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Night Out Pt. II
by steven ghezzi

He called for me and I came running, just like I always do. Mike was the most incredible lover I'd ever had, and I was completely obsessed with him. I drove my car to where he wanted to meet me, and there he was, in the parking lot. He told me to get into his car. He gave me a kiss and then I waited as he debated what he wanted us to do. No matter what he decided, I knew that I'd enjoy it as much as I enjoyed everything we did together. It always involved very hot sex.

Suddenly he gave me an evil grin. I braced myself for what he might be brewing up. "How would you like to take a ride?" he asked me.

"Sure, where to?" I agreed.

"I have a friend. I'm going to take him a present. I'm going to share you with him," he answered, and gave me that grin that meant he knew I'd agree. He knows the power he has over me. I swallowed and said simply "Alright," and then I smiled at him, thinking that this was the beginning of another wild ride.

It was a very long ride, about an hour. As we started out, he told me a little about his friend. He said, "You'll like Jason. He's a lot like me." I smiled, but doubted that. No one was like him. No one had ever made me feel the things he made me feel. And no one could talk me into things like he could. I'd never been with more than one man at a time, although we'd talked about it and I knew he wanted me to try it.

Along the way, we talked and laughed, and suddenly he told me, "Take off your pants." Quickly, I removed my jeans. He took them from me and threw them into the back seat. "Did you bring your toys like I told you to?", and he gave me that look that meant he would be very disappointed if I did not. God, I love that look. So very sexy. That look alone makes me so very wet. I quickly brought out a long slender vibrator and a very large butt plug, showing him that I'd remembered.

He said, "Lick the butt plug. Get it real wet and shove it in your ass. All the way." I quickly did as he said. I had a difficult time considering the position I was in, but I did it. God, it was so big. I looked up at him, breathing hard. He said, "Now put the vibrator in your pussy but don't turn it on." Driving along the bumpy road, and having that enormous butt plug in my ass made it difficult.

I was moaning before it was halfway in. He said to me in that low sensual voice, "Now turn it on, just a little." I twisted the knob very slowly and the vibration surged through me, vibrating the seat where the knob touched, vibrating through that thin wall separating my pussy from my ass, vibrating the butt plug in my ass. "Now turn it all the way on," he instructed me.

I was on the verge of cumming, and cumming hard. "Do not cum," he ordered me, "we're approaching a town now and I want you to masturbate and fuck yourself with it, but do not cum until we're past that town or you'll be punished." Oh God, I needed to cum.

How was I going to last through that entire town?! "Hold it back," he reminded me as I fucked myself with the vibrator, moaning and biting my lip, my body tense with need. He said, "If you cum too soon, your punishment will be to take off your shirt too. And everyone on the street, everyone in every car on the road will see you." Halfway through the town, I'd somehow managed to hold it back, but I was so close I knew it was only a matter of time.

Through my moans, I heard him ask me, "Have you cum yet?" I shook my head and moaned out a no. He said, "You're very close, aren't you." I nodded again. Suddenly he reached over, and started stroking my clit, hard. "Don't cum," he reminded me, "Don't cum or you'll have to take the punishment."

I tried so hard not to, I really did, but he just kept stroking me, harder and harder, he just wouldn't let up. Suddenly the walls crumbled and I came, with an earth-shattering orgasm, moaning and screaming out in pleasure. He kept it up, making me cum again before he would stop. Then, finally, he let me take them out and lick them both clean.

I was still breathing heavily when I finally looked at him. There was that look, the one that cut right through me, as if he could see right through me and know my deepest desires. I looked away and swallowed. He let me rest a few minutes, and then he motioned for me to go down on him. I unfastened his jeans and brought out that luscious cock of his. I bent down and licked it hungrily. I licked it with long smooth strokes, and then took it into my mouth. I had a hard time staying steady with the bends and the bumps, but I kept sucking on his shaft, moaning around it, until he told me it was enough. He let me rest a bit because he knows I cum a little when I give him head. Having him in my mouth is such a hot feeling that I just can't help it.

After I'd put out my cigarette and sipped from my drink, he looked at me again and said, "You owe me a punishment. Take off your shirt." It was still broad daylight, and there were enough people on the road that I had to brace myself to do it. He took my shirt from me and threw it into the back with my pants. He never liked me wearing underwear, no panties, no bra, so I was completely naked now. I saw some people nearby and instinctively pull my arm across my breast to cover up at least a little. Immediately, he said, "Don't try to cover yourself." I glanced over at him and saw that serious look on his face and knew that he meant it. I put my hands down. "Good girl," he said as a reward.

We rode that way until he neared Jason's place, and he told me I could get dressed. He pulled into a parking lot to use the pay phone. I knew he must be calling Jason. When he got back into the car, I asked, "What did you tell him?" "I told him I was bringing him a present," was his answer, "but he doesn't know what it is."

He grinned at me, obviously enjoying the thought of his little surprise. We drove for a few minutes and pulled into the driveway. "Wait here," he told me. He walked up to the door, and I could see them talking inside the house. Jason looked out the window and saw me, and then nodded in Mike's direction. Now I was getting nervous. Mike came back out and motioned for me to come in. He introduced Jason to me, and sat down on the couch. I joined him. We all talked a little bit, and Jason walked over to the kitchen to do something. My nervousness must have shown, because Mike leaned over to me and whispered into my ear,

"Relax, you know I'd never let anyone hurt you, don't you?" I smiled.

"Of course I do," and I laughed. I made an effort to loosen up. Jason opened up a cabinet and Mike spied a bottle of something inside it. He stood up and said with delight, "Is that vodka I see?"

Jason said, "Sure, you want some?" Mike grabbed a glass and poured himself a shot.

"Ever try vodka?" he asked me.

"No, that's one drink I've never tried," I answered. He poured another shot into the glass and handed it to me. I drank it down. "Nice," I smiled at them, "I like vodka."

"Have another then," and before I could reply he'd poured another shot into the glass and handed it to me. As I drank it, he took my Pepsi bottle from me and poured a good amount into it. He looked at Jason and laughed, saying, "Now that should help her relax!" They both grinned at that.

We walked out to the car and Jason got into the back. Mike whispered to me, "Before you get in, I think you should give Jason a nice kiss." I walked over leaned down to Jason, putting my hand at the back of his neck and pulling him forward for a nice, deep kiss.

There is definitely an art to the sensual kiss, and this man knew it. I was definitely looking forward to the motel after that kiss, even more so than before. As we left the driveway, Mike began to squeeze my nipple in exactly the way he knew that he knew I loved it. He said to Jason, "She really likes her nipples played with. Why don't you reach up here and play with her nipples awhile?" Jason reached forward and began to stroke and squeeze my nipple.

When we got to the motel, they both got undressed right away, so I decided I might as well too. This was no time for holding back. Mike motioned for me to get on the bed, and I did. "Now, I think you should show Jason your appreciation for his coming out to meet us," Mike told me. I knew exactly what he meant. I knelt down in front of Jason and began licking his cock. I stroked it with my tongue a few times, and then I took it into my mouth. I sucked on it slowly, gradually drawing it into my mouth. Deeper and deeper I took him in, holding onto his hips. I kept sucking his cock until he came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop, and to my surprise, before he even got fully soft, he was hard again.

I heard Mike telling Jason that he should get on the bed. Jason laid on his back and Mike guided me over to straddle him. I felt Jason enter me, and I began to moan a little. Then Mike was behind me, stuffing his cock into my ass. God, it was so good! Mike began thrusting into me fast and hard into my ass, Jason filling up my pussy, and I came, feeling my juices running out onto Jason's legs. Then Mike decided he'd like a turn on the bottome for awhile. As I mounted him, he told Jason, "She really likes it in her ass. I mean REALLY. So go ahead."

And then I felt Jason thrust his cock into my ass. My God, I was so full! Mike thrust himself upward, hard, and Jason started ramming into me from behind. I came over and over again, moaning louder and louder until I was crying out in pleasure. They both withdrew and Mike moved over to the other bed. Jason got me to lay on my back and fucked my pussy. Then he put me on my side, my lower leg straight and my upper leg bent at the knee up and out of the way. He straddled my lower leg and entered me that way. Then he got me up onto my knees and thrust his cock into my ass, screwing me that way for awhile. Mike took his turn too. God, I was cumming so much! When they thought I was thoroughly fucked, they laid down, with me in the middle.

After awhile, we went for some coffee. By that time, there wasn't much left in my Pepsi bottle. Cumming makes me thirsty. On the way back to drop off Jason, I got into the back seat with him. Mike told me to give Jason head and I reached down to unfasten his pants and pull out his cock. I sucked on him for awhile, and then I took off my clothes and mounted him facing forward, grasping the back of Mike's seat as he drove. Jason kept thrusting upward, hard, making me moan into the back of Mike's head. He had me get on my knees across the back seat, my head bend up against the car window.

He fucked my pussy for awhile and then thrust it into my ass. I told him he could cum in my ass or on me if he wanted to. He kept thrusting into me, over and over, until he was on the threshold, and then he pulled out and came on my back. When we reached his house, he kissed me and thanked me. I thanked him too. He waved to Mike and said, "Come over and bring me a present anytime."

On the way back, Mike had me undress again, and he saw a semi pulling up in the other lane beside me. He got another grin on his face and said, "I want you to cup your tits in your hands and press them up against the window for him. If you see him smile, I want you to smile and wave at him." Well, that trucker smiled alright, and I smiled and waved. Then Mike pulled forward and passed him up. The trucker flashed his lights as a thank you and we both laughed. When we neared where my car was parked, I told Mike that I was kind of sorry it was over. He looked at me and said, "I never said it was over. I'm not through with you yet." He passed up the parking lot and drove on to a deserted back road and he pulled into a spot. He told me to put just my boots on and get out of the car with him. We walked to the back of the car and he began to unfasten his pants.

It was still early spring and there was a definite chill in the air and I could feel my nipples hardening in the cool air. I shivered a little. He said, "Now I want you to bend over and put your tits up on the car." I breathed in sharply as my skin touched the cold metal. He entered my soaked pussy, and rammed it in deep, pushing me hard against the car. It was so hard to be quiet, but I knew someone was bound to hear me if I wasn't. I could see houses nearby. After a few minutes, he pulled out and jammed his cock into my ass. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out, it was so good. After a bit, he switched back to my cunt. He leaned down and said in that low, sexy voice, "I want to cum in your mouth this time. Be ready to kneel down and take it all when I tell you."

Then he started slamming into me, over and over again, and finally he leaned down and whispered, "Now. I'm going to cum." I fell down to my knees, turning, and he fucked my mouth until he came. I gobbled up every drop, sucking after he was finished to make sure I didn't miss any, and he began to get hard again. He pushed me down onto the car in the same position again and fucked my pussy and my ass until he was ready to cum. He pulled out and sprayed hot gobs of cum all up my back and onto my hair at the back of my head.

God damn, I was ready to crumple to the ground, I'd cum so hard. In the car, I got dressed and tried to get my breathing back under control. When we got to my car, he kissed me and asked, "Are you glad you came out tonight?"

"Are you kidding?! Of course I am!" I said, and gave him one more kiss for the road.


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