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My First Threesome
by Jennifer Dark

Hi, my name is Jennifer...I'm 19, with long blond hair and blue eyes...and nice size tits. I thought I would tell you about my first ever threesome...which happened a couple of months sit back, undo those zippers and read on.....

My boyfriend, Chris, loved to invite David, his best mate over, to watch the football on cable. I hated this, because I hate football, and all I could do all night is surf the 'net...looking for some good porn sites. The problem with this is I get very horny...and I usually end up going for a bath just to frig my soaking wet pussy! So, one night, David comes over and, miracle of miracles, the football isn't on, cancelled because of the rain. Chris decides we should have a drink instead, so out comes the vodka. Chris should know better than to let me drink vodka, because it turns me into a nymphomaniac. Unless, of course, that's what he had planned!

We sat there, the 3 of us on the couch, getting steadily more and more pissed, with some nice relaxing music on the stereo and only candles for light. Before long I felt a hand slide up my thigh, and looked down to see Chris's hand stroking my inner thigh. He just grinned at me as his hand slid higher, brushing the leg of my black silky panties. "Cut it out" I said, attempting to act stern, but too pissed to pull it off.

"Why?" asked Chris "worried what David will say??". I glared at Chris and turned to apologise to David, when I noticed the size of the bulge in David's jeans. Before I could stop myself my hand shot out and stroked the bulge. Two very loud gasps filled the air, David's was arousal and surprise, Chris's just surprise. My heart shot into my mouth...what had I done? I turned to explain myself, but before I could get a word out Chris leaned forward and kissed me. His tongue darted into my mouth, and I returned the kiss, pressing hard against his lips. "Now David" he said as we broke away.

"W-What" I stammered. "Now kiss David," replied Chris, a real passion burning behind his deep brown eyes. Just the intensity on Chris's face was enough to get me hot, and so I turned round, grabbed David before he could say a word and kissed him. his lips parted and I slid my tongue into his mouth. His arms slid around my waist and pulled me closer, and i could feel his stiff cock poking into me!! Chris began to stroke my pussy lips through my panties...and I knew that we were going to end up fucking.

I detached myself from David and stood up...I knew the time had come to take control. Without saying a word I lifted my short black dress slowly over my head, and stood there in just my bra and panties. Then teasingly I turned my back and unclipped my bra, letting it fall to the floor and covering my large breasts with my hands. I grinned to myself as I felt my erect nipples pressing into my palms, and then I turned back to the men and removed my hands. David gasped, as it was the first time he had ever seen my tits, and Chris smiled at his reaction.

I then slid my panties down, revealing my delicate blond bush and slightly spread cunt lips. David's eyes boggled! "Stand up" I told David, my voice becoming husky with desire. Chris stood up. "Watch this, Chris" I said, as I knelt before David. I slid his zipper down, and undid the button on his jeans, and a fair size, fully erect, uncut cock popped out. I grabbed it and began to stroke it gently. David groaned, and when I looked at Chris I saw he had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. I lent forward and took David's cock into my mouth, my tongue flicking at the precum that was dripping from it. I was surprised when David, who had been pretty quiet up till this point, began goading me on.

"Oh yes...suck my cock...suck it you dirty little slut...." His words were turning me on, so I pushed him back onto the couch and went onto all fours.

"Chris" I groaned, "lick my wet pussy for me." Chris came up behind me, and slid his tongue across my dripping pussy lips. I nearly came there and then, and my gasps were muffled as I bent back down to David's cock. David continued to talk filthy to me as I sucked and licked his prick, while Chris's tongue licked at my cunt and flicked my hard little clitty. Before long I felt an orgasm welling up, and I sucked on Davids cock furiously as the first waves began. David must have sensed me cumming, because as my orgasm began. his cock began to spurt its hot jizz. I pulled up, partly from shock and partly as another wave hit me, and David's cum splashed across my lips and over my chin.

"Oh yes you dirty fucking slut" he cried as another spurt splattered against me, and the final wave of orgasm hit me. I screamed, and my knees gave way. I collapsed onto the floor, cum running down the side of my face.

I rolled over onto my back, not yet satisfied, and opened my legs. Chris knew what to do, and without any ceremony, stuffed his cock into my twat. I yelled with sheer pleasure as he pumped at me, overtaken with animal lust at the sight of his girlfriend, her face dripping with another mans cum. He didn't last long, and with a roar he shot his load into my hot twat...I could feel each spurt splashing against the walls of my pussy, and this sent me into another orgasm, and I came again, my butt bouncing off the floor.

We lay together on the floor for a while, both men stroking my body. Unfortunately David had to leave before long, and after he had gone, me and Chris fucked again, this time slower and gentler. We decided to involve David in our sex life more often...but that's another story (and one that will be coming soon!!)

The End? Hell no, just the start :)


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