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My Wife, A Cum-Drenched Slut -
And I Love It

by Mr. Cautious

A gallon, at least. Minimum. On her, in every bodily orifice. I'm talking about cum, sperm, jism, whatever name you want to call it. She loves the taste, feel and look of it. And last weekend she got all she could handle-and more. But I get ahead of myself-let's start from the beginning.

My wife's name is Janine and her 45th birthday was last weekend. Janine looks ten years younger than her age and she has kept herself in terrific shape with daily workouts at a local gym. Some women (and men!) reach 50 and they give up on their looks-not Janine-she looks just as sexy today as the day I married her. She has blond hair cut shoulder-length, knockout looks and, her best feature, a set of tits that any man would die to get his hands and mouth on. Several years ago she was worried what age would do to her body and had her breasts done. She looked so spectacular when she came home from surgery that I begged her to have them done again-bigger this time. It was every man's fantasy - a wife with an 'E' cup.

Only one problem-Janine's shy attitude about sexual experimentation. Our sex life during 20 years of marriage has been, like most couples, up and down. And despite her physical attributes, Janine had always been shy. In the last year I have been encouraging her to be more open about her sexual desires, a topic that heretofore we had not discussed. I even suggested that we have sex with other people. At first she resisted but once that door was opened, so to speak, we have reached ever and ever higher levels of eroticism. However, I had not idea how far it would go.

Six months ago we were in the car coming back from a movie when Janine reached over, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock-while I was driving no less! Her mouth fastened around me before I knew what hit me and my cock turned rock-hard in an instant. I tried to continue driving but the pleasure of her mouth slipping over and around my member was overpowering. I pulled over at what appeared to be an empty rest stop into a parking space, leaned back, closed my eyes and let her have her way with me.

There is a feeling a person gets when they know someone is staring at them. Well, halfway through my wife's blowjob I got that feeling, opened my eyes and, to my surprise, saw two men watching us from the other side of the car. They must have come up while I was entranced by Janine's supple lips and tongue because it took me totally unaware. "Janine," I said, pulling away from her, "there are two guys watching us! We better stop!." To my complete surprise Janine said, "Don't worry, honey, They can watch if they want. I want everyone to see how much I love big hard cocks." Any further words from her were muffled as she resumed treating me to an unexpected pleasure. I made a quick note to ask her later just HOW much she loved cocks.

The two guys, both muscular jocks in their mid-20's and obviously half-drunk, were so aroused by the sight that they both took out their cocks and begin masturbating as they watched us. The sight of my wife performing for these two studs caused me to spew ropes of cum into her mouth, eyes and hair. Spent, I lay back in the seat to rest. Janine, however, was far from finished. Leaning out the passenger side window on her knees she beckoned to the two studs to come closer and when they did she took hold of their cocks, one in each hand.

I am no small-fry when it comes to size but these guys were enormous. Janine could barely get her hands around their members. Perhaps I was startled into inaction but I could do nothing but watch as she began sucking them. After moistening the shafts of their cocks with saliva, she began sucking them off-first one and then the other. Between mouthfuls, she managed to say to me, "Babe-please finger my pussy so I can cum too." Too startled by what was happening I complied. It did not take long before they both erupted onto her face, bathing her in their milky-white sperm. Right before my eyes she swallowed it all, spooning in what missed her mouth. I would have bet she could have taken on another two guys just like the two she had done right there. Finally, she began to quiver in what had become all to familiar-her orgasm.

Away they went without a word, obviously pleased and satisfied. Janine slumped against the seat, wiped a lingering drop of semen from her face and said to me without missing a beat, "We can go home now honey. We both have to get up early for work tomorrow." I gathered myself together as best I could and drove home, all the while wondering what my once timid wife had become.

The rest of the week I continued to play that scene over and over in my mind, finally admitting to myself that I was turned on by my wife's new attitude, even recalling that I had gotten hard again watching her suck them off.

By the end of the week I had to ask her. "Janine," I said, "What happened at that rest stop earlier this week?"

Janine quickly replied, "You have opened my eyes to what I have been missing all these years. There is a whole world of sex out there just waiting to be explored. And I want everything....EVERYTHING."

Okay, I thought, I can handle this. I sure asked for it. "Janine, what did you mean when you said you loved cocks?," I said.

"Oh lover," Janine replied, "what do you think I meant? I want to try as many cocks as I can. Big, little, white, black, cut, uncut-you name it. I have been fantasizing about it for month's now-ever since you started talking to me about experimenting. Help me get satisfied, lover, and I will do anything you ask-anything. I've got to have those cocks."

Anything covered lot of territory and I had a few fantasies of my own that were bouncing around in my mind. Once again I said to myself, I can do this. Sure I could. And the image of Janine sucking another man's cock was pretty exciting, I grudgingly admitted to myself. Not just pretty exciting, really exciting.

Well, the next week really was one for the record books, as they say. Arriving home one evening I walked into my living room to see Janine on her knees hungrily gobbling down the lawn man's dick.

Without missing a stroke she said, "Oh, honey, Jason deserved a tip after the good job he did on the lawn. When I offered to suck his dick he just couldn't say no."

I had to admit that the lawn looked especially well-maintained. And as for Jason, our lawn man for the last two years, well, more than a few times I had noticed the bulge under the shorts he wore during the hot summer months. What the hell, I thought, let Janine have her fun? And why not me too? I pulled out my now erect member and stood in front of Janine while she did both of us.

The next two weeks were a blur. Men of all colors and sizes came through Janine's revolving door. One morning I went out to get in my car only to find Janine, down on all fours in the garage with the two-man garbage collection crew firmly planted in her. She was sucking the cock of one man, a black guy with about a nine-inch penis, right up to the hilt, while the other, a white guy with an even bigger dick, was thrusting violently into and out of her pussy. I stayed long enough to make sure she was safe and, after they covered her in sperm, fucked her myself. If I was going to be late for work it might as well be worthwhile. Then it was the pool guy, the postman and a guy delivering a FedEx package. I finally had what every man wants-a sexual machine. But, sometimes there is too much of a good thing. I had to step in when I saw her around the pool sucking the cock of the neighbor's 16 year-old son.

"Janine," I said, "I want you to be satisfied but the neighbors are starting ask questions. We have to be more discrete. If I arrange for you to be gangbanged will that satisfy you?"

"You never know," she coyly replied, "we'll won't find out unless we try." I guess we wouldn't. Hell I'll get in line too.

The ad I placed on the adultfriendfinder website was straightforward; "MWC would like to arrange for a gangbang for the wife. 10 men wanted, 25-50, D&D free, clean, race unimportant. Response with photo only accepted. Must be discrete. Two weeks from Saturday."

The response was overwhelming. We went through about 200 responses and picked out the ten men to invite. I was even astounded by responses from two lovely women that wanted part of the action. "Go ahead and invite them," said Janine, "I have been thinking about fucking another woman. Maybe you can also." Sure I could. You betcha I could.

That Saturday arrived. I had rented a cabin near a lake on the outskirts of town for our escapade. Just a single bedroom with an enormous four-poster bed that I knew was unbreakable, regardless of the number of people on it. I left Janine dressing for the occasion, or undressing I should say. She has always looked sexiest to me when in just her thong underwear and bra holding back (but barely) those massive tits.

I had arranged to meet our guests at restaurant about two miles away. There were a couple of no-shows but eight of the men and both the women were there. Names were unimportant but Janine had picked out a nice assortment for her gangbang. A real diverse group, a rainbow of colors, so to speak. There were four white guys, two blacks and two Latinos. The two women were a special surprise. One was a fox with hair the color of silver while the other was a chocolate brown ebony princess. Beyond skin and hair there were no differences-both were beautiful.

They followed me to the cabin where we took some time to get to know each other. We all knew what we were there for but there needed to be an icebreaker. Janine provided it.

"Everybody sit down now and get something to drink, get comfortable," she said. As the group relaxed Janine took me by the hand and led me to the center of the room. Slowly, seductively, she began to undress me, erotically rubbing her body against mine. The tension mounted as she exposed my erect cock. Everyone in the room watched as Janine began first licking, then deep-throating my cock. Her actions had the desired effect. The men and the women began stroking themselves as they watched my pleasure.

Just as I was about to cum, Janine suddenly stopped. As I started to plead with her to continue she placed a finger on my lips and shushed me, leading the two women to the center of the room and letting them take over. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as I experienced the incredible feeling of having two mouths on my dick.

"Be good to him, ladies," said Janine. And then to me she said, "I'll be right over here, lover." Janine climbed onto the bed and beckoned for the men to come to her.

As I stood with my two beauties firmly in charge of my cock I watched as Janine's night of pleasure begin. First, she told (or rather ordered) her eight studs to completely undress. After they quickly peeled off their clothes they stood around the bed waiting for her next instruction, all eight cocks at rigid attention.

Janine undressed also and I swear I saw their cocks react in unison as she showed them the full magnificence of her E-cup tits. "Start fondling yourselves." she said to them, "I want you hard and ready to fuck." All eight complied, without hesitation I might add.

Janine began to circle the field as it was, giving each man a swift lick and suck before moving onto the next. Around and around she went, sucking deeper and deeper with each pass. What a turn-on to see my wife acting like a starlet in a porn movie! My dick got harder and harder as Janine performed her magic.

Then it was time for them to please her. I thought I had seen it all from my once-shy wife. Boy, was I in for another surprise. Janine positioned herself on all fours with her ass arched in the air and commanded one of the men, a tall black man with at least a ten-inch cock, to "stick that thing in my pussy." Her words. While he pumped away, she motioned two of the men to join her on the bed and she alternated sucking them. The black, whose skin was the color of coal and whose cock was so dark the words jet black were an understatement, picked up the pace, cumming on her ass and legs. The two in front followed suit, coating her face, neck and tits with their hot jism.

Without missing a beat (or a suck I should say), Janine summoned two more onto the bed. What happened next I scarcely believe, even after seeing it for myself. One of the men lay on the bed so Janine could straddle him while she lowered her pussy onto his cock. The other knelt behind her and placed his cock at the opening to her ass. After lubricating himself, he pushed his way in. Janine was being given a double insertion! And she loved every bit. Rocking and rolling, they slammed their cocks into her until they both erupted, throwing more sperm on her. Janine lay on the bed covered in white goo from head to toe.

There were three men left and they were ready, willing and able. As Janine lay on the bed two of the men dangled their cocks near her so she could grasp one with each hand while the other plunged into her pussy that was well-lubricated from her previous admirers. Within minutes the man in her pussy exploded, pulling out at the last minute to shower her legs and stomach. The two near her were not far behind as they dropped their loads on her face, hair and neck.

A gallon of sperm enveloped Janine from every orifice. The sight of my splendid wife, her sex on display for everyone to see, drove me to the largest orgasm I had ever experienced. My two lovelies fought for control of my cock as I covered them.

For the next three hours this went on without stopping. After our guests had left I carried an exhausted Janine to the shower, washed her off and helped her to car for a ride home. Needless to say, we fucked at least five more times that weekend.

Since then our sex life has been wanton, almost without limit. As I sit in the living room with a beautiful woman astride my lap, bouncing up and down on my cock, I can hear her husband and Janine in the bedroom rattling the rafters with their sexual energy. The names evade me, as if it mattered. All I know it that I have one hell of a wife-one that every man would kill for.


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