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Mother-In-Law Pays the Price
by Sunny Dev

In India, when men marry they demand a dowry from their in-laws. In my case, I happened to marry a pretty girl from a reasonably poor family. From the very first day itself I had a tremendous sexual urge to strip my mother-in-law naked and view her milky white, well endowed assets.

I am a traveling marketing person and often I leave my wife behind on such tours. There in motels and inns, I routinely visualize my mother-in-law's nudity and masturbated, throwing my cum all over with excitement. On one such tour, I approached my father-in-law: "Papa, can I take my mother-in-law with me?"

He smiled. The weight of the dowry made him smile reluctantly. "Okay if you will, son," he said, "But do take care of mum."

"Of course, I will." I assured him winking at my mother-in-law in delight. Now like most Indian women my mother-in-law was shy and conservative. I took her to New Delhi where I checked into a hotel with her.

"Will you take me for sight-seeing?" she asked innocently, "You see I haven't visited Delhi before."

"Of course," I told her firmly," First...we will talk about the's due for over an year..."

" see we are poor," she said, one of her big boobs stared at me in her red blouse as the sari slipped momentarily from her breasts. I sat on the bed and she drew a chair to sit upon.

"Stand up please." I commanded. "Walk up to the middle of the room. Do as I tell you or..."

"Sunny..." she whispered fearfully, "I'm just like your mom."

"Remove your sari...quick." She knew I meant business. She saw my hard-on rise inside my trousers and it looked like a minaret from Taj Mahal. I could see the shape of things to come. Soon she was in her blouse and petticoat. I often admired her big 40" arse which I loved watching as she would walk around in her home. "Now off with your blouse and bra."

She was wearing a black bra. Her boobs were bursting out like a pair of juicy melons. She was turning away from me as she removed her bra. "Here, face me please." As her shapely big boobs sprung out I was amazed at the size of her black areolas which stood up at my sight. Topless, she tried to cover her boobs with her hands but she could not manage to hide such abundant breasts. I ordered her to walk up to me. She was surrendering to me now. She knew there was no choice. As soon as she came close to me, I asked her to kneel and I fondled the breasts to my fullest pleasure. I squeezed them, I molested them, playing fondly with each nipple. her breasts bobbed with delight and they juggled as she protested.

"I'll do any other thing, Sunny," she begged, "Please stop."

"Anything? OK!" I laughed out. I pulled out my 8" thick shaft and shoved it into her mouth: "Ma,suck...suck on it!"

She was almost choked on it. She slowly began to suck my swollen dick like a huge lollipop and I was on the verge of collapsing on her with excitement. I held on to her breasts and pumped the spongy pleasure cakes merrily until I was ready to shoot my load uncontrollably into her mouth.

"OK!" I said shot my thick, white milky cum into her seductive lips and she swallowed my mouthful of load uncomfortably. She was perspiring all over. Her beautiful large breasts were glistening as she decided to take a break. My limbs were shaking with excitement as I never in my life thought that I'll be fucking my mother-in-law live! It was too good a dream to come true. " Now off with your petticoat!" I yelled.

"Sunny please. I'm not wearing any panties." Indian women usually don't wear panties under their dress ( sari) and they rarely shave their pussies. I had often imagined my mother-in-law's bush. A little denser and darker than my wife's I had guessed. " Oh boy!" I almost shrieked out in delight when she was completely nude. What a bush! Her thick black hairs would put the Amazon forest to shame. I have never seen such a delicious hairy cunt in my life. I rushed up and stuck my mouthful into the bush.

Surprisingly despite all her resistance she was dripping cunt juice. So she was enjoying the humiliation! I tongued her magnum cunt and she now began to moan with pleasure:" Oh Sunny fuck me...fuck me a hundred times! I deserve all this shame and humiliation!" I now took my hard erect prick and rammed into her pussy lips with all my might. I battered her and she cried out: "Oh Sunny do you fuck my daughter like this? Who is a better fucker, me or she?"

Of course, my mother-in-law was a real bitch in fucking. I came quickly in spasms and she called out my name several times and mentioned my hard pleasurable dick as she came to her orgasm in spasms groaning with joy. I spilled my cum all around her bush and topped her delicious sensuous navel with my cum. " How much cum have you got inside you?" she asked surprised. " Wait...I will tell you." I asked her to get into a doggie position on her knees. She was most unwilling.

So I fetched my trouser belt. She pleaded: "Please don't fuck my arse." Indian women are very conservative about arse-fucking. As soon as I saw her huge white arse my cock jumped into full size and believe me it grew longer and thicker at the sight. I caressed her buttocks slowly and then I spanked her with the belt.

"Ooow! O....o.....o...w!" she cried as the welts appeared on her beautiful bum. "Please don't belt me. Fuck my arse!" Her arse was warm with the beatings for not giving my share of dowry. Then I stuck my finger deep into her arse-hole and shoved my prick like a naughty son-in-law straight up and inside. I moved in and out rapidly and she cried out in pain and pleasure.

I shot into her arse-hole like a sniper-shooter. Next she bathed me and I loved fondling her big breasts, juicy cunt and super backside as I soaped her big naked body. Of course, I finally did get my dowry. But I continue to take mother-in-law on pleasure trips. We fuck and have had varied sex which I will be happy to tell you later. My family is happy as I sponsor my mother-in-law's trips and she in turn continues to give my cock immense pleasure. Sometimes she even masturbates me.

Know something? I tried a trick or two with my voluptuous sis-in-law but she has turned the tables on me!

Any women in India (secrecy assured) or any women visiting India would like to join me for casual, hot creative fun is welcome to mail me. Women of all shapes, sizes, tall, small, shy, adventurous welcome. And of course, Literotica continues to be my favourite story site. mother-in-law is waiting...


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