." She said, blushing even more.

"Now you can suck my cock." He said, presenting his hardened member to the young teenager.

Almost paralysed by fear, the busty teenager began to tentatively lick at the head of his cock. However, as soon as she tasted the drying cum on his prick she was driven mad with lust and her doubts were swept aside by a ripple of minor orgasms. She started to suck it as hard as she could, and his hard member began to taste more and more delicious as she was taken higher by her sperm-addiction lust. She was hooked. The young girl distantly heard him saying, "Kneel by her back Kate." And then she felt her mother's familiar body brush against hers, those big breasts pressed against her back. By this point Linda was so horny that the incestuous act didn't interrupt her sucking, or diminish her wanton craving for semen.

"Now play with her tits and pussy." Max ordered Kate. Even in her deranged state Linda felt panicky - she could feel one of her mother's hand's tenderly fondling her breasts and the other masturbating her pussy. Yet all that mattered to her was Max's cock and the sperm that would soon shoot into her mouth. With this in mind, she never let her head stop bobbing on his giant member.

Max couldn't help but admire the two beauties in front of him; they looked quite alike, Linda's face was very similar to her mother's, but younger, more childish, she looked almost angelic in her shame. He decided to take things a step further. "Kate, put Linda on all fours in the middle of the sofa."

Linda didn't try to resist as her mother lifted her onto the sofa. She remained on her hands and knees, waiting for Max to feed her his cock again. But, instead of putting his dick in her mouth, he moved behind her, his hard shaft resting against her dripping pussy. The teenager gulped, shocked and fearful, "You said I would stay a virgin! Pleeease, not my pussy..." Reddening visibly, she sobbed, "let me suck you! Cum in my mouth!"

"I've changed my mind, little bitch! You'll ask me to fuck you or I'll just cum in your mother's mouth and you won't see a drop of my jism." He threatened her coldly.

Linda tried to resist, but she needed his sperm, her addiction was too strong. She relented, murmuring weakly, "f-fuck me Mr Max."

"That's not enough...beg me, you dirty cunt, beg with all your heart."

Linda burst into tears, totally humiliated, talking as dirtily as she could through her sobbing, "fuck me Mr Max! Put that big cock of yours in my virgin pussy...ugghhh!" She felt his cock rip through her, breaking her hymen. She was no longer a virgin, but, as sensitive as her body was, the feeling was not entirely unpleasant. When the pain ended she began to get used to his dick inside her, and felt a little pleasure. However, all that she truly desired was to again taste his semen.

Max pounded his hard member in and out of her with some difficulty, her teenage cunt was too tight - but he loved it anyway, and he told the big titted schoolgirl how he wanted her to move her gorgeous body. Linda's breasts bounced below her as she tried to follow his instructions and wriggle in time with his gyrations. He commanded her to talk dirty again and Linda started afresh with another tirade of filth: "Fuck my tight schoolgirl pussy...I love the feeling of your cock inside me...inside my tight young twat!" she was blushing furiously at the words that came out of her mouth, but she couldn't stop herself, "Oh mister...fuck me, fuck my teenage pussy...fuck your big titted teenage slut...I feel like a whore taking it doggy style...I love taking your big cock in my virgin pussy!"

"Kate." Max called the schoolgirl's mother. "Sit on the edge of the sofa, close to your daughter's face." When the older woman had positioned herself correctly he grabbed Linda's hair, pulling her head near to his. He spoke into her ear, "suck your mother's cunt." Seeing that Linda remained unsure of what to do, he continued, "I'm about to cum again, do you want it in your mouth or not? " Then he let go of her hair and grabbed her hips, fucking her even faster.

Stupefied by this new humiliation Linda stopped for a second, but then her tongue emereged from her voluptuous mouth, and she began timidly licking her mother's pussy. Kate, high on the drug induced pleasure, grabbed her daughter's head and forced it closer to her cunt and had an immediate orgasm. The schoolgirl had no choice but to lick her mother's slit for what seemed like a long time, as Max's big adult cock sawed back and forth in her too-tight pussy with a terrible mixture of pleasure and pain.

Suddenly Max took his cock out of Linda's pussy, grabbed her hair and pulled her head down to his member. She anxiously began to suck him, desperate to get her dose of jizz. It felt strange tasting her own juices on his dick, but the precum was already driving her mad, and finally he ejaculated into her teenage mouth. This time the young brunette was ready for him, taking all his cum in her mouth and swallowing it with delight - his sperm rewarding her with the orgasmic feelings she so eagerly craved.

Linda, still tired from her earlier orgasms, had almost passed out from the powerful sensations that were passing through her. The young girl was numb in body and mind. She could hardly hear Max talking to her mother as he was preparing to leave. Max walked to the door and then turned to face the teenager, "If you feel that you need to talk to me, you and your mother can pay me a visit...otherwise we'll meet next Sunday."

He was in very good spirits as he left.


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