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My Master
by Little One

You walk into the room. My heart leaps in my chest. I lower my head and eyes, and I kneel before You. I do not speak and I do not make eye contact with You. I have learned that You are Master, and are superior to me. I also have learned the simple rule that I do not speak until You have spoken to me and give me permission to answer You.

I wait. The anticipation, of what each encounter with You holds, races through my body. I can feel the warm wetness growing in my pussy. No, wait, it is not my pussy. I am sorry, Master, You have told me not to call it a pussy. It is a cunt. It is also not mine, as I gave it to You. I am Your cum slut. I feel my body begin to tingle from the anticipation. I try to focus on my actions, waiting for You to speak. I do not want to disappoint You Master.

How long have I been waiting? I have lost all track of time. It seems like an eternity, but I am sure that it has only been mere moments. I hear Your soft voice speak to me. "Hello, little one." I raise my head slightly, and say, "Hello Master". I feel a warm gush in my cunt; just the sound of Your voice excites me. It is at that moment that I realize how much I have submitted toYou. It is a wonderful feeling, one that I have wanted for so very long. It has been worth the wait because, You Master, are so good to me.

I am losing my focus again. I must concentrate. You sense that I am restless, You say nothing, but I know that You have noticed. I am almost startled as You speak again. "How are You today, little one?" I raise my head and eyes slightly higher. I reply, "I am wonderful Master, now that You are here." Then, I ask You how You are. You tell me You are wonderful, and even take the time to tell me what a wonderful subbie I have become. I smile, being rewarded by Your words.

You then tell me to stand, so that You may see what I am wearing. I do so, immediately. You ask me to turn so that You can see all of me. I slowly turn, allowing You to observe every inch of my body. It is then that I think how lucky I am to have You as my Master. I am not what most would think of when they think of a subbie... or sex slave. I am not a beautiful blonde; I do not have a perfect body. I am a large woman who has given birth to two children; I have what You call a soft mommy's body. I have large breasts, size 42DD, and they sag slightly. I do not find myself attractive, but You have never failed to compliment me. You tell me that You love my soft mommy body. I finish turning, facing You, waiting again for You to speak.

You smile at me. I know that You approve of what I am wearing today. It is nothing special, just a T-shirt, bra, and a pair of cut of jeans. You like it... and that is all that matters to me. You tell me to unzip my shorts. I follow Your instructions. I know what You are looking for. You have told me not to wear panties. You like me to be easily accessible. You then tell me to slowly remove my shorts. I, again follow Your instructions, knowing just what I am expected to do. I slip my thumbs into the side of my shorts, slowly slipping them lower on my hips. I turn, so that my back is to You. I let the shorts fall to the floor. I bend over to remove them from around my feet and ankles. I spread my legs slightly to give You a full view of my rounded ass and wet cunt. I stay bent over, until You give me further instructions.

You look at my exposed pink flesh and my tight asshole. I can feel Your eyes upon me; I wonder what You are thinking. You then tell me to prepare myself for You. I slide my fingers through my wet slit and then slide two fingers forcefully into my cunt. I moan in pleasure as I do this... knowing that it is for You Master. You then ask me what it is that I want today. I want to please You, that is my gratification. You expect more of an answer then that. I tell You that I want You to use me as Your cum slut. I want You to fill every hole with your big thick cock... and I want You to shoot your hot cum deep into my body where ever you choose. You tell me to prepare my ass for you. I slip my fingers through my wet slit again, and then slide one into my tight asshole. You tell me to go deeper. I do so, gasping in pleasure and pain. You tell me to move closer to You. You reach out and feel my wet slit. You tell me that I am a good girl, and that You are pleased. I smile. You touch me again, telling me to open myself wider for You. I can hardly contain my excitement. I feel Your hands upon me again. You touch my ass cheeks. You spread them apart. Your finger begins to explore my asshole. I feel it pushing against the tight opening. You explore my inner tightness. You remove your finger. I feel two fingers plunge deeply into my cunt. I almost lose my balance. You tell me that I am prepared nicely for Your use.

You have me get on my hands and knees in front of You. Your hand smacks my ass, making it turn a dark shade of red. I can feel the sting of the slap through my entire body. Again, I moan. You know that You have me exactly where you want me. I am at Your mercy and filled with desire.

I feel You move in behind me. Your cock presses against my cunt... then slams deep within me. You force it as far as it will go. I scream with pain and pleasure. Your manhood is so big and thick. It hurts, but it feels so good. You fuck me hard. I feel You slamming in and out of me. You grab my hips, pulling me deeper onto Your shaft. You cock slams against my cervix... trying to force itself in. I moan uncontrollably now, feeling the orgasm building within my body. I know not to cum until You have given me permission. Just as I am about to go over the edge, You pull out.

Before I have time to react, I feel Your fingers on my clit and Your cock against my ass hole. I want it Master! Give it to me, please... I beg you. You fulfill my desires and force Your thick shaft deep within my tightness. Oh, Master. Thank You!!! I scream. You fuck my ass hard. Your fingers keep teasing my clit. You tell me that you can feel my clit growing even bigger then it already is. You want to see my cunt and clit react to the ass fucking that you are giving me. You pull out again, turning me over onto my back. You grab my ankles, forcing them over my head. You slam into my asshole again. My body quakes under You. You tell me to spread my cunt open so that you can see everything. I use my fingers to open myself. You moan at the sight. The sound of you moaning sends me to the brink of orgasm. You see my cunt react... it tightens. My clit grows.

The juice flows from my body, pooling around Your cock buried deep in my ass. You know that I can not hold back much longer. Your voice overpowers me, telling me to cum. I release the pleasure in my body... screaming as I cum. My body trembles. My cunt and asshole spasm, tightening around you... milking Your thick cock. I feel you throb inside me, moaning, and a flood of hot cum fills my ass. You force yourself deeper and unload everything you have to give. When You are empty, You pull out. You look at my reddened asshole, still gaping from being stretched by the thickness of Your cock. You smile, telling me that you are pleased with Your little one. I smile, asking for permission to speak.

You grant my wish, I ask if there is anything else that I can do to please you. You grin, and tell me that I am losing a bit of the gift that you gave me. You use your fingers to scoop up the bit of cum that has escaped my ass, and gently slide them into my mouth. I clean your fingers, making sure that I do not miss a drop of your gift. You smile, and lay next to me.

As my final reward for the evening, you let me lay next to you, with my head upon your chest. You put your arm around me. I thank my Master, and drift off to sleep listening to the sound of your heartbeat.


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