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Mrs. Reid
by christo

We moved next door to the Reid's when I was 16. They were an older couple with two sons in their mid-20's. Mr. Reid owned his own company and traveled often, leaving his wife alone in their big house. My mom and Mrs. Reid hit it off right away and became good friends, and I became a kind of surrogate son to her. We moved to the neighborhood in March, so as the weather warmed up my folks had me mowing the Reid's lawn, pruning bushes, and other fun activities. Pretty much every day I had chores to do at home and next door, but I can't say I minded too much. That's because these chores gave me the chance to see and talk to Jackie Reid, who was hot and sexy and knew it and liked to flirt.

She was about 50, with thick blonde hair that she usually wore piled up high. Her sparkling blue eyes made me weak inside when they fixed on me, and her lips were full and red. She was a big woman, about 5'10'', with big warm breasts and full hips and long legs that she showed off with skirts and shorts. She took very good care of herself and worked hard on her looks, going for long walks in the morning and keeping her hair and nails in perfect condition. I loved her long manicured nails, usually painted bright orange or red, and she accented herself with bright earrings and bracelets. She was a bit overwhelming, a bit too much, but I didn't care.

I lusted for her with such intensity that I feared she could smell the desire coming off me. I hated the fact that I was only 18, that she would see me as a little boy, someone to bake cookies for. But I was a man, or becoming a man. I was 6-2 and weighed about 190 pounds, so I was big enough physically for her. My penis wasn't unusually big, but it was big enough that I was confident it would please Mrs. Reid. I wanted her, I wanted to kiss her, her lips, and her big breasts.

She would ask me about my girlfriends at school, did I ever make out with them in the woods behind our house, and I would blush and say yes and she would say how envious she was of them, how she wished someone would take her out to the woods for a little necking, and then Mr. Reid would come in and tell her that he wasn't doing anything right now, and they would kiss and laugh and I would laugh and wish I could lock Mr. Reid in the basement and screw his wife for hours and hours.

Mr. Reid was a good guy, I actually liked him a lot. But when he was on the road, which was often, I got to spend some time alone with his wife. Not so much alone as without anyone else around. I would cut the grass and talk to her as I put the mower away or after carrying her laundry up the stairs I could stay and chat a few minutes She would stand very close to me, would touch my arm with her fingers, be so close that I could smell her perfume and her hair and her skin. She flirted with me, I mean, she fished for little compliments and I paid them and she would laugh and I would try to imagine what I could say to make her laugh and put her arms around me and kiss me on the lips.

Then something changed. May arrived and it was time for the Reids to open their pool. I got the job of dragging out their equipment and keeping an eye on things as it filled. I did most of this in my swim trunks, carrying the solar cover and the chaise lounges and chairs and rafts and all kinds of junk. It was hot out and I was sweating pretty good and by the time I was done I was covered with dirt and sweat and my muscles ached.

The pool was fenced in and I locked the gate behind me as I left. I looked up and saw Mrs. Reid standing at the big second-floor window staring down at me. She was holding a cigarette and she was staring at me, with an odd smile on her lips. Her husband hated it when she smoked in the house, and I wagged my finger at her. She lifted the cigarette to her lips and when she blew the smoke out she showed that same smile. It was an odd smile, sly and mischievous and mysterious. I stared back at her and tried to smile but I'm sure I looked frightened. Finally she waved back at me, and then she walked away from the window before I could wave back. I walked back home, confused. Then I realized that she must have been watching me for a long time, watched me lift and carry and strain. Maybe she was checking me out? I was terribly excited at the thought of her watching me, maybe wanting me, and I went to my room and locked the door and jacked off like a maniac, draining my cock two, three times in a vain effort to rid myself of my desire.

By the next morning the pool was full and I had to skim the pool, wash the solar cover, put the solar cover on the pool and a few other jobs. It was about 90 degrees, which was unusual for May, and I was in my trunks again. Mrs. Reid came out wearing a white blouse and jean shorts, her blonde hair pulled up in a bun. When I said hello she gave me that same sly smile and asked, "How cold is the water?"

"It's really cold, but if it gets any hotter I might go in anyway. It's brutal out here."

"It is," she agreed, looking into the sun. She asked me to put the solar cover on to soak up some heat, because some of our neighbors were coming over for a cookout later and they might want to jump in for a quick dip. So back to work I went, scrubbing the solar cover and sweating up a storm.

When the shadow fell across the cover I didn't look up right away because I was trying to get one last piece of crud off the cover. Then I heard Mrs. Reid's voice say, "I guess it's bikini season, don't you think?"

I looked up, still on my knees. She had changed into a pale-blue bikini, her full milky breasts snuggled into the big cups, the bottoms hugging her hips. She had a cute little belly, not skillet-flat but soft and round. She looked so sexy I couldn't talk, could barely breathe. I stood up and my erection stuck out like a spear. I turned my body so it wouldn't point straight at her and I croaked, "You look really nice, really."

"You think?" she asked, looking down at herself. "I think I'm too fat. I usually have a month to lose weight before it gets hot out, but I guess I'll have to look chubby for today."

"I don't think you look chubby at all, no way," I said, trying not to stare at her breasts. It was hard. They were magnificent, heavy and round and I could barely detect her nipples through the thin blue material. Her cleavage was a deep dark valley broad enough for me to slide my finger between. When I looked up again I saw that she was staring down at my trunks, where my penis hung hard as a hammer.

"You have to get cleaned up if you want to come over later," she said, smiling that same frightening smile. "And tell your folks to bring pickles over, I don't have any pickles." She walked toward the pool but her eyes didn't leave me for a long time. I put the solar cover on as Mrs. Reid put lotion on her shoulders, on her legs, and on her stomach. I couldn't ask her if she needed help putting lotion on her back because my mouth wouldn't work. She saw me staring at her and she said, "The sooner you get the cover on the sooner you can get cleaned up and swim." I managed a smile and finished up.

I needed to jack off, bad, but no such luck. My father wanted me to go to the store to get pickles and other assorted condiments, so I had to shower fast and then race out to the store. I bought what was needed and headed over to the pool. There were 20 or so people around, mostly adults and a few kids. Nobody my age. I figured I'd just swim a bit and read my book and sneak peeks at Mrs. Reid's breasts. A good enough time.

I got there and stripped to my trunks and tried not to pop a full boner in front of 20 people. No such luck. Before I even got my shirt off Mrs. Reid came over to where my parents and I were talking and asked, "Andy, did you put suntan lotion on? You'd better if you don't want to get burned." She turned to my mother. "I was tanning while Andy put the solar cover on and he didn't even offer to oil my back. I could feel it burning right away, so I couldn't tan this afternoon." She shook her finger at me like I had done to her the day before. "There's lotion in the upstairs bathroom."

I went into the house with my erection desperate for some relief. I toyed with the idea of peeking at Jackie's underwear drawer, but I could just imagine what would happen if I got caught. I decided to jack off in the bathroom, put the lotion on, and return to the pool. I pulled down my trunks and took it in hand and started. I closed my eyes and pictured Mrs. Reid tits in that bikini.

I didn't get very far, because I heard footsteps coming down the hall and a knock on the door. As I yanked up my trunks I heard Mrs. Reid say, "Andy, did you find the lotion?" I was stuffing my cock back into my pants when I managed to babble, "Uh, yeah, I found it, it's, uh..." I looked around the shelves for it and I couldn't find it. "Uh, wait, uh..."

She tried the door, which I had locked. "Honey, open the door and I'll show you where it is." I had finally figured out an excuse, that I was using the bathroom, when she added, "I'll put lotion on your back if you want."

Oh, I wanted that. I opened the door. She smiled at me as she stepped into the bathroom and opened the counter under the sink. She pulled out the bottle of lotion and said, "Turn around and bend down, you're too tall."

I obeyed. My cock was so hard it hurt being pressed against my suit. I heard her squirt lotion into her palm and then there was the delicious feeling of her hands on my skin. She rubbed the lotion into my back, her hands running up between my shoulder blades and then down toward my ass. I was transfixed, she was touching me and I was on fire. I mumbled, "Thanks..." and my voice actually cracked.

"I'll get your shoulders too," she said, and squirted more lotion into her palm. She was still behind me, massaging my shoulders, working the lotion in. She moved her hands down to my biceps. "So strong, you have nice muscles," I was trembling as she squeezed my arms. Then I heard her squirt more lotion, into her hands, and then her arms wrapped around me from the back and she ran her hands over my chest, my nipples, and down toward my stomach.

"Mrs. Reid, I can do this myself, really," I said, trying to get control of myself.

"You don't like this?" she said, suddenly taking her hands off my body.

"Mrs. Reid, I mean, I appreciate it, but, I don't know if we should be doing this."

"Doing what, honey?" She started rubbing the lotion on my stomach now, her hands just above my groin. "I'm just trying to help you from getting sunburned."

I was shaking now, I wanted to thrust my hips upward, so her palms would caress my cock. I couldn't move. She walked in front of me knelt down, her mouth just inches from my cock. She squirted more lotion into her palms and she went back to work, now on my shaking legs. She kept smearing me with lotion, up my legs, almost to my thighs, until I was covered. I was staring at her breasts, her mouth, her hair, her eyes. I wanted her to touch me, or let me touch her.

"Do you need me to put lotion on you?" I asked, and she smiled. "You had your chance this afternoon, Andy. I think I'm done here." My disappointment showed on my face because she said, "Oh, did I miss a spot somewhere? Oh, I did, didn't I?" She had that same strange expression on her face, and she was staring at my crotch. She took the bottle of lotion and squeezed a big dollop into her palm, and I wondered why she would need that much. Then she took her free hand and pulled the string holding my shorts up. "Andy, I'm going to do something that I think you will like. But you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone about it. Anyone. Do you understand?"

She pulled my trunks down, but before my cock sprung out she looked up at me and said, "Andy? Do you understand?"

"I do," I squeaked. She smiled and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. My erection stuck straight up against my belly. "Andy, Andy...that is so sweet. I'm going to put some lotion on it, is that OK?" I nodded like an idiot, trying to keep from fainting.

She wrapped her hand around my cock, caressing my shaft, running her greased palm along the shaft, coating my glans. Then, looking up at me, she said, "You've been staring at my tits all day. Do you want to see them?"

"Yes, please, I do."

"Pull down the straps and let my top down." I did, and her beautiful tits spilled out. They were huge, and her big pink nipples were stiff. "Oh God, you are so beautiful," I blurted, and she smiled. "Thank you. I think you're going to like what I'm about to do to you."

She wrapped both hands around my shaft and started pumping. She pumped and she pumped and I started whimpering and thrusting my hips in and out of her hands. She let her left hand fall away and she began caressing my balls with her nails, tickling me as her other hand stroked away. The lotion worked into a thick white froth, the smell of coconuts overwhelming in the small room. She jerked and jacked me, the wet slippery sounds filling the bathroom, and she said, "What a nice, big, hard cock." She looked up and me with that smile and said, "You're going to come, Andy, you're going to come on my breasts, right now, honey, right now." She increased the pace even more, her two hands gripping my shaft and pumping with long strokes, the tip of my cock rubbing against her palms with every stroke.

"Mrs. Reid, oh my God, oh God, I'm gonna come!"

"Mmm..." she said as I came. I started moaning quietly, trying not to scream, and the first gout of semen splashed out all over her tits and I whimpered. The pleasure was so overwhelming that my knees gave out, and I had to grab the sink to keep from collapsing. She kept jerking and jacking me until I was utterly spent. My softening cock was slimy from the lotion and come and she reached over and began cleaning me with a washcloth.

"Not a word to anyone," she said, lifting my dick to wipe my balls.

"No, never,"

"Did you like that?"

"Yes, God, yes."

She put the washcloth in the sink and said, "That was nothing compare to what we could do." She let her words hang in the air, then she said, "I don't want you to masturbate. Ever. Every drop of your come belongs to me now. Understand? If you're good, I'll take care of you." She cupped my balls and said, "But only if I can trust you. Completely. Can I?"

I told her I would do anything she asked. "Oh, you will, honey, you will," She laughed a nasty little laugh and was gone, and for the first time in five minutes, I actually took a breath. My knees finally gave way and I sat heavily on the toilet. I remembered how sinister her laugh sounded, and suddenly I had the shivers. I would do anything, ANYTHING, to have her hands on my cock again. What would she have me do?


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