The Best Erotic Stories.

Night Out Pt. I
by steven ghezzi

We agreed to meet in a parking lot. I was a little nervous. After all, I barely knew him. He'd told me that he'd like me to be wearing no underwear when we met, which I never did, so I was going to get there a little early and hit the ladies' room. When I saw the place we'd agreed to meet at, I immediately felt myself get very wet. God, I wanted this so much. At the same time, I could feel myself getting a little more nervous. I swallowed hard, and got out of the car.

In the ladies' room, I went into a stall and removed my panties and my bra. It was an interesting feeling, my tits moving freely, and the rough jeans rubbing my damp pussy. Just out of curiosity, I looked at my panties and saw that they were very wet at the crotch. I quickly stashed them and my bra in my purse. I put my jeans and white button down shirt back on and walked out to the mirror. I gave my hair a quick brush and checked how I looked. The jeans were tight, but comfortable.

I decided to open the second button on my shirt, and I smiled at myself in the mirror. I'd decided to wear my black pull-on boots since I knew I could get out of them quickly. Well, okay, I also liked how those boots made my tits bounce when I walked. Suddenly, looking into that mirror, I wondered what the hell I was doing there, meeting a man that I hardly knew with the sole purpose of screwing his brains out. But I knew I wouldn't leave. I wanted this too badly to stop now. I swallowed hard, opened just one more button for good measure to show a little more cleavage, and walked out.

It was a beautiful day, and my car windows were down. The place was fairly busy, cars pulling in and out. I got into my car, leaned back against the headrest, and closed my eyes for a minute, willing my heart to slow down a bit. Just then I heard a male voice say my name. I opened my eyes, and there he was, in the car beside mine. I hadn't even noticed him pull in. I was so startled, I was speechless. I just smiled and then looked away at something in the car, trying to gather myself. But I could feel his eyes on me, and I could feel my jeans getting a little wetter.

He smiled at me and invited me into his car. He gave me a tender kiss and asked if I was still comfortable with this, and of course I said that I was. He smiled at me for a moment, and then he ran his eyes over me and gave me a very deep and sensual kiss, his hand at the back of my head, holding my mouth tightly to his. I couldn't help it, I came right there. As he drove, he reached over and unbuttoned the fourth button on my shirt, giving him free access to my tits. He pushed my shirt aside to see my tit and rolled my nipple between his thumb and finger and squeezed my tits. He reached down between my legs and stroked my pussy through my jeans. I started to moan just a little.

When we got to where he'd decided to take me, he walked past me and sat in a chair. He held his hand out to me, and I walked over to stand before him. He pulled my head down for another mindbending kiss, his hand reaching up to cup my breast. He unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, tossing it aside quickly, and grabbing both of my breasts, kissing them, squeezing the nipples, sucking on them. I was cumming again.

He pulled back, looking at me, and unfastened my jeans. He whipped them down to my ankles quickly and grabbed my ass, pulling me toward him, chewing on my nipples. I stepped out of them, my hands all over him, stroking his cock through his pants. I stood there naked before him, and he leaned back for a minute, looking at me. He stood up, pulled off his shirt, and bit my neck just hard enough to make me even wetter. God, I wanted him so bad. He got out of his pants and I knelt down to kiss his hard cock. I licked up the shaft and sucked on the head a little.

Then I took it into my mouth, pumping slowly. He put his hands on my hair. I sucked on it for a little bit, enjoying the taste of him. He told me to lay on the floor. I obeyed. Instantly, he was there, on me, his cock buried in me, pumping me so hard I was cumming and moaning. Then he stopped. He started teasing me, pumping just enough to bring me to the edge, and then pulling out suddenly. He did that again, and again, until I was begging for more, begging for release, I had to cum!

He turned me onto my stomach, and instead of my pussy, he drove his big hard cock straight into my ass, pumping hard. God I moaned and I screamed, it felt so good. Then he started switching holes after each stroke, first my ass, then my soaking pussy, then my ass, then my pussy. I moaned and thrashed as I came. He put me on my side, one leg up high, and straddled me. Suddenly he was in me again, so deep in me, fucking me harder and harder, God it felt so good. He put his hands on my head for leverage, driving his cock in deeper and deeper until I was screaming as I came.

He went to the next room and brought out a cold wine bottle that had been put into the freezer, and he pushed the neck of it up into my pussy, fucking me with it. God, it was so cold, it made me shiver. Then he was on top of me, fucking me and fucking me, and chewing on my tits, until I felt him tighten and then he pulled out, held his cock over my stomach and shot hot wads of cum all over my tits. He rubbed it over me with his fingers and then held his fingers up to my mouth to let me lick them clean. Then he let me lick his cock clean. God, I was ready to do anything he wanted. And he knew it.

We decided to get a motel room, so we went for a drive. We pulled into the parking lot. He reached behind my head and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back. Then he leaned over and thrust his tongue into my mouth hard, holding onto my hair. God, I came again. As we got out of the car and began walking up the path to the office, I reached up to button up a bit, and he looked at me and said "Leave it open."

I obeyed. It was an interesting feeling. I was a little embarrassed at being so exposed, but it made me hot too. As we walked, he put his arm around me, and a few times he reached up and gripped the back of my hair tightly, pulling my head back just a little. He knew exactly how hot it was making me. When we registered, the man at the desk looked down at my tits and looked up again quickly. I swallowed but showed no reaction. We walked back to our room. I stepped into the middle of the room and waited while he locked the door. There were windows at both ends of the room and the back window faced the house of the man who had been at the desk. He made sure the blind on that window was wide open. He gestured for me to come to him and he pulled me into another kiss that made my knees nearly buckle, this time with his hand tight in my hair, completely controlling the movement of my head as his tongue fucked my mouth thoroughly.

He stood back and told me to take off my shirt. I quickly did and tossed it into a nearby chair. Then he walked behind me and reached around to squeeze my tits, biting my neck. He walked in front of me again, unfastened my jeans, and roughly whipped them down to my ankles again. I stepped out of them as he sucked and squeezed and nibbled on my nipples. He told me to get on the bed and onto my side, and then he pushed my top leg up and fucked me hard and fast, first in my pussy, then in my ass. He said "You really like it in your ass, don't you." I moaned out "God yes, I love it." He had me get on my stomach and spread my legs, and he reached down to stroke my pussy, and then suddenly he was in my ass again, fucking me so hard I arched upward, clutching the sheets and shouting out as I came.

Then he had me get on my back and cross my ankles and he fucked me that way. He picked up my legs and put them on his shoulders, spreading my arms over my head, fucking me so deep I cried out from the pleasure of it. Then he rammed that big hard cock of his up into my ass and put his hands over my head for leverage again and fucked me so deep I thought I'd pass out from cumming so much. I screamed and moaned, thrashing my head. He started taking his cock all the way out and ramming it back in over and over again. Then he started teasing me, fucking my pussy until he could hear by my moans that I was about to cum again, and then immediately stopping. He looked at me intensely and said in a low, firm voice, "Don't cum." Then he started again and my moaning increased, and he reminded me again "I said don't cum."

I held back but god, it was so hard not to. He said "You're close, aren't you." and I moaned out "God yes" and he said "If you cum, I'll punish you. Hold it back." God, he was fucking me so hard, his face so close to mine, all I could see and hear and feel was him. I moaned and I begged him to let me cum, but he wouldn't. I couldn't hold it back anymore. He felt me tightening and clenching, and said "You're cumming again, aren't you."

I screamed out "Oh god, yes, fuck me!" He said "You know I'll have to punish you now." "Yes," I moaned out, still cumming. He fucked me even harder then, slamming into me over and over, uttering one word, "Cum," and I felt my orgasm exploding instantly. He pulled out just as he was about to cum and aimed it at my tits and my face. I leaned my head up and tried to catch every drop I could in my mouth.

Then he wiped gobs of it up with his finger, letting me suck it clean. I licked all around my mouth to get every drop I could reach. Then he smiled at me. We laid there together for awhile, and then he suggested we go out for some coffee. And he said he was going to give me my punishment at the restaurant.

When we arrived and got out of the car, again I reached up to button my shirt, which was still open to below my breasts, but he stopped and gave me a steady look and said "I said leave that open." I put my hands back down, a little embarrassed but at the same time exhilarated at the thought of it. In the restaurant, he asked me if I was enjoying it, and I immediately told him yes. Then he leaned across the table and placed an ice cube between my breasts.

When I started to reach for it, he said "Let it melt there." As it melted, I gave a shiver. He asked me "Does your shirt cover your jeans?" I answered yes. "Unzip them," he told me, and as I did, he said "You came four times before I told you to. For your punishment, I want you to get off four times in this restaurant, one for every time you came when I told you not to. Now reach down and play with your pussy until you cum."

I looked around. There were a number of people around. This was going to be difficult. I shifted to give my hand some room in my jeans, and began stroking my pussy. I stroked between the lips until it was good and wet, and then I started stroking the clit. I began to feel myself on the edge. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, a small moan escaping my lips as I came. I opened my eyes and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No one was looking but him. He smiled and said, "Good girl."

I smiled back. He used the ice on me a few more times, and had me cum three more times. When I was all finished, he suggested that I might like a new toy. He took me to a store and led me to the vibrators. He picked one out for me and handed it to me. I took it up to the checkout and blushed a little as the cashier rang it up. He reached up and grabbed the back of my hair again, moving my head around just a bit, reminding me who was in charge. I swallowed hard, enjoying the feeling. He paraded me around pointing it out to me whenever he noticed a man looking at my tits.

A few times, he put his hand around my shoulder, pulling on my shirt just enough to open it up a little more. He walked quickly and I nearly had to run to keep up sometimes. My tits were bouncing as I tried to keep up. In the parking lot, he took the package from me and opened it, inserting some batteries. "Ever use one of these?" he asked. I shook my head no. He started to drive and reached over to hold the vibrator against my pussy and turned it on just a little. I breathed in suddenly as it brushed my clit through my jeans. He told me to unzip my jeans again. Knowing what was next, I swallowed and did as he told me. "Push it up into your pussy. All the way." I shifted my hips forward and began to insert it. I had to shift a few times to get it all the way in. He reached over and turned it on just barely.

I breathed in sharply again, arching my back as I felt the wetness spreading. Then he reached over again and turned it up. I began to moan. He grabbed the end of it and fucked me with it, pumping it hard. He didn't stop until I'd orgasmed again. He shut it off then and told me to leave it in and zip up my jeans. He unbuttoned my shirt all the way down, spreading it wide open, playing with my tits, squeezing my nipples. When we got back to the motel, I started to button my shirt and he said "I thought I told you to leave it open." My God, he actually wanted me to walk out of the car like that. He didn't even let me hold it closed as we walked to the room.

I gave myself over completely to it then. I loved the control he wielded over me. Every time he used that low, firm tone of voice, it melted me, made me want him all the more. He pulled my clothes off, and I crawled onto the bed, waiting for him. He fucked me over and over again. I was moaning and writhing, screaming out as I came.

When he thought I'd had enough, he let me clean off his cock with my tongue. Then he laid down on his back and nestled me into his arms. We rested and talked a bit and then he put his hand at the back of my head and pushed my mouth toward his cock. I licked and I sucked, savoring every minute, until my jaws were sore. Then he held my head still and fucked my mouth, thrusting upward hard and fast. I began moaning louder around his cock, feeling myself cumming. Then he brought me up and plunged my pussy onto his cock, and I rode it. He stroked my clit and squeezed my nipples. He put me on my side again, and bent my top leg up out of the way, slamming into me again and again and again, putting his hands on the top of my head to pull me down onto it as he slammed it up into me. I screamed out and came like I'd never cum before.

He put me on my back and fucked me some more, raising my legs up to my shoulders, fucking my pussy, fucking my ass. Then oh my god, he got the vibrator. He fucked my pussy with it, he fucked my ass with it, then he plunged his hard cock into me along with the vibrator and I was screaming and clutching the sheets. Then he pulled them out and slammed both of them into my ass! God, I was cumming so hard I couldn't stop! I've never cum the way he made me cum, the way he always makes me cum. Just writing about this is making me so wet. And I can't wait to see him again.


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