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Mama Told Me Pt. II
by Bill Smith

"Justine! Justine!" I cry to myself as I head back towards my bedroom. My only daughter and the only string I have left of my departed wife. "Where did I fail you my love? What could I have done to prevent you from the path you have taken? Should I have remarried, would that had helped?" Questions and more questions as I fall upon my bed, I feel like such a failure as I review all that I have seen and been witness to: My beautiful Justine a lesbian! Not being a religious man I have no one to turn to. I cry and as the tears flow down my cheeks I realize that I have an erection and feel even more miserable. "What kind of monster am I?" I whisper to myself before I slowly fall asleep to escape the agony that I have witnessed.

* * * * *

Slowly I awaken and I look at Susan's eyes as she looks at me.

"Justine you are so wild," Susan informs me. "I never dreamed that would happen. I was just playing and trying to figure out what would turn someone on in that situation. As I watched your eyes I knew that I was doing the right thing and at the same time I was getting turned on as well. And then you attacked me and tried to eat me alive! Whew, that was truly an awesome experience. Have you ever done that before? I mean being with a woman?"

"Susan you ding dong," I shout at her. "You know me better then I know myself and you have been with me most of my life where in the hell do you think I would have the time or inclination to do anything with a woman. You know everything I have ever done with boys, I have never held back on you.

"Today was just different. I don't know what happened, it just happened. It was the first time for me, and the first time that I have ever climaxed without being touched. It was indeed truly an awesome experience!"

"Can we do it again?" Susan asks.

"Well I don't think we will ever top that first time, but yes we can do it again," replies Justine as she pulls her friend closer and kisses her gently on the lips.

As lips touch hands start to explore each other. "Lets get out of the clothes," Susan suggests.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Justine responds and starts to help her friend out of her clothes. Then shortly afterwards both are undressed and on the bed.

Once again lips touch but this time breasts, bellies, groins and legs touch as well. Hands dance up and down on each other's backs as lips part and tongues meet and start to dance. This time Susan takes the lead and pushes Justine on her back as her tongue fences with Justine's.

Removing her lips from Justine's, Susan traces her friends jaw line with her tongue and then moves up to an ear. As her tongue travels over Justine's ear and down her neck, Susan's hands are busy playing with Justine's breasts. Then Susan's mouth finds Justine's right breast and swallows it whole as it is just a wonderful mouthful and at the same time she flicks her tongue over the erect nipple.

Justine pulls her friend's head closer to her breast as Susan allows her left hand to travel up and down Justine's body feeling muscles dance under her touch. Moving to Justine's left breast to continue her feast she allows her left hand to find its' way to Justine's womanhood. Justine's clitoris is hot and hard which makes it easy to find and manipulate and Susan does.

Justine moans and rocks to the beat that Susan conducts. As Susan moves her head downwards Justine reaches out and pulls Susan's lower body upwards. Susan understands and like synchronized swimmers moving together they find themselves in that universal 69 position that the French love so much. As mouths find each other's clitorises and as hands travel wherever they want to it is just a few minutes till both are climaxing together.

Justine unravels herself from Susan and taking the superior position they lie groin to groin as Justine kisses her dearest friend. It is only a moment till clitorises find each other and once again they climax together. Falling over beside her friend, Justine pulls Susan's wonderfully soft body next to hers and kisses her cheek saying, "That was truly delightful."

"Hmmmmmmm," Susan moans, "it was amazing too. I wonder what your dad thought about it all?"

Justine is in that wonderful lull that follows good sex and didn't understand her friend's question. Then jerking up with a start she looks at Susan and ask, "Say What?"

"You heard me. Your dad was outside of the door when we were playing the first time. He watched as you devoured me," Susan responded simply and plainly.

"Why didn't you say something?" Justine asks.

"He was as turned on as you were," Susan replied.

Justine looking angrily at her friend and asks, "And just how could you tell?"

Susan looking sweetly at Justine replies, "By the big tent in his pants. Your daddy is hung like a horse if my eyes weren't deceiving me."

"Oh Shit," Justine reacts, "What are we going to do? I don't think he has had a girlfriend since mom died, and that has been years. Out of the two of them I think he was kinda the slower one in sex. Damn! Damn! Double Damn!"

"Justine my love," Susan looks at her best friend and pulls her closer and whispers in her ear, "maybe we could seduce him?"

"Are you fucking crazy?" Justine retorts.

"No. You dad has a hard dick. And it is as big as a horse. And a dick is a dick and a horse is a horse, but your daddy has a horse's dick and I want to play with it of course," laughing Susan replies.

"Really big?" Justine asks quietly.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," moans Susan in reply, "BIG!"

"How are we going to do this?" Justine hesitantly asks.

"Follow me," Susan states as she gets out of bed and heads towards the door.

To Be Continued...


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