The Best Erotic Stories.

My Lovers, My Son, My Daughter
by Tawny T.

Becky lay on the bed softly moaning. The satin sheets under her felt so sensuous. She had just taken a long soaking bath with oils and sweet smelling scents that left her body so relaxed, and her skin felt so good to her hands. She stroked her breasts gently, kneading her full breasts softly. Her nipples were erect and standing up hard as pencil erasers.

God, she was horny! It had been far too long since she's had sex - either with a woman, or a man. She loved the soft attentions of a woman, but loved the feel of a long hard, thick cock inside her aching pussy.

She reached over and got the large vibrator from the bedside table. She had just put new batteries in it, as she had exhausted the last ones several nights before. Ohhh to have the real thing in her hand!

Slowly she moved the now purring vibrator around her nipples. The sensations seemed to run directly to her clit, and it stirred and became swollen and ached. She played the vibrating end over and around her nipples, making her pussy wait for it's eventual turn. She loved to tease herself, make her pussy wait expectantly for the entry of the long thick pulsing vibrator. She had thought of buying one of the very large dildoes to fuck herself with. She made a mental note to go to one of the Sex Boutiques and obtain a nice long fat one - maybe one with a vibrator inside. She shivered at the thought.

She slid the vibrator down her body slowly, anticipating the touches to her pussy, her cunt. She loved the nasty term. She stroked her inner thighs then teased her pussy by moving the vibrating tool along the outer lips of her spread pussy. She knew if she had a mirror, her pussy would be deep pink now; her inner lips wet and spread slightly showing her pink inner core, and probably a drop of her pussy juice dripping out of her inner core.

She slid the vibrator upward and lightly touched her clit. Ohhhhhhh, she moaned aloud as it sent delicious signals of erotic pleasure throughout her body. She closed her eyes and played the vibrator up and down her pussy, making the machine pleasure her pussy from bottom to top. Up and down, over and over. Her moans became louder.

She was almost there, her climax was so close. She opened her eyes, aware that someone else was in the room. She turned her passion filled eyes to the side and saw her beautiful daughter Karen standing there watching her. Karen had on her nightgown, and had it pulled up, and one hand was obviously rubbing her pussy. The other hand was cupping her young full breast. At 23 she was a beauty and had inherited her Mother's full shapely breasts.

Becky stopped the movement of the vibrator, and covered her pussy with her hand. Her passion was so close, yet she didn't want her daughter to see her masturbating!

"Ohhh, Mom, please go on! God, this is the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Please, go ahead. You are so beautiful and watching you has gotten me so excited. Please! I need to see you cum. For me?" Karen asked in a voice husky with emotion.

Becky was so close, her body tingling, right on the edge of a climax. She removed her hand and slid the vibrator down to her steaming cunt. She slid it to the bottom and angled it inward. Her pussy was drenched and it slid effortlessly inside her. God that felt so good! She looked over at her lovely daughter as she slid it slowly inside herself.

"Darling, take your gown off. Let me see you naked, please!" She heard her voice say. God! What was she thinking? But she wanted to see her beautiful daughter nude standing there.

Karen smiled and pulled her gown straps off her shoulders and it slid down her body to fall in a pastel puddle at her feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside. She stood, legs apart slightly looking at her Mother on the bed, spread out and stroking a long thick vibrator in and out of her pussy. She had never seen anything so sensual in her life. She had always been attracted to women and had several experiences with them, but the mature beauty of her Mother spread out before her was almost overwhelming.

Karen's hand moved back to her pussy and she slid her finger back down between her wet lips and stroked it up and down. She pulled at her nipples, rolling them between her fingers, with her other hand, bringing her hard nipples to long points. She looked down at her nipples and at her Mothers, almost identical in size and shape. Absolutely beautiful!

Becky watched her beautiful daughter masturbating unashamedly in front of her, and it fuelled her passion more. Sliding the vibrator in and out of her pussy, she used the other hand to stroke and roll her hard and erect clit. So close, almost there!

Then Karen did something that sent her passion soaring. She leaned over and her ruby lips parted and she took her Mother's hard nipple and sucked it. God, it felt so wonderful.

Her climax was just on the edge when Karen nipped her hard long nipple with her teeth. It was the final impetus and she exploded. She screamed out her ecstasy as she climaxed. Her hand moved from her pussy to her daughter's hair, and ran through it to push Karen's head harder against her heaving, passion-swollen breast.

The vibrator hummed inside her pussy that pulsed and contracted around it. Passion such as she had not known in a long time flooded her body, and her hips thrust upward, and her body writhed in ecstasy. Her daughter's mouth stayed with her breast, sucking on it while her hand rubbed her own clit franticly. Karen's other hand stroked Becky's heaving breast deftly.

Becky's climax seemed to go on and on as she looked down at her lovely daughter's head sucking at her breast and her hand caressing her swollen mound. She cried out over and over as she exploded. Her pussy contracted over and over and her pussy juices flowed around the thrusting vibrator wetting her hand and thighs with its abundance.

Finally her body came back to earth and she lay panting on the bed. Karen's mouth left her breast and she did the most surprising thing. She leaned over and kissed her Mother on the lips, full and hard. Her young tongue slid out and probed expertly inside her Mother's mouth suddenly finding a willing partner to play with. Becky managed to breathe while her daughter tongue kissed her. She was shocked at the intensity of her beautiful daughter's passion.

Suddenly Karen pulled back and stood erect, legs spread wide and her head went back. Her body became wire taut and her beautiful face was distorted by passion as she climaxed. Her fingers played over her clit and she slid her other hand down to plunge two fingers deep inside her pussy. She cried out and moaned as she climaxed violently.

Becky watched fascinated, as her beautiful, desirable daughter masturbated not three feet from her. She reached out a hand and stroked her daughter's passion filled body.

With a long quavering moan, Karen went limp, and almost staggered to the bed and sat on the edge. Her head turned and she looked at her Mother and smiled weakly. Becky reached out and stroked her daughter's beautiful face.

"God, you are so beautiful." Becky managed to say. "You are the most beautiful and precious thing I have ever seen. I can't believe how sensual and beautiful you are. You caught your Mother getting herself off. I thought I closed the door."

Karen laughed between long deep breaths as she tried to recover from her violent climax. "You did, Mom. I heard your moans in the hall and thought you might be in pain. I opened the door and saw you lying here, and it was the most beautiful, most sensual sight I have ever seen. Your body is so mature and beautiful; I couldn't resist and slipped in to watch. It got me so excited I couldn't help myself and had to cum too. I'm glad I did. I have wanted to see you nude for so long." She said leaning down to kiss her Mother's lips once again.

"Hon, we shouldn't, I'm your Mother." Becky said, but her voice carried almost no conviction.

Karen's lip pressed against hers and her tongue again slid out to run over her Mother's soft wet lips. I felt so right! She ran her fingers through her Mother's hair and it felt so sensual. Becky's hand came up to stroke and caress her face. She pulled her lips away a moment and kissed her Mother's hand gently then went back to kissing her mouth. She had smelled the wonderful odor of excited pussy juice on the hand.

The two kissed and Becky's hand moved to her daughter's breast and cupped it and stroked it. It felt so wonderful to her hand. She moved her hand upward weighing it and moving it slightly. Karen sighed into her mouth.

Becky moaned as Karen's hand slid down her body over her softly rounded stomach to find her pubic mound and her fingers played with the soft brown hair there. Almost of their own volition, her hips pushed upward toward the caressing hand. She reached down and laid her hand atop her daughters stroking it, and pushing downward very gently.

Karen was so thrilled as she felt her Mother's hand atop hers, guiding her hand. She wanted it, but was almost afraid to do it - make love to her own Mother! She slipped her hand down to find the dampness of Becky's still wet juices. Her fingers found the wet, soft, slick flesh of the open pussy of her Mother, where she had first come into the world. A thrill of excitement ran through her. She slid a finger back to find the opening, there!

Becky moaned into her mouth as her finger gently, carefully slid into the slick pussy of her Mother. So hot, so wet. Her clit gave a sudden twitch.

Karen slid her finger deep inside her Mother, again and again as they kissed. Suddenly she pulled back. Becky gasped as her daughter pulled away. Before Becky could move, Karen turned and slid downward. She looked at her Mother's spread pussy and with no hesitation, bent down and kissed the wet open fiery red flesh.

"Ohhhhh, yes, Baby. Yesssssssss!" Becky cried out. Then she gaped as her daughter's hot mouth covered her pussy and she felt her tongue slide deep inside her, pressing and thrusting. Karen's finger slid alongside of her questing tongue and probed and explored the hot cavern. She slid another, then a third finger up inside the wet cavern. Her tongue moved upward to find the hard swollen clit and lick its sensitive underside. Becky screamed her pleasure. It had been so long since a mouth had been there. She had experienced a woman several times in the past, and they always seemed to know just where to suck and lick.

Karen's lips sucked on her turgid clit, and her tongue flicked back and forth across the surface. The fingers probed and thrust, three then four up inside her, pushing deeper. Karen folded her thumb inside her probing hand, and fucked her Mother faster and faster. The vaginal opening stretched and gave under her relentless thrusts. She had always wanted to do this, but had never found a partner who could take her whole hand inside.

Becky seems to sense what she wanted and her hips trust against the invading hand. "Ooooooh, yes Baby, fuck me. Put it all the way inside me, ohhhh please! Please!" She sobbed.

Karen pushed harder, moving her hand back and forth, she could feel the slick hot flesh spread and open under the assault of her thrusts. Than one last push and her hand slid inside her Mother! She gasped as her Mother's pussy swallowed her whole hand! Carefully she tucked her fingers into a fist making sure her fingernails were pointed inward and sucked her Mother's clit as her fist began to rotate in circles deep in her Mother's vagina.

Becky had never felt anything like it in her life. She gasped and moaned, a long quavering groan of joy as she felt her whole vaginal area being stroked and excited from deep within her body. God, it felt like the largest cock in the world was fucking her. Karen's knuckles ran over her cervix and she exploded in a roaring climax that had her screaming her ecstasy, and her daughter trying to move her hand around as fast as possible.

Becky's body bowed upward and she grabbed her breasts and squeezed them in the ecstasy of passion. Karen almost came herself as she watched her lovely Mother climax, and the vaginal sphincter muscles clamped down her own wrist almost painfully.

Karen managed to somehow keep her mouth in contact with her Mother's thrusting hips, and sucked and tongued her clit till she reached another, and another climax, one following on the heels of the other in lightning speed. She herself was just on the edge of a climax by the powerful erotic gyrations and sounds of her Mother's passion.

Finally Becky cried out for her to stop - she could take no more. She fell back spent. Karen laid her head on her Mother's heaving stomach then slowly and carefully, slid her hand out. She moved her head slightly and watched fascinated as the fiery red opening slowly closed up. For a moment, she could see deep inside her Mother's vagina, the pink flesh inside. She dropped her mouth to the opening and slid her tongue inside, and felt it close around her tongue. She sucked gently and tasted the hot, salty juices that had accumulated there. She shuddered with delight as she sipped the sweet juices from the wonderful cavern that had given birth to her. She stroked her Mother's flesh softly.

Karen moved upward to lie beside her Mother and kiss her cheek, while Becky gasped and caught her breath. Karen's hand stroked her breasts softly and gently, not trying to arouse her. Becky finally was able to turn her head and kissed her beautiful daughter's lips, gently and softly.

"Oh, Darling, that was so wonderful. We really shouldn't have done that, it's not right." She paused a long moment and a lovely smile lit up her face. "But I can't think of another woman in the world I'd rather have make love to me. You are so beautiful and sensual and I'm glad it happened. Are you? The truth now?" She asked stroking her daughter's soft flushed cheek.

"Oh, yes, I'm so glad. I have wanted to do that for so long. Since I matured and knew that I also loved to make love to women, I have wanted to make love to you. I don't care that you are my Mother. I wanted you. Yes, yes, yes. I'm glad." Karen said with such passion her Mother pulled her close and hugged her ferociously.

Karen's body pushed against her Mothers, and Becky knew her daughter was very sexually excited and needed release. She kissed her daughter and began to stroke her enflamed body. She kissed her lips, tongue sliding inside her hot mouth, then slowly kissed down to her full firm breasts and sucked the hard nipples to longer points.

"Mother, turn around please, let me make love to you while you make love to me. I want us to kiss and caress each other at the same time. Please." Karen begged. Becky smiled up at her daughter and nodded.

Karen turned in the bed and slid down under her Mother. She moved to her full swinging breasts and caught one swollen breast and brought it to her mouth and began to suck on the long hard nipple. Her Mother's mouth fastened on hers, and for the next few minutes they sucked and kneaded each other's breasts till their passions flamed higher.

Becky kissed Karen's body as it wriggled slowly under her till her mouth was over her sweet daughter's pussy. Karen kept her pussy beautifully bare, and it had been a long while since Becky had kissed a denuded pussy. She loved it and kissed the soft flesh thinking how this beautiful pussy had looked when Karen was small and prepubescent. She slid her tongue out and ran it down the lovely groove till she reached bottom, and she probed gently and it slid into the center of her daughter's pussy.

Becky moaned as she tasted her daughter's sweet juices and smelled the heady aroma of an aroused pussy. She burrowed her face against the hot wet flesh and sucked the hot opening. She was rewarded by a delicious sip of her own daughter's pussy juices, and she thought she had never tasted any quite so sweet. She slid her fingers to Karen's clit and began to slowly stroke it. She found it hard and swollen.

Karen was so excited that it only took several strokes on her aroused clit till she exploded and her Mother sucked hard and was rewarded by a flood of pussy juice. She was amazed by how much of her daughter's pussy shot out into her sucking mouth. It had been a long time since she had a partner who squirted into her mouth, and she loved it, and sucked harder on the hot opening. Karen moaned and cried out, her voice muffled by her Mother's pussy as she buried her face against the spread flesh.

Karen cried out and then went limp, her explosive climax over. It was very intense and she lay panting for several minutes while her Mother gently licked her spread flesh, avoiding her sensitive pussy. She began to lick and suck her Mother's wet pussy when she felt something press against her face. She looked back and saw a long thick cock pressing against her face. She bent her face back and looked up at the grinning face of her younger brother. He stood silently behind Becky, naked, his long thick cock rigid, the head wet with precum.

Karen smiled up at him and nodded. She made a motion with her hand for him to wait. She buried her face against her Mother's pussy and began to lick and suck the hot, open flesh. She reached up and slid her hand back into the open center. Slowly she slid three fingers then four inside her Mother then pushed to try to slide her whole hand back inside. Becky moaned and thrust back against her hand. Karen pressed and rotated it till it was almost in. She pulled it out and motioned for her brother.

Tony slipped forward slightly and placed his long thick cock against his Mother's pussy. God, he was going to finally fuck her! He had fantasized about his beautiful, sexy Mother for years. He had seen her naked many times as he had learned early on that a tree outside the bathroom could be scaled easily and sitting there, he could watch her in the bathroom. He had sat in the tree many times and masturbated while watching her inside, stepping out of the shower, or naked drying off. Sometimes sitting naked on the toilet, and one evening had actually watched as she sat there masturbating. They had both cum at almost the same time. He had almost fallen out the tree he was so excited.

Now in front of him, was his beautiful sister, her mouth glued to their Mother's pussy and her hand slipping out of her gorgeous pussy. He waited no longer and pressed the head of his cock against the open flesh and slid it deep inside his own Mother.

Becky cried out as the huge long cock slid inside her. She imagined Karen's hand sliding inside her, and for several long moments couldn't tell the difference. Then she gasped as the huge head pressed against her cervix and pushed forward stretching her pussy like never before. Then she felt the hot, hard thighs against her buttocks and knew that this couldn't be Karen!

Her head flew up and she turned and saw her tall handsome son behind her. He saw her look and put this strong hands on her firm buttocks and thrust forward burying his long seven and a half inch cock to the hilt in his Mother's hot depth.

"Ohhh, God, No! Tony, no, Honey. No!" Becky cried out as she realized fully what was happening. Her daughter was licking her pussy and she had her daughter's pussy juice all over her face and now her son was buried deep inside her pussy. No, it couldn't be happening! She tried to move, shift her hips away, and stop this madness!

Becky felt her son's strong hands grip her hips almost painfully and her daughter's arms tighten around her and she was unable to move. She gave a long wail of despair as she realized they were both in on this. They wanted her - her son, and her daughter!

Tony's long rod thrust hard and fast inside her, deeper than any other cock had reached, stretching her wonderfully, delightfully, a massive fleshy ram battering deep inside her. Stretching her pussy beyond what any man had ever done. Her daughter renewed her assault on her clit, and licked her swollen lips as the massive long rod slid in and out of her body.

Her son's hard thighs slapped hard against her hips and she bowed her head in surrender. This brought her face down against her daughter's pussy and her lips touched the wet spread sweetness.

"No! No!" She crooned against the hot wet flesh. The massive cock transferred delightful sensations through her body and her tongue couldn't resist sliding out and burrowing deeply inside her sweet daughter's dripping pussy. She burrowed her head, turning her face from side to side smearing the slick wonderful wetness all over her face. She suddenly reveled in the madness, and thrust back against the hard cock pushing deep inside her.

"Ohhhhhhl, God, help me, ohhhhhhhhh, yes fuck me, fuck me! Fuck your Mother's cunt, now, sweet Tony! Fuck me hard, Son." Her cries rang through the room.

Tony needed no further prodding and slammed his hot young cock as deeply and as hard into her pussy as possible. She was incredibly sensual, her ass beautiful. He reached down and slid his middle his finger along her pussy lips wetting it and found the lovely brown star of her asshole, and rubbed it around the opening then slid it inside her as far as he could.

Becky screamed as the final assault on her body brought her over the edge and she exploded under the twin assault of her son and daughter. She had never dreamed this was possible, but her senses almost short-circuited as the huge ram slammed skillfully inside her. Tony was moving his hips from side to side and up and down, so that his huge cock head seemed to thrust against every square inch of her pussy. As she screamed out, she felt his thrust change and it pushed downward riding high to press against her g-spot.

She screamed over and over as she seemed to cum for an eternity. Karen's lips and tongue flicked and sucked her distended clit giving her such pleasure, as she had never known. Her son's long hard cock rammed and thrust inside her and she climaxed over and over. Finally she blacked out and fell atop her daughter in a dead faint.

She came to with her son and daughter's faces close to her. Karen was wiping her face with a cool washcloth and Tony was smiling down at his Mother. She managed a weak smile.

"Did I faint?" she asked weakly.

"You really did you, beautiful sexy woman." Tony smiled down at her and kissed her with incredible softness on her lips. His hand went to her breast and stroked it softly, the hand of an experienced lover. Karen's lips joined her brothers and she kissed her Mother, then the two pulled back slightly and kissed each other. Becky watched fascinated at their mouths opened and their tongues slid out to probe and fence.

" You two - do you - have you?" Becky stumbled over the words, the thought of the meaning of the two kissing so intimately.

"Oh, yes, Mom. We've been fucking for years. His cock grew so long and big and I just had to have it. We've been careful so I wouldn't get pregnant, and obviously you and Dad never know. It was hard keeping our secret, but we did.

"Tonight when I came by and heard you moaning, I peeped in for a moment then got Tony and told him what I was going to do. I told him if I was successful to come in when I set it up so you would be facing away from the door, and he could come in and fuck you. He's wanted to for a long time now, ever since Dad died, maybe even before then!"

Karen said kissing her Mother from time to time.

"Son, you really shouldn't have, you know that!" Becky said, but without much conviction in her voice. She had loved the feel of his huge long rod inside her heated pussy and the incredible feeling of being stuffed and stretched. It had just been too long since she had been royally fucked, and never by such a wonderful tool such as this one. She looked down and saw it was still hard and erect. She reached down and took it in her hand. God it was huge. "You didn't cum yet?" She asked.

"Not yet, Mom. I wanted to be sure of you. I wouldn't cum inside you if you didn't want me to." Her handsome son said kissing her, his face one of concern.

"Mom, can he cum in me first. I want him so much. He's such a good lover and he'll be hard again very soon. I need him so badly." Karen said with such passion in her voice her Mother gave in quickly, besides she hadn't fully recovered from the massive climax she had just had. She motioned him toward his beautiful sister.

Tony slipped over his Mother and moved to lie beside her, with Karen against his body. The two moved together and with years of incestuous practice began to make love. Becky sat up to watch her two children make love. The thought staggered her. How long had they been making love? She would have to ask. Tony was two years younger than Karen, who had seduced who? Her mind spun.

Her son had just had that incredible long thick cock inside her pussy and as she watched her daughter grasped it and her hand slid up and down, milking it, making the head swell as she moved it to the base and stroked toward the tip tightening her grip on it. Tony moaned, and a large drop of precum formed at the end. Karen bent forward and slipped her tongue out and licked it off, turned toward her Mother and grinned wickedly.

Becky couldn't help herself and her hand moved to her son's thick cock and she stroked it along with Karen. Tony reached back and laid his hand on her pussy and cupped it for a long moment.

The two siblings kissed and caressed, gently softly, not hurrying. It seemed so natural to watch the two making love, but the thought that they were brother and sister boggled Becky's mind. She slid her hand down to cup her son's large scrotal sack. My god, he was built! Her late husband had been well endowed, but Tony was really hung. She giggled at the thought. It seemed now she could have her son any time she wished. Damn! She moaned at the thought and her children looked over at her, then at each other and grinned.

Karen's mouth opened and she took her brother's thick cock in her mouth and slid down on it. Becky thought she would be unable to take that huge cock very far into her mouth. She was right. Karen bobbed her head up and down over the head, swirling her tongue over the purple crown. She pulled back and looked up at her brother.

"Lie back, Sweet Lover, and let me show Mom how I really love to fuck my sexy Brother." Karen said as she kneeled up on the bed. Tony rolled on his back and held his hands out to his sister. She took them and swung over his body.

"Mom," she said turning to her Mother, "would you do the honors. Slide his big cock inside me. Please? You always taught us to say please."

Becky moved down and took her son's long thick cock in both hands and aimed it at her beautiful daughters, lovely bare, spread pussy. She couldn't resist the impulse to slide her hands up and down its length feeling it's firmness and soft skin. It had to be at least seven and a half inches long. Karen pushed her hips backward and Becky guided the huge head against her wet pussy. She watched fascinated as Karen pushed back and the huge head split her pussy lips wide, and with a wiggle of her cute ass, the head slid inside her sweet body. God, would he able to get it all inside her?

Karen pushed back, little by little, moving up and down the massive spear. Becky leaned closer and stroked her son's balls, and her daughter's cute ass. God, she was watching her own children fucking! She felt her clit twitch and her mouth watered at the thought. Tony's hips lifted slightly with each backward push of his sister's ass as she slid down his massive pole.

"Ohh, God, that feels so good Tony. You are such a wonderful fucker. I love you so much." She said leaning forward to kiss her brother. Becky watched them kiss and it was so erotic, yet heart warming, to see the obvious love between the two.

"Can you take all of him?" Becky asked, her voice low, awe in it, as she watched the long cock slowly disappear inside her daughter's beautiful pussy.

"Mnnnn! Ohhh, that feels so good. You go so deep inside. Ohh, yes, Mom, we've been doing this for years, and he's stretched my pussy till I can take all of him. We had a lot of practice at it. As he grew, he stretched my pussy too. He's a wonderful fucker. The best!"

Karen gasped as the last inch slid inside her and Tony's hips met her ass and he was fully inside his sister. She rose up and began sliding up and down on his pole.

Becky leaned forward and slipped her tongue out and licked her daughter's clit as it moved up and down. She tasted so good.

"Ohhh, she's so tight and hot. She has the sweetest tightest pussy Mom. I loved fucking you, but she's so incredibly tight. Would you like to come up here and sit on my face? I'd love to eat you while I fuck her. We did this with her friend Janet one time. They swapped out and I fucked and ate both of them. They are fantastic together. I love to watch them make love too." Tony said, his eyes closed with pleasure as his sister posted up and down on his hard cock.

Becky needed no second invitation and moved up and straddled her son's face while facing her daughter. She kneeled back and lowered her pussy onto his face. She wiggled her ass a little, so her pussy fit it against his mouth, and felt his tongue slide out and into her wet and spread pussy. She felt him suck on her pussy, and sighed and moved her hips back and forth against his tongue.

Karen posted up and down on her brother's long hard cock, and Becky watched as is disappeared up inside her. She reached out and grasped her daughter's lovely breasts and fondled them as she moved up and down. Karen leaned forward on the up stroke and kissed her Mother's lips and slid her tongue inside for a moment, then slid away as she moved back down the slick gleaming pole of her brother. Becky watched fascinated as the brother and sister made love so effortlessly and with such coordinated efforts. She wondered how many times the two had made love together - and she had never suspected at all.

Tony's hot tongue slid up inside her expertly, and his fingers played over her clit rubbing expertly over her hard clit. She began to moan and pump her hips against her son's sucking, licking mouth. Karen reached over and caught her heaving breasts and squeezed them hard. She cried out, and almost came. Karen caught her hard pointing nipples between her fingers, squeezing down on them hard, and began to pull and jerk them from side to side, causing her breasts to dance and sway. The force Karen used sent waves of delightful pain directly to her clit; it seemed, where her son's fingers danced over her clit.

She screamed as she felt his other hand slide a wet finger to her ass and thrust delightfully deep inside her body. She screamed her pleasure and came explosively as her son and daughter both made her cum. Her pussy contracted, and her juices that shot out drenched Tony's mouth. He drank his Mother's pussy juices, and that combined with his sister's tight pussy milking his pole, made him explode and his sperm shot deep into his loving sister's hot pussy. She cried out as his pole bathed her pussy, and she saw her Mother writhed sensuously in front of her in the throes of passion. Their cries rang through the house and all three unashamedly cried out their joy together.

Spent, they lay panting together, stroking each other and kissing. Lips kissed, and tongues probed going from mouth to mouth. It was a time of wondrous joy.

Becky looked down at her son's limp cock and saw a large drop of his sperm develop on the end and start to drip off the end. She bent down and took his still slick and wet cock and held it to her mouth. She licked the cum off of the end, and looked up at him and smiled. She licked it again and took the soft flesh into her mouth. She tasted her daughter's sweet juices on it mixed with the slightly bitter taste of her son's cum.

"Damn, that tastes good. I love the mixture of the juices. It's been a long time since I've tasted a cock that still had the pussy juices on it. Karen your sweet pussy juices taste so good on his cock, mixed with his cum." She smiles up at her children. "Why don't you two kiss each other while I enjoy myself down her.

Her children needed no encouragement, and began to kiss and caress each other. She watched their tongues slip and probe and Tony's hands move to his sister's breasts and fondle and caress them. She took his soft cock and slid it into her mouth. It had been too long since she had a cock in her mouth and she missed it. She laved the head with her tongue and sucked on the flaccid head. She was able to suck a little more of is cum out and she ran her hand down to the base and milked it softly up toward her mouth and another couple of drops of the thick cum slid out and into her mouth.

Becky slowly sucked the head, and bathed it with her tongue, moving her mouth down further along his shaft. At one time she had been good at taking a cock far down her throat, but never one so large as her son's or quite as thick. She moved her hand down, grasped the base of the cock and slowly milked it upward. She felt the young organ respond and the blood began to flow once more and it began to slowly become harder.

She sucked the head, slipping her tongue into the slit at the end, then running her tongue around the sensitive glens. Tony sighed and his hand moved down to stroke her hair. That felt so sensuous. And this cock belonged to her handsome son!

Tony and Karen were fondling each other, and Tony's fingers reached down to find his sisters' wet pussy, still dripping his seed out. He slid a finger up inside her and began to finger her sweet pussy. He moaned as his Mother's talented mouth and tongue played over his swelling cock. Damn that felt good! He'd have to get his Mother to teach his loving sister that trick. Ohhh, he cried out as Becky sucked and licked his cock. Her hands were expertly pumping him up, and his cock was almost erect now. His Mother's hands found his large scrotum and fondled it while she sucked him. Ohhh, she was good!

It didn't take Becky long to get her handsome son's young cock rock hard again. She slid her mouth as far down his pole till it hit the back of her throat. She pushed, but it was just too large to slide down her throat. Maybe with practice she could take him deep down. She had been able to deep throat his father, but he wasn't as big, or as long as his son. She pulled back and admired her handiwork. His cock was swollen, the glens firm and almost purple. She ran her hands up and down it, smiling up at the two young lovers.

"Son, I want that wonderful cock inside me again. Are you two willing to try something a little different? I want to be double fucked." She said slipping out of bed quickly and going to a drawer. Her children's eyes went wide when they saw what she brought back to the bed. It was a double dildo with straps on it.

She held it up. "Sweet Karen, I want you to fuck your Mother in the ass while your handsome brother fucks my pussy good and proper. Think you two could do that?"

The looked at each other, nodded and laughed aloud. Becky helped Karen slide one end of the dildo inside her slick, cum soaked pussy, adjusted the straps, and made sure it fitted her well. She got some lubricating gel and showed her how to apply it to the dildo and her ass.

Becky moved over her son, kissed him and took his hard cock and guided it to her pussy. She rubbed it up and down her wet pussy, centered it against her opening, and pushed backward. She moaned as it parted her pussy lips, pushed against her vaginal opening and with a backward push from her, popped inside her wet pussy. Tony thrust his hips upward and buried his cock deep inside his Mother again. It felt so wonderful to have her above him. He loved looking up at her beautiful face, then down to watch her beautiful breasts sway and bob as she moved.

"Now sweet Daughter. Fuck your Mother's ass, please, I want both of my holes filled by my wonderful children." She sunk back till her son's massive cock was completely buried in her body and held still while Karen moved behind her. Karen put a dollop of the lubricant around her hole, slid a finger up inside her ass, then another, widening it a little.

"Ohhh, that feels do good, to feel your sweet fingers in my ass, put another inside me, sweet child. Yessssss! Ohhh, yes, so good, push them deep inside me. Can you feel them against your cock Son?" Becky cried out.

"Yes, it feels so good, Karen, I can feel your fingers in her ass. Push down just a little and you can feel my hard cock inside Mother. I love it, your fingers inside Mother's ass, and my cock buried inside her pussy. Sooo good!" Tony moaned.

Becky instructed Karen to put the dildo against her stretched hole and slowly slide it inside her. She moaned as the large head slipped past her sphincter muscles and into her bowels. It had been a long time since she had had a cock or dildo back there. Karen quickly got the hang of the dildo, and began to slowly slide it deep inside her lovely Mother. It really excited her to know her brother and she both were fucking their Mother. She had never thought they would do this, not in a million years!

The two children slowly synchronized their thrusts and Becky's body moved with them. It felt so wonderful to have both holes filled by the thick sliding cock and a dildo too. Tony kneaded her breasts as they swung and bobbed as the two fucked her slowly.

Her body quickly became excited by the double stimulation of her two sexy children. Karen began to get the knack of fucking her ass and started lustily thrusting deep inside her sexy ass. She bent forward and Becky felt here firm breasts slide against her back as Karen reached under to find her swollen breasts.

"Ohh, yes, Baby, that feels so good, pull on my nipples while you fuck my ass so good. I love it! Is the dildo inside you making your pussy feel good too?" She asked, her voice strained by the emotions that filled her body.

"Mnn, yes, when I fuck you it moves inside me and makes me so hot. I love feeling your big tits, I hope mine get this big and look this nice when I get your age. I have one very sexy Mom, and I can't believe I'm fucking her ass, while my stud of a brother is fucking her pussy. Shit, this is too much!" Karen moaned and pulled and rolled her Mother's hard nipples between her fingers.

"Ohh, I can't believe it either." Tony said from below her. "I'm fucking my own Mother while my sister is fucking her too. Mom, I've wanted to fuck you for years. I saw you naked several times. I used to get outside and climb the tree outside your bathroom when I knew you were in there, and once in a while I'd see you after you got out of the shower or bath. I'd jack off watching you, and I'd shoot my cum out watching your beautiful body. I never thought I'd one day be actually fucking your sexy body.

"One night I actually saw you sitting on the toilet masturbating. I came so hard I almost fell out of the tree. God, you were diddling your pussy, and I was jacking off watching!

"Dad almost caught me out there one night, I'd just shot my wad and had gotten down out of the tree. I made up some lame ass excuse for being there, but I think he really knew what I'd been doing. He got this shit eating grin his face and gave me a playful slap on my ass. God, I loved watching you naked." His hips thrust hard against her ass, burying his cock to the hilt in her heated cunt. Becky moaned as his long cock hit bottom and sent delightful sensations through her overheated pussy.

"Ohhhh, fuck me you two. Fuck your Mother! Ohhh, God, I'm cumming. Pull my nipples Karen, fuck the shit out me, my lovely children. Fuck your Motherrrrrrrrrr!" Becky screamed as her body went wild with passion.

Her beautiful children thrust as hard as they could into her body. Karen pulled her nipples and pinched them as hard as she cold while her young hips slammed against her Mother's ass, burying the long dildo as far as she could. The dildo inside her gave her wonderful sensations and her own climax was near.

Tony slammed his cock deep inside his sexy Mother and he thrust as hard as his young hips could, burying his long rod deep inside her. He felt her pussy clasp his cock hard, milking it. It sent him over the top and he exploded deep inside the place his father had sent his sperm to start him into the world. The thought caused him to cry out in a long wail of ecstasy, and shoot his load deep inside the wonderful pussy of his Mother.

Karen's body shook and she slammed her hips harder and screamed her passion, as the cries of her Mother and brother filled the room. Their climaxed seemed to go on and on as the three's passions fed on each other, and the incestuous lovemaking added fuel to all three of their sexual emotions.

Sister and brother finally gave one last hard thrust against their Mother's body then went limp. Karen slid the dildo out of Becky's ass and watched her neat brown opening close up slowly. Becky went limp over her son's body, collapsing on top of him. They lay for a while then rolled apart. Tony's cock deflated and slipped out of his Mother's well-fucked pussy.

Karen watched for a moment, then bent and before Becky's pussy could fully contract, placed her mouth over the red inflamed pussy lips and thrust her tongue deep inside the place that had given birth to her. She sucked and was rewarded with an abundant mixture of pussy juice and her brother's rich secretions. She thought she had never tasted anything so wonderful. She sucked softly till she had emptied the wonderful wet container, and then moved up to lie on one side of her while her brother lay on the other side, kissing and caressing the sensual body of his Mother.

The three lay kissing and caressing softly. "This is so wonderful, I was just fucked royally by my son and daughter, and here we lie kissing and loving each other. It's fantastic. Children, you made your Mother very happy today! I hope we will have many more wonderful lovemaking sessions together. I don't want to stop you two from making love together, and hope any time either of you want to, you will now feel free to make love to me, or each other."

"Thank you, Mother. It fulfilled a childhood fantasy of mine. I hope you don't think I didn't enjoy it, because I certainly did and want to fuck you lots more. But for now, Sis, come here. I think my cock has one last load, and I'd love to slip it deep inside your wonderfully tight pussy, while Mom watches me fuck your beautiful body." Tony said.

Karen slid over her Mother and moved to her brother's side. Becky moved a little to the side and watched as her two lovely children began to make love. She watched as Karen licked the long cock to hardness, and then lay back as her brother slid between her thighs and slid his seven and a half inches inside his sister. Karen's legs came up and locked over her brother's firm young body. His tight ass began to slowly thrust, his balls swinging from side to side as he pumped.

'I wonder if he has still another cum left in those swollen balls of his?' Becky thought as she slid a finger down to find her slowly swelling clit.


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