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My Very Loving Mother
as told to Tawny T.

A very good friend told this story to me. She first told me that she and her Mother had made love, and still do, and I was interested in how this had come about. I have written stories of this type, but they were always fantasies. I asked her to tell me the whole story and this is it. She told it to me over a period of time. I was filled with the love the two shared - Mother and Daughter - and hope to give a loving account of it here.

Thank you Sweet Katie for telling me this wonderful story.

* * * * *

My name is Kate and this is the story of how my Mother and I became intimate. She is a very loving and thoughtful Mother. My father left us when I was 7 years old and I guess he wasn't meant to be married. My Mother has always supported me in everything I always tried to do, and we have always had a close relationship - Mother and Daughter.

I am currently an exotic dancer and she supports my lifestyle completely.

It started when was on the high school swim team, and had been having limited success. I had some good races, and won a few. I was better suited for the relay races and distance swimming. I was not having a good stretch of meets when I was 18, and a senior, and I was very disappointed and frustrated. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to keep at it, or give it up and try another sport.

I had been close to one of the girls on the swim team, and Stacie and I had been sleeping together for about two years. I really loved making love with her. She had seduced me one evening. I had been a little apprehensive at first, but when I had several wonderful climaxes as she tongued my young pussy, I was more than willing to do the same to her. I found I really loved it.

I was experienced a down feeling about my swimming ability, and one evening I was in my room crying on the bed. There was a knock on the door and Mom came in.

"Katherine, what in the world is wrong?" She asked in a concerned voice. She pulled me to her and held me as I sobbed. It felt so wonderful to have her hold me, kiss my cheek, and wipe away the tears of frustration. She is a lovely dark haired woman five eight, and has lovely, very full 36C breasts and was 35 at this time, a beautiful mature woman. She held me close, her warmth and love surrounding me. I smelled her familiar perfume and felt so comforted.

I poured my heart out to her and she listened carefully, stroking my hair as we talked. It felt so wonderful to be so loved and held. I told her of my frustration in swimming and for some reason Stacie's name came up in the conversation, and I told her about being intimate with Stacie. I guess I imagined an explosion of anger, but there was none.

"Darling, that's part of growing up. I imagine every girl has either experimented with another girl, or thought about it. It's just natural to want to find out about these things."

I was stunned, my Mother didn't yell at me! She calmed me down and stroked me as she held me.

" I hope I don't shock you too much, but I experimented with other girls when I was young and found that I liked making love to them. I had a good friend and she and I made love together, and I found like you, that I liked making love to a woman." She said softly.

I sat numb. My loving Mother with another women! Well, I had tried it with Stacie and liked it, why not her? After all she young once too. But there was more.

"One of the reasons for your Father leaving is that I also had a female lover. I guess you could call me bi-sexual if you need a label. I loved your father, but I had a wonderful woman who I also loved very much, and she loved me deeply.

"We were very discrete, but he knew, and I guess it was too much for him. Many men feel that this implies that they aren't man enough to satisfy a woman, and she has to seek out someone else to keep them happy sexually. He tried, but could never understand that I didn't need another man, but just the wonderful relationship that only another woman can give. After several years he left. I had always been faithful to him, except for having a woman lover."

My Mom, Nicole, is a very intelligent woman, a computer systems analyst, and is very good at her job. She has always had a very good job, and we managed without Dad. He remarried later. I was having a little trouble thinking of her with another woman.

Mom stroked my hair gently as she held me. "Darling, you are my whole world, and I love you more than anything in the world. You are the most precious thing to me." She said softly as she held me close to her.

I listened, my heart filled with love for her. She kissed me on the cheek. This kiss was different, soft and lingering, not the usual soft peck on the cheek most Moms give. She had never kissed me like this before.

She pulled back and looked at me in the eyes lovingly, and told me again how much she loved me. She had deep brown eyes and I was lost in their beauty. Her voice sounded a little strange. I asked if she were OK, and she said she was, but had something more to confess to me. I told he she could tell me anything - anything at all.

"Honey, I have been watching you blossom into a beautiful woman, and you are such a sensual woman, so very attractive, in face, and body both." She said her lovely face close to me. Looking down, I noticed her nipples were very erect.

I was suddenly more aware of her body. She is always walking around the house in shorts or sweats, and a t-shirt without a bra. Her legs are long and lean from all the aerobics she does, and she has a sexy figure. I had noticed the bounce and jiggle of her breasts many times as she walked. I hoped my breasts would be as lovely when I reached her age.

. I must admit I was having some interesting stirrings in my body as we were sitting, while she held me against her sensual body. I thought this was just my Mom cheering up her down-in-the-dumps daughter. I smiled at her and stroked her soft arm.

"Have you had more than one female lover?" She asked quietly.

"Stacie is the only one. We have made love frequently when we stayed with each other, either at her house or here." I told her a little embarrassed.

"Did you enjoy yourself with her, Honey?" She asked. "What did you two do together?"

I hesitated a moment, but she smiled lovingly, and I opened up to her. "It's so wonderful. She, I guess, seduced me first, but I was willing and liked it. We just touched each other, kissed, caressed each other's breasts and kissed each other's pussies, and finger fucked each other. We rubbed pussies together too." I said my face probably getting a little red from talking to my Mom about making love to another girl.

She seemed very interested in all of what I told her! I could tell she was aroused by our conversation by the way her nipples were showing though her T-shirt. This all happened while she was trying to console me about my issues with the swimming team, and listening to me just vent my frustrations.

"I want to tell you some things about myself. I have been bi-sexual for a very long time. I have watched you mature and grow to a beautiful young woman. I want to share that love with you. The love with another woman can be so very wonderful and loving. It's soft and warm, and can be the most sensual feeling in the whole world." She said kissing my cheek softly.

I realized what she meant, and what was about to happen, and I was not afraid. I just looked at my Mother's soft brown eyes and felt the love that was there for me.

"I would love to show you how to make love to a woman." She said moving to kiss my lips very, very softly as she held me and stroked my hair. It felt so wonderful.

I have been kissed by Mother, but never like this. The touch of her lips on mine was so erotic. I kissed her back the same way, and then felt the tip of her tongue touching my lips. I opened my mouth a little and let my tongue search for hers. As our tongues touched, I wrapped my arms around her and held her very close. Our kiss became very intense as my inhibitions slowly came down. Mom was getting closer to me and caressed my back. Her hands felt wonderful on me. I felt her pull me closer.

"Just relax Katherine. Relax and just feel our wonderful love." She whispered against my lips.

I managed a broken "Yes." I couldn't trust my voice to say more. I was getting very turned on by her kisses and closeness and wanted more.

"Honey, I will go very slowly with you, that is, if you really want me to continue? At any time, if you feel uncomfortable, and want to stop all you have to do is say so. I would never want you to do anything you really didn't want to do. This is very special, and I want you to really want it to happen between us. Do you understand?" She said looking deeply into my eyes. She was so beautiful and my heart raced.

"Ohh, yes, Mom, please, please show me. I want to know how one woman makes love to another. Stacie and I have experimented, but neither of us really knows what we are doing. Please?" I begged kissing her, my body almost trembling at the thought.

"I am so glad you want to let me teach you. I will go very slowly and remember you can quit any time you want." She said her deep brown eyes shining. I could see she was excited, and so was I! She stroked my hair and told me again how beautiful I was.

I responded, and told her that I saw her as a very sensual, beautiful woman. She kissed me again with more intensity. Her hands moved to my sides slowly, then slid down to my hips. She found the bottom of my shirt and gently slid her hands underneath it and touched my skin. That sent a rippling sensation shooting through my whole body!

Her hands traveled slowly, lifting my shirt up at the same time. Her hands felt so soft. She reached my breasts and let her hands run over them. I was not wearing a bra and I almost jumped as she touched them. Cupping them and holding them, she seemed to be weighing them in her hands. She then removed my shirt, lifting it over my head and laid it on the bed.

She looked at me, her eyes moving over my body. She smiled the most wonderful loving smile I have ever seen. "You are the most beautiful thing, absolutely gorgeous, and such beautiful young breasts too. Now I want you to see and feel mine." She took my hands and placed them on her shirt and helped me lift it off of her. We were now both bare breasted.

Her breasts were so beautiful, full 36C with very pink nipples. They were rock hard, just as mine were. She placed my hands on her breasts and had me explore them, cupping them, feeling how firm they were. I lifted them slightly feeling the warm heaviness of them, so wonderful. I touched her nipples, pulling on them a little, rolling them between my fingers. I was touching her nipples, her breasts! The nipples seemed to respond to my touch and got very taut. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her so our breasts and nipples could touch. This was a wonderful feeling! I loved how this felt.

My breasts and hers were touching! It was like magic. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet as we continued. We kissed again and our tongues danced together as we explored each other's mouth. Stacie and I had done this but this was nothing like our girlish exploring.

I was getting very excited by now, and Mom could see that there was no hesitation on my part. She gently laid me back on my bed. I was clad in my white thong panties as I lay before her. She looked at me and then stood up and removed her shorts. She did not have any panties on! She also did not have any hair that I could see and her pussy was in full view. She had a beautiful, perfectly smooth cleft. I had never seen a woman's pussy that didn't have any hair on it. It was so --- words failed me. I almost gaped at it.

I was looking her pussy over so intently. "Do you keep your - pussy -shaved?" I asked wondering if she would mind my using 'that' word.

She laughed hearing my hesitant use of the word 'pussy'. "Yes, I keep my pussy bare. It feels so very sensual. It seems to make the skin seem more sensitive to the touch." She knelt down beside me and started kissing and touching my breasts again. She licked her way down to my breasts and her mouth found my right nipple. She flicked her tongue over it drew a circle with her tongue around the areola. All I could do was moan deeply!

I closed my eyes and felt her mouth move to my left breast and straight to my nipple. She sucked it right into her mouth and nibbled on it. Her hands were pushing my breasts together. My breathing was intensifying as she sucked on my breasts. I loved this feeling so much.

She moved slightly and bent forward. She lowered her breasts to my lips. I knew what she wanted, so I reached with my hands and held them and kissed them. I loved the feeling and their warm weight in my hands. The nipples were rock hard and begged for my mouth. I centered her nipple against my lips, and flicked my tongue across them. I sucked and licked one then the other, back and forth until Mom started moaning.

"Oh, Baby, that feels so wonderful, you suck my nipples so well. You are making me so hot." She said smiling down at me.

"Well, Stacie and I have practiced a lot at this. She has such lovely breasts. I love to lick, suck, and kiss them." I said going back to kissing them. They tasted so wonderful and smelled divine. She let me suck her nipples and lick them for a long while. My pussy was getting so wet.

"Close your eyes Honey." I did as she asked and felt her hands slice down my stomach to my pussy mound. She hooked her thumbs under my thong and slowly removed it just enough to expose my mound.

I could feel her fingers pulling at the cloth. "Oh, Katie, your panties are so wet"

"Mom, you are setting me on fire! I never felt this hot with Stacie."

I opened my eyes as she gently tugged at the thong while I raised my hips off the bed. Now that it was removed, she looked at my exposed pussy. Her face was inches away from my spread wet pussy.

"You are so lovely here. What an exquisite sex you have, so neat and beautiful." She touched my pussy and I thought I would explode it felt so wonderful. I actually trembled as she slowly ran her fingers slowly down my slit, separating my lips a little and then down to the crack of my ass. She knew just what to do, and I responded to her and wanted more.

I parted my legs for her, as her face got closer to my hot pussy. I could feel her breath on my pussy lips as she inhaled the aroma of my excited pussy. I was so wet that I could feel my juices starting to leak out. She lowered her mouth closer and kissed my mound. . I jumped at the touch. She ran her tongue through the close-cropped hair, and down to my clit.

She kissed my clit and licked it slowly. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced. Stacie had kissed me here and licked my clit, but this was a thousand times more wonderful. I guess it was because it was my own Mother who was now kissing and licking my clit. The emotions seemed amplified a thousand fold. She was more experienced too!

"Ohhh Katie, your sweet clit is so hard, and just peeping out from its little hood. It's large just like mine. You and I have the same large clits." (Ours both are bigger than a pencil eraser and almost three quarters of an inch long.) " So beautiful and so sexy. I never dreamed yours would be as large as mine." She said as she continued to kiss and suck on it.

I could feel a terrific orgasm building up. Who could not have one, with such a skilled lover kissing and licking it? The fact that she was my own Mother, made the emotions so much more intense. My hips started thrusting as she continued devouring my clit. I was moaning and sighing now, and reached for my tits and started pulling on my nipples as I felt her suck so hard. I could not contain myself and let out a very loud moan and started cumming in my Mom's mouth!

She kept up her sucking, and then parted my lips, and quickly, but gently pushed a finger in my pussy. I kept cumming as she pushed her finger all the way in. My orgasm did not subside and felt another one come right behind the first one. I was on fire and lost control as she pleasured me! My second orgasm was more powerful than the first one.

Ohh, Baby, you are so very sexy! Now cum for your Mother, cum for me, Naughty One. God, how lovely you are cumming." She said as her finger fucked deep inside me. "I'm taking your virginity. My Naughty Daughter loosing it to her Mother! You are so beautiful cumming!" She crooned as I came while she made love to me.

My body started to come down finally. She held me close. It was the most wonderful feeling to have her kiss and caress me softly and slowly, as my heart and breathing came back to normal. Her love wrapped around me and felt so wonderful.

"Sweet Katie, I want to help you discover how wonderful it feels to make love with a woman. It can be the most wonderful feeling to have a woman make love to you, and you also make love to her at the same time so you both can cum at the same time. . Would you like to experience that feeling with me?" She said kissing me softly. I could only nod.

"Keep your legs spread, Honey." She said as she turned around and moved her legs on either side of my shoulders. She straddled me and I was looking up at her spread sex. It was gorgeous, pink and open, and gleaming wet. "This is called a 69 position, and it's my favorite position to make love with a woman. Now put your lips against my pussy and slide your tongue up into me!"

I looked at her wet and open pussy and it was so beautiful. Stacie and I had never done this, and it was new to me. I touched her firm thighs and her legs as she held herself above me for a few moments. I kissed her inner thighs and licked her soft flesh. Mnnnn she tasted so good. I could smell the wonderful aroma of her heated pussy inches from my face and could actually feel the heat from it. I kissed upward and moved to her pussy. My tongue separated her lips more and I licked her slit for the very first time. Oh God, she tasted delicious! Salty and so sweet! My whole body trembled as I licked my own Mother's sweet sex, slipping my tongue deep into the wonderful cavern from which I had first entered the world.

I could feel her mouth moving over my pussy as I sucked and slid my tongue into her pussy. Her fingers spread my lips as she sunk her tongue deep in my pussy. It slid in gently and then felt her lips surround my pussy lips, as she slid her tongue as far as she could.

This was more sensuous and exciting than I could have ever expected, and I started grinding against her mouth as I pushed my tongue in and out of her. We were both moaning and thrusting our pussies against each other. This was the most incredible feeling! I could feel myself going over the edge again as she continued tongue fucking me. Her lips sucked at my pussy and I wondered if she could taste my juices. I felt like my pussy was literally dripping.

I stared moaning into her pussy as I exploded and flooded her mouth with my juices. As this happened, I felt her pussy tighten around my tongue. She let out a very muffled but powerful moan as she exploded against my mouth! She seemed to cum for what seems like several minutes. She is like me, I found, and when I cum my pussy gushes my juices out. She ground her pussy harder into my mouth as wave after wave seemed to flow from her body. Her sweet salty juices flowed into my eager mouth.

It was a truly wonderful experience. We were both cumming for each other and I must admit that it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me in my whole life.

I could not stop eating her pussy and sucked on her clit, I slid 2 fingers into her pussy and pumped in and out! She kept squeezing her muscles tighter and my fingers worked in her. Then I felt her slide 2 fingers into me very deeply. All I could do was thrust against her hand as she touched my insides. God, this felt so wonderful!

We both were in a frenzy at this point and I felt my next orgasm build as she clamped down hard on my fingers and screamed out my name as she came again. I was at the point of almost passing out from the intensity of what was happening.

I could feel her body almost collapse on top of me finally. We both were completely spent at this point. Mom turned, crawled her way up to me, and then wrapped her arms around me pulling me close. She kissed me on the lips. I could taste my juices and she could taste hers on my lips too. This was highly erotic for us both - tasting our own juices from each other's lips. We licked each other softly, the feeling so sensual and erotic, the taste wonderful. We stayed like this for quite awhile, touching each other, kissing and glowing together in the aftermath of our passion.

"Ohh, Baby, that was so wonderful. Loving like that is the most beautiful thing in the world, and I'm so very glad we could share it together. Did it make you happy, my lovely Katherine?" She asked nuzzling my neck.

The emotions were overwhelming, I was speechless for a few moments, and could only nod my head. Finally I was able to answer her. "Oh, God, Mom that was the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me. I can't tell you how it made me feel, having you make love to me while I was making love to you at the same time. I guess it's the most intimate kiss two people can share." I said kissing her. "I've kissed Stacie, but I loved kissing your sweet pussy, and having you kiss me at the same time. We had never done this! It was an almost indescribably sexy experience, and I'm so glad my first time to do it was with you."

"I'm so glad too! It didn't make you uncomfortable did it?" She asked with a concerned look on her beautiful face. I reassured her that it hadn't and I had truly enjoyed it.

Mom spent the rest of the night in my bed. We cuddled, kissed, talked and shared our feelings with each other and realized that we are kindred spirits. I never thought I would love my Mom in this sexual way, but my Mother, Nicole is the most special woman in the world to me. A Mother, Friend, and Lover, she wants to be in my life, and loves me more than anything else in this world.

Most of all is her support for me in the entertaining that I currently do with the exotic dancing. We have promised to share ourselves with each other for as long as we can. I love her more than anything in the world. We may live apart, but always find the time to spend with each other.


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