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My Hubby's Brother
by Cheryl

My ex and I bought a house in Vancouver, Washington back in 1991 and about a month or two after we moved in his brother came to visit. He is an ironworker and is in real good shape. He came with intentions of finding work and after a while he did. I wasn't working at the time and usually he would get up and go to the union office before I ever got up.

One Monday morning after a good weekend's partying he slept in, and was still asleep on the couch when I got up. I went in to make some coffee and on my way through the living room I saw that he was still at home. I made the coffee and went out to get the newspaper, trying to be quiet as to not wake him. I came back in, got some coffee and sat down in my favorite chair in the living room. He was asleep and I just started reading the paper. Every once in a while I would look up at him.

He stirred on the couch and kicked the blankets off a little. I noticed that he was sleeping in the nude, I could see most of his pubic hair. I started to get a little twitch between my legs and wondered what he looked like under the blanket, you know how big his cock was. I was only wearing my bathrobe and I squeezed my legs together, feeling the warmth between my legs. I went back to my paper but before long I noticed him move again. This time he kicked the blanket off enough for me to see all of his manhood.

He was about the same as my hubby, soft. I just couldn't help myself; I kept starring at his cock. I had already had visions of making it with him and the longer I sat there the hotter I got. After about ten minutes of watching and wondering I noticed that he was starting to grow. I just couldn't help myself any longer; I put down the paper and went over to the couch. I knelt down beside him and got a close look at his cock. It looked wonderful, I love to suck cock, and his just looked delicious.

I bent my face down close and opened my mouth sticking my tongue out I lifted it into my mouth. I sucked the whole thing deep into my mouth and as I did he started to get even harder. He started to moan and reached down with his hands and placed them on the back of my head. His cock was growing to its enormity and I didn't think that I could keep it in my mouth. So I started moving up and down on it sucking it in and out.

He held me by my head and pushed it deep into my mouth, forcing it down my throat. He just couldn't hold it any longer and shot loads of hot cum into my mouth. He tasted so good; I sucked on him until he was soft. I looked up at him and he was looking down at me with this great big grin on his face. He asked if I had, had my morning shower. I said not yet. He said well let me wash your back for you. So we got up and went to the shower. After we got in and got all wet he started washing my back and got me all lathered up. He told me he wanted to wash my front to.

So I turned around, he soaped my tits and worked his way down my stomach to my pussy. He lathered up my pubic hair and slid a finger into my pussy, rubbing on my clit as he went in. I was going crazy with desire by now. He fingered my pussy for a while and then slid a finger into my ass. Oh it felt good. He took the hand held shower massage thing down and started to rinse me off, sending gushes of warm water up into my pussy while he was still fingering me.

He rinsed off my ass hole to and made sure that he got all of the soap. He said he didn't like the taste of soap mixed with pussy juice. That really got me going. He knelt down and while sending the pulses of water into me he licked my clit. I told him that we had to get out of the shower and go lie down so he could do me right. We went into my bedroom and I lay down on the bed with my legs spread. I said come and get it.

He crawled up between my legs and started licking and sucking, I must have came about a dozen times. After that morning he seemed to be late going to the union hall every day. Imagine that! And we sucked and fucked every day. He brought in a video that he told me that he had taken when he was married and wanted to show it to me. It was him, his x wife and my hubby getting it on. I could tell it was old because my hubby and him were a lot younger. We watched it and I sucked on him and he ate me, and it was great.

That Saturday we barbecued out in the back yard, it was hot so I was wearing a bikini and he and my hubby were wearing shorts. I kept looking at both of them as we were sitting out there. They both had these boxer type shorts on and every once in a while I would get a good shot of their cocks peeking out at me. We ate, drank some beers and smoked some pretty good pot.

At around 5:00 my hubby said that he was going in for a booze nap and that we should just enjoy the late afternoon. As soon as he was in the house David my hubby's brother looked at me and pulled his shorts up so I could see his cock. He asked if I was ready for it and if I thought that my hubby was ready to have both of them share me. I said that I didn't know, he is pretty jealous of other men.

David said, "well you let me handle it". We stayed out in the back yard talking about how we could get Don to go for it and drinking beer and smoking pot. After a couple of hours, long enough for Don to get some sleep we went in. We had decided that the best way was to put the tape in the VCR in our bedroom and start it playing. Don was naked on the bed and I positioned myself so I could take him in my mouth.

Bent over so David could enter me from behind. This was so exciting, David ate my pussy until I was good and wet then I bent over, he pushed his hard cock into me while I took Don's cock into my mouth. I started sucking up and down on Don and David started fucking me from behind. Don reached down and grabbed a handful of hair and pushed his cock deep into my mouth. he had this wonderful smile on his face, until he opened his eyes. Then when he saw what was happening he pulled me off of him and started yelling.

"What the fuck is going on?" David pointed to the TV and asked if he remembered that. Don just looked at the TV for awhile. Then the smile came back across his face and he said, "Well, let's get to it!" We had so much fun, me sucking on them and them fucking me. They both fucked me and I sucked on both of them. At one point I had David in my pussy and Don entered my asshole. It filled me up. I was in heaven. Two beautiful men with two beautiful cocks. I couldn't ask for more.


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