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My Wife's Best Friend
by Jake

My wife and I met when we were in junior high. We lived in different towns that were right next to each other. When we were in high school we started dating and eventually we married. While in high school, we usually double dated with her best friend Heidi and her boyfriend.

My wife and Heidi were a complete contrast in looks. My wife is a blonde, fair skinned woman. She is about 5'3 and 105lbs. Heidi on the other hand has dark brown hair with a dark complexion. She is about 5'6 and 115lbs. Their chest size was about the same but my wife was more compact while Heidi is more leggy. My wife was more of a tom boy who isn't afraid to get dirty while Heidi is all women who wouldn't want to break a nail. My wife was a virgin who didn't have sex with me until I was in college whereas Heidi was known to put out. We all got along well and stayed friends through out the years. My wife was her maid of honor at her wedding and I was a groomsman. Heidi was the maid of honor at our wedding also.

Although the two of them stayed in touch, they didn't have much time to spend together since we had a child and both had a lot going on in their lives. I was in my early twenties and spent a lot of time with the boys, drinking beer and playing basketball. My wife thought it would be a good idea if we all got together for a night out. She called Heidi and asked if she wanted to go out on this coming Friday night. Heidi said it would be great since her husband went on a fishing trip to Canada and she didn't have much to do. When my wife told me the news, I was a little less than excited. I didn't want to be a third wheel as they yapped about old times. I said that I would bring one of my beer drinking buddies along. Skip knew Heidi from when we were in high school so there was no tension between anyone.

We met at our apartment and jumped into one vehicle and headed for the local bar. we all had fun drinking and talking. We moved from bar to bar, having a good time at them all. The last place we went was a trendy dance club. It was very crowded and easy to get lost in there. I took Heidi's hand and said lets dance. She was obviously looking to dance with anybody but Skip, who kind of looks like a troll. We got out to the floor and it was crowded. We went to the far side of the dance floor and danced to some hip hop dance garbage that was playing loudly. I was surprised to see how buzzed Heidi was. She was never much of a drinker. She looked good as she was wearing a tight little body suit type outfit. She was acting very friendly but this wasn't too surprising since we always had a mutual attraction towards one another. The next song was a slow one and we decided to stay out and dance to it.

She surprised me when she put both arms around my neck and leaned in to rest her head on my shoulder. I hugged her close and didn't say a word as we swayed slowly to the music. It reminded me of dancing with a girl in high school who you liked and couldn't find the nerve to speak. She would lift her head slightly and rub her lips across my neck. I started seriously rubbing her back, feeling her slender body. I lowered my head to her hair as she lightly nibbled my neck. I lowered my hands and felt her ass as she slid her lips up to meet mine. We started out with a slow passionate kiss as her lips felt so warm and tender against mine. I was about ready to burst as we parted our lips and deeply kissed each other as our tongues danced in desire.

She rubbed my chest as I felt her up and down her back side and we continued to kiss each other as if we had some built up passion that was finally being released. Her warm tongue against mine had my blood rushing to my loins as I was at full attention. Not wanting to stop, I slowly pulled back. We could only gaze into each others eyes as I wondered what just happened. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to notice my wife looking at me.

She said, "can we cut in?". I noticed Skip standing next to her. As I shifted to dance with my wife, I quickly found that she did not see me kissing her best friend. The rest of the night went on uneventful as the women talked together and Skip and I drank beer and looked at the many skirts that traveled by. After bar closing, we went to an all night cafe to eat. As we talked, I almost choked on my coffee when Heidi complained to my wife about how little sex she was getting. This thought was all that was in my mind for the rest of the night.

My wife was the only woman I have ever had sex with and I couldn't help but think about the dirty dance that Heidi and I did. By the time we all made it back to our apartment, it was around 3 a.m.. My wife and I asked if both Skip and Heidi would like to spend the night since they both had been drinking and it was so late. Heidi accepted since she was home alone but Skip decided he would have no problem getting home. I slapped Skip on the back and told him to drive safe as I made my way up to our apartment. Heidi anticipated that she possibly wouldn't be driving home so she brought an overnight bag with her. The women took turns in the bathroom as I put on a loose fitting pair of sweats. I had a muscular frame and never wore a shirt to bed. I went into our kitchen to drink something and get rid of the bad case of cotton mouth that I had going.

As I walked into the living room, Heidi was bent over putting something in her bag. She was wearing a thin nightie with small panties. Her nightie rode up her back, displaying her tight ass for my viewing pleasure. She turned around about the same time my wife entered the room. I had a mean hard on cooking so I quickly said good night and went to our bedroom. The strong lustful feelings I had made me horny as hell. I waited for my wife to come to bed so I could give her the wood. When she finally made it to bed she did the classic "roll over" which pretty much told me that I might as well jack off because that is all the lovin' I was getting that night.

Frustrated, I rolled over and tried to fall asleep. As I twisted and turned, I couldn't help but think about the goddess who was sleeping in our living room. I thought about the dance that night and the way she felt as we passionately kissed. I thought about the first time my wife introduced her to me as her best friend when we were teenagers. The mutual attraction was pretty evident. I thought that since Heidi was about the only teenager around town who wasn't afraid to put out, I should have made a move. Then I thought about how close my wife and her were and how the little lady definitely would have found out. I loved my wife.

As I continued to twist and turn in bed, I heard a noise in the kitchen. It sounded like the fridge door being opened and closed. Unable to sleep, and hoping to get another glimpse of Heidi, I got up and walked out to the living room. As I walked into the living room from the hallway, Heidi walked in from the opposite direction. The bright light from an outside pole lit up the room enough so I could see. As she walked by the window, I could see right through her thin nightie. Her breasts were firm and she had large, dark nipples that were accented by her long trim figure.

There was a deep mutual attraction in the air as I walked toward her. We didn't say a word as I stood right before her and leaned in and continued the kiss from earlier that evening. Her warm mouth eagarly accepted mine as we wrapped our arms around each other and feverishly kissed. Her tongue was hot and wet as we firmly licked each others mouth and tongues. She ran her hands all over my exposed body as I grasped her small waist. The passion was thick as we sucked face and felt each others toned bodies. My cock was on fire a as hard as ever. I don't know what got in to me but I can seriously say that the consequences of making out with my wife's best friend were the farthest thoughts from my mind. We were breathing heavy as she was so much more aggressive than my wife. As we kissed, she ran her hands down my chest and over my abs.

I felt her tug and noticed my sweats had been freed. My tremendous boner wouldn't let them slide down to the floor. Heidi started to suck on my lips, then my neck. Her warm tongue felt so hot as she licked her way down my body until she was at her knees. I couldn't believe my eyes as she pulled my sweats down and freed my tremendous meat muscle. My wife only "went down" on special occasions but Heidi was going in for the kill right off the bat. My dick was extremely hard and at it's best. I was extremely thick and about nine inches long. Heidi's warm hand clasped my dagger as she expertly leaned in and wrapped her lips around my pole. Her mouth was warm as she sucked my trembling cock head and swirled her tongue around it. I gasped as she bobbed up and down, taking more in on every bob, lubricating my shaft with her saliva and my pre-jac that was oozing from my tip.

She pulled my dick from her mouth and licked it up and down. She dragged her tongue across one side of my long shaft and down the other. There was an obvious method to her madness as she lifted my cock up and aggressively sucked on my huge sack. She knew what she was doing as I never felt anything like this before. She looked me dead in the eyes as she gave me a slow hard lick from the base of my balls, all the way up my shaft, and to my swollen purple cock head. She then locked on to my missile and went to work. She developed a quick tight rhythm of bobbing up and down four to five times and then licking all around my cock head and shaft, then return to bob for more. She sucked my cock with a sense of urgency as I moaned in delight.

She continued the same pattern as my knees buckled to her cock sucking prowess. After licking around my dripping cock head she looked up and gave me a sultry little smile. She then took my cock into her mouth and with her eyes looking straight into mine, slowly gobbled up my entire nine inch load. Her nose was buried into my pube's as she continued to look me in the eyes and deepthroat me. I had never experienced anything like it before as my wife would gag if my cock got anywhere near her tonsils. I grabbed her head as I started to lose my balance. I pulled my cock from her tremendous clutches and fell onto the couch. Heidi stood up and smiled as she knew she was giving me something I had never had. She pulled her nightie off and through it to the floor. My dick was drenched with her saliva as I admired her dark trim body. She turned away from me and bent over to remove her panties, showing me how they stuck to her sticky snatch. My hard dick rested on my abs as she returned to her knees and pulled it towards her. She gently stroked it and whispered to me, "I am going to blow you so don't worry about cumming into my mouth". She must have talked to my wife and knew that she never swallowed.

I almost blew my load right there as she returned my dick to her warm mouth. Her lips were swollen as she bobbed up and down on my rock hard cock. I placed my hands on her head and shut my eyes as her warm, tender mouth swallowed more and more with each bob. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be married to something like this as she continued her oral attack. I was breathing heavy and moaning as she was like a boxer smelling blood. She sucked harder and faster as she was looking for the knockout. I started to pull her head up and down, jacking off with her mouth. She started to hum as she deepthroated me, sending a vibration through my cock and about curling my toes. My body tensed as I couldn't take anymore.

I let go of her head and squeezed the couch cushions. My cock thickened inside her mouth and I let loose with a thunderous orgasm. I blew wad after wad into her mouth as I could see she was working hard at swallowing. Cum started to back out through the sides of her mouth as she pulled back. I continued to let loose as she swallowed and held my cock, allowing me to shoot cum into her face. She then opened her mouth and pointed my cock so that she could take it in her mouth. Every time she swallowed, my cock would shoot more into her face. This continued for what seemed like for ever as I obviously was happy with her blow job. When I finally was spent, she sucked on my cock as if to empty all of it's contents. She had cum dripping from her eyebrows, nose and chin. She also had a steam in her hair as she eagerly swallowed the remains. She sat up and wiped my cum off her face and into her hand.

She then looked me square in the eye and licked it off her hand. God, did I want to fuck her! My instincts took over and I always wanted to see what another woman tasted like. I took her hand and laid down on the couch. I pulled her up to take a seat on my face. She turned at the last minute so that when she lowered her snatch onto my face she was facing my deflated cock. I reached up and grabbed her waist, as she slowly lowered her sweet pussy to my mouth. The scent of her cunt was thick as I took my first taste. She was very warm and wet as I slid my tongue through her pussy lips and licked her deeply. She tasted distinctly different than my wife and I liked it. I quickly went in for more as she grasped her hair up over her head and moaned.

I stuck my tongue into her deeply and probed around, tasting every nook and cranny. She started to rock slowly back and forth as I licked her clean. She seemed a little looser than my wife but her pussy was a work of art. As I started to lick her gash a little more aggressively she started to squeal. I sucked on her pussy lips and licked her inner walls as she was working her pussy back and fourth and moaning for more. I licked around her quivering clit and teased it as she really started to respond. She was getting wetter as I her joy juices flowed. She was breathing heavy and whispering "yes" as I continued to outline her clit with my tongue. I teased that baby as it trembled in anticipation. She was squirming around on top of my face as I would stop just short of her quivering clit.

She was panting as she lowered her hand down to relieve some of the stress. I grabbed her hand just shy of her clit and continued to lick her out and tease her clit. She tried to push her clit into my mouth but I always stayed just a little out of it's way. She really started to moan as I continued my oral attack. As good as she was at sucking cock, I tried to return the oral favor. She was really getting vocal as I finally relented. When my warm tongue finally hit her spot she let out a primal scream in approval. She mashed her pussy into my face as I sucked the life out of her yearning clit. She started riding my face wildly as I hungrily ate her out. She would buck her hips and moan as her hot pussy dragged across my tongue.

She fell to her hands and purred as I drove her to the edge. She whaled as a tremendous orgasm let loose inside of her. I relentlessly licked her cunt as she roared for more. Her penned up passion juice started to flow as I lapped up all I could. She was breathing as if she just ran a marathon as her body tingled in ecstasy. She started yelping, "oh god...oh god...oh my fucking god...yes...". She was trying to compose herself as she was ready to be fucked. My cock was back at full mass as she quivered over my body and I continued to lick her wound. She grabbed my cock and started to suck it for all she was worth. We were at a full fledge sixty nine as we both readied each other for what had been brewing all night.

As if on cue she released my fully loaded meat wagon from her mouth and slid her drenched pussy down my chin, across my chest, over my abs, and to my mountainous cock. I reached down and held it straight up in the air as she raised her body into position. She had to get up on one leg to get on top of my great size. When she was in position I slowly rubbed my fat cockhead through her extremely wet snatch.

When it found the spot she slowly lowered herself onto my heat seeking missle. The feeling of my cock stretch her wet pussy lips and slide in was as good as it gets. I sighed loudly as she lowered a little at a time and pulled up, trying to ready adjust her pussy to my great size. When her exploding pussy was ready she slowly slid down my pole. We both moaned simultaneously as her tremendous warm cunt engulfed my rock hard cock. She slid down my pole until she successfully landed all nine inches inside of her. She just held it there and grinded her hot cunt down on my cock.

It seemed as if her pussy had a mind of it's own as her cunt muscles contracted and wetly squeezed my cock. I grabbed her beautiful ass as she moaned in heat. Her pussy felt so different than my wife's I couldn't believe it. She slowly started to ride me up and down as her drenched pussy felt so hot on my staff. She moaned and squeezed her tits as she repeatedly bounced slowly up and down, making sure her strong clit rubbed against my love cannon. Her fiery pussy was almost magical as it wasn't as tight as my wife's but much more accepting. Heidi knew what it meant to fuck and she was putting on a clinic. Her long brown hair flowed beautifully down her back as she rode my pony. I stroked her back as she reached back to hold one of my hands. She was riding my lightning as we both were taken back by the electricity between us.

I was in ecstasy as I watched my wife's best friend expertly ride my huge cock. She started to bounce faster and faster as her moans became more intense. She couldn't keep her hands still as she stroked her hair, leaned back to hold herself up, squeeze her tits, and rub my legs. My massive cock was getting to her as she started to ride my cock like a piston pumping at 3000 rpm's. She started to cry out as I now was taking her by the waist and thrusting her up and down on my mighty pole. She was getting more and more animated as she was losing all control. She quivered as another orgasm brewed inside of her. She had a blank stare as her whole body just shuddered. Her cunt was like a swamp as it splashed down on my thick cock.

I knew it was time to take the wheel as I grabbed her waist and lifted myself up. I buried my cock deeply into her as I repositioned ourselves. She was on all fours as I started to seriously fuck her doggy style. Heidi really seemed to enjoy this as she buried her head into the cushions and arched her back. She pushed into me as I drove my cock repeatedly into her fiery love canyon. She was very vocal as she screamed for more. We were sweating buckets as we fucked like wild animals. We were having hot monkey love on my couch with my wife sleeping just down the hall. Heidi was so hot as her burning pussy squeezed my cock with each thrust. She was in the middle of multiple orgasms as I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. We both moaned as my huge cock plunged into her wet love canal repeatedly.

I have never fucked with so much passion or power in my life as I stuck my massive cock into her sweet wet pussy as if I were sawing her in half. Heidi was screaming so loud that I knew it was just a matter of time before my wife woke up. Sure enough, out of the corner of my eye I saw my wife. She screamed, "what are you doing!!!" as I continued to ram her best friend from behind. Heidi was oblivious to her surroundings as she was in the middle of another blistering orgasm.

With Heidi screaming in a fit of passion and my wife screaming in a fit of rage, I felt my cock thicken and explode. I thrust my cock deep into Heidi and unloaded all I had. I was extinguishing Heidi's fire as she felt my warm cum flow like a tidal wave through her body. Heidi gripped the arm of the couch as if she was drowning and made it to shore. I just held my position and sighed as my cock was deep into Heidi and draining. I was impregnating her best friend as my wife looked on in horror.

As I dismounted, Heidi fell limply onto the couch, trying to catch her breath. I stood up, with my dick glistening with Heidi's love juice, and took my wife into our bedroom. She was exploding with anger as I quickly calmed her down. I told her that with it being so late and with us all drinking, I must have been sleep walking. She didn't buy it and threatened to leave. I told her it was the truth and that Heidi probably didn't know what happened as she was drunk and sleeping. I said that I must have thought I was with my wife until she woke me out of my trance. Although she was hurt, I could see in her eyes that she might actually be buying the story. She went out to question Heidi, who was so drained by our wild sexual encounter that she actually played the part to perfection.

My wife helped her back into her nightie and returned to our room. With tears in her eyes, she actually bought the act. I was later able to inform Heidi about the story. With a wink, Heidi acted like nothing happened, further pleasing my wife. The image of me fucking her best friend was hard to forget but she thought that neither one of us remembered it anyway so she forgave me. I am still happily married and now have three wonderful kids. Two with my wife and one with her best friend.


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