The Best Erotic Stories.

Nymphomania Ch. 2
by Edward Miller

The walk back to my dorm was not an easy one. The dildo buzzing away in my soaking pussy made it possible for me to appear in public without raping every guy I saw, but it had it's own downside. Simply put, it felt too good!

Being that I went to a large state university, it took me almost a half hour to walk from one side of campus, where my class was, to the other side, where my dorm was. Inside of that half hour, I came three times. While I had been sitting in class, I had had only four orgasms in three hours. The difference was the extra sensation of walking. As I said before, it made my whole body react. My nipples brushed up against the inside of my t shirt, and were again so hard it was painful. The gentle rolling of my hips as I walked accentuated the sensations coming from the buzzing in my twat, and as soon as I noticed that, I began to intensify the hip motion as I walked. Soon, I was rolling my hips like a belly dancer as I walked along, just because it felt sooo good!

Needless to say, walking across a college campus looking like raw sex gets you some appreciative stares from college guys, especially if you have blond hair, wide hips, a nice ass, 36DD breasts, and (I won't be modest) a pretty face. I'm ashamed to admit, I enjoyed being looked at so lustfully. I remember being surprised at that reaction, so soon after I had been so pissed at the guy from the porn shop for staring at my tits. Was I beginning to turn gay? I wondered. No, I decided, it was just that I was so much hornier now, my female body was overriding my male mind and making me lick my lips and smile back at the guys as I passed them. Their stares just made me hornier, which made me accentuate my walk more, and the whole thing fed on itself, spinning off out of control like feedback.

This particular walk back to the dorm took longer than a half hour, because I had to stop three times and sit down on a bench. I didn't really think I could keep walking normally while in the throes of an orgasm. I didn't think I could have done that as a man, but orgasms as a woman were even more intense, and spread throughout my entire body. Actually, I thought as I sat down breathing heavily and came for the third time, these orgasms were even stronger than the first I'd had as a woman. The voice had told me that each time I orgasmed I would get hornier. I guess this was just one more aspect of the change.

I thought more about the change as I sat there, wanting to wait a bit more before I tried to get up and walk. I had been a normal man before I woke up in that room, tied to the bed and with a new pussy and some small tits. Now, my tits were 36DD and growing every time I touched cum. Soon I would run out of letters. I wondered why anyone would want to do this to me? It couldn't be revenge, nobody really had any reason to have a grudge against me. I didn't even know who had done it. I only hoped that I was right, that whoever it was would make contact with me to keep tabs on my progress, and that I could get some information then that would help me force them to turn me back into a man.

I really wasn't into being a woman. The sexual sensations were the only thing it had going for it. I had avoided bothering with makeup, I had washed my hair but not done anything with it (I was glad it was fairly short.) I really wasn't one of those guys who got off on dressing like a girl. This morning while getting dressed I had consciously put on jeans and a t shirt, about the most non gender specific outfit you could wear. My sexy underwear was not my fault. All the underwear my unknown persecutor had supplied for me was skimpy and sexy, consisting entirely of thong bikini panties and half cup bras in sizes reaching up to a custom made H cup (which implied something I'd rather not think about.) The best I could do this morning was to choose black underwear instead of the pink.

All these thoughts were running through my head as I finally reached my dorm and started climbing the steps to my room. I let myself in, and was immediately disappointed to find that Tiffany wasn't there. I was so horny! I thought about my options for a moment, and then realized that I really had no choice. I tried to fight it, but I found myself drawn inexorably to the bathroom that divided our room from Ian and Greg's. At least I had the presence of mind to grab the condoms from my backpack as I was swept along.

As I quietly opened the bathroom door, I heard the shower. Peeking around the shower curtain, I saw Greg standing under the shower spray with his back to the nozzle, shielding his front from the spray. He didn't see me, so intent was he on what he was doing.

I thought back to this morning, when I had seduced Greg and found that he kept his cock shaved as bare as my slit. I had found that unbelievably arousing (actually, since I had been changed into a woman, I found almost everything unbelievable arousing.) Now, as I watched, he was carefully touching up his shaving job, with his cock lathered up in soap and his razor sliding softly over the smooth skin. Apparently, he found it as arousing as I did, because his cock was standing up to a full erection. As I watched, he stopped shaving for a moment and started to stroke his shaft slowly up and down, closing his eyes and opening his mouth into a big 'O' of pleasure. He soon returned to the business at hand, however, and continued shaving his cock and balls until he was apparently satisfied that they were completely smooth. Then he took his cock in hand and started to jack off in earnest.

I didn't want him to expend all his energies without giving me any pleasure, so I quickly pulled my head out of the shower and got undressed. Even though I was embarrassed by my women's underwear, I was a little disappointed when the dental floss thin strip of thong came out of my crack; I was actually enjoying it there. I had a little bit of trouble with the bra, as I found out that these things are even harder to take off of yourself than someone else, but eventually I was naked and ready to fuck.

I got into the shower without making any announcement of it and stepped right up to Greg, starting to rub my tits and pussy against him. He was so surprised as first that I think he almost cried out, but when I dropped to my knees and took his prick into my mouth, he seemed much more at ease.

I had to rinse his dick off first, because I really didn't want to suck something that tasted like a bar of soap, but then I got down to business with a vengeance. I sucked him hungrily, grabbing the base of his cock and pistoning my head back and forth, fucking my face with his dick. There was nothing slow and gently about it, we were both raging sex maniacs and we wanted pleasure NOW. I was rough with his cock, sliding the tips of my teeth up and down it and nipping at the head, but he just grabbed me by the head and proceeded to force his dick in and out of my mouth, fucking my face even more forcefully than I had been doing to myself. I felt powerless, realizing that Greg could easily overpower my body in it's petite, feminine state, and there was nothing I could do but let him pump his cock in and out of my throat at his pleasure.

Speaking of Greg's pleasure, there was one way in which I could seize some sexual initiative, and I did. Now that Greg was furiously fucking my face, I had both hands free, and he was standing in front of my kneeling form with his legs slightly spread. I felt my way around the tub until I found the bar of soap sliding around forgotten by the drain, and after pausing to lather up my entire right hand as thoroughly as possible, I reached up between Greg's legs and parted his ass cheeks. While rubbing and caressing his scrotum with my left hand, I slowly slipped the index finger of my right into his asshole, just up to the first knuckle. Greg let out a grunt that sounded half of surprise, half of pleasure, and started to pump his cock down my throat even faster and more forcefully. I wriggled my finger back and forth and started to rotate it, just to get him used to the sensation. I knew from my recent experience with my own asshole that being filled there was quite an enjoyable feeling as long as you had time to get used to the pressure. Come to think of it, Greg was probably enjoying this even more than I had, because now that I was a woman, I no longer had a prostate. I wondered what anal penetration would feel like for a man, but I continued to stimulate him there as he fucked my throat. I inserted my finger further, curling it over to reach where I had learned in Biology class the prostate was located, and I was rewarded with a frantic grunting from Greg. I kept my finger there as he fucked my face even faster, his grunts and groans rising in volume.

Suddenly, Greg went rigid. Sensing his orgasm was imminent, I forced my finger the rest of the way up his ass, until my knuckles were pressing hard against his sphincters. Greg pulled my head violently towards his crotch, shoving the full length of his ten incher down my throat. I hadn't yet been able to take more that about two thirds of it, and the whole thing shoved rudely down my esophagus nearly made me gag. I felt like a sword swallower in a carnival. Then the cum started to erupt from his balls and I realized that if I came into contact with a whole lot more of that stuff, I would look like a carnival freak of an entirely different sort.

I tried to pull back away from his cock, but his hands held me there as the sperm spurted down into my stomach. By the time he finished rocking back and forth, there was a warm spot at the pit of my belly, and my tits and hips were feeling warm and tingly again. I resolved to touch no more cum, ever again. My breasts were large enough already, and after they finished growing from this load, I didn't want them to grow any more. The though of being a woman was bad enough without being a woman with freakishly large breasts.

I was still horny, though, and I had a craving for more cum that had been intensified by the load I had just ingested. Summoning all the presence of mind I could while I was essentially drunk on cum, my tits and hips tingling and throbbing as they began to grow, I led Greg out of the shower and dried us both off. Leading him into his room, I pushed him onto the bed and held up the condom I had brought with me. Greg didn't look too happy about that, so I emulated something a girl had once done to me, when I was still a man. I took the rubber in my mouth and positioned it across the inside of my pursed lips. Leaning over to engulf Greg's prick, I slowly unrolled the condom down his cock, using only my lips and tongue. Greg seemed to mind the condom somewhat less when he experienced my manner of employing it.

When I had his cock completely wrapped, I got up onto the bed and squatted over it. My pussy was crying out for a reaming, but I waited a minute, teasing myself and Greg, with my hand holding his rapidly hardening dick upright, and my cunt suspended less than an inch from the tip. Greg started to buck his hips back and forth, rubbing my hand on the base of his crotch and just barely brushing the tip of his dick against my clitoris at the apex of every movement.

Just the feel of that nearly made me cum, I was so desperately horny. The teasing sensation of the feather-light touches of his head at the focal point of my vagina nearly sent me over the edge. I restrained myself, however. I wanted to be well and completely fucked before I was done with him, especially because I wouldn't have what was normally my main satisfaction, the cum that I craved so badly. So, after letting him tease my clit with his cockhead for a few minutes, I positioned the head at the entrance to my dripping wet hole, and impaled myself upon his cock in one stroke.

Having my pussy filled at that particular moment was the single most satisfying sensation I could remember. I NEEDED to be fucked, like I'd never needed anything before in my life, and this cock filling me so completely was the most pleasurable thing imaginable. For once, no part of my mind was dismayed by the thought of fucking this man, I just knew in my mind that this was what my body needed, with a biological urge that, though artificially induced, was so desperate that it overrode any objections my mind could have to this form of relief and made it my sole purpose to seek fulfillment from this cock.

Thinking that the sensations might be slightly muted for Greg because of the condom he was wearing, I made a special effort to massage him with my pussy muscles. Although I hadn't had them for long, they had been in good shape when I awoke as a girl, and had received almost constant practice and exercise since then. I clenched my cunt as hard as I could around his cock, hearing him grunt from the sudden tightness of my pussy. I bore down on his crotch, rolling my hips with his dick contained in my cunt, unwilling to relinquish any of this incredibly full feeling I was enjoying, even for the sake of stroking his cock in and out. Instead, I just rolled my hips, gaining sensations from the way that caused friction between his cock and my pussy, though as wet as I was, I'm surprised there could be any friction at all.

All the while I was grinding my clit as hard as possible down against his pubic bone. Realizing that my body now weighed so little that I couldn't actually exert much pressure just by force of gravity alone, I grabbed Greg's sides and pulled myself down on him that way. Realizing my predicament, Greg grabbed my asscheeks and grinding my clit down on him with all his force. Desperately rolling my hips, I began to whimper, then to moan, and finally to scream as my orgasm raged through me. It seemed to last forever, as the sheer sensation of the orgasm ate up all the other sensations I had. Bit by bit, I lost contact with the world, squeezing my eyes shut until it wasn't even black anymore, all I saw was white. Eventually I realized I couldn't even feel Greg fucking me, I couldn't even feel my body, all I could feel was this colossal orgasm, and I was floating in it with no reference points whatsoever.

Gradually, I became reacquainted with the real world, and realized I was too spent and exhausted to move a muscle. I was just lying there on top of Greg, with his cock still stuck up my pussy, totally limp with my arms and legs lying askew.

Greg, realizing that I would be no more help to him, and knowing that fucking with the girl on top requires concentration, eased me off of him. Rolling over slightly, he deposited on my side in the middle of his bed. Standing up, he lifted me easily in his arms and carried me through the bathroom and towards my room. Any suspicion I had that he was going to gently deposit me on my bed and return to his own room was proved wrong my the feeling of his prick, so fantastically erect that it was standing almost vertically against his stomach, pressing up against my back as he effortlessly carried me.

He did deposit me gently on my bed, but face down. I could already feel the difference in the size of my tits from the load of cum I had swallowed in the shower, and all it did was make me horny. Greg arranged my arms comfortably so that I could grasp my tits with what little strength I had left, and he spread my legs out straight across the bed. Parting my asscheeks slightly, he reached down deeper between my legs to get some lubrication from my still dripping pussy. He brought this lubrication back up along the crack in my ass to my tight little asshole, and proceeded to rub it in, massaging and loosening my tail as he did so. When he had done this for a moment or two, he put both his hands back to holding my cheeks apart, and I felt a slight pressure against my ass bud. Slowly, and gently, he entered my rear opening.

Although I had had my ass fucked last night by Greg's roommate, Ian, while Greg was busily pumping my pussy, I was not prepared for Greg's much bigger cock. Apart from being at least two inches longer, Greg's tool was much thicker and harder, and my asshole was still very tight. If I had had the strength to do so, I probably would have asked him to stop, but as it was, I could just lay there on my stomach and knead my tits weakly. Actually, my exhaustion may very well have been to my advantage, causing my ass muscles to be more relaxed than they ever would have been otherwise.

Feeling no resistance, Greg slowly stroked his cock all the way into my behind. As I lay there and felt it, I was constantly sure that I had reached the last of it, that any time now he would rub the base of his cock up against the outside of my asshole. But it must felt even larger than it had looked, and by the time the base of his cock was actually touching my poor little asscrack, I was more indecently filled than I had ever imagined possible. I thought that there couldn't possibly be any way he could fill me any fuller, but he grasped my (now noticeably wider) hipbones from behind and pushed into my ass, fighting to gain another fraction of an inch of insertion. He seemed reluctant to pull it out, he just wanted to stay there, completely enveloped in my ass, and so he didn't stroke in and out, but just clenched my ass to his cock like a vise and tried to thrust deeper. He never pulled out any, he just tried to go deeper, rocking back and forth ever so slightly. This rocking motion caused a little tiny feeling of friction between his cock and the internal walls of my asshole, as well as rubbing my clit against the sheets bunched up under my hairless mound. I rubbed my tits as forcefully as I could, which wasn't very, and laid there helpless to resist, just enjoying my assfuck.

Greg continued his attempt to get even further into my ass. I would have thought he had already penetrated me there as deeply as humanly possible, but he continued to redouble his efforts, the muscles on his arms standing out with the strain of pulling my ass back up onto his prick as hard as possible. His rocking continued, speeding up slowly, but the miniscule amount of movement he was causing allowed him to hold out a long time before cumming. I would estimate that he was straining to further explore my asshole for nearly forty five minutes, but I might not have been in a good stated to judge, being that I was so exhausted that I would not have been able to stay awake except for the fact that I was orgasming regularly, every five minutes or so. My clit was getting sore from rubbing against the sheets, and I was wondering how long he could keep this up, when Greg suddenly let out a "humph!" and impaled be onto his cock by perhaps another centimeter, which I would a moment earlier have declared impossible. I could feel his cock spasming in my behind, and I could only hope that the condom held, or my tits would be growing even more tonight. Greg held himself tightly into my ass for nearly thirty seconds, completely rigid and grunting, before his orgasm subsided. Then he collapsed on top of me and laid there for a few minutes before gathering his strength and getting up to stagger drunkenly back towards his room. I was asleep before he reached my door.

My dreams were exceedingly strange. I dreamt of being in the room with Tiffany, but I was my old male self again. In the dream, though, I had never been otherwise. Tiffany's tits were enormous, much larger than they were in real life (not that her real life tits could ever be considered small.) I wanted to fuck her, and suddenly we were naked. Without apparently moving to a bed, we were fucking, and the longer we fucked, the smaller her tits got. After a while I noticed that I was growing tits and hips as we fucked, but I still had my dick. Eventually, Tiffany's tits and hips had shrunk until she was entirely a guy, except for her pussy, and I was outwardly a woman, with ridiculously exaggerated tits and ass, except for my dick. As we continued to fuck, my dick started to shrink, and her pussy became less concave, moving out to match my dick shrinking back. For one short second, we both had smooth, featureless crotches that we nonetheless continued to rub together, then Tiffany began to form a dick and my own crotch dimpled in and began to resemble a pussy. Finally, I was completely a woman, with huge breasts the size of garbage cans, and Tiffany was completely a man, but her dick continued to grow, stretching me wider and wider as we fucked, stretching me all out of shape. I felt it continue up into my body, first one foot, then two feet, until I could feel it almost up to my collarbone, all inside of me. It hurt, but as it grew it pleasured me even more. Finally, Tiffany began to cum. I felt warm, salty sperm bubble up from the back of my throat. My own orgasm began, and that's when I woke up.

Once again, I woke expecting to find myself a man, but the squashed sensation of laying on my breasts and the well reamed feeling in my pussy and asshole reminded me that I was in fact a woman. I looked towards the window to find that it was dark. I looked at the clock. 12:42. I had slept almost ten hours, and now I was well rested, but I had nothing to do. I looked over to Tiff's bed, to see her sleeping. I could make out the round globes of her gigantic tits under the thin sheet. It looked like she was sleeping topless again. My pussy started to wet itself.

I got up and headed towards the bathroom looking to survey the damage I had done by swallowing that one load of cum. The two times before, I had ingested, either by swallowing or by having them shoot it in my pussy or ass, multiple loads, so I hoped that the growth would not be as severe as it was in those cases. My breasts certainly felt heavier, and my hips seemed to swing out a bit wider as I walked, but any changes in your body seem like a huge difference to you. I wanted to look at the mirror and find out how I looked to other people.

All in all, I wasn't pleased but it could have been much worse. I had been at the point were I had very large tits but they weren't that far out of the ordinary. Quite a few woman have DD cup breasts, although most are not as thin as I am. Unfortunately, that means I was at the point where only a little bit more would put me over the top. Looking at my new breasts, I thought I still might squeeze into the DD cup bra, especially because all of my bras were those little half cup things, but the custom made E cups I saw in the drawer would probably be more comfortable. The change was noticeable, but not overly pronounced, but the effect was remarkable. With DD size breasts, I looked extremely sexy, but was basically a normal girl (on the outside I mean; I'm currently ignoring the fact that I'm actually a man.) Now, however, with only a small change in proportion, I looked as it my body had been purposely designed for sex. My huge tits levitated out from my chest, so spherical that I would almost have thought they looked fake if it weren't for the fact that they swayed and jiggled like real tits. My hips had also flared out by an inch or two on either side, making my waist look thinner. It suddenly occurred to me that my legs, armpits, and pussy might need to be shaved, but when I checked them, only my pussy showed any evidence of stubble. Maybe whoever did this to me made my legs and armpits naturally hairless. All in all, I was sure I couldn't go outside the room now without every guy inside of a hundred yards staring at me as I walked. I was a walking incitement to riot. My only comfort was that the effect was largely subliminal. The guys who had seen me in class today would notice me even more tomorrow, but probably wouldn't notice the growth in my chest and hips. I just had to be sure to avoid cum at any cost. I put the condoms in the bathroom counter drawer, so I would be able to grab one as I went from my room to Greg's and Ian's. Then, I decided to get some relief for my dripping pussy and ragingly hard nipples. I had intended to let Tiffany sleep, but I now decided she probably wouldn't mind if I woke her up.

I went over to her bed, looking at her gigantic breasts and realizing for the first time that mine were now the same size. That brought the new changes in my body home even more, making me realize that this huge breast size I saw before me was the size that was hanging buoyantly on my own chest. That astounded me, even though I already knew it intellectually, but now that I was quickly getting very horny, it didn't bother me so much. In fact, it didn't bother me at all. I just kept looking at the size of her tits through the sheet, and thinking "Mine are like THAT!" My nipples crinkled even more.

I wanted to get a good look at her breasts, so I slowly pulled the sheets down off of them, being careful not to wake her. I looked at her like that, laying there on her back with her head pillowed on her long blond hair and her breasts laying back on themselves so that they were really high on her chest and didn't fold over at the bottom at all, but they were still gigantic and stuck up quite far.

It suddenly occurred to me that my breasts were prettier. Ours were both the same size, but I had only had mine for about two days now, and at first they had been very small, so gravity hadn't had a chance to make them sag (and if I had my way, I would soon be a man again and it never would.) Tiffany's breasts, though they were very spherical and rode very high on her chest, showed more evidence of gravity than mine. "Not much, though," I thought to myself. "I'd almost think that they were fake, if I hadn't felt them. They feel to good, soft and squishy and firm at the same time, to be silicone breasts.

I wondered how the rest of her would compare to the rest of me. On our faces, I had no opinion. Hers was pretty, and I knew mine was too, but after only two days, I was actually starting to get used to it, and nobody can actually make good judgements about their own face. My body I could think objectively about, because it hadn't stayed the same long enough for me to get used to it.

I pulled down the sheet over Tiff's legs, wondering what she was wearing under it. Nothing, as it turned out. I pulled the sheet all the way down and off of the bed, revealing her long, smooth legs, laying bent slightly sideways on the bed. As far as legs went, we were about even, but mine had the edge I think because they were so completely smooth. Also, since I had never shaved them, they didn't have any razor scars. Moving upwards, My hips and ass were a bit wider and rounder than hers, and my waist flared in slightly more, so I guess I won on that point. My stomach was flatter, in fact I was a bit thinner all over my body except for the tits. The tits I already spoke of. I liked mine better because they sagged less (not that anyone would have accused Tiffany's of sagging) and also because of the nipples. Through all the growth that my breasts had gone through, the nipples had stayed the same size as when I had had A cup boobs. Now, I found it incredibly erotic to have these tiny dime sized nipples jutting out rock hard on top of these huge E cup breasts.

The final comparison was in the cunt. On that, I won hands down. I hadn't really had any opinion on this point before, but since I had become a woman and felt the huge difference in sensation after I shaved my pussy, I had begun to find the lack of pubic hair extremely visually arousing as well. Tiff didn't have much of a patch, just a little tuft of blond hair just above the top of her slit, but to my mind, any at all was too much. I decided that when I got turned back into a man, I would suggest to my next girlfriend that she shave off her pubes, not only for my enjoyment but for the increase in sensation that I now knew it would bring her. I started to think of Greg's clean shaven cock, and my breathing got heavier.

I wondered at the fact that, looking at it from an objective point of view, I was now prettier and made a better woman that Tiffany, who was a knockout by anyone's standards. Did that make me a knockout? All I knew is that if I was still a man and I saw a woman who looked like I did now, I would want to fuck her.

Speaking of wanting to fuck her, I was still getting really horny from staring at Tiffany's naked, sleeping form. I went over to her and started to rub my hands over her tits. Then I leaned down, and with both hands, I put our tits together and started to rub mine up against hers. Tiffany started to roll her head back and forth and moan in her sleep. I got up onto the bed and put my knee between her thighs, rubbing my leg into her crotch. As I rubbed, I could feel the lubrication seeping out of her pussy. Her eyes started to flutter, and she moaned "Oh, Chris!"

She wasn't awake yet, so I started to kiss her neck, working my way up to her lips. I kissed her on the lips, forcing my tongue in between her lips. I felt her hot breath blowing on my face as I felt my first kiss as a woman. I stopped to catch my breath, and Tiffany moaned "Oh, Christopher!"

That brought me up short for a moment. How could she know my real name, when she'd never met me as a man? I decided that either she was having a dream like I'd been having earlier, or she was just dreaming about someone else and the name resemblance was a coincidence.

I went back to kissing her neck. Tiffany's eyes fluttered some more and then opened, and then closed again as she sank back with a smile on her face. I was trailing kisses down the middle of her belly, stopping to insert my tongue for a moment into her belly button, then continuing down over her little tuft of pubic hair and into her slit. Her pussy was by this time soaking wet, so I didn't really have to linger at it for long, but I did anyway for my own enjoyment, and to tease Tiff for a while.

I licked up and down the creases on the inside of either thigh, not touching the pussy itself, just stimulating the skin around it. I moved down to the skin between the pussy and the asshole, almost touching the ass bud, and licked there for a while (I'm happy to report that Tiff's ass seemed clean as a whistle.) Then I began licking the top of her mound, to either side of the carefully shaved pubic hair.

By this time I knew Tiffany was aching to tell me to eat her out, but was restraining myself because she didn't want me to know how much I turned her on. I stopped licking around her cunt and made as if I was about to go for the main course, but at the last minute I stopped short. I just stayed there, not touching her cunt but blowing softly on it, for twenty seconds or so until she couldn't hold back any more, and she moaned softly, "Eat my pussy! Please! I need it!"

Now that I had been asked, I was happy to oblige. I went to the task at hand with a vengeance, licking up and down the slit and sucking the clitoris into my mouth. I inserted my tongue into her cunt hole and fucked her with it until it started to ache a bit, then took her clittie back between my lips and sucked it hard. She moaned, half in pleasure and half in pain. I started to flick her clit gently with my tongue while still keeping it in my mouth and sucking it, and Tiff erupted like a volcano. She thrashed around on the bed like a wounded animal, gripping my head between her legs as if they were pincers, and I was just along for the ride. I didn't stop sucking her clit, though, so her orgasm lasted a LONG time. After about minutes, though, she was done and laying there limp on her bed. I wasn't done, however. I went over to her dresser drawer and pulled out the strap on dildo she had fucked me with the day before from it's hiding place under her sweaters. I belted it on and looked down to see a cock jutting from between my legs for the first time in two days. It was extremely weird to have to look between two enormous tits to see it, and it was longer than mine had been and looked even bigger because the rest of my body (except tits and ass) was smaller, but I felt fairly sure that my eight years of experience would carry over, and I'd be able to use it with some finesse.

I was right. From the minute I stuck it into Tiffany, she perked back up and was soon fucking wildly. I grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks as I drove the plastic cock into her pussy, and I shoved my tongue down her throat. I found that the friction of the base of the dildo against my clit gave me quite a bit of pleasure, and I tried to abandon myself to the feeling and fuck her as if I were a man. I actually tried to pretend for a while that I was a man again, but it was made impossible by the way our tits rubbed up against each other as we fucked.

Not that that sensation was at all bad. When I abandoned the idea of trying to pretend this was actually my real dick and fucked her like what I actually was (namely, a sex crazed bisexual cum hungry slut) I found that I actually liked the sensation. Either of us had huge tits, but when you pressed them up together there was twice as much flesh between our chests. Our breasts pushed us so far apart that it was almost hard to reach each other to kiss, and I loved the feel of our tits and nipples sliding against each other when they began to get sweaty and slippery.

I was enjoying myself immensely when I suddenly felt hands spreading my ass cheeks. I looked behind me to see Ian standing there, grinning.

"Have you got a condom?" I asked, wanting to avoid any further enlargements.

"Why are you so worried all of a sudden?" he retorted.

For a minute I considered telling him the truth, but I decided that informing him that cum would cause my breasts to get even bigger might get me raped, so I just said "I just decided that the other way wasn't a good idea. Go in the bathroom and get one out of the drawer." He started to sulk and I added, "I'll make it up to you later."

He did as I asked, and I went back to reaming Tiffany's pussy. She had offered no objection to Ian joining in, in fact earlier she had implied that she would want it, so I figured she wouldn't mind. I was kneading her ass cheeks and pinioning the dildo into her cunt with all the force I could muster, so I had almost forgotten about Ian when he returned, condom dutifully applied. I felt hands spreading my ass cheeks again, and didn't look around, knowing what was about to happen. Ian put the head of his cock up against my asshole (I could feel that he had lubricated it with something, probably the KY jelly I had seen in the bathroom drawer) and pushed it in. It felt tight because I hadn't had any preliminary warm up to this anal penetration, but Greg had stretched my ass all out of shape earlier in the day, so it wasn't painful. It began to feel good almost immediately, and though it was hard to maintain a consistent rhythm, with three people involved, I don't think any of us minded the times when we would fall out of sync.

Tiffany came first, and most often. I wouldn't be surprised if she had orgasmed five times in that session. I came next, and it was a really good one. I decided that I liked being in a sex sandwich between a guy and a girl as much as between two guys (and I started to wonder what it would be like between two girls.) I was thinking about that when my second orgasm hit, a moment later. This one was more leisurely and sedate than the first, but no less enjoyable. I was just winding down from that one when Ian tensed up, grunted, and shot his load. I waited for a moment, but I could feel no tingle in my breasts. Apparently, my plan had worked.

We disentangled ourselves and lay on the bed for a moment, gathering our strength. It was then that I noticed Greg standing in the corner, slowly massaging his dick. I didn't know how long he was there, but decided I didn't have many secrets from a guy who had been inside all three of my major orifices (except for the one big secret, but I didn't see any way he could find that out,) so I just shrugged to myself and got up, walking over to him.

I applied a condom to his cock with the same technique I had used earlier, thinking to myself that if this went on, I would have to buy condoms by the gross. Then I kneeled on the floor in front of him, sucking his condom encased cock for all I was worth. I didn't know where I had developed this appetite for sucking dick, but I assumed it had been a side effect of my chemically induced craving for cum. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed doing it now, as I licked up the underside of Greg's huge, smooth shaft and let the tip of my tongue dance on the mushroom shaped head. After teasing the tip of his cock, I suddenly enveloped it. After the face fucking I had received, I found it possible (though still by no means easy) to take his entire length down my throat. I still had to fight for it, shaking my head back and forth as if to say "no" when what I was really thinking was "YES!"

Finally, I had it all down my throat, and I felt him take a hold of my head again and begin to fuck his cock in and out of my mouth. Realizing that he could now take his pleasure of my mouth at his own pace, I reached down to give myself some relief. I brushed my left hand across my breasts, lightly touching my nipples, which were again in pleasant pain from being so erect. My right hand went directly down into my soaking crotch. I slid it gently across my mound, feeling the slightest hint of stubble (must remember to shave) and parted my lips, inserting two fingers into my hole. I didn't need any sort of prelude or foreplay, I was already as wet and horny as it was possible to get. I pumped my index and middle fingers in and out of my hole, and my thumb found my clit and started to massage that. I found that it worked best if I didn't try to move my thumb. The constant movement caused by my shoving my first two fingers in and out of my opening caused enough movement in my thumb to do the job on my clit.

My left hand was still massaging my breasts, one at a time. More accurately, part of one at a time, because they were now so enormous that I could never hope to fit one completely into anyone's hand, let alone my own dainty feminine ones. My tits felt warm and good, but I wanted to be filled in another place, so I slipped my left hand down into my pussy for some lubrication, and then reached around behind myself, parting my ass cheeks.

My asshole had been much used since last time I had masturbated it, and It was somewhat larger than it had been. I now found that I could fit two fingers into it, not at all uncomfortably. I relaxed there on my knees, luxuriating in the feeling of being completely full, ass and pussy. I savored the feeling of my fingers pumping in and out of me, front and back, as Greg fucked my face at top speed.

Finally, I began to cum. I stuck my fingers up my ass and into my pussy up to their knuckles and just rode out the orgasm like that, sucking Greg's cock into my mouth harder as I squealed my pleasure. The sight of my playing with my pussy and asshole, quite understandably, had been quite a turn on for Greg, and he began to buck his hips in that characteristically uncontrollable way and filled his condom with cum. I fell back from where I had planted his face in his crotch, and lay there on my ass for a moment, looking over to where Ian and Tiffany were.

I needn't have worried about making introductions. Ian was seated on the edge of Tiffany's bed, and Tiff was servicing him in much the way I had just been doing to Greg. She was also playing with herself, like me, but instead of fingers up her ass she had the dildo that I had recently been fucking her pussy with. Satisfied that they were taken care of, or at least were taking care of each other, I turned back to Greg.

Greg pushed me over onto my back, and then he lowered himself onto the floor next to me. His cock was hardening again, but slowly, and I decided to give it a little hand. I reached out and took it in my hand, stroking it slowly back and forth. This action, at least, felt totally natural. I had done it so many times to myself, it was just weird to be doing it to someone else. Greg, meanwhile, had reached up to play with my enormous breasts (what man wouldn't?) and was rolling the nipples around between his thumb and forefinger. This sensation made them even harder, and I started to moan louder and rub his dick faster. Greg started to thrust his hips up against me, and soon he couldn't stop himself from mounting me and entering my pussy.

I can't say this enough times: I LOVED having my pussy fucked. The sensation of being full was unbelievable; the ecstasy of fucking was still there, but with this added pressure. Not to say that I didn't want to be a man again, but as long as I was a girl I wanted to do this as often as possible.

I don't think Greg minded either. He reared up between my spread legs and pounded into me with incredible force, while I was all the while encouraging him to fuck me even harder. I reached down between my outstretched legs to feel his dick going in and out of my opening with my hand, reassuring myself that these wonderful sensations I was feeling from my crotch were, in fact, real.

Greg continued to pump away at my pussy, his hands gripping my hips tightly for leverage. It occurred to me that there was a much better grip now than there had been when I woke up yesterday as a woman, and I actually gloried in the fact. If I was going to be a woman, even for only a short time, I was glorying in the fact that I was a huge titted, round assed whore of a woman, who was repeatedly fucking both of these two guys who I had yet to exchange more than a few sentences with.

I thought back to how I would probably reacted in a similar situation when I was still a man, and realized that these two certainly didn't mind. All they really wanted was sex, and as that was all I was interested in from them, I felt we had a fair exchange. I abandoned myself again to the sheer sensation of Greg's cock sliding in and out of my two day old pussy, feeling the shaved, hairless area above his cock slap up against the smooth mound above my clit. I really preferred Greg's hairless cock to Ian's hairy one.

By now, Greg was starting to speed up in his fucking me and his breathing was becoming irregular. I felt my own orgasm hit without warning, rushing through my body like fire through my veins, and I screamed my appreciation so loud that everyone up and down the hall must have heard it. I felt like I was seeping slowly away from myself as I dissolved into a puddle on the floor. Greg tensed up and shot another load into his already full condom. He drove his dick all the way into my pussy and left it there for a bit, while he recuperated. I savored the full feeling all the more because I knew it wouldn't last much longer now. Soon, he pulled out of me and got up, walking back to his room. Ian, having recently reached his own orgasm, followed his roommate, leaving me and Tiffany as two well pleased sluts, lying exhausted about our room.

I awoke the next morning still on the floor, with dried pussy juice all over my thighs. I had awoken already with the decision not to go to class today, and as it turned out I didn't really even have the option, as it was already ten o'clock and Tiff had already left for class.

I got up in a leisurely manner, and headed for the shower. I stopped on the way to examine myself in the mirror. Yes, my judgement last night had been correct, the condoms had stopped my tits from getting any bigger. I felt relieved, but also slightly disappointed. The man in me wanted to see tits that grew completely out of proportion with the rest of my body.

I got into the tub and washed off my body, feeling the spray of the shower wash over my sensitive skin. I let it linger as long as possible on my huge mammaries, as the hot water was really the only thing that could make my nipples relax completely. They were otherwise always at least a little bit erect. I felt down between my legs and lathered up my mound, shaving it again so that it would be completely smooth. I checked my legs and armpits again, and concluded finally that they were now permanently hairless.

I got out of the shower and toweled myself off. I went back into the room and began to get dressed. I picked out a blue pair of thong panties, again avoiding the pink, and one of the half cup bras to match. Yes, the E cup did fit much more comfortably than the DD. I then pulled on a pair of jeans and a t shirt.

I had to check to make sure that the jeans were the same size as the ones I had worn to class yesterday. They were so tight I could barely get them over my hips, even completely unzipped, and when I did I had a hell of a time zipping them up. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that they fit me like a second skin. Even my formerly loose t shirt was stretched tight over my tits, and my nipples were showing through with no possibility of mistake. I decided that, if I looked this indecent even in clothes, there was no point, and I may as well be comfortable.

I lounged around in my underwear. My tits were actually more comfortable in the bra, because of the extra support, and I looked at myself in the mirror wearing just bra and no panties, and decided that I looked stupid (I wouldn't admit even to myself that I actually was enjoying the feeling of the g string wedging itself up into my ass, and rubbing back and forth against my ass nub as I shifted and moved around.)

I watched TV most of the day, but as daytime TV wasn't that interesting (even if I was now a girl, I still couldn't get into soap operas and talk shows) mostly what I did was masturbate. Spending a whole day with my hands in my panties kept me fairly satiated, and when a knock came on the door connecting our room to the guy's at about three o'clock, I said "Come in!" without any immediate intention of raping whoever it was.

It was Ian, and to my surprise, he was fully clothed. I lay there unselfconsciously, knowing that he had already seen me even less covered up than this.

It turns out that the boys wanted to invite me to go with them to a party. I didn't really want to get into the habit of going out on dates with men, but I figured that since it was both of them, it couldn't really be called a date.

"Jeans and a t shirt ok?" I asked, not really expecting a dress code.

"Actually," he replied, "it's a bit more upscale than that."

He left before I had a chance to respond, so I didn't get the chance to beg off. As I thought about it, though, I decided that wearing a dress wouldn't be so bad. It wasn't like I'd look like a man in drag. I had the kind of body currently that was supposed to wear dresses. Also, I was kind of tired of staring at the television, and I wanted to get out and do something.

We all left for the party at about ten o'clock. I still hadn't heard seen or heard from Tiffany, but I picked out a black dress (the longest one I had, and still the hem was closer to my hips than my knees) and some VERY low heels, and I was carrying a purse. I still wasn't bothering with cosmetics, but I wanted to carry a few condoms with me, just in case.

When we got to the party, at a fraternity house, I was surprised to see that as yet I was the only girl there. The frat boys were standing around looking kind of dejected, so I assumed that this wasn't the plan. They were all doing a good job of drowning their sorrows in beer, however. Being the only girl there, and possessing a figure that could stop traffic, I had an endless supply of drinks being handed to me, and I soon became quite drunk. All these faces I didn't know were whirling around me, and I was wondering why they all seemed to be trying to flirt with me. I was a MAN, wasn't I?

After an interminable time, I found myself upstairs in someone's private bedroom with Ian. None of the other girls invited had shown up, or at least they hadn't stayed that long, and all the guys were doing quite a job of drinking themselves into a stupor. Ian and I had slipped away upstairs for a little quickie, after I had felt inside my purse to make sure I had a condom.

I was bent over the bed, my dress hiked up and my thong panties pushed to one side, and Ian was behind me, rubbing his dick and applying the condom. When he pushed into my pussy from behind, it felt so different, because I was drunk and so much more relaxed than before. I just rode along the fuck in a blissful, erotic floating state, until I noticed something. I had been letting Ian fuck me doggy style for a while, and suddenly it felt different. It felt like the condom was bunched up around the base of his cock.

"Pull out and make sure the condom's alright," I said

I felt him do so, and then he said "Shit. Damn thing broke."

What followed was too important a decision to be made in such a drunken state. I had already had a little bit of his pre-cum in me, and that accelerated my need for more. Apart from that, I was more than a little drunk, and feeling the amiable apathy that strong drink brings with it, so before I knew it, Ian had put his cock back into my pussy and was fucking me again, and I hadn't raised even a token protest.

The first thing I realized was that it actually felt much better to be fucked by a bare cock than one encased in latex. I felt bare skin against my vaginal walls again, and I loved the feeling. I had gotten used to the feeling of being fucked, it seemed almost normal to me now, and I was enjoying the hell out of this particular fuck. Ian reached around the front of me and pulled my dress up over my head, leaving me in just my bra and underwear, his dick still pushing the thong to one side and pumping in and out of my slit.

He then reached down to my pussy and began to rub my clit as his dick stroked in and out of my hole. As usual, this sensation drove me over the edge, and as I tensed around him, gripping his cock with my inner walls, he reached his own orgasm and shot his cum up into me.

The tingling in my tits returned with a vengeance, stronger now that I hadn't felt it in days, and in my drunken state I actually found it quite pleasant. I still knew that more cum would increase the sensation, and all I really wanted right then was to feel more of the wonderful warm, throbbing feeling in my hips and tits, so I quickly turned around and began to lap all my pussy juice off of Ian's dick.

I licked the length of it and took it into my mouth all the way in the first stroke, continuing to massage it with my tongue and pump it in and out of my face, but keeping it contained in my mouth and sucking it as hard as I could. I made no attempt to vary the sensation, I just stuck with what I knew worked fastest. I now had no intention of just making him hard with my mouth so he could fuck me again, I just wanted his cum inside me as fast as I could get it. When he came, in record time, I swallowed it without stopping and didn't pause, just continued sucking him to another orgasm.

When I heard the door open I didn't even look up. I just spread my legs so that Greg could pull off my panties, leaving me clothed only in my half cup bra (which was doing nothing, as I was on my hands and knees and my tits were hanging down out of the cups.) He then slithered up under me and slid his dick into my pussy. I was glad, it was just one more source of the cum that I needed so badly.

I went on like that, sucking Ian's cock while Greg screwed me, and ingesting every drop of cum I could possibly get, when I noticed something. I was being fucked in the ass as well.

I tried to look behind me to see who it was, but Ian was nearing orgasm again and he just grabbed my face and stroked it up and down his cock. I relaxed to the thought. After all it wouldn't be the first time this week I had fucked some guy I didn't even know, and I craved more cum. I was addicted to it, I needed it now more than I had before, and the craving before had been almost unbearable.

I floated off into a haze of sex. Each time someone would shoot a load of cum into me, someone else would immediately take their place in one of my holes. I wasn't even doing anything anymore, I was just kneeling there on my hands and knees on the bed, as these guys fucked my face, pussy, and asshole. I was just a receptacle for their cum, and that was fine with me. I needed all they could give, and more. I serviced them all, and they began coming back for seconds. The cum filled up my openings, and began dripping out, but I knew that as long as it was touching my skin it would soothe my need for it, so I just cried out for more.

The tingling in my breasts and hips was now enough that it was getting me off on it's own. As long as they kept cumming on or in me, the tingling kept up, so I was stuck in this constant orgasm that lasted hours. As you may imagine, it's hard to be to upset about anything while you're constantly cumming, so I didn't even raise a fuss when some bright boy got the idea that they didn't have to keep fucking my cum drenched holes (by now we were far past 'sloppy seconds.' I had serviced at least twenty five guys, and some of them were on thirds or fourths) but instead they could just jack off onto me. As the guy who had been fucking my pussy got out from under me, I realized that I was still on all fours, but my breasts were resting quite firmly on the bed. Looking down at them, I could actually see them growing! Very slowly, to be sure, but any visible growth was way too much with regards to my already overlarge breasts. As I said before, though, it's hard to mind anything while you're having an uncontrollable, three hour long orgasm, and the cum they were spurting onto me from their drunken circle jerk kept my hips and tits throbbing enough to keep the orgasm up, so I just stayed there. After a little while, I turned over onto my back, so that I could reach down and massage my cunt and finger my asshole while they jacked off on me. This just increased the speed with which they came, and the volume of cum that was splattering down on me, which once again increased the tingling. I was in ecstasy.

I have no idea how long it lasted, all I know is that I woke up the next morning back in my room. Greg and Ian must have brought me back, unconscious. There was no way this morning that I could wake up still thinking I was a man. The immense weight on my chest dispelled that notion before I could even formulate it. I sat up slowly, feeling my ponderous breasts hanging down almost to my lap. Looking down, I couldn't even gage their size. I decided to go the bathroom for a closer look.

I staggered all the way there. It wasn't a hangover (actually, I felt pretty good,) it was just that my tits hurt a little from the weight whenever I moved and the unbelievable weight of my breasts threatened to overbalance me and send me toppling over. I reached the bathroom, took a deep breath, and looked at myself in the mirror.

I started from the bottom, allowing my gaze to travel upwards. My hairless pussy was still naked, apparently whoever had tucked me into bed hadn't bothered to dress me. My hips were supernaturally wide, and as I turned to the side I saw that my ass stuck out in a full half circle. My gaze slid up again, past my impossibly thin waist (but not much past it) to rest on my tits. Standing sideways like this, they stuck out more than a foot. As I turned to face the mirror head on, I saw that they were larger than watermelons.

I stood there transfixed by the new size of my breasts. I had never imagined such an exaggerated set of proportions on a female body. I was appalled, but at the same time it made me impossibly horny. Here was, in truth, too much of a good thing, but my animal nature couldn't help reacting to that good thing. My little hairless pussy was soaking wet, and my nipples (grown somewhat now to quarter size, which still looked ridiculously, arousingly small and pointy on these mammoth mammaries) were already rock hard. I had to masturbate, but first I had to try something.

I went out to my room (still no Tiffany) and rummaged through my underwear drawer, coming out with the size H custom made bra that was the largest I had been provided with. Strapping it on and pulling it up my torso, I found that even it was entirely too small. My over-generous tits flowed out over the half cups, cascading down in front of them and looking generally ridiculous. I could never go outside with tits this size, certainly not without a bra.

What could I do?

To Be Continued...


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