The Best Erotic Stories.

Mellow Yellow
Ch. 1: Hanna Discovers
White Bananas

by Miskeivitch

Hanna knew that I was a ghost writer and she wanted someone to write the story of how she met her new husband in 1983. She came to my place to tell me her story and then let me write it for her. Hanna speaks broken English and talks very quickly. With her limited English, she is very eloquent and colourful in her expressions. I think it would do Hanna a disservice if I tried to correct her mistakes so I have tried to write down Hanna's story just the way she told it to me. The only parts I have reconstructed are when someone speaks better English than Hanna.

You know my name Hanna Li. My real name Li Hong but nobody say my name right so in Canada I Hanna Li make things easy for you. You not mind my English, OK. I am in Canada not long time. I was 36 when I come Canada and I still look good. I no fat. My hair all black, no gray. I come from Vietnam with daughter. My husband a soldier but he die in war so I raise daughter by myself. I work hard and give my daughter food, clothes and send her to school. I don't have man or marry again. Vietnamese men only want marry cherry girl. Lady no husband like me they only want fuck and run away. I no do that.

How I get to Canada, you ask? Me, my daughter get chase out of Vietnam by Communists because my husband soldier and we go to Malaysia on boat. Very crowded and I am afraid of pirate and if there is storm, we go down in sea. But we make it to Malaysia and live in camp in jungle. Malaysia people not nice to us. They say they send us back to Vietnam. But people from Canada come and ask if we want to go there, not Vietnam. Vietnamese say Canada cold and we freeze to death. I say we dead if we go back Vietnam so my daughter and me go with people to Canada. They give me sponsor who find apartment for me and help me get job cleaning in hospital. This hard work but I used to it.

This Canada funny place. People no eat rice - eat too much meat. They no like nuoc mam on food - they say it smell like dead fish. You like nuoc mam? Canadian clumsy with chopstick and use knife and fork. I learn knife and fork in French restaurant in Vietnam so this no problem when I visit Canadian people in home. Canadian people nice. They show me how they live and how to be like Canadian. Sponsor help us and Canadian don't mind my English no good. Doctor here free but my daughter and me, we healthy. People want give Vietnamese job because they say we work hard. I know I work hard. My daughter marry after 6 months in Canada. She marry guy who here long time. He have good job and money and they get marry. I happy in Canada as my daughter has husband. I work my job and nobody give me trouble.

Only one problem. I no have man for me. Lots of Vietnamese men here for young girl but no want old lady like me. Same thing as Vietnam, only want cherry girl. Lots of white guy look for Vietnamese women but my Vietnamese friends say they no good. They too big, have too much hair and only want bad lady. I big for Vietnamese lady but white guys too big for me. I think we no look good together. I think if I go with white guy then I lose my friends. In Vietnam, only bad lady go with white guy and I good lady. I ask my Vietnamese friends what to do, I got no man. They tell me use finger. So when I go bed at night, I play with myself. I stick finger inside me but it not same as man. I think I do this because I no have man for so long time and I horny all time.

When I first come Canada, my sponsor lady make me go to school, learn English. This hard for me because English very different from my language. I still no speak good. I see white people in my school who come from a place they call Poland. They say they just like me, they run from Communist in Poland. They not soldier but they say they in something they call Solidarity. No fighting but they leave anyway. They have sponsor just like me, my daughter. They nice too because they speak English slow, not fast like Canadian. They make me say Polish word but Polish too hard for Vietnamese to speak.

Too many letter in Polish word. One Polish guy like me, same age as me and have no lady, same as I have no guy. Also he good looking guy. He very kind, not mean at all. Yes he big guy but I think he no want harm anyone. He not mean looking like I see white guy soldier in Vietnam. He say name Tadeusz Kowalski. I tell him too hard for me to say. Then he say, OK, you call me Ted like Canadian. Ted and me have fun to learn English. Ted help me learn English and he know more about Canada than me. He tell me I no die in winter like people tell me in Malaysia. He say to get warm coat and I be OK.

I find that Ted get apartment near me and sometime we meet when shopping. We go around mall we have fun pretend we have money. Ted tell me what he buy for me but I know he just make joke. Ted make me laugh many time.

After we shop, sometime we have cookie and tea, Ted have coffee, and we talk. We just friends, not talk about much. I tell Ted my family, my friends and how I be granny. Ted talk his job and he like him job and make good money. Ted still nice to me even he make more money than me. He no think I stupid because I have job cleaning and I no speak English good. I like listen Ted because him English better than me and he tell me new English word. I like talk Ted because all my Vietnamese friend married and they no have time for me weekend. I see my daughter and daughter baby on Sunday but Saturday I lonely.

One time we talk after shop and Ted say "Hanna, next week there is a dance at the Polish Hall. Do you dance? I don't have a girlfriend and I would like to take you to the dance." I not know what to do. Ted nice guy but he not Vietnamese. If he my boyfriend, Vietnamese friends no like. I ask Ted why he want take Vietnamese granny like me to dance, not young white lady. "Ted say: "I have fun with you when we shop and I like you. I want to go places with you. Besides, you are a very pretty woman and you don't look like an old granny. My friends will be very jealous when they see us together" I very happy Ted like me but I still remember what my Vietnamese friend say about white guy. My head turn around inside because I no want say yes, I no want say no. I tell Ted "I think a few days and give you call OK?" Ted say OK so I go my sponsor lady and ask her what I do.

I tell sponsor lady that I no want my Vietnamese friends think I bad lady. I tell her I like Ted. I tell her how I lonely and how long time I no have man. I say that I tear in two from all this. Sponsor lady say: "Hanna, here in Canada, everything is different. Men and women come from all different countries and fall in love. Open your eyes and look at the couples. A lot of them are different races, just like you and Ted. Ted seems like a good man and he is lonely just like you. You must decide what is more important, for you to be happy or for your friends to be happy. Why don't you give Ted a try?" In my language, that mean she want me to fuck Ted so I tell sponsor lady: "I not easy, I not fuck white guy! What you think of me? You think I bad lady?"

Sponsor lady say: "I think you don't understand. I just meant that you go out on a date with Ted and see if you have anything in common. Just one date won't put the two of you in bed. Hanna, you are so lonely that I just want something good to happen to you." I say I am sorry I not understand sponsor lady first time. I say I see she want good thing happen me, that all. I go home to think what she say. I look around on bus and I think maybe she right. Lots of couple, man and woman look different here in Canada. They look happy too. And I no have man so long time. My head stop turning and I know what I do. I go to my apartment, call Ted and say, OK we go out Saturday to dance.

As I put down telephone, head start to turn again. I have no clothes for dance and I no look good, no makeup and my hair long and straight. What I do. First, I call Vietnamese friend my size and ask borrow her ao dai. I too poor to buy good ao dai but friend let me have for Saturday. I no tell her who date with. Then I call sponsor lady and say I go out with Ted to dance. I ask her show me how put makeup on face. So long time I no go on date that I forget makeup. Sponsor lady say OK and I go Thursday and she help me make my face look good. She also also say that I go to have hair fix. I say I cut myself but sponsor lady say I cut myself no good. She make time with hairdresser lady she have friend and explain other lady what to do.

Saturday, I go to hairdresser lady and she cut hair and make new style. Hairdresser lady make me look like lady in magazine. I go home, have long bath so I smell good and have soft skin for date. When I dress, I put on black bikini panties and black brassiere so I look sexy. I not have big tit like white lady so I afraid Ted no like me. I put on black pantyhose and black pants under ao dai and then silk top. I just put a little perfume that sponsor lady give me. I smell very good. Canadian lady put on too much perfume, you smell too far away. My eyes not like white lady have so I careful how I make black lines. I think my eyes look sexy with a little black on outside. I put on lipstick and a little bit red stuff on my cheeks. I just want look a little shy like young girl. I put on high heels so I not so short beside Ted.

Ted come my door and look at me and give sound like bird. Ted say: "You look so young when you dress up and put on makeup. I will look like an old man beside you. Why don't you make yourself pretty all the time?" I tell him that I have no man make myself pretty. Today, we go to Polish Hall for dance so I make myself pretty. Ted have car so no need wait for bus. At dance, I look in mirror at Ted and me and I think we look good. Nobody say I too short. Ted dance very good and I start like to look up to him. He smile a lot and hold me close. This feel good to me have man hold me not feel long time. After dance, Ted drive me home but I not want him go away. I say, you come my place and have tea? He say "Of course, I really like your company and would love to have more time with you."

I make nice tea and put out fruit and we talk. He let me talk more, I think. I talk thing I never say Ted before. I say about hard time I have after my husband die and say how nice is my daughter. I tell him about boat and Malaysia. He say that we both lucky we can come to Canada and we can meet. We talk about many things. Now we alone he tell me what he afraid to say in mall.

Ted say thing like: "Hanna, you are a wonderful mother and a great woman the way you have brought up your daughter alone. Even though we have just been friends, I have seen how you are good inside and very intelligent. I have wanted to get closer to you but I have felt you were afraid to date a white guy. Have you wanted to get close to me but you were afraid.?" I think to myself: "This man know what I have inside my head."

I say I afraid of him first time I see but now I not afraid. Suddenly, I kiss him and you know what? I not stop. I no kiss man long time and it feel good. I say Ted that I lonely and not have husband or boyfriend long time. Ted tell me he not have woman long time also. Long time he have girlfriend Poland but she leave when he get in trouble with Communists. I tell Ted I want him be my man. Ted show he no forget how to kiss woman. Ted have hair on mouth, moustache I think is word in English. This feel funny but I find lips under hair. Ted have soft lips. It so good kiss man again. Suddenly I remember ao dai not mine and I say "Stop." Ted ask why. I say: This no my ao dai and we must be careful. I I must take off now."

I take Ted to bedroom with me. I need man too much I no want him go away. I say, "I take off my clothes, no help from you. This not my ao dai." Ted nice. He not push. I take off clothes slow and sexy and put ao dai and pants on chair careful. Ted smile and say that my body look nice. He ask me: "Can take off your pantyhose? Those don't belong to your friend." I say yes and he take down slowly each leg. Ted hands very soft. Ted work in office, not have hard hands like men who work in factory. Ted hand on leg make me horny. Good thing bikini black, not show my water. Ted say "I never knew how smooth the skin was on a Vietnamese woman. This is the first time I have ever touched a woman like you." I tell him first time white man touch me. I say he know how to touch woman, very soft.

Ted stand up and put arms under my legs and back and lift me up. He walk with me to my bed and softly put me down on bed. Then he step back and slowly take off his clothes. I never see white man under clothes and Ted have hair on arm, chest, on legs and under arms. Never see this before. I start to be afraid, he look so big and have fur like animal. Ted take off man panties and now I big afraid. He have banana more big than my husband and it not look like banana of Vietnamese man.

I tell him maybe he too big for me and banana look funny. Ted laugh and say "I think Vietnamese guys only have uncut dicks. As for me being too big, have I been rough with you at all tonight? I want to make love to you so much. If I hurt you we can stop." I so scared, I shake as he get beside me on bed. He kiss me on lips and put arms around me and hold me maybe 5 minutes, do nothing. I stop shake because Ted so strong but soft. Besides, long time no man and I like how Ted feel beside me. I put arm on back - he so big I no reach around. I kiss him back.

I like kiss but Ted surprise me and put tongue between lips. This never happen to me and I ask what he want. Ted say, "You open your mouth a little and we will play with our tongues." I try what he say and I find this very sexy, make me more horny. We do this for long time then Ted start to kiss my face and ear, move down my neck and kiss my shoulders and arms. This very sexy. Ted say, "I love your skin Hanna. It's as smooth as the silk on your dress." I tell Ted that his skin feel like man but I like.

Ted reach behind me and take off brassiere. I ask, you like my body? Maybe I too small here? Ted say "You're gorgeous. Your tits are small just like the rest of your body. You are very well proportioned. The look of your naked body just drives me crazy." Ted always know what to say. His soft hand hold all one tit, but he no squeeze. Ted start to kiss slow around my tit and after long time kiss the nipple. My husband no make me feel like that.

Ted then kiss my stomach and go kiss up and down my leg. I tell him not to stop kiss my tit but he go down my body. I rub my tit myself while he kiss up and down my body. This make me crazy. I think no man can make me crazy like Ted. Then he kiss up my leg and stop before my bikini. Ted pull off bikini slow and soft. I hope he not see how wet is bikini. Then he put his head between my leg and I ask "What you do" Ted say "Haven't you had a man eat your pussy before? Just see. I won't hurt you." I learn this word pussy first time. Ted make sound like whistle and say: "This is beautiful. Did you know your pussy is smaller and has less hair than a white woman." I say I never see white woman, just Vietnamese.

Ted then stick his tongue in my pussy and bring his tongue up and down my pussy. No man do this to me before and I like it. Suddenly I feel like I explode down there. I make big big noise. When I stop explode, I ask what happen? This never happen before. Ted say "I think you just had an orgasm. You poor dear thing. You had to wait all these years to have an orgasm?" I say that my husband and I not marry long and we not fuck good. Ted say: "Now we fuck good." I think Ted like how I talk.

Then Ted stop kiss my pussy and start to come up to my face. I put my hand to my pussy to make it feel good, same way Ted make it feel good. Instead, banana of Ted is in my hand. I get scared again and say: "No, Ted banana too big. Never get in me." Ted say: "You just say stop if I hurt you." Ted then move banana up and down my pussy and this feel good and I explode again. This time I say loud: "I want you. I want you inside me so much!" Ted move his banana down and start to push banana in me. Know what? This not hurt. I have lots of water and Ted make banana go in me slow. This make me even more crazy and I make noise again. Why I not try another man all these years? So good. All the time Ted talk to me, say things like "Hanna you're so tight like a young girl. Tell me if you like it. It feels so good to be inside you" I forget other thing he say because I explode again, now three time one night. I make big noise and he now kiss my tit, kiss my shoulder. He big but he not heavy because he stay above me.

Now I feel banana inside me in place where baby come out. I say: "Ai-yee Ted. Stop. You hurt me little bit." Ted pull out banana a little and stop. He tell me relax but how can I relax when I afraid to explode again. Ted start to come in again and banana go past place where baby come out. He say: "I've never felt the cervix on a woman before." I guess that what you call where the baby come from. I learn new words from Ted. Finally, he stop pushing banana in me and he say that banana all in. I feel like I have big football in me but I feel good. I tell this to Ted. He say that he want to move inside me and he start to move banana inside me, in, out.

Banana move over where baby come out and this make me go crazy again and I explode four time now. I say loud it good, it good. I look and Ted have eyes shut. He say "I'm in heaven Hanna." Then he pull up my leg and put hand on my ass. Now he go in and out with banana and I tell Ted to finish because I get too tired. Ted go in out very fast now and he say loud something in his language I no understand. I think he finish because he stop and then Ted pull me up and now I sit on him. He hold me beside him I sit between Ted leg long time while banana go soft. Then we just go on side and lie down. I let water of Ted go out all over leg and bed. Long time I no feel this water from a man. It good now to have a man and Ted good man.

Ted no run away like I am bad lady. He stay and we talk and I tell him how he different from my husband and how I never see banana like his. He tell me nice thing like that hair on my pussy like little girl but I make love like a woman. I ask him again if he like my tits. He say that they small but not soft like big tit. Ted say he like that. He say I different from white lady and he like that too. I ask him if he love me and he say that he love me long time now but he want to go slow with me.

I say that I not afraid of him. He number one with me now. Ted say now he happy. We go sleep get up late next day. Ted say we go shower same time. I say I too shy to have shower with man but he say that it OK because we now lover. I go in shower with him and we have more fun. I tell you next time, OK? I tell you so much my mouth hurt. You start write and I tell you more about Ted and me. I tell you about how we move in to same apartment. OK, next time?

Hanna finished her tea and looked at my pants. She said: "I think you get hard banana. Maybe I have friend that take care of you?" I said: "Hanna you just told me a good story and now I have a 'woody'. I'm afraid you will have to let yourself out of my house. I just can't walk you to the door right now. Keep me in mind if you have a friend who would like a date with me. Maybe I will be a lucky man like Ted" Hanna giggled a little and said goodbye. When I had recovered from what I heard, I began to set Hanna's story down as I remembered it so you could enjoy it as much as I did.


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