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Never Turn Back
by Ask For More

I got back to my flat around half past six. It had been a hard day at work and I was pretty tired, but I was playing basketball tonight so I had about an hour to relax and change before I had to go out again. As I dumped by bag on the floor in my living room and looked out of the window and saw my neighbour?

Well I don't really know how to describe our relationship; she lived in the flat opposite mine and consequently we would always see each other. A couple of times we had talked by leaning out of our windows since our buildings were pretty close together, although with the sounds of traffic it had been a bit difficult. From what I had gathered her name was Penny; she worked in a office as well, but on the other side of town, and that she liked the same music as I did, since whenever I played my music loud I could see her smiling and once she had even danced for a entertaining few minutes!

So when I looked out of my window today I smiled and waved at her. She was still in her office clothes as well so it looked like she had only recently got back as well. She smiled and waved back at me, then she turned and went out of the room, I guess to get changed and more comfortable. I took her lead and went to my room to sort out my things for tonight.

I got all my stuff ready, then I went back into my living room to take advantage of my free time. Turning up my stereo I grabbed the book I had been reading and settled down on my couch.

After reading for about ten minutes I looked up and saw Penny leaning out of her window admiring the weather. A sudden impulse grabbed me and I got up and opened my window as well. "How are you?" I didn't have to speak too loudly as the traffic had died down by then.

"Not too bad," She replied, "It's a beautiful day today!" Nodding in agreement I was just about to make a comment when she interrupted me. "What song are you playing?"

"You like it? I'll turn it up for you" Walking back to my stereo I turned the volume up. The song was Marvin Gaye's 'Let's get it on' "You don't know this song?" I asked her again.

"Aha, of course I recognise this songs, it's one of the greatest songs of all time! You're always playing good songs for me!" She smiled.

"Your welcome. Any requests?"

"Not yet!" She laughed and then turned back into her room. Disappointed that the conversation ended so quickly I turned back to my couch, but suddenly I had this feeling and I turned around again to have another look at Penny. She was dancing! I haven't said this yet but Penny was a pretty good looking female, she had a Latin look, about 5.4", with brown hair and tanned skin; slim, with a decent sized bust and a lovely firm behind. She was wearing a vaguely tight blue T-shirt that showed off her breasts, and a pair of loose white tracksuit bottoms. The last time she had danced, I was so turned on I had to cover my lap with a newspaper to avoid embarrassment. And there she was dancing again for me! I could feel a familiar stirring in my loins.

Penny saw me looking at her and started to mouth the words to me as she danced "There's nothing wrong with me, loving you," she mouthed. "Giving yourself to me, can never be wrong" This display was really turning me on, and I had to position my book strategically to make sure she didn't see the growing bulge in my pants. Then suddenly she turned her whole body towards me, and placed her hands on her hips. Then as the music carried on she started to move her hands over her stomach and sides, caressing herself while swaying with the music. I couldn't believe my eyes! One of the sexiest women I knew was dancing only yards away from me.

The pressure in my pants was starting to get uncomfortable now. Then she moved her hands upward onto her breasts, and started fondling them in time with the music "I'm asking you baby, to get it on with me" She mouthed at me again. I was rock hard now, and was finding it difficult to control myself. "I ain't gonna worry, I ain't gonna push." She moved her hands down to her waist again, and in one fluid movement pulled her t-shirt off. Now her breasts were in full view, and I could see her nipples harden as she rubbed her hands over her breasts. It was obvious she was getting more and more turned on, and she kept her eyes on me the whole time, smiling as she caressed her beautiful body.

This unexpected development had stunned me completely, and the whole time I had just sat there gaping like a fish, not knowing what to make of the situation. Then I managed to get a hold of myself and stood up. I didn't need the book now so I just threw it aside. Her eyes traveled down my body and her smile widened as she saw the bulge in my pants. She licked her finger and played it over her nipples, all the while keeping her eyes firmly on my bulge. I could see she was getting more turned on so I stripped off my t-shirt as well.

As I'm a basketball player I've got a pretty defined upper body, and that caught her attention. Her gaze traveled slowly over my body, and up to my eyes again and I smiled. "Let's get it on," I mouthed to her.

"You know, what I'm talking bout, come on baby," she mouthed back. Then she moved her hands down, and in one quick movement pulled her bottoms down and stepped out of them. I couldn't help but open my mouth as I saw her legs, which were slim and perfectly toned, and the thin line of her shaven pussy. She licked her fingers, and started to rub them over her clit and her pussy lips. "Come on, come on, come on darling, stop beating around the bush..."

Taking her lead I pulled down my shorts to expose my cock. It's not very long, coming in at around 6", but it's pretty wide, and she gasped when she saw my cock spring out of my pants. I was fully erect now, so I started to rub it with my hand. She smiled wickedly, and spread her legs to give me a better view of her pussy. Then she started to dip her fingers in-between her cunt lips, and she pulled them out so I could see the wetness that was left on her fingers from her pussy.

I couldn't believe that she was at turned on as I was, and as she put her fingers back to her pussy again I couldn't help but smile. She started to rub her pussy again, and I was mesmerised as her fingers plunged in and out, noting the wetness that was now running freely onto her hand. She used her free hand to play with her breasts, rubbing them and playing with her nipples.

My eyes were transfixed on her masturbation, when she used her free hand to beckon me upwards. We made eye contact again and I could see she was getting closer to her orgasm. She was breathing more intensely, and her mouth open, while I pulled my cock closer to my own orgasm. She was panting more heavily now, frantically frigging herself with her hands, and then her eyes moved down to my cock and I knew that she was fantasising about it, wishing that she had it inside her, fucking her until she came. The thought of that triggered me, my eyes looked at her pussy again and my cock started to explode. I masturbated frantically as my cum shot out in waves, and I saw Penny's eyes close and her body shaking and I knew she was dreaming of me shooting my load into her.

Then it was over, as suddenly as it had begun. I flopped back onto my couch, exhausted, and Penny looked at me and smiled. Then she blew me a kiss and picked up her clothes and left her sitting room.

I looked at the clock and realised it was time for me to go.


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