The Best Erotic Stories.

Mellow Yellow
Ch. 2: Hanna Grows Bananas

by Miskeivitch

I answered the knock on the door and let in Hanna. Hanna looked more radiant than I had ever seen her. She looked as if she was in her 20's, not her 30's. More than that, her clothes were becoming more stylish and feminine. I remembered how she dressed like a Saigon bag lady when we first met. Now, Hanna wore a little makeup and her dress even showed a bit of shapely leg. Hanna was starting to wear stylish heels. Hanna was always shy that she looked too short whenever she went out with Ted. I told her she looked very pretty today and that she seemed to be taking much better care of herself now that she was in love.

"Yes. Ted make me want look good for him. He good man. I think I want marry this guy. Today I tell you more story Ted and me. Maybe then you understand why I not same lady as before." Hanna sat down in the living room and I brought some tea and cookies. Hanna started to talk in her rapid-fire broken English. Fortunately, I recorded what she had to say. It was all I could do to keep notes on my laptop.

Last time, I tell you my first time I try Ted. I start to tell you next day we get up. OK, you remember. Ted and I get up and he say: "Let's have a shower together". I say I never have shower with man before. Ted say: "Hanna, we've been lying naked together all night and now you don't want me to see you in the shower? You're a funny lady." OK, I no fight with Ted. We go in to shower and I start wash myself. Ted say: "That's not the way it's done. Here, let me show you." Ted take soap and start wash me. He start wash my face and I close my eye. Ted say: "Why do your eyes go round when you close them? I never noticed that before." I say I not know. I Vietnamese.

Ted hand move down my body with hand, very soft. When he wash my tit, end of tit stand up. Ted laugh. Me, I feel horny. Ted wash all of me, even my leg. Ted wash long time between my leg. Then he give me soap and I start wash him. Ted bigger than me so I take more time wash him. I wash very good all Ted. I leave Ted banana last thing I wash. When I start wash, banana grow. I never see banana grow, always fuck in dark. Then I do something I never do before. I rinse soap off banana and I put in my mouth.

Now banana really grow. I look up Ted and he look like he have fun. Me, I horny more. I try put my hand my pussy but Ted stop me and make me stand up. Ted lift me up and put me against shower wall. Then he let me down slowly on him banana. I feel banana go in me, no trouble today. I put arm around Ted neck, put my leg around Ted back and hold on. Banana go in, go in, take long time. Then I start to move a little, keep banana in me but no fall down. Feel so good I explode again like first time Ted eat pussy.

I make noise, Ted make noise and we both make noise on wall. I say "I hope people next apartment no hear." Ted say "If they do hear us, we will just say we were fixing our plumbing." I laugh Ted joke but I feel me go tight inside around banana, he start make noise. Ted make noise and say loud Polish words again. I think he finish because banana go soft and he let me down.

I say "Ted, I want bath 15 minutes. I tired". Ted say OK and start wash me again while water fill bath. I no care. I just feel so warm and relax. I no care nothing, I feel so good. After bath, I get dress same as always for Sunday. I say myself, No Good! I no look good now I have boyfriend. Ted ask "You look sad. Did I do something wrong?" I say: "I no look good for you. I lose my face with you. I want be good looking lady with you"

Ted say: "You look as good to me today as you did last night. Hanna, we are starting something new and we will both change each other. Next week we will go shopping like we always do but this time, we will buy some new clothes to make the new you." I say I hope new me look better than old me. Ted say yes. Ted always make me feel good. I make Ted some pho for breakfast. Ted say he like my Vietnamese food. I believe Ted like because he eat lot of pho. We talk lots that day. By late afternoon, Ted say he must go his place. I say I sad, I want Ted stay all time with me. Ted say he will call me telephone, kiss me, hold me tight and he go. I not know what I think. I happy, sad same time.

I go to work next day. I so happy now that I not care that cleaning in hospital hard work. I surprise when my friend ask why I work and not go for lunch. To me I think I only at work one hour. At lunch, all my friend ask why I an so happy today. I say "I happy because I have new boyfriend."

They all talk one time and ask me who boyfriend. I no tell them he white guy. I want keep my friends guess. I say: "I tell you maybe later if we still go out. Too soon to tell you now." I start to eat my lunch and one lady see I bring banana to lunch. All my friend make fun me and say "Hanna eat banana. You like eat banana? You try banana new boyfriend already? How big banana you boyfriend?" I get angry and say that I no tell because they no nice to me. I only want eat lunch. They leave but I know they still want know everything. They start to talk at other table and I know they talk about me.

I have more trouble that week. I want telephone Ted and talk him. I want tell him I think I love him. I know if I call and tell him, Ted get scare of me and run away. I know Ted no push me and take long time to ask me to go to dance. Then I get mad at Ted. He no call and I think he think that I bad lady. I say in my head: "This white guy must be just like Vietnamese guy, fuck old lady and then run and hide." My head turn all week. Sometime I think I love Ted because he good man in bed. Sometime I think I hate Ted because he no call and he no like me. I almost go crazy when finally, telephone ring and it Ted.

I say "Why you not call me? You find young lady? Who she? She prettier? Maybe she white?"

Ted say: "Hanna, slow down. You're just like the white women who are always asking if you respect them in the morning. First of all, I don't think there is any other woman for me in the world except you. The reason I didn't call is that I wanted you to think about our weekend and if you really liked me. I haven't changed my mind about you at all. That's why I wanted to get together with you this weekend. Remember I said we would start getting new clothes for you. Saturday we start to shop for you and then you come to my place for dinner. I'll make some of my cooking for you?"

I stop talking. You know this not me, say nothing. Finally, I say "Ted. I crazy this week because you no call. I want talk you too much."

"Well, Saturday, come to my place and we will talk. I'll take care of everything so you won't have anything to worry about.

Saturday, Ted come for me, we go to mall shop. I think we have more fun shop now we boyfriend, girlfriend. Ted know in him head what he want me look like. I think sometimes he not know but I go wear clothes. Know what, Ted right. Everything he say I look good, I look good when I try. We buy just one thing because Ted say we go make me new lady slow.

Ted take me first time him place. Ted have nice place, little bigger my place. Him place different from Canadian place. Everything look little bit old. Ted say that how apartment look in Poland. Smell nice when we go in him place. He say he make supper last night and we just make hot. First, we sit down have tea. Ted bring out qua hong (persimmon) to eat. I say I like this fruit best, same my name. Ted say he want me be happy fist time him place.

Ted make good food. He make what he call bigos. This pig meat and cabbage but small piece meat inside. Canadian put big piece meat on plate, call barbecue. I no like. Too much work cut all things. No fun eat. Ted buy wine for dinner and I drink some. I no want Ted think I know nothing how him people eat but wine make my head start turn. Ted drink wine and he drink some white whisky. No like taste. Too bitter. Wine taste good me.

While we eat, we talk many thing. I think wine make me say thing to Ted that I keep quiet until now. I tell Ted, I only try my husband before. Only have one man, never white guy. In my country, only bad lady work in bar try white guy. I tell Ted my friends give me hard time but I no say I have white boyfriend. I ask Ted if he want Vietnamese girlfriend.

"Hanna, things are different in this country and different than they were years ago. My friends want me first to be happy and they don't care the kind of person I'm happy with. You do make me very happy. Is it OK that you have a white boyfriend?"

I say OK now but I say I scared first time to try white guy. My friend tell story about how bad white guy. But Ted make me feel like great lady, not like cleaning lady. I tell Ted he fuck very good. Make me no scared. I say Ted kiss pussy, first time I feel this, first time I get so horny I explode. I ask if my friend just make story so I don't get white boyfriend.

"Hanna, oriental women are valued by white men. They give their men more respect than white women do and, as a result, we give them more love in return." I later ask what this "respect" but when Ted say word, I say in my head, "Must be good thing."

I wash dishes with Ted, watch some his television. Ted say "I think we've had a great day and I don't want it to end. Can you stay with me tonight?" I think Ted never ask me stay and I give big hug. Then I say "I no bring pajama. You want me sleep no clothes." Ted say: "I want you to sleep in my pajamas. I think that a woman in man's pajamas is very sexy."

Ted take me bedroom and help me take off clothes. Then he put him pajama on me. Too big! He roll up sleeve and leg. He tie up around my stomach. I think I look funny but Ted say I sexy. OK, I think maybe whisky make Ted head turn around. My head still full of wine so I no care. I want do what Ted like. I get in bed and Ted get him pajama and put on. I watch to get good look Ted banana. It big like last week but I not scared this time. I want banana again. I want try Ted too much, I think.

Ted turn out light but I no wait. This night, I start to kiss Ted first. Ted teach me how white girl kiss. We have fun make love in him pajama. Ted like open one button, see little bit my skin. He kiss that and I open same button him and kiss him. Ted open another button, I show one tit. He play with tit and I open one button on him. We do more button until all my top open. Ted now play with two tit, put face between tit. He soft man. He no hurt, just make me horny.

Then Ted put hand in pajama on my pussy. Lots of room in pajama. My pussy have lots of water, feel good. I want feel Ted banana so I put hand in him pajama. Him banana already have water. I never see this on man banana. I forget how big him banana but I no scare now. I know how good big banana. I think so much Ted banana that I forget Ted busy. Finger Ted now inside my pussy, make my water go all over pussy. Feel so good. Ted finger soft. I explode and scream Ted: "No stop, No stop."

Ted no stop say: "You're one sexy woman, Hanna. Now, we will do something that only people who love each other do." Ted take off my pajama because I no move after explode. Ted take off him pajama and lie wrong way on bed. He open my leg and open my pussy. I see banana in my face. Ted busy, have tongue in pussy now. I not know what do but I take banana in mouth like I do in shower. Ted banana taste good, little salty. I do same thing Ted banana as he do my pussy, lick all up down. I hear Ted say "How do you know what to do. You're so good." I not know what I do, I just do what I like.

This kiss each other make me so horny I explode two time now. I hope not same thing same thing Ted. I want hard banana in me. So, when I explode, I stop kiss banana. In my head, I only think how good I feel. I think I dream but when I stop explode, Ted right way on bed. I say Ted: "You stay there." Then I stand over Ted and start to sit on banana. I sit on Ted like Vietnamese sit when no chair. Easy for Vietnamese lady, not easy for white lady. Maybe this why Ted like me. I do thing white lady no can do. I never do this to man before. I think, maybe I still have wine in my head. I do thing, say thing I never do.

"Hanna, you are one tight woman" Ted say. I say Ted big guy and have bigger banana my husband. Tonight, banana go in more easy than first time. I have more water because I know how good banana feel. Also Ted put tongue on pussy, make water there. I make banana go in sit more. I say loud "Ai-ee Ted you make me go crazy. You man for me. I want banana."

I make banana go in faster than last week but not too fast. More banana, more feel good. I no explode as I put in banana. I big boss now. Then all banana in, I start take out banana slow and put in slow. I start to feel more horny. This good me sit on Ted because I put banana inside me good place. I make myself more, more horny push banana Ted in, out. I know what come soon. I sit up down faster, faster. Everything inside me feel banana, my pussy feel banana as go in, out. Then I explode big time and Ted say loud: "I'm coming, I'm coming."

Explode me last long time. I not know what I doing if I still go up, down on banana. When I stop explode, I now lie on Ted. Ted look happy so I happy too. I like make my boyfriend happy. I no care all Ted water go over him. He look so good as he lie there.

This our second week, boyfriend, girlfriend. Try something different all time. We fuck many time now, many way. Maybe I say enough one day?

Finally Hanna seemed to be winding down. "OK. I tell you enough today. I think you get "woody" again because I talk. You got no lady, right? OK, you need good Vietnamese lady take care of you. This not me. You too young and Ted my man. I think good Vietnamese lady help you. We know how to take care of man."

We agreed that Hanna would tell me more later and she would go now and meet Ted for shopping. She giggled at my reluctance to get up but she said that she would let herself out. I turned my mind towards writing down Hanna's story and I couldn't help wondering what the next weekend would bring.

To Be Continued...


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