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by pmf2

Marie-Beatriz and I have been together now for several years. We live and work in England, although both of us are French. In fact her name shows the influence of her Basque ancestors, as do her green eyes and blonde hair. At one metre seventy and fifty-five kilos (five- six and 120 pounds, give or take), she gets noticed in most places, particularly as she has that French dress- sense which makes the most of her assets. She and I share many interests, the most important of which are squash and the erotic elements of life. This story links both of these interests in an intimate way, and dates from a couple of years ago.

We play squash several times a week, sometimes seriously, sometimes as a dare-game. There is one court at our club whose interior can only be seen through a spy-hole in the door. A strategically placed piece of gum takes care of that, and we are free to indulge ourselves. Strip squash is the usual format, a training exercise continues until one makes a mistake, and a forfeit of one item of clothing is paid. The only advantage I have found in playing naked is that it makes Marie-Beatriz laugh so much that she often loses the next point. Both she and I have ended sessions, before now, wearing only our shoes and socks.

When the club decided that the back court needed renovating, we had to put our games on the back-burner for a while, and play on the courts visible from a spectator gallery. One evening, quite late, I noticed that we had a visitor. Nothing new in that, given that M-B plays wearing a thin white t-shirt, and her 34B breasts have never needed a bra. At the end of a session she looks more like a Miss Wet T-shirt contestant than a squash player, her nipples clearly visible through the material. Her choice of skirt is also on the borderline between skirt and broad belt... So our spectator, whom I placed as a few years younger than us, maybe twenty-four or five, tall, fair-haired and slim, stayed for some time, then he disappeared.

Two days later, we were playing when he appeared again, with a girl. she was fairly typically English, blondish, quite pretty, carrying a little surplus weight but not fat, a little younger than her companion.

In the bar a little later, they came over to introduce themselves, Drew and Susie wanted to know if M-B could give her a few tips on improving her game. As the following week I was going to be on duty, M-B agreed, and they fixed a time.

I learned from M-B that Susie turned up wearing kit which could not have been designed to make her look less attractive. They had played for an hour, and Susie had rushed off at the end, after thanking M-B, not even waiting to have a shower, but not before arranging a further session.

A phone call during the week delayed their next meeting, Susie had caught a cold from walking home in a sweat. M-B instructed her firmly to bring a towel next time. I was informed that I should meet them at the bar, to drive Susie home. They met, played and went to the changing rooms, where M-B peeled off and went to the shower cubicles. Susie followed, wrapped in a huge bath-towel. M-B decided that it was time to work on Susie's education. She "accidentally" knocked Susie's bag onto the wet tiling, ensuring that her fresh underwear was well soaked.

M-B apologised profusely when Susie emerged, to find that she had nothing to wear. M-B produced from her own bag a clean pair of knickers (panties if you prefer, I don't!) a skirt and her spare t-shirt. Susie's build meant that they were tighter than on M-B, but the effect was quite pleasing. The skirt was radically shorter than usual, making the view from seated opposite rather charming, and the t-shirt over her breasts improved her sexiness considerably, since M-B had (obviously) not supplied a bra. In the bar, Susie sat opposite me, torn between embarrassment and an excitement that I could see reflected in her erect nipples!

I duly delivered Susie to her house, and the following day rang Drew to find out what he had thought of the transformation. I need not have bothered, they had both enjoyed an active night, turned on by the event.

The following week-end, unusually, there was squash on television, and I invited Drew and Susie over. They arrived, he in t-shirt and jeans, she in a light flowery summer dress, carrying a bottle of Pastis and a litre of Coke. M-B was in her usual short skirt and t- shirt. They sat opposite us around a coffee table, and I was very aware that, from his position on the floor, Drew could not avoid looking up M-B's skirt.

We watched the squash, making small talk and drinking the mix of pastis and coke... sacrilege to us, but, as we say in French , les gouts et les couleurs...Then I put on some background music, and we chatted.

With the relaxing effect of a few glasses, Susie started to tell M-B how much she admired her, for the way she clearly enjoyed letting people see her body, and how she wished she dared do the same. Drew continued, commenting that he had brought Susie to watch us the first time to encourage her to be braver.

M-B got up to get a drink of water from the kitchen, and I took advantage of her absence to pull an album from the book-shelf. It contains black-and white photos of Marie-Beatriz, mainly with just her breasts exposed. However, the last photo, filling the last page, is a full-length nude portrait, showing M-B from the back. I had posed her on tip-toe, her arms raised above her head, so as to bring out the shape of her toned muscles. Of my many pictures of her it is one of the two which satisfy me most. Susie pored over the photograph, then, realising that she was showing too much interest, closed the album, to be confronted with the photo covering the back of the album.

The back cover is my favourite picture of Marie-Beatriz, in the same pose as before, but seen from the front. Not only does it show her breasts, but also a totally depilated sex. The shape of M-B's sex is always very clearly visible from the front, and the absence of hair brings this out even more. I heard the sharp intake of breath from Drew and Susie, as they examined the picture. Marie-B came back in at that point, and pretended to be annoyed that I had shown them the album. This led to their protestations that the picture was so beautiful, so sexy and so on.

Susie was fascinated by Marie-B's exposed sex in the photo, and asked her if she was often like that, as when they had been in the changing rooms at the club, she hadn't noticed.. M-B leaned back on the sofa, and said, slowly, that she depilated herself when she felt the urge. Susie asked her how she did it, whether it hurt and why. M-B explained that the wax was painful, but that she loved the effect so much that it was worth it, and that she did it to please me, and because in an adult woman, depilation can only be seen as a sexual act. She added that, when she was depilated, she adored going without underwear. Speaking even more slowly, and leaning back, she said that, for example, that afternoon, she had given in to her desire for what she calls "Hyper-nudity"

Susie and Drew sat fascinated, I could see them imagining that, under her skirt, M-B was, indeed, hiding a totally hairless sex. Drew, who had been looking under M-B's skirt, went pink. M-B, her eyes half-closed, took my hand and placed it on her thigh. I slowly started to slide the skirt higher, hearing her breathing becoming deeper. There was silence except for the music. Susie and Drew, unable to help themselves, leaned forward. When the lips of M-B's sex became visible, Susie could not suppress a little moan. I exposed M-B completely as she arched her back to make her sex stand out. I bent over her and lightly kissed her sex-lips, savouring the cool soft skin. I reached across the table, took Susie by the hand and gently pulled her towards the sofa. She allowed herself to be drawn towards the sex of M-B to which her eyes were glued. I put a little presure on the back of her head, and she lowered her mouth and kissed M-B on her sex.

Drew was unable to resist, and had his erection in his hand. Moving behind Susie, he reached under her dress, and pulled down her knickers. She resisted for a nano- second then knelt, raising her buttocks towards Drew, who lifted the dress and slid into her. M-B was caressing herself, slipping a finger between her swollen lips. I felt a hand on my zip, and Susie released my cock from its prison, before putting her mouth around it. Pushing M-B's hand aside, I devoured her sex, sucking on her inner lips and clitoris.

Susie came first, followed by me. I made Marie-Beatriz wait, prolonging her pleasure until I could see that Drew was coming, too. Then I released her orgasm, biting her clitoris and drinking her juices.

There was a stunned silence afterwards, Drew and Susie couldn't believe what they had done, it was so far beyond their experience. They left shortly after, she still bright red with embarrassment, particularly when M-B kissed her full on the lips as we parted.

We met them again at the squash club, but never again had such an experience with them.

which is not to say that this is our only experience......! à suivre...?


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