The Best Erotic Stories.

Nite Swim
by Nightswimmer

As Allen stepped out of his car, the Florida night wrapped itself around him, hot, sticky, thick. He reached down for his briefcase and felt his shirt, so recently cool from the air conditioning, peel slowly away from his body as a drop of sweat rolled down the inside of his arm. It had been a long evening getting the report finished, but now all he was thinking about was the cold beer in his refrigerator.

Walking across the apartment parking lot, he heard the sound of a boom-box coming from the pool. He cut across the clipped grass toward the sound and saw the small group sitting at pool- side, beers in hand, talking in the night. He smiled, wondered how long they would be there, then walked around the corner and let himself into his apartment.

Within moments he was down to his silk boxers and socks, reaching into the cold refrigerator for the beer. He sat down, flicking on the television to catch the news as the air conditioner came on; he leaned back into the pillows, focusing on the cool air rushing over his body. After the news, he slid open the glass door and, tilting his head, listened for the sounds of talking and music by the pool. All he heard was the traffic behind the front row of buildings and the steady chirping of crickets throughout the complex. He smiled, and figured it was a good time to take a quick swim before climbing into bed.

Without bothering to pull on a swimsuit, he wrapped a towel around his lean body and put the shirt he had been wearing back on. He knew from past nights that he would have the pool to himself, and could enjoy the silky movement of the water over his naked body. He walked briskly but quietly across the short expanse of grass, the only noise as he entered the pool area was the soft squeak of the gate hinge. He walked in the shadows, avoiding the glare of the solitary floodlight, making sure he was alone. Once he had been embarrassed to discover a couple in the shadows, after he had gotten out of his shirt and towel and was stepping into the pool. Now he checked the pool and all the chairs before beginning his swim.

Satisfied that he was alone, he left his shirt and towel in a pile by the steps, and walked into the pool, barely rippling the surface. The water felt cool against his hot skin, but he knew it would soon feel warm, having been warmed by the intense sun of the day. Gliding forward, he fell into a steady breast-stroke, moving quietly the length of the pool in the hot, still night. Back and forth he swam, careful not to splash, alternating between laps of breast-strokes and side strokes. As he neared the end of the tenth lap, he could feel his breath running short and the tightness in his chest begin to burn. "Break time," he thought to himself.

He spread his arms out on the lower lip of the pool's edge, arching his back to let his long legs rise toward the surface. Leaning his head back against the concrete, he spread his legs apart, then pulled them together, again and again, feeling the eddys of water moving over his thighs, curling up beneath his scrotum, moving his balls gently back and forth in the water.

He had made sure that he was resting in the shadow of a group of palm trees and magnolia bushes so that he wouldn't be looking into the glare of the floodlight. Looking up at the stars, his legs still moving back and forth under the water, he focused on the delicious feeling of the water on his skin, the currents moving over his legs and belly and ass, caressing his skin and waking up his nerves even as it relaxed him. When he swam during the days he cursed the necessity of having to wear a swimsuit; having tried all styles, from the loosest to the briefest, he knew of no feeling like swimming naked, the feeling of water moving over bare skin.

When he heard the creak of the gate hinge, he stopped and let his legs slowly drop deeper into the water. He heard the footsteps behind the magnolias, and waited quietly, slowly turning his head to see who was there. The woman looked neither right nor left, but walked to the edge of the pool, dropped her towel and started taking off her shirt. Allen watched as she peeled it off her arms, her brief bikini barely covering her slim hips. Her long hair reached down to the string holding her top across her back. She turned, and his eyes focused first on her full breasts, then traveled down her belly to the triangle of cloth hiding playfully between her thighs. As she started to reach behind her to untie the top, she noticed his towel and shirt at the far end of the pool and quickly glanced nervously around. He cleared his throat to let her know where he was.

"Oh," she said, when she spotted him in the shadows, "I thought I was all alone! Do you mind if I swim for a while?"

"No, not at all," said Allen. "But just so you don't have any more surprises, I better tell you that I thought I would be alone, so didn't bother with a suit." He tried to say it lightly, casually, but felt that he was shouting awkwardly into the still night.

She paused for a moment, staring down at him across the pool. He wondered if she were trying to verify that he was naked, but didn't think she could tell since he was in the shadows and she was looking toward the floodlight. "Given the choice, I really prefer skinny-dipping," he went on. "If it bothers you, I was just about ready to go back in anyway."

"No, that's alright," she said, her laughing voice soft and throaty. "I know the feeling, since that's why I come so late to swim. I think I've seen you here before, but usually wait until you are gone before coming into the pool area. I just didn't know it was you, I was so startled when you coughed. Last week I waited in the shadows and watched you swim, but didn't come in here until you had gotten out, dried yourself, and left. I hope you don't mind my watching." She paused, then added softly, "I enjoyed it."

Allen felt his cock beginning to grow as she mentioned that she had been watching him. He wasn't sure what to say, and his mind was focused more on the water moving over his growing cock than it was on fashioning a reply. "No, I guess not," he finally said. "Would you rather swim alone?"

She turned and walked toward him, her long legs brushing together with each step, then stood at poolside looking down into the water. He turned toward her and looked up as she smiled, then slowly reached back and unfastened the top. "Not really," she said, "I don't mind company, if you don't." She dropped the top to the cement, then pushed the panties of her suit down her legs and kicked them off. Quickly, she sat on edge of the pool and slid into the water next to him. He had a short, wondrous vision of her naked body, nipples full and dark in the night light, pubic hair dark and fine disappearing between long, smooth thighs. As she slid into the water just a foot or so away from him, the currents of water snaked softly around his now stiff cock, and he longed to just reach out to feel the weight of her breast in his hand.

She ducked her head under the water, then came up saying, "My god, this water feels wonderful! On nights like this, I just can't even imagine wearing anything to swim in. I'm glad you feel the same way." With that, she raised her arms above her head and dropped down into the water, straight down until her feet touched the bottom. He looked at her through the ripples, unable to focus on anything because of the dancing waves, until he saw her starting to rise again. When she had cleared the water from her face, and pushed her hair back, she faced him and said, "You look even nicer up close, from under the water. And you're obviously pleased to see me too." Then she giggled and winked at him, and said, "Stay here a sec."

Allen didn't move, his mind mulling over what she had just said, wondering what it meant, as she sank into the water again and pushed herself off the wall, gliding away from him under the surface. He watched her back and ass and legs as she swam, and felt his cock still straining under the water. When she got about fifteen yards away, she surfaced and turned toward him. "Good boy," she said, playfully. "Now don't move. There is something I have always wanted to do, and right now I have the feeling the time is just right. Stay still, okay?"

When Allen shrugged his shoulders, she smiled and winked, then disappeared under the water with a gentle splash. He was just beginning to wonder where she would surface next, when he felt the water moving over his legs and looked down to see where she was. He felt her hands gently push his thighs open, and watched in mixed delight and terror as she glided up to him, sliding her face along his thigh until he felt her lips pressing against the back of his balls. Suddenly, she softly exhaled, sending a stream of bubbles dancing around his balls and between the cheeks of his ass, dancing under his rigid cock, across his anus and up his back, tickling and caressing and feeling like nothing he had ever felt before. She blew again, pressing her face tightly between his legs, holding his thighs apart as she emptied her lungs, his balls bouncing against her cheek and nose as the bubbles jumped and slithered around them.

She broke the surface, gasping for air, holding onto the edge of the pool, her arm warm against his. He started laughing and blurted out, "Where the hell did that come from?"

She laughed too, an almost hoarse, throaty laugh, echoes of Bacall and Hepburn weaving in and out of the sound. "I've just been curious what it would feel like to do that," she laughed. "So tell me, how did it feel to you?"

"I don't know that I could describe it," he said, "sort of ticklish, but really . . . really strange at the same time. However it was, if felt damned nice!"

He felt her fingers moving swiftly and lightly down his belly and along the length of his cock, so gently that he wondered if it were really her fingers or just the water moving over him. "Mmmm, so I see," she said. Her hand moved up and down the length of him, gently stroking, exploring his length. "When I was watching you the other night, I was really tempted to join you then, but you got out of the pool and I lost my nerve. You feel as nice as you looked, swimming there in the moonlight. I've thought a lot about you since then, and what you would be like up close, hard, like this. I hope you don't mind. You feel better than I imagined." With that, he felt her hand move softly over his belly and chest, then she moved back from him and leaned her head back against the cement splashwall.

He still felt the gentle caresses of her fingertips against his skin. His cock, moving in the water as it throbbed from within seemed to remember and replay each delicate touch and stroke. "I, uh, don't know what to say. Thank you, I guess," he managed to stammer. "I'm in a bit of shock, as you can imagine."

As she turned her head slowly toward him, her breasts rose slightly, her dark nipples barely breaking the surface of the water. She smiled as she looked at him and said, "I was afraid you were going to come out with something disgustingly hip and macho. Thank you for just being straight and not playing some dumb macho game. I would have been really shocked and embarrassed by what I just did and said if you had said anything else at all." She let her fingers reach out and idly stroke his shoulder, her legs floating free in the water, her breasts rising and falling softly just under the surface. "So tell me, how did it feel to you? It felt awfully nice to me, but the whole time I was afraid you would jump and kick me in the face!"

"I can't really describe how it felt. Partly because I was so surprised, and partly because I have never felt anything so intensely delightful in my life! I really can't find any words to describe it. But," he said, pausing for a moment, "I can show you."

Before she could turn her head, Allen dropped beneath the surface and brought his face up between her legs, sliding his hands along the backs of her thighs to hold her ass cheeks as he felt her stiffen slightly. He pressed his nose against her pubic hair, feeling with his lips for the soft opening between her thighs. Moving his face slowly back and forth until he felt her lips opening against his, he explored with his tongue until he could center his mouth just over the smooth skin between her cunt and her anus. Opening his lips slowly, he pressed his mouth against her, anchoring the tip of his tongue between her lips, and softly, steadily blew against her until he felt his lungs nearly empty of air. With his lungs beginning to burn, he pushed his tongue further into her, then dragged his mouth slowly closed, feeling her lips and pubic hairs against his sensitive skin. Moving smoothly so as not to startle her, he pushed back and rose above the surface to take a deep breath of night air.

"Oh, god, what an amazing feeling," Connie thought as she felt the bubbles cascading between her legs, racing over her cunt and back and forth as they roiled over her asshole and along the crack between her cheeks. She strained to spread her legs further apart as he kept blowing and blowing against her, feeling the water flowing up her ass to her back, pushed by the bubbles. More bubbles ran over and between the lips of her pussy, tickling and teasing as they bumped against her clit, then danced over her pubic hair and ran up her belly. It felt as if he would never run out of air, and she could feel her fingers digging into the cement of the pool as her whole body wanted to concentrate on the feeling of his lips and tongue -- and the bubbles, always the bubbles, moving and jostling between her legs and over the soft, smooth flesh between her cheeks.

Suddenly, the bubbles stopped, and as she heard him gasping for air she also felt her cunt opening, as if reaching out and searching for more of those delicate and playfully intense invaders. Her stomach tightened as she pushed her hips forward, hoping to catch maybe one stray bubble somehow still miraculously near, to grip it and hold it between the fleshy lips of her vulva, to roll it around between them before finally having to let it slide up over her clit on its silvery ascent to the surface. She felt a light tickling moving down, not up, her belly, and it was a moment before she realized that it was his fingers moving over her skin then softly parting her pubic hairs as he traced around the edges of her cunt. He barely touched her as he moved back and forth on both sides of her swollen lips, running softly along the edge of her pouting flesh. His fingers met where her lips converged, then as they moved forward again they separated, only to meet once more where her clit was straining to push itself against their gentle roughness.

Back and forth his fingers traveled, barely touching her, feeling the movement of her skin as her lips swelled out to suck him into her. He paused briefly for just a moment, his fingers once again together deep between her thighs, and she caught her breath in her throat as she waited for the warm hint of a touch to begin moving again. Her entire being was concentrated between her legs, she could almost see his fingers resting lightly against the folds of her skin. It startled her when a soft blast of coolness pushed against her anus, only to be quickly replaced by a third finger gently stroking her there in tight circles. Her cheeks clenched involuntarily for just a second, then relaxed as she felt the finger move forward, sliding slickly between her lips as the fingers once again traced their way toward her clit.

She pulled her stomach in, trying to draw his finger deeper as it moved slowly forward, but to no avail. Relentlessly it moved with the other two, the two outside her flesh but so incredibly absorbed by her. He barely touched her inner lips as he moved, and she could feel them straining open, reaching for him, so sensitive as to be aware even of the whorls of his fingerprint against her flesh. When he lightly stroked the underside of her clit, still moving upward without pause, she felt the ripple that ran just under her skin, moving suddenly up from her inner thighs, over her belly, and then over the fullness of her breasts. She looked down at her stiff nipples, which now stuck up out of the water, half expecting to see a spark as the feeling gripped them and seemed to shoot out toward the night sky. Trailing just behind that sudden ripple, his fingers slid up over her belly, across her left breast, and with a final circling of her tight nipple, were gone.

Quickly, she grasped the back of his neck with one hand, and turned to face him. "No," she whispered quickly, her breath held tight in her chest even as she was trying to speak. "No, don't stop, don't tease me. I wasn't teasing you before, at least I didn't mean to." Still holding his neck, she planted her other hand on the cement lip of the pool and rose out of the water to sit on the edge. Lifting her legs over his shoulders, she pulled him forward between her thighs, her hand on his neck guiding him closer as she felt the warmth of his back against her calves. The cement was rough against her buttocks, but she pushed herself forward toward his lips, the suddenly cold water of the pool lapping anxiously against her hot cunt. She dug her heels into his back, letting her knees stretch wide until the warmth of his lips pushed the water away from her aching sex.

For just a moment Connie's body hesitated, waiting for that moment when the lips would stop, when he would take a sudden breath through his mouth so as not to smell the ripeness of her sex. She had grown so accustomed to that moment, the briefest pause as her husband switched from passion to routine, going through the motions because it never failed to bring her juices forth so he could slide his turgid cock into her without resistance. She waited, but the moment never came. This strange man who swam alone, naked in the night, inhaled deeply of her scent, moaned softly to himself with animal pleasure, and gripped her legs to pull himself even closer.

As his hands gripped her thighs, she felt him gulping at her, taking ever larger portions of her sex into his mouth. She felt his teeth pressing into her mound as his lower lip reached further and further back with every lunge, spreading her lips wider open. As his chin pressed against her, she felt the cool water rush between her newly opened cheeks, bathing her asshole and running up her crack. Suddenly his tongue moved inside her, and the gentle pressure of his teeth pushed her clit back and forth, bouncing lightly against the tiny hills of his teeth, straining and throbbing and wanting still more.

It took him a moment to realize what was happening as he felt her legs pressing him forward, her hands pulling his at his head, pressing him to her. Until this moment the night had been a dream, a fantasy, a moment sliced from reality and held at arm's length to be delighted in but examined from, somehow, a distance. As his lips pressed against pubic hair he breathed deeply, filling his lungs with the rich sea-scent of her. It had been six long years since his senses had been bathed in that unique liqueur, that exhilarating mixture of ocean and moss and rain and sun, six long years of wondering how and when and where.

Without thinking he opened his mouth, his tongue flat against his lower teeth and gulped at her, lifting her with his chin so he could take more of her into him, his chin pushing against her, lifting, opening her to his tongue and lips and teeth. His hands grasped at her thighs to hold his face above the water as his tongue hooked into her, forcing her lips apart, searching, probing, somehow remembering with each nerve end. He opened his mouth yet wider, reaching deeper and deeper with his lower lip, pushing his tongue deeper into her, pressing still harder against the fur- covered knot of flesh with his teeth. She jumped as his teeth brushed over the slick pearl of her clit, pushing it back and forth, and he tried to pull back, fighting the fingers clenched around the back of his head. In that moment the six years vanished, the years of doubt and dread and wonder, and all that existed was the smooth warmth sucking at his tongue, the lips grasping his as he moved slowly back and forth, pressing her open, hungry for the taste and the scent so surprisingly new to him yet so familiar.

He slid his hands forward to push against the softness of her underbelly, his thumbs pressing against each side of the firm mound of flesh under his lip. He pulled back slowly, moving gently from left to right letting his tongue press this way and then that, slowly dragging over the smooth button reaching out for his touch. He felt her thighs against his cheek and ran just the very tip of his tongue up and down the length of her, stroking both sides of the opening, flirting with her clit as he stroked it twice, ever so gently. He knew from the pressure of her fingers on the back of his head that she wanted him to continue, but he wanted to look at her, he wanted to treat his eyes to the soft curling folds of skin only vaguely felt by his lips and tongue. As his tongue left her flesh he pressed his thumbs gently into her, rolling her clit back and forth through the cushion of her skin, watching as the folds of her lips moved in response to his touch.

She must have sensed his need because he heard her take a deep breath and the pressure on the back of his head relaxed. As she leaned back her weight shifted, and the full shape of her cunt seemed to emerge above the surface of the water. So like a shell closing softly on itself her lips were folded against each other, bedded down in a soft nest of dark hair. He pressed his nose against her and inhaled again, consciously screening out the acridly chemical odor of the pool, filling his lungs with the rich warmth of her. He reached his lips forward slowly, not to kiss her but to feel her with the sensitive vermillion line, to gently drag his lips back and forth over her, feeling her flesh curl open against his, feeling and tasting and smelling the rich moistness of her. His thumbs reached slowly down to hold her open, to spread her apart, and even in the semi- darkness he marveled at the rich pink-orange-red of her flesh, shiny and slick and wet. With the tip of his tongue he caressed her, tracing each lip in turn, from one end to the other so he could breathe more deeply of warm and fecund smell of her.

As he held her open he could see the shocking redness of her smaller, tighter inner lips, and he let the tip of his tongue play over them. Up. Down. Up once more. As he brought his tongue slowly down he kept reaching with it, down and out to slide over the smooth taut skin between her cheeks. He pushed his nose into her as his tongue reached down, feeling the slight bumping as he moved back and forth against her clit. Her thighs twitched with every stroke of his nose and her heels dug into his back. Slowly, back and forth he pressed into her, sensing each hair as it brushed against his eyelid, thrilling at each tiny twitch against his cheek.

She leaned back on her elbows, trying to spread her thighs even wider as he curled his tongue inside her, peeling back her inner lips then moving in maddening circles around her clit. The fullness of his tongue swept crazily inside her, one moment it was pushing against her clit, the next it was sweeping open her inner lips, piercing, probing, filling her, moving crazily this way and that but always moving, stroking, driving her higher and higher into the night sky. Her stomach began to clench tightly, over and over again, and his lips closed around her clit; she felt the suction pulling her into his mouth and over the roughness of his tongue.

She had never felt her clit so huge before, it seemed to expand inside his mouth like a ripe fruit, ready to burst in the heat of the summer sun. He flicked his tongue just once over the tip of it, and suddenly her stomach and her thighs clenched him to her, throbbing crazily over and over as she heard the breath rushing out of her lungs in a soft wailing sigh that skipped over the water before rising into the warm night air. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," she sighed, somehow forcing herself not to shout. Connie looked down at this head between her thighs as she reached out to lace her fingers in his hair. "Oh god," she breathed to no one in particular, and then to him, "Oh god, yes, wait, don't move yet, oh yes oh oh oh."

Slowly she relaxed her legs, realizing that her heels were digging into his back and that her toes and feet ached from being clenched so tightly. The sudden coolness of the water against her cunt made her jump slightly, and she held his head softly in both hands, scratching lightly in the longish hair above and behind his ears, tilting his head up slightly so she could see the glimmering wetness covering his lips and chin. His eyes were open, and she watched as he gazed at the deeply crimson lips nestled in her pubic hair. His tongue snaked forward to caress her burning cunt, and then he licked her juices from his lips, rolling them over his tongue before swallowing.

As she slid her thighs off his shoulders his gaze traveled up her belly, and stopped at her breasts where faint drops of sweat caught the moonlight. She pressed her arms close to her sides to push her breasts toward him, then wriggled softly and, pressing her belly against his face, slid slowly into the water. As she felt his hair on the underside of her tits, she slowed her descent still more, rubbing her nipples down across his eyes and his cheeks, moving them gently back and forth until she could feel his lips nibbling at the stiff dark peaks. She held him tightly as his tongue lapped at her nipples, enjoying this last quiet moment as her breathing began once again finding a steady rhythm.

Finally, the roughness of the cement against her buttocks worked its way into her awareness and, still holding his warmth close to her, Connie gently nudged him back and slid more deeply into the cool water. She felt her breasts drop as his lips released her nipple, but the cool water cradling them kept her excited nipples stiff and hard -- nearly as hard as the probing flesh sliding along the inside of her thigh as she slowly slid down against his warm belly. Softly, gingerly, her lips traveled over his eyes and nose and cheeks, and when she smelled the pungent juices of her sex that coated his lips and chin, her tongue reached forward as if by instinct to lick him clean. She felt him pushing insistently against her, holding her tight to the cement, moving his rigid cock back and forth between her thighs, rubbing back and forth over her swollen lips, hot and impatient in the cool water.

Holding tightly on to his shoulder she pushed her hand against his belly, sliding it down across his tangled hair to grip his cock, pushing him back slightly as she did so. "No, no, I can't take any more after that." Her mouth covered his to quiet his protests, and she began stroking him steadily to quell his insistence. As her hand slid over his skin, however, her belly began tightening once more. It was as if her fingers had suddenly become eyes, and she explored his length from one end to the other, from the tight tangled hair to the velvet smoothness of the bulbous head. Her body took control of her hand, and she reached down to feel his balls, hard and tight and full, tucked up under his cock, the skin of his scrotum a sharp, wrinkled contrast to the smooth rigidity of his penis.

"Please," she murmured, talking into his mouth as her tongue continued stroking his lips and teeth, "please let me see you, let me look at your cock right now!"

She turned him around so he was leaning back against the edge of the pool, then slid down against him, gripping his ass in her hands to pull herself deeper until her eyes were level with his crotch. It stood straight out in the water, moving gently as the currents from her movement pushed it back and forth. In the dim light it had no color, but even under the water she could sense the heat as it throbbed and grew before her.

Still holding on to his ass she moved her cheek against it, pushing it one way and then the other, feeling the head drag across her eyes and nose as its own turgidity snapped it first in one direction, then the other in response to her relentless pushing. She dove a bit deeper and took his balls into her mouth, running her tongue over the tight sac of him, then let her tongue trace the pulsing ridge running to the tip. She opened her mouth wide to cover the head, but her lungs betrayed her just as her lips glided over the warm bulb. As she broke the surface of the water, she gasped, "God, it's . . . it's . . .. Please, sit on the ledge. I so want to taste you."

He pushed himself up quickly, and just as quickly she moved between his thighs. She ran her fingers gently along his length, holding him softly, feeling every ridge and pounding vein along its length. Slowly she reached her tongue forward, tracing just the tiny mouth at its tip, inhaling the mixed fragrance of man-scent and chlorine, feeling the heat of his flesh against her tongue. She moved her head back to watch as her fingers circled him, her thumb just barely able to meet her fingertips. As she stroked him she watched the incredibly thin skin move up and down with her movements, the foreskin seeming to grow with every stroke, the head pulsing and throbbing in her hand. She felt the heat of him against her palm deep down between her thighs. With a deep sigh she pushed his cock up against his belly, then leaned her head forward to suck his balls between her lips.

With one hand she held his cock against her cheek as her tongue pushed and stroked the tight hard sac in her mouth. The cool water splashed against her chin as she moved her head back and forth, never letting him slip from her mouth. Connie thought back to all the times her husband pulled her away from him, to roll her over on her back and mount her, huffing and grunting of his love for her as she moaned loudly in his ear, pushing against his thrusts, faster and faster until she felt him twitching inside her, then sliding out and over her thigh as he rolled off to sleep. She half expected to feel this strange man's hands pushing her head away, but instead his legs closed on her back, pulling her tight to the concrete, pressing her swollen nipples to the rough surface as he thrust himself forward, rubbing himself against her, his cock hot and hard as she rolled it over her face.

Her fingers felt the clear slick pre-cum oozing from the end of his cock, and as she stroked him she spread it over the full head, rubbing its slickness against her eyebrow and temple. She sucked on him hungrily. She pushed her tongue deep behind his balls, pushing along the smooth skin between his cheeks, feeling the hardness of his cock deep within his groin. Her moan was soft, feral, uncontrolled as it wound around his balls from deep in her throat. As her fingers began spreading his own juice along the length of his shaft, she let his balls slide out of her mouth and dragged her tongue up over him until she could taste the first hint of his salty-bitter slime. She gripped his thigh to hold herself out of the water, pushed her belly against the rough cement, and replaced her fingers with her lips, sucking hungrily on the underside of his cock, pulling him between her teeth, tasting him with her whole mouth.

Under the water she spread her legs wide, feeling the cool water dancing over her inner thighs and teasing her cunt. She pushed her belly against the hard surface, straining to rub the full mound of her pussy against it, the pressure squeezing her clit again and again. As she leaned back, her lips released his cock with a soft sucking sound. Just in front of her was his glistening cock, shiny and wet with his precum and her own saliva. She squeezed him and watched more of his clear liquid slide out of the hole before her. As she took a deep breath her hand guided the warm pulsing head over her cheeks and eyes, back and forth, until she too glistened with a coating of his juice.

She squeezed him again, pulling her hand forward, milking still more liquid from him, and the moonlight glistened on the fine silvery thread that stretched and drooped from the tiny pool of juice on his cock across the narrow space to her cheek. She pushed her tongue to him and licked his smooth head, feeling his velvety skin against the whole length of her tongue. Then, very slowly, feeling every movement in her mouth, she swallowed, squeezing the warm oily juice along her tongue and down the back of her throat. Then, still slowly, ever so gently, she pushed her lips over the end of his cock, letting him slide deeper into her mouth, feeling it growing wider until her lips closed over the ridge and onto the tight smooth plain of his foreskin.

Her eyes moved slowly up his belly, past the triangle of tangled hair, following the thin line of hair to his navel. For a moment, as she slid her lips up and down on him, she watched his belly move as he breathed, she looked deep into his muscles as they tensed and relaxed, meeting every movement of her head. Connie raised her eyes still further, studying the tiny moles and freckles scattered across his belly, moving from one hair to another on his chest, examining his nipples and the sparse hairs around them. All the time she reveled in the hot tense skin of his cock moving in and out of her mouth, felt the head pressing against her tongue and sliding against the inside of her cheeks. With each stroke of her lips she moved deeper on him, feeling his warmth sliding across the roof of her mouth, then pushing deeper into her throat, her tongue dancing over the surface to move out of his way but always stroking him.

When their eyes met she knew there was no looking away. His mouth was open as he breathed faster and faster, his tongue moving back and forth in concert with her own. His eyes told her what her lips and tongue already knew, that the spasms were starting deep in his belly and that only a few moments remained for her to savor the soft insistent pulsing of his veins against her lips. Even as her eyes watched, his eyes began to take on that mellow glaze; so intent was she on the warmth of the skin between her lips that those moments seemed to hang before her like a fine silk scarf drifting slowly downward on a cushion of warm air.

His eyes were fixed on hers as she felt the tremors at the base of his cock and opened her mouth, pulling back to let the swelling head rest on her flattened tongue. She wanted to feel his sperm shooting freely into her mouth, splashing hotly against her cheek and rolling over her tongue. As the first spasm shook him and she felt the hot, thick fluid rushing against the back of her mouth, she pressed herself against the wall, jerking back and forth as the cement pulled at her pubic hairs. As the cum boiled forth from his cock and ran over her tongue, her cunt vibrated with joy and she felt the spasm racing across her belly to join his. Instinctively she began swallowing, gulping at the thick juice, squeezing it down her throat from between her tongue and her teeth. The movement of her tongue seemed to set his cock aflame, and he spilled more and more cum into her mouth.

When her mouth could hold no more she held him so that the final spasms sent their sticky effort over her cheeks and chin. She rubbed him all over her face, smelling his smell and tasting the his bitter saltiness as it filled her mouth. Quickly she kissed and sucked at him, over and over, licking each wayward droplet from his cock, stretching with her tongue to clean any she could find clinging to his pubic hair. Like a hungry child gulping down warm pudding, she ate and ate all she could find, not knowing for sure that she would ever taste this sweet delight again.

Allen's neck and shoulders ached from being held still so long, and he wanted desperately to just close his eyes, to let his neck relax and his head drop back so he could forget the dull pain there and just feel the warmth of her lips and fingers as they moved over his skin. While he stared into her eyes, while he felt himself locked into them as they held his gaze, his attention was on the lips moving over him. He watched as his foreskin slowly emerged from her mouth, her lips stretching over it, yielding it up to him reluctantly as her tongue circled over him inside her mouth. She never blinked as she looked at him, and as much as he wanted to drop his eyes to see her hand as it squeezed him, they remained fixed on her wide dark pupils, his peripheral vision absorbing what his cock was feeling so intensely. The burning in his shoulders continued, but as if in a dream, far away, irrelevant as her lips once again slid over his foreskin and he watched her cheek swell out as his cock pushed against its smooth warmth.

His cock jumped slightly when her tongue scraped over the tip and her throat closed briefly on its bulk as she swallowed, and he felt the fingers cupping his balls slip up to feel the hard ridge behind the sac, deep between his legs. From somewhere far inside his belly he felt the tremors begin. She must have felt them too, he thought, because she gripped him tightly, holding him back for just a moment. His cock twitched in her hand, and her lips curled into an open smile as she pulled back until he could see the deeply purple head resting on her flattened tongue. His stomach tightened as she relaxed her fingers, releasing the pent-up explosion. She held him steadily as the viscous white fluid flew into her mouth, the spasm of his cock sending burst after burst against the roof of her mouth, her teeth, the insides of her cheeks. Within seconds the initial pressure subsided, but he continued spilling forth over her tongue, pooling around her teeth. She swallowed quickly, and the movement of her tongue and lips across the suddenly electric head started new spasms, reaching all the way into his belly and down to the back of his balls.

The stiffness in his shoulders was forgotten as she moved his still drooling head across her upper lip, then across her cheeks. Her fingers rolled his throbbing balls back and forth, while her other hand squeezed yet more juice out of him, covering her cheeks. Still she looked up at him, and the very intensity of her gaze seemed to draw forth yet more spasms, more cum to coat her skin. The image of her hunger for his cum brought forth even more effort from his balls, as if all the brakes placed on his passion by every lover who ever gagged were suddenly released.

He gasped when he realized he had been holding his breath, holding back as he waited for the eyes to turn away, the mouth to reject his juice. Instead, her tongue reached out tentatively, to test the sensitivity of the tip as it reached for more, licking the drops sliding over the foreskin, collecting the pool against her fingers as she continued milking him. When her eyes finally did turn away from his, they moved immediately to the end of his cock to watch as her fingers squeezed one last drop slowly out of the tiny mouth. Carefully, before it could slide over the crown to her fingers, she closed her lips gently on it, and with a soft sucking sound began nibbling him, cleaning him of this last drop and any others she could find.

He could only watch as her lips and tongue continued to move over him, sucking softly along the length of his shaft, her cheek sometimes pressing against his thigh as she pushed her face into his pubic hair, licking at him, finding every drop of his cum. When it seemed there was no more to find she leaned her cheek against his thigh, watching as his cock began to droop in her fingers. She moved her hand to cradle it, to just observe as it slowly shrank, occasionally trying to give out a feeble spasm for her, to somewhere find some more juice for her lips. "Good lord," he murmured, as he finally stretched his neck without taking his eyes from her face. "I don't think I have ever cum from so deep in my belly." He stroked a strand of hair away from her forehead, letting his fingers linger on her head, repeating the motion over and over though the hair was no longer there.

He quivered as she lowered his cock into the cool water, letting her push it gently back and forth as it bobbed on the surface. Her cheek was warm against his thigh, and he continued to stroke her hair, feeling her fingers touching him lightly as his cock moved with every ripple in the water. He sighed softly, not wanting to move, barely wanting to breathe lest the sound of his breathing wake him, afraid that she would disappear.

Finally he reached down to stroke her cheek, feeling the oiliness of his cum beneath his fingertips. She turned her head slightly and caught one of his fingers in her soft lips, sucking him into her mouth. He felt her tongue licking the saltiness from his finger, warming him as the rough surface stroked him. Carefully he pressed his thighs apart and slid into the water beside her, feeling his balls and belly moving over her skin, sliding over her breasts and belly until he could grip one of her thighs between his own. He pulled her to him, felt her full breasts pushing against his chest, and kissed the corners of her mouth, nibbling at the saltiness of him that her tongue had missed. For a moment she yielded to his arms; for a quiet moment, as his hand slid down to cup her ass and pull her against his cock, now stirring between them, he felt her skin flow gently against him. He listened to the crickets singing beneath the magnolia bushes, and the distant sound of cars moving through the night as he stroked the roundness of her ass, his finger moving lightly in and out of the cleft between her cheeks, gently stroking the smooth warm skin, bumping lightly over the tight wrinkles of her asshole and continuing on. She let her head rest against his shoulder as she moved her fingers lightly over his belly. He timed his breathing to hers, feeling her breasts and belly moving as their breathing slowed and became more regular, together.

Her fingers brushed lightly against his cock, and just as suddenly he began to swell again, pushing against her thigh, reaching out for her touch. Allen loosened his grip on her thigh to move himself over her, to feel his balls rubbing against her skin beneath the water. As his leg pressed between hers, she pushed him back, gently, with just her fingertips. She slid away from him in the water, then planted one foot against the wall and pushed herself off in a long gentle glide.

For a moment, as the coolness of the water rushing over his belly and thighs replaced the warmth of her flesh, he just watched as she turned and swam the length of the pool. Her strokes were smooth and languid, nearly silent in the night. When she swam into the glare of the floodlight the pale whiteness of her ass was a shock against the warm tan of her long thighs and back, even under the water. Slowly, he began swimming toward her, feeling every movement of his arms and legs as he swam, feeling every swirl of the water as it washed over his cock and between his thighs. He saw that she was moving back toward him, but at mid-pool, as he reached for her, she swerved and gracefully moved around him, continuing on back to the deep end. Before he could catch her she pulled herself out of the water and pulled her tiny swimsuit over her legs and was reaching for her top as his arms reached the edge. When she saw him there, she knelt, her hand holding the top to her full breasts.

"Shhhhh," she whispered, "Don't say anything. I have to go. Maybe another night. I can't stay any longer." As she stood, she fastened the top and moved quickly into the shadows, picking up her towel and shirt and, with a creak of the hinge, was gone.

Allen hung limply at the side of the pool, his head resting on one arm as the other hand reached down to cup his balls and cock against his groin. When he closed his eyes and squeezed softly he could almost feel the warmth of her tongue and lips moving over him, but just as quickly the feeling was gone. Finally, releasing himself to the coolness of the water, he turned and leaned his head back against the splashway of the pool, stretching his arms out to both sides to steady himself. He lifted his legs up and studied his cock as he spread his legs in the water, suddenly marveling at its smoothness as it moved back and forth in the currents his legs were creating.

Then, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, his sigh moving softly over the now still water, he began swimming back to the shallow end, his eyes fixed on his shirt and towel lying crumpled in the glare of the spotlight. He toweled himself off as he walked around the pool to the gate, finally wrapping the towel around his waist and pulling the shirt over his arms. The night was suddenly cool, a light breeze blowing the scent of the magnolias over him.


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