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Michelle, My Belle Pt. IV
by Kimmie

I was a little disoriented when I woke up Saturday morning. I don't remember how I got there but I was lying on the bed between Eric and Troy. Michelle was nowhere to be seen.

I sighed as I remembered the fun of last night and wondered what today might bring. I knew it wouldn't bring anything nice if I didn't take a bath right now so I quietly climbed over Troy and slipped off to the bathroom.

The bathroom of the cabin was tiny and the bathtub didn't take long to fill. I poured in a nice bubble bath and slipped into the hot water. Just as I began to relax, there was a tapping at the door. "I really gotta piss!" It was my man tell-it-like-it-is Troy.

"Well, if you don't mind me watching, c'mon in," I answered. The door opened instantly and in he came. He positioned himself over the toilet and I thought "hmm, he's so close I could just reach out and grab him. Wonder what he'd do?" Troy groaned as the water sprang from him, but when I reached out and took hold of his cock he stopped.

"What are you doing?" he demanded. "C'mon, I really gotta go!"

"Go," I answered. He gave me a funny look and resumed peeing. I felt the urine rush through his dick and while I had no desire to be bathed in pee, I thought it was pretty cool. Eventually, the flow slowed to a trickle. He took his dick in hand and gave a little tug and shake to empty out the ol' gopher.

"So what's up with that?" he asked.

"Oh nothing," I answered. "Just thought it would be fun. You have such a nice cock Troy. I don't usually see it when it's soft, though."

He chuckled and said, "After last night, I don't know if it will ever be hard again. I think my horse is dead!" We both laughed at that.

"Too bad there's not room in here for both of us," I sighed. "I'll tell you what, though. Your dead horse looks a little nasty from all the fun. Maybe I could wash him up for you?" With that I took the bar of soap and twirled it around in my hands to get them good and coated. I took Troy's dick in my hands and began to wash it.

"You're right, it is pretty nasty. You may have to wash it for a long time," he said a little breathlessly. I squeezed my soapy hands tightly around his cock feeling it start to grow as I did.

"Yes, I might have to wash it really, really fast, too," I said. My warm soapy fists had a nice effect on Troy's dick as it got hard very quickly. "What's this?" I exclaimed. "This is not a dead horse. This horse is alive! It's aliiiiiive!" I continued washing his shaft with one hand and moved the other to his balls and began to wash those, too.

Troy groaned and said, "keep doing that for 15 seconds to a half hour and I should be good."

I laughed and asked, "but how will I know if it's clean?" Troy answered, "oh, you'll know." He barely gasped that out as I was pumping his shaft and washing his balls. "Oh, oh shit!" It's clean," Troy moaned as a long rope of semen burst from his dick and splatted against the wall beside me.

"Cripes," I thought, "good thing that didn't hit me in the forehead. It would have knocked me out!" Troy spasmed two, three, four times and with each blast a little less cum spurted so by the end his jizz just mixed with the soapy foam on his dick.

"All nice and clean?" I asked. "Yes, but this time it's definitely dead."

I lay in my bath and watched as he scooped some of my bathwater up in his hands and washed the soap and cum from his beautiful dick which was now starting to go soft. He then took the towel and rubbed it dry. As he was pushing the towel upwards on his cock, some jizz oozed out of his hole. I quickly stuck out my hand and rubbed it off with my finger before he could waste it. I popped my finger in my mouth and sucked his jizz off of it. He gasped a little, then chuckled, hung up the towel and opened the door. "I think I'll get some more sleep," he said. "You're going to need it!" I yelled as he closed the door behind him.

After awhile, I finished my bath and returned to the bedroom. Troy was not in bed but Eric was there. "Troy didn't want to sleep with me anymore," he said. "I can't figure that out!" We laughed. "Maybe he doesn't respect you anymore," I offered. "That could be it," he answered. " 'Course I wasn't the only one who was easy last night." "God, no," I answered. "What a time, huh?" "Yeah. Say Kimmie, I really enjoyed what you did for me last night. Umm, do you think there's a chance we could actually have sex?" "Well, Eric," I said, "everything last night was pretty spontaneous. You and Troy are best friends and Troy and I are a couple. I don't know if we should. Besides, what about you and Michelle?"

"Well, I know Troy would screw Michelle in a heartbeat if he had the chance and Michelle wouldn't mind doing it with him. Plus I've always had a thing for you." He blushed a little when he said that.

"Really? I never knew," I answered. "Yeah, well it's true," he said.

I sat on the bed and kissed him on the lips. "Well, maybe something will happen," I said, "but not before you take a bath! Whew!"

"Maybe you could wash me?" he asked.

"Did Troy tell you about that?" I exclaimed. "That shit head!"

We laughed and he headed off to the bathroom.

I looked at some clothing possibilities and then decided to keep it natural. Nothing to hide anymore, right?

I walked out of the bedroom and into the main room of the cabin. No Troy and still no Michelle. I wondered where she had gone. I opened the front door which we hadn't used yet to go out on the screened porch for some air. That's where I found Troy and Michelle. Both were naked and Michelle was leaning against a wicker love seat bent over at the waist. Troy was pumping her from behind. I guessed this was the heartbeat that Eric referred to earlier. Both of them had their eyes closed so they didn't see me. I was mad, but only for a second.

It was actually quite a thrill watching my man nailing my beautiful French friend. I walked up to Michelle and reached to caress her nipples. Her eyes flew open and she must have clamped down on Troy's cock because he opened his eyes, gasped and stammered, "oh, damn, Kimmie. I just, well..." "Oh, shut the hell up, " I said. "Just keep doing what you're doing." With that, he resumed pumping Michelle's slippery cunt, his thick cock making squishy noises as it slid in and out. I kissed Michelle on the lips and she pushed her strong little tongue into my mouth. I then kissed my way down to her nipples and gently sucked each one in turn.

Then, I walked around the loveseat and sat on the floor under Michelle. I watched, mesmerized, as Troy's cock slammed in and out of her above me. It was then that I noticed the cock ring Michelle evidently put on Troy. "I guess she wouldn't mind doing it with him, " I thought as I remembered what Eric had said a few minutes ago. As Troy pumped away at Michelle, I pushed my face up to where there sexes met. Michelle's swollen clit protruded from her stretched pussy lips. I stuck my tongue out and began to play with it licking up and down, then in circles.

She gave a little shriek and moan as I did this. Then I took her whole clit between my lips and sucked hard. She wailed and moaned something in French. I loved that. As I sucked, I felt Troy's hard dick sliding back and forth across my chin leaving a slippery film of cunt juice on me. I wrapped my hand around the base of his dick and on his next back stroke pulled him out of Michelle and popped him into my mouth. He groaned and just kept pumping as if my mouth was Michelle's pussy.

Michelle didn't like that all too much because she yelled something (in French) and started pumping her hips. I reached up with my hand and fingered her lonely pussy. Troy's cock slipped from my mouth and I pushed it back in Michelle's cunt. Then I returned my lips to her pussy. This was enough for Michelle and she started wildly bucking her hips. I couldn't keep my tongue on her clit but it no longer mattered because she soon came with a long wail. A torrent of juice poured from her cunt and I figured Troy must have cum, too, but then I remembered the cock ring. "I'll be damned," I thought. "Michelle just ejaculated! I guess it's not a myth. Or a mythter"

As Michelle wound down, Troy pulled his aching cock from her cunt and pushed it into my mouth. I didn't mind his roughness, I figured the poor guy was dying to come. I tasted Michelle's sweet cunt juice all over Troy's rock-hard tool. I started to pull off the cock ring but Michelle yelled, "no cherie! Troy and I have another surprise for you. Be patient!"

With that, she climbed over the love seat and lay on her back. She rolled her hips up and pulled her knees to her shoulders. "Troy tells me you do not wish to take him in your ass," she said. (It didn't sound so crude with her accent.) "I will show you how it's done."

I thought, "now wait just a damn minute. It's one thing you two are fucking but this is stepping over the line." Then I realized I didn't really give a crap. I wanted to see this.

To Be Continued...


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