The Best Erotic Stories.

Nymphomania Ch. 3
by Edward Miller

My body answered that question almost before I could formulate it. I could masturbate. In fact, I HAD to masturbate. As the voice had said to me, the more sex I had, the hornier I became. After last night, I knew that I would now be on a VERY short fuse, and that short fuse had been burned away by my male mind seeing my preposterous female proportions in the mirror.

I must clarify something here, just so a reader (if this document ever finds one) won't think badly of me. I'm not one of those men who think that bigger is better, without a limit. If I had met a girl as a man with breasts the size that mine were, most of my mind would have been disgusted. Breasts of this size almost qualify as a deformity. However, my more animal side can't help but react to large breasts, and unlike my aesthetic sense, my animal side doesn't have much in the way of limits. Check this out with other guys; If they're truthful, they'll tell you it's true. Big breasts bypass your higher brain functions and make you horny, the bigger the hornier.

With the changes that had been forced upon me, I was constantly pretty horny anyway. I had been a woman for about four days, and my nipples had been hard for the entire time. Apart from that, each time I came it made me even hornier. As I unclasped my too small H cup bra, I realized that I didn't feel as hopeless as I had when I first saw my breasts. It was hard to be simultaneously horny and depressed.

I lay back, completely naked, onto my bed. I really wished that Tiffany was here. I would have to explain my breast growth (or shrug and pretend I had no explanation, as I did last time,) but I much preferred sex with a partner to masturbating alone. I wasn't about to proposition one of the guys; My craving for cum had grown with my tits, and I wasn't too sure that I'd be able to make them put condoms on. Even now, without one of them in front of me, just thinking about their creamy cum almost made me go next door and suck them off.

Thinking about it, but being very careful not to let myself get up off the bed, I let my right hand wander down from my mouth along my neck. When I got to my breasts, I was shocked again at the size of them. I ran my hands over my tits, marveling at how much tit I had to run them over. I had heard that women's breasts were less sensitive the larger they got, but that was NOT the case with mine. When I had those little A cup things, I could barely feel them, but with these gargantuan tits I could feel every breath of wind on the little, fine hairs that covered them.

Finally, I reached my nipples. They were so erect that they were sticking out like little points, the little cone shape extending out to the edge of the areola and jutting out perhaps an inch into the air. As the nipples were only about as big around as a quarter (erect, I mean; I had never seen them not aroused,) this meant that they stuck out about as far as they were across. Needless to say, in the state I was in, touching them was an amazing experience. I pinched them gently and rolled them back and forth between my fingers, loving the feeling that sent shooting up into my body and straight down to my pussy. I felt like I could cum from just playing with my nipples.

I wanted something a bit faster, however. Leaving my left hand to continue to stroke my newly enlarged breasts, I trailed the right down along my belly. I felt the stomach that was still, impossibly, smooth and small in spite of the ridiculous growth in my breasts and hips, and trailed my hand down further.

When I reached the area just below the subtle incurving of my belly, the place where my blond pubic hair had been until I shaved it off, I started to get even wetter. I loved the feeling of slickness there. I dipped my fingers quickly down into my slit, but brought them back up to my mound quickly. With lubrication from my pussy juice, I could feel the perfect smoothness of my cunt. It was still perfectly smooth from the shaving I did yesterday morning. I concluded that my hair grew very slowly.

I didn't really care, though. I just was thankful because I loved the feeling of all that smooth skin above my slit, without a hair in sight. I hadn't even touched the slit yet, I was just rubbing my fingers over the top of my slippery mound. I raised up my head and propped it up on pillows so I could look down at my cunt as I played with it.

My pussy looked almost like a little girl's. Sitting there, with my legs parted only a little, there was not even a suggestion of stubble under the skin, only the nice little mound that slowly curves from one soft mound into two lips separated by a slit. I rubbed slowly across the mound and extended one finger to the top of the incurving line, just brushing my clit.

It was tender! After last night, I wasn't surprised, but I could tell that if I was at all forceful with it, it would be very painful. I proceeded to brush it gently, sometimes not even touching the clit, just brushing around the little hood that enclosed it. Even that was enough to give me immense pleasure. It wasn't that my clit was painful to touch, it was just that in it's slightly raw state, it was more sensitive both to pain AND to pleasure.

So pleasure it I did! I was grasping and pulling on my tits with my left hand while I rubbed my clit with my right. It was amazing! Even after all the sex I had had as a woman, nothing had prepared me for this. My dick had never been anywhere near this sensitive. In fact, I wouldn't have been able to conceive as a man of anything being this sensitive. The pleasure I got, just from fingering my clit, wiped out any worries I had about who had done this to me, of how large my tits had become, or anything else. Those things would return, but for now I was totally lost to my ecstasy.

My wet pussy was crying out to be penetrated, so I wrenched my finger away from my clit and pushed it up into myself. It also felt definitely sore, but because of this soreness, I was so much more aware of the feeling of my finger sliding into me. Where before I would have crammed two or even three fingers into my cunt (after last night, I was certainly stretched enough,) I now was completely satisfied to have one there. I moved it in and out for a second, then returned it to my clit.

Suddenly, I had an idea. I got my little vibrator from where I had hidden it in my dresser (under that pink DD cup bra that I would never wear now,) and grabbed Tiffany's dildo from where it lay, forgotten, next to her bed. Laying back down on my bed, I inserted the vibrator into my pussy. It filled my only partially, but it still felt extremely good. I didn't even turn it on, I just pushed it in and out of me for a few moments, until it was well lubricated, and then pulled it out.

Spreading my legs nice and wide, I felt under myself and pulled my asscheeks apart, then slowly inserted the vibrator. My ass was just as sore as my pussy, so the vibrator was slightly painful when I pushed it in for the first time, but I really wanted to be penetrated back there so I just clenched my teeth and kept pushing it slowly, but relentlessly, up my tail. Finally, it was completely in. I turned it on, and immediately the pain turned to pleasure. I started to pump it in and out, gently because my asshole was still very sensitive. My pussy momentarily forgotten, I concentrated all my energies on the sensations I was giving myself by fucking my ass with a vibrator. It was amazing. I felt full, that's the best way I can explain it, so sensuously, ecstatically full, and the sensation was coming not from my cunt but from my asshole. After only about a minute of slowly pushing the vibrator in and out of my anal entrance, I came.

After the orgasm subsided, and with the vibrator still buzzing in my ass, I began to work on my pussy. I took Tiff's dildo and ran the tip of it slowly up and down my slit, teasing like I had done so many times to other girls with my REAL dick, when I still was a man. The flowing pussy juice lubricated the head of the dildo, and I felt myself gasp as it grazed up against my clitoris. I positioned the head of the plastic cock at the opening of my vagina, and slowly pushed it up inside. Now I was filled, front and back, like I loved to be. I used my right hand to pump the dildo slowly in and out of myself, and my left hand to stimulate my clit. Now the feeling was truly unbeatable. I had dildos in both my cunt and ass, filling me completely, and I was simultaneously playing with my clit. I knew I couldn't last long before I came.

I was right. After only a few minutes of stimulating myself this way, I began to orgasm. Unlike the other times I had masturbated, though, I didn't stop playing with myself. It felt too good, and so I decided to play with my pussy up until the moment when I was exhausted from the orgasm and had to stop.

I discovered something about women about then. Whenever I had cum as a man, there had been a time just after my orgasm when I was too tired to move. As a woman, I kept waiting for that time, but it never happened. My orgasm didn't end, either. It just came in and out of focus, alternately bowling me over with sensation and receding to a pleasant glow between my legs. I knew that girls could maintain orgasms much longer than guys, but this seemed insane. I could keep having this feeling as long as I kept fingering myself. I wondered why women ever stopped!

I don't know how long I pleasured myself. It's hard to gage time while you're completely in ecstasy, but I would bet that my orgasm lasted about twenty five to thirty minutes before I collapsed from exhaustion. The next thing I knew, I was being shaken gently awake.

I opened my eyes to see Tiffany staring back at me. Once I was awake, she stopped staring at my eyes and concentrated her full attention on my tits.

"What the hell happened here?" she asked. "How much cum did you get?"

"I have no idea," I replied.

"Dammit, girl, it looks like you were the guest of honor at a gang bang!"

"Actually, that's kind of what happened."

I went on to explain the night before, and how horny it had made me, and Tiff nodded understandingly, took me in her arms, and started kissing my neck and breasts. I lay back as she undressed herself with expert fingers while her mouth remained glued to my nipples. Then, after becoming completely naked, she trailed her head down along my stomach to my hairless pussy. Her mouth enveloped my clit and she flicked it with her tongue. She licked me up and down either side of my slit, where the outer lips met the leg. She fucked me with her tongue. She did all the things to me that she knew would make me cum.

As I was approaching orgasm, I suddenly remembered something. I had never told Tiffany that it was sperm that made me grow. As far as she knew, my enlarging tits had no reason at all. She certainly hadn't known me long enough to observe that my tits only grew when I came into contact with cum. Suddenly, I remembered the time when she had called me Christopher while she was half asleep. I thought it had been a coincidence, but it was because she knew it was my real name. Also, I now knew why her voice was so familiar. It was the voice that I had heard whispering in my ear while I was strapped to the bed, having just been changed into a woman.

I was very careful not to betray my sudden revelation. She licked my cunt to orgasm, and I raised her face up to my own, kissing her mouth and reaching around to feel her ass. I kneaded and massaged her ass cheeks as I pushed her back onto the bed, my own wide hips (wider than hers!) between my legs and my pussy rubbing up against hers, humping her as if I had a cock. All the time, though, I was thinking of how I could force her to change me back into a man. I rubbed my pussy against hers, bringing us both to an orgasm after an enjoyable eternity of rubbing our very female bodies together, and all the time I was bent on revenge.

Tiffany had gone out to order custom made bras for me, and had returned an hour later with a story that the lingerie shop she had gone to had "happened" to have some extremely large sizes on hand. I now had bras ranging in size from an I cup (keep in mind these are unofficial sizes, they were printed on the bras but anything this big had to be custom made) up to an M cup. That one was truly amazing. I thought to myself that I wouldn't need it, but I then reflected on my now overpowering desire for cum, and wasn't so sure.

Regardless, I still couldn't go outside without attracting too much attention, so I had no choice but to stay in. At least those bras made it easier to move around, and at least they were now so large that half cup bras hadn't been an option. When I first tried it on, the I cup bra fit well, if a bit snugly, but that didn't last very long.

As I was laying on my bed, thoroughly bored and more than a little horny, there was a knock on the door that separated our room from the guys'. It opened without waiting for permission, and I saw Greg standing there in his boxer shorts.

"I wanted to apologize for last night..." he started.

I knew that wasn't what he wanted, and I was quite mad at him for causing me to be gang banged, but all that evaporated as soon as I saw the bulge in the front of his boxers. Immediately, I was across the room, frantic to get some cum. I tried to resist the craving, but it was now just too strong. I tried to force myself to make him use a condom, so that I could get some satisfaction from his dick and still avoid any more breast growth, but I was unable to do even that. The moment I saw him, my gaze was riveted to his crotch. Now, what I craved wasn't even sex, that was secondary. What I needed was cum. If someone had offered it to me in liter sized bottles, I wouldn't even have paused to say "thank you." The craving was now THAT strong.

I dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled his boxers down to his ankles in one smooth movement. I knew what he thought of me; in his mind I was just a slut, not so much a person as a convenient piece of ass. That was obvious from the way he had let me be gang banged last night. However, he wanted to stay on good enough terms to keep fucking me, and so he tried to apologize. Instead of letting him, I had reinforced my slut status. But I really had no choice, the craving was completely in control.

I took his instantly hard cock into my mouth. I marveled once again, as I had every time, at how good it felt that he was shaved as smooth as me. I had never heard of guys doing that when I was one, but I was glad that one of the guys I had fucked as a woman did it. I took his dick deeper and deeper into my throat, until his dick was pushing down my throat. My gag reflex was, however, overridden by my insatiable desire for cum, so I just kept inserting him further into my face. Finally, my lips were wrapped around the base of his cock, and still I could fell no trace of hair or stubble. Greg was so fastidious about shaving his cock that it was as smooth as my pussy, it felt like there was no hair to grow there. I loved the feeling of his slick shaft sliding in and out of my face.

I pulled my head back until only the tip of his cock was still between my lips, and grasped the base with my right hand. I pumped the base with my hand while I orally stimulated the head. In fact, his dick was large enough that I could pump the base my hand and still pump a good length of the shaft in and out of my mouth, so I soon found myself doing that. Feeling his hairless cock in both my hand and my mouth was extremely satisfying, but I still had my own needs, so I reached down between my parted, kneeling legs with my other hand and began to finger my own clean shaven cunt. It was already dripping on the floor, I was so horny.

Sucking Greg's cock was an enjoyable experience, but at the moment, it was only a means to an end. All I really needed right now was cum, so I took what I felt to be the swiftest form of action. I removed his dick from my mouth, making sure it was well lubricated with saliva and pre-cum, and leaned back. I took my left hand from my cunt only long enough to unclasp my bra, letting it fall uncaringly to the floor, and then returned the hand to it's place at my pussy, making sure Greg could see what I was doing. With my right hand, I continued to jack him off. I rubbed my hand back and forth like I had loved to along my own cock, as fast as possible, somewhat roughly, and concentrating on the head. I knew that this would be the fastest way to make him cum.

Predictably, I was right. Greg's eyes were looking past his cock straight down to where I was fingering myself. His eyes were glued to my crotch as I slid two fingers very quickly in and out of my hole. I could see that it was as much of a turn on for him as it had been for me when I was a man and one of my girlfriends would masturbate in front of me. My other hand was moving back and forth on his cock so fast it was only a blur. After only a minute or so of this treatment, Greg's eyes forced themselves shut and he fell back against the wall, groaning. His entire body tensed up, but I continued to jerk him off as fast as before. As I felt his spasms start, I aimed his cock at the place I needed the sperm most, and he shot his load all over my humongous tits.

It came out in three spurts, and each was bigger than the last. After the third, a good portion of my breasts was covered with Greg's creamy, white cum. I could feel them starting to tingle, but I was powerless to stop. I didn't even stop jacking Greg's dick, I just continued to stroke it while it limpened and then quickly began to harden again. Inside of ten minutes after the first, Greg deposited a second load of cum onto my tits.

After his second orgasm, Greg pulled himself out of my grasp and staggered, weakly, over to my bed. He collapsed there on his back, as if he was unable to stand any longer. I followed him to the bed and started to suck his cock. I sucked as hard as I could, but I still could not produce an erection. I was frantic! I NEEDED more cum! I pulled my mouth off of his dick and crawled up over his body. I spread my legs over him and proceeded to rub my soaking wet pussy against his limp dick, grinding my pubic bone into his. My hands were resting on the bed to either side of him, and my arms were still fully extended, but my huge tits still rested heavily on his chest and stomach. I rubbed them back and forth over him, rubbing his own cum off of my breasts and into his skin. I didn't mind losing it; It had already done it's job. I could feel my tits tingling like they were falling asleep, and I imagined I could almost feel them growing.

The combination of my crotch grinding against his and my slippery tits sliding over his chest got Greg's cock hard again, and as it began to stiffen it slipped immediately into my gaping, wet pussy. Just a half hour ago I had been remarking again on how sore I was there from last night, but I was completely unaware of any discomfort now. I did still feel stretched, though. Even Greg's huge cock wasn't filling me completely. I wanted his cum, though, so I clenched down with my pussy muscles to give him the maximum sensation possible, and continued to grind against him like I had been. Greg was exhausted, lying there like a wet rag, so I had to do all the work of fucking him. I rolled my hips back and forth, and side to side, trying to coax the cum from his balls. My slippery breasts were still rubbing against his chest, much more wildly now as I thrashed around on top of him, desperate for his sperm. It took almost ten minutes (an eternity considering the effort I was putting forth) until he shot another load up into my pussy.

I immediately jumped off of his cock and started to suck it again. I lapped up the few remaining drops of cum as they squeezed out of the tip of his dick and continued to blow him as his erection softened. I still needed cum, but I was not sure if I would be able to force Greg's overused cock into another erection. I concentrated all my efforts on it for almost ten minutes, becoming more frantic as time went by, but he stayed limp.

Finally, I had an inspiration. Continuing to suck him off, I slipped one hand back down to my cunt. I finger fucked myself furiously for a few seconds, trying to get all of the juice from my soaking wet pussy onto my finger. Then, I brought the finger back up to Greg's crotch. I traced a hairless line around from the base of his cock, up against his balls, and down between his incurving cheeks to his asshole. I slipped the finger gently past his sphincters, realizing that his ass was as tight as mine had been a few short days ago. The difference was much more apparent now. I pushed my finger into his ass a little bit past the first knuckle, then curved it slightly up towards his dick and proceeded to rub his prostate.

The effect was immediate. Greg's dick stiffened at once, and almost as immediately I was up and on top of it. I knew that I would have to keep him horny enough that he didn't lose his erection, which could happen even while I was fucking him full speed, as exhausted as he was, so I squatted down over his cock and inserted it into my ass instead of my pussy. Keeping my back straight, with my amazing breasts standing out from my chest, I made sure he could see that I was fingering my cunt as his cock pumped in and out of my asshole. I could tell he was enjoying himself in spite of his exhaustion, but I also figured this would be the last load I would get out of him.

I rode him for all I was worth, pressing my asshole down onto his cock with all my strength. I clenched at his cock with my muscles, and pumped my hand in and out of my pussy, inserting all four fingers into myself. He watched with interest, but despite his exhaustion, it didn't take very long before he closed his eyes and shot his fourth load up into my asshole.

I stayed there, no longer bouncing up and down in his lap but still fingering my pussy (because it felt good) and keeping his cock planted firmly all the way up my asshole (so that I would be sure not to waste any of his sperm.) After I was sure I would get no more from him, I left him there unconscious on my bed, and went into his room to see if Ian was there.

Ian was lying on his back on his bed, the sheet thrown back. I could see that he was naked, he had probably been the one to bring me back to my room, in the dark area of my memory that lay between the last I could remember of the gang bang last night and the first thing I could remember about waking up this morning. He had probably been taking a few liberties with my near-unconscious form, and staggered, naked, back into his own room to fall asleep.

All of which made no difference. I didn't care, when I saw his morning hardon poking up from the middle of his pubic hair. Ian's dick wasn't as big as Greg's, he had pubic hair (which I didn't really like,) and he wasn't as good in bed. None of this mattered to me either, because at the moment, all I needed was cum.

I went over to Ian, leaning down to plant my mouth on his dick. I wrapped my lips around his shaft, considering to myself that I actually knew from experience how good of a way to wake up this was. I took his cock completely into my mouth easily, especially after Greg's monster. I rubbed my tongue and lips up and down the shaft, again going as fast as possible to get as much sperm as I could from him in the time I had before he was too tired.

Ian woke up with a grin on his face, which was understandable. Consider this: he was hung over, but he had gang banged a hot slut the night before, and she was waking him up with a morning blowjob. Now that's the breakfast of champions.

Needless to say, it didn't take too long before Ian shot his first wad in my mouth, and I savored the taste while I continued to suck him. It bothered me for a moment that I was actually enjoying the taste of cum, but I chalked it up to the craving that had been artificially induced in me. In any case, it was hard to worry about anything while you were that horny. I just shrugged, and continued to suck his cock to orgasm again, fingering myself while I did. This time I jacked him off at the last minute so his cum would shoot on my tits, because that had made them tingle extremely pleasurably when Greg did it. This went on much the same way it had with Greg, with Ian fucking me until he passed out. I then went back into my room, to find Greg still passed out on my bed. I roused him to a sluggish semi-conscious state, managed to maneuver him back into his own room, and got one more load of cum shot onto my tits, before he passed out for good. I went back to my room and lay down in my bed, masturbating with my vibrator and Tiffany's dildo until I myself passed out.

I settled into a steady routine for the next few days. Luckily, it was the weekend, because in the whole first week of classes I had only gone to one. I at least got through Saturday and Sunday without skipping anything, if only because there was nothing to skip. I just laid around my room (laying was easier, because then I didn't have to support my tits, which after the session the morning after the gang bang, had grown another size, to an estimated J cup,) and masturbated, fucking Tiffany when she was around and when the boys were around, getting all the cum I could squeeze out of them.

I couldn't help myself. I knew the effect it was having on my body, and though it made me horny I detested it, but it was as if I was some sort of sperm addict. I would assure myself that I would retain my self control, but as soon as one of them came into the room I was on my knees, with my gigantic tits hanging out, sucking for all I was worth.

By Sunday, when my K cup bra fit, I had decided that the next time I could, I had to follow Tiffany out of the dorm. I knew she didn't have any classes, because I had looked in her backpack while she was in the shower and it was filled with blank notebooks, but I didn't know where she went when she left the dorm, or where she had done this to me. She left a couple of times over the weekend, and was gone most of the day Monday and Tuesday, but I didn't dare go out on Monday with tits that were by now an L cup, apart from the fact that I knew that as soon as I reached the courtyard, I would be naked in the middle of it trying to fuck or suck any guy I saw.

By Tuesday night, I was starting to despair. My tits were now barely fitting into the M size bra, which was the largest I had. I weighed about 150 pounds, and about 50 of it was tits and ass. Just for the hell of it, I had found a tape measure and taken my measurements: 62-22-41. How did that compare to the 6'2" guy I used to be? I was starting to have trouble getting up and moving around. I knew that my time was limited, and so I was glad when Tiffany got ready to leave at about eleven at night. This late, on a Tuesday night, the campus should be fairly deserted, and I could move around without too much fear.

Tiffany left by the door, and I had to hurriedly get dressed and follow her. The only problem was, I hadn't worn anything but a bra (by now, necessary except when I was actually letting Greg or Ian cum on my tits) since Friday. The first thing I did was insert Tiffany's dildo into my cunt, and my vibrator into my asshole, and turn it on. I knew that if I were to have any chance of returning to my former self, I could not be sidetracked if I happened to see some guy and crave his cum. This method had worked before, and I was praying that it would work now.

It took me a minute to find something that would actually fit over my tits, and a minute more to mind some pants that I could pull up past my hips and ass. By that time, I was sure Tiffany would be in the elevator and I would lose her. My heart sank. As a last resort, I decided to try climbing down the tree outside our window.

It was much harder than I thought. My female arms had nowhere near the strength in them that my male arms had had, and apart from that my breasts, even strapped securely into the bra, kept getting in the way. Finally, I reached the bottom of the tree and saw Tiffany, walking off into the shadows. I followed her.

She walked a little ways off campus, ducking into a back alley and finally entering a building through a sliding garage type door. I went around to the side of the building and climbed through a window that had been left open a crack, my heart beating up into my throat, because I was sure someone was going to hear me. I crept from the room in which I found myself out towards the light and speech I could hear from further within the building.

I arrived in a large room that appeared to have been jury rigged as some sort of laboratory. There was a lot of equipment I didn't understand, but only a very few dim lights, which allowed me to hide back in the shadows. Tiffany was in the middle of the room, standing in front of a table, facing and speaking to a group of women (thank god it wasn't men, I don't think I could have controlled the craving.)

" as I have explained," she said, "this chemical forces a change in the genetic makeup of an individual, substituting an X chromosome for the normal Y one, and changing other genetic material that we choose. We can, for example, program for a particular height, or appearance, or hair color. Also in this syringe," at which point she held up a syringe, "is a chemical we have formulated to accelerate cell decay and reproduction, so that that individual's body is almost completely replaced with new cells, bearing the new genetic code. We have tested this on a human male subject, who had been living as a woman for slightly more than a week now.

In this next vial, we have a substance that causes what in some ways is an even more interesting. It causes a reaction which is to be set off by the release of chemicals within the body, or the physical contact of certain substances from outside the body. In our subjects case, he... or she I guess I must now say, had been chemically programmed to react to human male ejaculate. When uh, SHE comes into contact with ejaculate, she experiences a destabilization of the fat cells recently ingested, causing them to reconfigure themselves in such a way as to appear to gain mass. This is actually a rather esoteric point, I won't bore you with the details, but the end result is that this fatty deposit is routed directly to certain, shall we say desirable, portions of the anatomy. I've seen this subject," she continued with a smirk, "and I can only describe the current proportions as mammoth."

"This next vial," she continued, "is untested, but we're fairly sure it will work. It is the same thing in reverse, to transform a woman into a man. It contains also a compound which will cause penis growth, like the aforementioned breast and hip area growth, but in response to the chemicals released internally in a man during orgasm rather than from some outside source."

"This next vial we are particularly proud of. It should alter the actual chemical configuration of the brain. As you know, the brain works on electrical pulses conveyed chemically, so this compound is designed to latch onto and stimulate the pleasure sensors of the brain when the brain itself receives certain stimuli. Particularly, the first object that registers in the mind as a person that the subject sees after the drug is administered will be the stimuli. The subject will bond to that person like a baby duck bonds to it's mother at hatching, and their pleasure sensors will stimulate them while in the presence of that other person. I'm sure you can see the uses of these drugs as useful in all manner of brainwashing enterprises. Now, if you'll follow me, I'll show you the next part of our facility..." she trailed off, leading the group out the door.

I had marked very carefully which syringe she had said was the one to turn females into males. I walked slowly over to the table, realizing that my object was finally within my grasp! I could be a man again!

Suddenly, though, I remembered that I would not be my old self again. I would look like whatever they had genetically programmed into that drug. Also, she had said something about penis growth occurring at each orgasm. Did I really want my dick growing out of control, like my tits and ass were now? I realized that I was still doomed.

Suddenly, however, I got an idea. I took the syringe anyway, but didn't inject myself with it. I also took the syringe next to it, and quickly exited the building the way I had come in, returning to my dorm without incident.

Once there, I stripped down to bra and panties, and then lay back on my bed and removed those, becoming completely naked. I rubbed my huge tits, thinking that if all went well, this might be the last chance I had to play with them. My right hand slipped down to my cunt, and I masturbated myself as a woman for perhaps (hopefully!) the last time. I took Tiffany's dildo from where I had left it lying next to the bed when I removed my panties, and began to ream my pussy furiously with it. After a while, I realized though that the sensation I wanted for my last female masturbation was that of my finger rubbing against my clit, so I removed the dildo and started to get myself off by hand.

The feeling was amazing. As my transformation progressed, I had gotten more horny and also more sensitive to pleasure, and by now I was at a point where I was impossibly sensitive to sex. I was constantly turned on, craving cum, and the slightest touch to my clitoris could send me into shivers of ecstasy. There's no way to describe what it felt like; It was so much better than it had been when I was first changed into a woman that it was almost a different sensation.

After fingering my clit for a while, I realized that my last masturbation as a girl wouldn't really be complete unless I finger fucked my asshole, so I lubed up my left hand with pussy juice and stuck it up into my ass. The hole was already loosened from the vibrator that had recently been buzzing away in there, as well as more than a week's worth of old fashioned buttfucking by thirty or so different guys. I stuck my finger all the way up into my ass, enjoying the full feeling there, and wiggled it around while I rubbed my clit with the other hand until I came.

As was usual since my transformation into a woman, I was still horny. It suddenly occurred to me that since I would be turning back into a man later tonight, I could for the first time indulge my lust for cum without any fear of the consequences. Certainly, my breasts and hips would grow as before, but any changes would be completely temporary, only lasting until later tonight when I was a man again. I jumped up from my bed and rushed to the room next door.

The guys were laying in their beds, having turned in for the night. I knew they weren't expecting me to take any initiative; since the gang bang I hadn't been able to refuse a good fucking, but I still didn't seek it out, trying to slow the growth of my breasts. Now, however, I didn't care. All I knew was that I had an insatiable thirst for cum and tonight I could do my best to quench it, knowing that the consequences would be only temporary. In fact, the small part of my mind that couldn't help enjoying the huge breasts I now possessed had me actually looking forward to my growth. I wondered how big they could actually get?

I decided to find out. I went over to Greg's bed and climbed on, pulling down the sheets to expose his already hard cock. I took it into my mouth immediately, sucking him as far as I could into my throat. Since the gang bang, my only objective in having sex with these guys was to absorb their cum. It was all I wanted, orgasms were secondary almost to the point of unimportance. I sucked off Greg's cock as quickly as I could, not even really interested when he woke up. All I knew was that for the first time since I had become a woman I was able to indulge my lust for cum without fear or the consequences, and I gloried in it.

Greg started to moan as he came the first time, and the noise he was making woke up his roommate. I didn't even acknowledge Ian's existence, I just aimed Greg's spurting cock so that it shot onto my breasts, and then took him back into my mouth. I needed more sperm.

Ian, being the ass crazy pervert that I had known he was, immediately got behind me and started fucking my pussy, staying in that hole only long enough to lubricate his dick before he drove his organ up into my anus. I ignored him, knowing that he was enjoying himself, and that his cum in my ass would intensify the lovely throbbing in my hips and breasts.

Once again, I could feel the lovely sensation of my breasts growing. This time, all I did was enjoy it without reservation. Ian fucked my ass four times before he collapsed, and I managed to coax an unbelievable SEVEN loads of Greg's cum out of his dick and onto my tits, before he also collapsed. All through this episode, I was only able to think about my rapidly enlarging breasts. The sex was almost at the back of my mind; I enjoyed it in a completely different way, just as the impetus for making my tits grow. That was my real objective, and all I was really interested in.

After I had gotten all the satisfaction from Greg and Ian that they were capable of giving, and my sperm craving was as satiated as it would ever be, I returned to my room. On the way, I stopped to check the size of my breasts in the mirror.

They were gigantic. Mounds of flesh stood out from my chest in a way that was completely unbelievable, so impossibly buoyant for their size that I would be convinced they were fake if they hadn't been mine. They were so large they must have made up half my weight, which must now be nearing one-eighty, which was what I had weighed as a man.

Tearing my gaze away from my awe-inspiring tits, I went into the room I shared with Tiffany. She was lying naked on her bed, on her stomach with her ass sticking up into the air. Seizing an opportunity, I grabbed the syringe with the mind control drug in it and injected it all into her ass.

Tiffany woke up from the sudden pain she felt in her right ass cheek, and started to fight against me, realizing what must be happening. I struggled to hold her down, with the weight of my tits on her chest being my only real advantage, but in my weakened female state she was much stronger than me. I struggled to overpower her, wondering how long it would be until the drug took effect, until suddenly and without warning, I felt her relax.

I looked down into her face and saw her looking back at me with such a look of adoring, puppy-dog love that I knew she couldn't be faking. I immediately got up, went over to where I had hidden the syringes, and got the other one. I injected it's contents into her ass, and she didn't raise any protest at all.

I was amazed at the results. I hadn't expected it to be this fast. Within about ten minutes, the Tiffany I knew disappeared and was replaced by a 6'5", muscular, well hung stud. The changes were just slow enough that you couldn't actually see them happening, but fast enough that you could close your eyes for a moment and reopen them to see an obviously more masculine figure standing in front of you.

"Tiffany," I started, eager to get some information before succumbing to what I knew would come next, "can you change me back into my male self?" I wanted to get right to the point, before the craving I now felt for Tiffany's new cock took over.

"Certainly, Chris," she replied. "You see, some of your cells didn't actually change. That would be impossible to implement, and it's unnecessary anyway, as long as the vast majority of them change. We've already formulated a drug that finds the oldest form of DNA in the subject and reverts the subject to that form, for just such an eventuality. In fact..."

"Never mind," I interrupted. "Right now, all I need is your cock."

I crossed the room and pushed Tiffany (it felt really weird to realize that this stud in front of my was my very feminine roommate. After a few minutes, I didn't care anymore, as her dick spurted it's first load onto my breasts. As it spurted, it began to lengthen, and I knew I had my revenge.

I continued to suck Tiff's cock, hardening it again, and rolling it around in my mouth to induce another orgasm. I noticed that the mostly depilitated hair pattern she had had on her pussy had carried over to her dick. It had a little triangular bit of fluff over the very base of it, and the rest was shaved clean. I was kind of glad, thinking how this was the last dick I would ever suck, and I really preferred them shaved.

Tiffany came again in less than five minutes of oral stimulation. I guessed that Tiffany had as little chance of controlling her masculine urges as I had had of resisting my feminine ones. I aimed her dick at my tits again, spurting it's sperm where it would have the greatest effect, and went back to sucking her cock.

When I had it hard again, laid back on Tiffany's bed and pulled her on top of me. I actually allowed her to kiss me, the first time I had been kissed on the mouth by a man in my time as a woman. I guessed that since it was actually a woman, there was no problem. Then I reached down to guide her inexpert but exuberant prick into my pussy.

Tiffany wasn't even as good of a fuck as Ian, let alone Greg, but all I really wanted was another load of cum, as well as to force her to have sex as the other sex just like she had forced me. If I had had more time I might have tried to get her gang raped by a bunch of horny girls, but actually that might have been too enjoyable for her, and in any case time was short. I allowed her to cum in my pussy, and then sucked her dick to another erection (it was bigger now, about fourteen inches long, and throbbing with the same rhythm as my tingling tits) and turned over onto my hands and knees, allowing Tiffany to bang my asshole. She went to the work at hand with relish, but without subtlety.

When she had cum her fourth load, up into my asshole, I exerted all my force of will and tore myself away from her cock. I got dressed and inserted the dildo and vibrator into myself as I had before, finding to my good fortune that Tiffany had brought more, larger bras home for me, knowing that soon I would be too large for even the unrealistically large sizes I already had. I finally found myself strapping on an O cup bra, thinking to myself that I now probably had the largest tits in human history. I then forced Tiffany to get dressed in clothes borrowed from Greg (Ian's clothes were too tight in the crotch) and lead me back to her laboratory.

We returned to her lab without incident. On the way there, I was constantly finding my thoughts drifting to Tiffany's now eighteen-inch cock. I changed my mind. I had originally intended to leave her as a man, but now I realized the advantages that a beautiful woman who was completely under my control could bring me. I decided to have Tiffany turn herself back into her old self, so I could use her sexually like she had used me.

We entered the room where I had been strapped down during my transformation into a woman, and Tiffany immediately got out two doses of the antidote she had described to me. She administered the shots to each of us, assuring me that it would work as quickly as the other shots had worked on her, earlier. I lay down on the cot in the center of the room, stripped, and closed my eyes, waiting to open them as a man again.

I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew I was waking up. I sat up, immediately feeling disappointed. The huge weight on my chest was still there. I saw Tiffany sitting naked over in the corner of the room, and she at least was back to her old self.

"What went wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing," she replied. "We were both restored to our former genetic make-ups."

"Then why am I still a woman?" I asked.

"You're not," she said, pointing at my crotch. I looked where she was pointing to see that she was correct, between my legs was now the seven-inch cock I had had before she kidnapped me and conducted her experiments on me. It was hairless, but I knew that hair would brow back. In fact, I had enjoyed having a hairless pussy so much, I might have considered the joys of a bald cock if I hadn't been so enraged by my other bodily attributes.

"Then why the hell do I still have these?" I asked angrily, grabbing my still humongous tits.

She didn't answer at first, she just guided me over to a full length mirror set into the wall. I looked at myself in the mirror, realizing that I was a strange amalgamation of the man I had been born to be and the woman I had been turned into. I had a face that was almost my old one, but softened and feminized. I was also nearly my old height again, and I had a cock, but other than that my build was entirely female. My breasts looked only slightly smaller, but that was explainable by the fact that they were now on a much larger frame. My hips still flared out so much as to make my waist look impossibly thin. I turned around to look at my perfect ass.

"Now you've done it," I nearly screamed, really starting to get angry now. "I can' even lead as normal a life as I did when I was a woman. I'm some kind of she-male freak! How come what happened to me didn't happen to you? You don't still have a huge cock growing out of your bush!"

"The same thing DID happen to me," she said, sounding a little hurt at my abuse. Her psyche had been altered by the drug so that she wanted to please me, and it was very disturbing for her to be yelled at. "Look."

She spread her legs to show me her clitoris, inflamed to seven or eight times it's normal size.

"The gender swapping was a genetic change," she said, "but the penis, hip and breast growth was simply a rearrangement of fat molecules. It CAN be undone, but it takes a different drug."

She rummaged around in a cabinet full of syringes for a few minutes, coming up with two syringes full of two different mixtures.

"This one," she said, injecting herself with the first syringe, "will restore feminine attributes to its subject. And this," injecting me, "will restore your male ones."

I waited for something to happen.

"It's not working!" I exclaimed hotly after a few seconds.

"Of course not," she explained. "Like the drugs we both experienced before, it needs sexual stimulation to have any effect."

With that, she pushed me down onto the cot and strapped my arms and legs down. I knew that this was not a real imprisonment, but just a sexual game for our enjoyment, so I put up no resistance.

She climbed onto the table, kneeling between my legs. I could actually see her elongated clit hanging between her legs like some tiny dick, but most of my vision was taken up by my huge mammaries. She snaked her way up onto my body and started to lick them.

This was the first time I had had tits to be stimulated WITHOUT the overriding horniness that had been triggered by my first transformation. Before, I could blame my enjoyment of my tits on the physical and mental changes that had been forced on me. Now, I had no such excuse. I must admit, it felt just as good, perhaps better, because I could concentrate on the sensations coming from my tits and not have to worry about a powerful need to cum or ingest sperm.

Tiffany was as expert as ever in manipulating my breasts, licking over the full masses of them. She scraped her teeth over them, nipping them gently, and sucked the nipples completely into her mouth, pinching them also slightly with her teeth. I moaned in ecstasy. She kneaded both my breasts in her hands while sucking them each in turn. She buried her face between them, pushing them up like earmuffs so that they almost enveloped her head. She took both nipples between the fingers of either hand, and suddenly pinched them tightly, rolling them back and forth between her fingers. That pitched me over the edge, and I came. I felt my cock spasm, cumming from the stimulation she had imposed on my breasts, and I shot my first load of cum in a week. It shot up and hit Tiffany, and I heard her give a little "oh!" of pleasure.

Suddenly, my breasts and hips began to tingle again, but differently from before. As I looked at them, they deflated slightly. I looked up at Tiffany to see her kneeling between my legs, both her hands at her crotch pulling her cuntlips open and exposing her clit. As I watched, it retracted slowly, becoming not so grossly out of proportion. Tiffany was reacting to my cum as I had earlier reacted to hers.

That last statement was truer than I knew. Tiffany suddenly said to me "my tits feel funny," and we looked at them to see them grow ever-so-slightly larger. I realized that my cock had been tingling, and looked down at it. I wasn't sure, but it looked slightly larger too.

In any case, there was nothing to be done about it now. I flipped Tiffany over onto her back, the masculine strength starting to return to my arms, and inserted my cock into her pussy. I could still feel how my wide hips pushed her hips extra far apart, and my gigantic tits still cascaded down onto her chest, but now I was penetrating her with a real cock. Tiffany, for her part seemed to be enjoying being fucked by a perverted she-male, as her hypertrophied clit was pushing up noticeably against my hairless cock.

I reached around behind her to grab and spread her ass cheeks, pulling her cunt onto my dick with my grip on her ass as leverage. I strove to impale her upon my shaft. I was so entranced with again feeling the pleasure of entering a pussy that I wanted to push myself completely up into it.

Eventually, though, I began to stroke in and out normally. The mix of sensations was what made this fuck so fantastic. My dick was fucking a pussy just like it always had, but I could feel Tiffany's hands on my extra wide hips, and my gigantic tits were constantly rubbing up against her smaller (but still very large) ones. The juxtaposition of feelings from my male sex life and my female one, and particularly that they were my favorite sensations from each, drove me wild.

Considering the tensions of the situation, and how horny we both were, it's not surprising that I couldn't hold out for very long. After ten minutes or so of squatting between this beautiful girl's legs, fucking her as a she-male, I came. As we both watched, my tits and her clit again shrank somewhat.

I guided Tiffany with my hands, flipping her over yet again so that she was on her hands and knees. I reached down between my legs and started to jack my dick (yes, it was now noticeably bigger) to another erection. Looking down between my still huge tits (I estimated that they were now back down to L cups,) I saw my hand jacking my shaft. It was an incredible turn on to see that big cock, so incongruous with the rest of my body, which was so feminine. I jacked myself off for longer than was strictly necessary, enjoying the sensations and the arousing visual effect it had on me. Eventually, I pushed the giant head of my well-lubricated cock up against Tiffany's puckered asshole. With one thrust I buried my cock completely up her ass.

The moan that forced itself past Tiff's lips, half pleasure and half pain, was proof that I was butt-fucking her a little bit harder than she had intended. However, I was still a little bit enamoured or having my revenge on her, so I crammed my large cock up her ass and fucked her as hard as I could. My muscles were standing out more, growing closer to their former size with every orgasm I had, so I had even more strength with which to grasp her hips and pull her back onto me, impaling her anus on my dick.

I stroked in and out of her asshole, enjoying the tightness I could feel there that was so much more intense than in her pussy. Tiffany cried out more in pleasure than in pain now, as her sphincters relaxed to take the length and width of my cock into her tail more easily. I was still assaulting her ass with quite a lot of force, though, pushing her forward until she started to get closer and closer to the table. Finally, she was just lying there on her stomach, and I was lying on top of her, my huge breasts rubbing and slipping around against her sweaty back. I forced my cock in and out of her ass, holding her cheeks apart as she lay there limp, offering no resistance as I pummeled and fucked her ass.

I felt my orgasm grab me. It felt like it was picking my up and wringing me dry. I thrust my cock as far as I could up into Tiffany's ass as time seemed to slow down. I could feel seconds flowing past like hours as my orgasm began. I could not remember ever having a stronger one, as a woman or as a man. It felt like the very essence of my being was being squeezed out through the hole at the end of my cock.

Finally, after an eternity in which my eyes squeezed shut and the whole world seemed centered around my cock, I could feel the release. My cum shot from my dick and up into Tiffany's abdomen. I could hear and feel her moan her pleasure, and I felt my tits deflate slightly again as I collapsed on her back.

Well, it took all night and part of the next morning, but we finally got back to our right shapes. Tiffany's clit was back to normal by the fifth fuck, but I lost count of how many times I had to come before I was completely male again. The side effects on both of us were considerable.

I am now 6'4" tall, two inches taller than when this story started, and about twenty pounds heavier, all of it muscle. My dick is now twelve inches long (I'm sure of that figure; Tiffany measured it,) and I've got a bit more body hair, except on my dick, which I now keep shaved bald. I decided that I liked the sensation.

Tiffany's changes are in the other direction. Her tits grew two cup sizes, she's now a G cup, and her hips and ass filled out into a nice rounded package. I guess she's even more fuckable now than she was when I met her.

I decided to stay roommates with Tiff. As I said before, it was a coed dorm on a progressive university campus, and I enjoyed all the sex I got from her. We discovered that the growth effect on our sex organs was only temporary, but I know if we ever WANT changes in our bodies, that can be accomplished. Since I drugged her, though, I'm also sure that Tiffany wouldn't transform anyone without my permission.

All in all, life is pretty good. I'm doing all right in my classes, and planning on majoring in biochemistry (I've got a great tutor.) I've been hanging out at the bar a lot with the guys from the room next door, but I tell them I don't believe their stories about Tiffany's former roommate, some slutty girl with breasts that were amazingly huge.

After all, shit like that can't be true, can it?



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