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Mom's Milkshake Mustache
by Adom and Eav

Betty Jenkins had yanked his sport shorts down in the middle of his room. She was on her knees mouthing his huge cock off.

Betty sucked and slurped as hard as she could. She sometimes took as long as she could. This was not one of those times. The thirty-six-year-old divorcee still had her neighbor and new friend Janice waiting for her in the living room. (Please don't come up), Betty thought as she rapidly pulled up the long cock shaft with her lips. She knew she must hurry her deed as she lashed her tongue over the meaty cock knob. she loved sucking his dick for him; and making it cum. But now she had to use her shaft fisting hand to hurry for she couldn't have Janice coming upstairs to find her sucking her own son's cock.

Billy had arrived home to find the two women in the living room and summoned his mother. He shut and locked his bedroom door and shocked his mother by snapping his fingers and pointing to the bulge in his shorts. "Ohh God Billy, not now. I..." But as her teenage son demanded, she sunk to her knees to confront his massive hard-on. Billy now had both hands on her head and his large mushroom-like crown was choking her at her tonsil. "Ungh. Ulpp." she choked. "Not so hard Billy!" she pleaded, hearing her own sucking and slurping noise filling his room. She knew if Janice would come upstairs to the locked door, the sounds from the room would give her away. "Ohh Mom, suck my cock. Suck it good."

Betty's eighteen-year-old boy, a freshmen on the college basketball team, continued to fuck her mouth. He forced over seven thick inches in, with hot pre-cum boiling out the pisser. He pulled all but the head of it out, long enough for her tongue to swipe and swab its abundant leakage. Betty did as he expected. She also jacked his shaft and massaged his balls for him, to hurriedly empty his nuts.

Betty's lovely bronze face nearly blushed at his demand. It was her who seduced the boy this way weeks earlier for his virgin nut. He was very shy then. But now he was in no way shy. Downright demanding. A few days before, she was forced to blow him in the parking lot of a busy shopping mall. And later in the dressing room of that shopping mall. Then there was the ladies room of a restaurant they dined at. Now Betty's throat was clogged with cock & crown as cock juice filled her mouth. "Cum" she choked around his teenage cock causing a bubble foam of his seed to escape her stretched lips.

Betty knew how thick and hard his cock became before discharge and it was now there. It trembled hotly thru her sucking maw and would soon be shooting. She wanted his cum very bad now and wanted to swallow it all. Not only because it was a scrumptious bellyful, but also because she would not have to change her top when she returned to her friend Janice. She never handled Billy's load before but she grew anxious, thinking Janice would catch her. The sooner she returned downstairs, the safer she would feel.

"Ohhh yes." Billy sighed, hosing her throat and mouth with thick, hot, foaming jism that seemed to never end. "Ulpp, ulpp, ungh" she swallowed, fighting to keep up with his load. Betty felt his hot seed fill her tummy with warm thick cocksapp. It dumped heavily in her belly and began to fill her mouth. Betty had to work her throat quickly to empty her mouth before more cum filled it. "Gulp, ulpp, cough, aghh, smack-smack", and finally she had eaten all of his cocksapp. Billy released her head as she caught her breath.

Betty looked down checking her blouse approvingly. Billy usually drowned her with cum 'till it foamed out of her mouth and soiled her chin, neck, and clothes. This time she managed only a thick glaze on her lips. She used her boy's short to wipe them off and rose up and pulled her boy's head down to plant a quick french kiss in her son's mouth. She knew he did not particularly like the taste of cum but could never refuse any part of her body being offered to him. Billy sucked her tongue and lips until she abruptly pulled away.

"There you are." Janice cried, as Betty as she came down the stairs. Betty quickly took a seat but not with Janice on the sofa as before, but on the loveseat across the room. Betty knew that her son's cock juice was on her breath. She had eaten all of his cum and wipe away the remains. But she had coughed during the treat and teenage pearl-white cream came from her nostrils. It formed a layer of milk over the crest of her upper lip, contrasted against her chocolate-creamed skin. She had not accounted for this. She didn't even notice.

But Janice did notice.

Janice drove safely thru a stop sign on her way home. She was thinking about Betty.

They were speaking when Betty's son came home. He didn't stop to speak but ran straight up stairs. Janice remembered he had a college book at his front. He called down to his mother for assistance with homework and Betty was up there for a while. When she returned, she seemed distant. But is was that, she came down with a thick layer of cream at her lip forming a milkshake mustache. Janice missed her turn wondering, 'Where did she get the milkshake?'

To Be Continued...


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