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Mama Told Me Pt. III
by Bill Smith

Susan and Justine look into the partially opened doorway into Justine's father's room. They find him asleep, or most of him asleep. There is one part of him that is awake and it looks like it will burst through his pants. The girls look at each other and then at the covered dick and when they look up at each other again both mouth the word, "BIG!"

Justine looks at her friend and raises both arms in the air with palms up.

Susan smiles at her friend and works a hand between her legs. Removing her hand Justine can see that it is very wet with Susan's vaginal secretions. Crawling up on the bed Susan starts to move her wet finger under his nose and they almost laugh out loud as the nose crinkles and starts to move. There is a small moan as some unforgotten memory kicks in and his tongue slips out of his mouth to explore. Susan being ever so helpful moves her finger to his tongue and he licks it clean. Then she wets her finger again from the same well and allows him to suck on it.

Justine meanwhile has been eyeing the bulge in her father's pants, if anything it has grown bigger and a wet stain has started to grow from the end of it. Throwing caution to the wind she reaches out and unlatches her father's pants and unzips them. With a little difficulty she has his horse's dick freed at last and it stands truly tall. Both she and Susan stare at this monstrosity. It takes both of Justine's hands to encircle it. To Justine it feels like holding the end of a baseball bat that has come alive, and it feels good.

Almost reading Justine's thoughts Susan mouths the words, "Batter Up?"

And Justine motions for Susan to take the plate.

Smiling Susan swings her legs over the sleeping man and with the help of Justine they both heft the living bat up into position. Then Susan swings and it is a home run as she slides down the bat until there is nothing left. Justine watches in amazement as her friend's mouth opens and her eyes roll back into her head, but her father remains asleep.

Then ever so slowly Susan starts to rock back and forth. Placing her hands on his chest Susan starts to rise and fall as well. Faster and longer the strokes and Justine stares in amazement at how high Susan can go and still retain her grip on that "bat."

Justine's father was dreaming about baseball of all things. How strange he had not thought about baseball in years but he knew he was dreaming and it was about baseball. He was up to bat and as he held the bat it became part of him. As he was warming up swinging the bat back and forth prior to coming up to home plate it begin to throb. Walking up to home plate he dug his cleats in and looked at the pitcher.

Damn if the pitcher didn't look like Justine, and she was naked! Justine wound up her pitching arm and threw.

"Strike One," the umpired called.

Shit, he never saw it. Digging his cleats in the dirt, hitting his helmet to make sure it was on and gripping his bat ever harder he looked at the pitcher and thought just how beautiful his daughter was. But she was not going to throw him out.

Justine wound up again and threw. This time he did make contact with the ball. Up and up the ball sailed, it looked like it was going out of the park but it curved in the infield before it hit the stands.

"Foul Ball," cried the umpire. Holding up fingers he signaled 2 and 0.

"Your out of here big boy," Justine the pitcher called to him as she released the ball.

He felt the bat throb in his hand as he watched the ball come to him. Swinging with all of his might he made contact with the ball and watched as it flew out of the park. A strange thing happened before the ball left, it changed into Justine's friend Susan and she was screaming as she flew away.

Then he awoke and Susan was riding him screaming. Then his balls emptied as he climaxed and shot his jism into her warm, wet and snug vagina. He too was screaming as he felt his semen erupt. It had been too long.

"Way to go Daddy," Justine screamed, "Home Run Big Boy!"

He looked at his daughter and she was naked. She was even more beautiful in person. She fell into his arms and kissed him. Not a fatherly kiss either but he didn't mind. He knew his daughter loved him and everything would work out okay. Somewhere he knew his wife was smiling.

To Be Continued...


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