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Michelle, My Belle Pt. V
by Kimmie

Troy had always wanted to have anal sex with me, but it wasn't something I was interested in. We never got into any fights over it, but I knew it bothered him a little that I wouldn't do it that way. Now I was going to watch him butt fuck this beautiful French girl.

Michelle reached down with her right hand and pushed her fingers into her pretty pussy. She jumped a little as she accidentally rubbed her still-sensitive clit. With her left hand she rubbed one hard little nipple. She got her fingers good and wet and then spread the juice over her puckered little butt hole. She returned to her pussy for more lubrication and this time inserted first one and then two fingers in her butt. I was fascinated. I was also dripping wet. I wiped some juice from my pussy onto Troy's dick. The poor guy looked like he was going to burst.

"Now, Troy. Put it in me now," Michelle ordered.

Troy didn't have to be told twice. He pushed his dick up against Michelle's dark hole but that's as far as it went. Michelle took his cock in her hand and rubbed it against her asshole. Up and down she slowly rubbed and then it started to go in. Now, from the way I saw things there was no way his big cock was going in her butt but sure enough little by little he started to penetrate. Michelle was panting and short of breath. Hell, so was I and I was just watching. Troy's eyes were wide as he enjoyed this new sensation. Soon the head of his dick was completely engulfed in Michelle's butt and he groaned. "Oh shit! You're so tight, Michelle! I love this!" His cock was now making steady progress into her ass and before too long he was in to the hilt, his balls resting against her sweet ass cheeks. "Kimmie, please can we do this sometime?" he begged. I dint know what to say. I just watched Michelle who moments before looked to be in pain but was now lying back with a slight smile on her face. She opened her eyes and looked up sweetly at me. "See, cherie? All you need do is relax and let him fill you up." Then she turned to Troy and said, "now butt fuck me you big man." (Again it sounded much cooler with her French accent).

Troy started to pump her ass but could not go as fast as he wanted to. Michelle's tight sphincter held on to his big cock. Soon, they had a nice rhythm. Troy's pleasure was so intense he seemed to be on the verge of tears and beautiful Michelle simply lay there with a smile on her face rubbing her nipples and humming a tune. As for me, well, if I'd looked between my legs and seen a running faucet I wouldn't have been surprised. That's how wet I was. I knew I had to have some relief soon. Michelle knew that of course. She stopped humming and looked up at me. "Come here, cherie," she said softly. She deftly maneuvered me so that I straddled her face and she immediately began to eat my pretty pussy. Poor Troy was beside himself. The pleasure of butt fucking Michelle was countered by the fact that he couldn't cum because of the tight cock ring. "Well, hell with him. He's getting what he wanted," I thought, but I wasn't really mad. None of us would ever forget this that's for sure. I was grinding my pussy into Michelle's beautiful face, my pussy juice running down her face into her ears. She was still rubbing her nipples so I reached down and fingered her bulging clit and she moaned into my cunt in pleasure. Troy had both of my breasts in his hands and was gently rubbing my nipples with his thumbs in rhythm with pumping Michelle's butt hole.

I rubbed one of his nipples with my free hand knowing that this was really driving him crazy. We kissed and our tongues danced and fought. Soon though, my thoughts were purely selfish as I felt an orgasm coming on. My hands left Michelle's clit and Troy's nipple as I now needed them for balance. Between Troy's strong hands on my nipples and Michelle's expert tongue on my clit it was only another moment or two before I came. And came and came again. I came so hard I started to cry and Troy started to cry because he wanted to come but couldn't and Michelle looked like she was crying but it was just the juice from my very happy pussy all over her face. I kissed Troy and climbed off Michelle. I kneeled next to her and kissed her lips and face tasting my cunt juice and loving it.

Troy stopped pumping Michelle's butt and said "this is really great but if I don't cum like, right now my balls are pop!"

"Can he cum now, Michelle?" I asked. "Yes," she answered, "in a bit. Run and get us a wash cloth."

When I came back, Michelle was sitting on the love seat with Troy standing next to her. His rock hard dick was pointing almost straight up. It was an angry shade of crimson and had streaks of brown on it. The cock ring shimmered with light. I gave Michelle the wash cloth and she gently washed Troy's cock. "Your second bath today, no?" she asked his dick.

"He told you about that?" I exclaimed. We all laughed.

When he was clean, she eased the cock ring off. Troy moaned. She kissed the skin where the ring had been and made soothing sounds as she did. I knew she was teasing him. Troy was rubbing his own nipples he wanted to cum so bad. I kneeled down and began kissing his cock, too. Soon, he was pumping his dick which was sandwiched between our mouths. He let out a continuos wail, it sounded so piteous (but cool). Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore and wrapped my lips around his dick. He immediately exploded into my mouth. Normally, I can swallow all of his load but not this time. When I couldn't handle any more, I pulled him out of my mouth. He squirted once on my face before Michelle grabbed his spurting hose and swallowed the rest of his jizz. I had to open my mouth to breathe and the cum I hadn't yet swallowed poured out of my mouth. Troy collapsed on the love seat next to Michelle, said something to the effect of "I knock out" and fainted dead away!

Michelle giggled and said, "works every time." She reached over and with her fingers gently slid some of Troy's cum from my chin into my mouth. I sucked on her fingers and she smiled. Then as we kissed and hugged I said, "I still don't want to have anal sex with Troy."

A voice from behind us asked "how about with me then?" It was Eric. "How long have you been there?" I asked. "Just long enough to see you two kill Troy," he replied. "Man, a guy takes a little nap and look what he misses."

"Oh not to worry," said Michelle with a mischievous look in her eye. "You haven't missed a thing. Now let's get you out of those boxers."


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