The Best Erotic Stories.

by Stardog Champion

(For You Kevin)

Kevin Sutherland had been wanting to go on vacation for nearly two years. He had gone to Miami's South Beach when he was a teenager with his parents years before, but now that he was almost thirty and making a decent living, he panged to go back, this time with a wallet full of money and nobody looking over his shoulder telling him what to do and what not to do. Kevin wanted to see ALL the sights South Beach had to offer.

Being an up and coming reporter for a small New England Daily however, Kevin just hadn't been able to find the opportunity to get away for an extended period of time. The news unfortunately continued whether Kevin Sutherland wanted a few days off or not. Kevin felt both a twinge of pride as well as sickening embarrassment that he hadn't missed a day in over two years. More than anything else, he direly needed to get away and enjoy life a little.

It had been frustrating for Kevin, seeing coworkers of his with lesser talent and work ethic moving on to bigger papers in and around Boston and with the constant 'nose to the grindstone' lifestyle he was leading, Kevin could feel the initial stages of burnout setting in.

So when Kevin walked into his editor's office that Monday morning, his overriding hope was that his request for 10 days of vacation time would be the primary reason for the sitdown.

"Hey Kevin...Come on in," Kevin's boss, Richard Lennon, said between sips of his coffee.

"Good Morning Dick...what's up?" Kevin answered slyly, knowing his editor hated to be called that.

Looking down, Kevin immediately noticed his vacation request sitting on the top of his boss's cluttered desk.

"What do you think is up Kevin?" Lennon smiled slightly. "You keep bugging a guy for a couple of days off...he might get the feeling you don't like him or something."

Leaning forward in his seat, Kevin tried containing himself, feeling the tide was moving in his favor.

"So...Mr.'re saying that you're gonna..." Kevin said slowly, suddenly trying to be as polite as he could.

"...I'm gonna give you a few days out of the office," Lennon interrupted, knowing Sutherland might be a little less interested when he put the conditions on the vacation time.

"YEEESSS!!" Kevin screamed internally, doing his best not to pump his fist in front of his boss.

"Calm down boy...calm down... Look Kev...I'll cut to the chase," Lennon continued soberly, "I'm giving you a week off to do with however you want, but first I have a little assignment I'd like you to do for the paper. You like baseball don't you?"

"Yeah Dick...I like baseball...but I'd rather be on the beach drinking a cooler full of Coronas," Kevin replied jokingly.

Richard Lennon picked up a two month old copy of a newspaper sitting on his desk, rolled it up and passed it towards Kevin, who showed catlike reflexes snagging it from the air.

"You know what that is Son...that's a copy of the biggest selling issue in our newspaper's history," Lennon beamed in a proud, fatherly tone.

Kevin opened it up and scanned the front page. "The Carney Killings..?" Kevin asked, curious as to why that particular issue sold so many copies.

"That's part of the reason...check page 17 though....the front of the sports section....back when the Braves visited Fenway in May...remember the blowup."

"Oh yeah...." Kevin sighed as opened the paper up to page 17. "Rocker almost killed Hildebrand after the game when he asked Rocker if he was sorry about what he said about New York fans after meeting Boston's fans."

"I think Hildebrand meant it as a joke...but I guess after Rocker blew the game he was in no mood for humor," the editor laughed.

"Well Kevin...the point is.....the Sox go down to Atlanta next week for a series and I found enough money in the budget to send someone down there to cover it."

"Dick...Mr. Lennon...we're just a small town paper...were not the Globe...why are we doing that?" Kevin asked, amazed at his editor's sudden freedom with the purse strings.

"Because of what your holding in your hands right there Son. When Hildbrand got Rocker to blow up like that and ESPN, CNN, SI all called, it gave our paper some much needed national attention...I want us to at least have a presence down there for the rematch series."

"Well...why not send Hildebrand back down there since he's at the center of the storm..." Kevin shot back.

"I tried...the Braves wouldn't approve his press pass...can't blame them I guess... they just want this whole thing to disappear...that's when I thought of you Kevin. And you know as well as I do....Hildebrand's scared to death of that guy now...Your the only guy left on the staff here that I think could stand up to Rocker."

Kevin just sat back in his chair stunned, internally smiling, while he bathed in the rare compliment from his boss.

"And the fact that I was going down that way to Florida didn't have anything to do with it either..." Kevin said sarcastically.

"None whatsoever," Lennon laughed, both men knowing it was the truth.

"OK Dick...I'll do it. I guess I can stomach 3 days in Atlanta to spend 10 in Miami," Kevin beamed, suddenly imagining the warm Florida sunlight on his skin.

"One more thing Kevin...that's only 5 days in Miami...I need you back here to cover the Carney Murder Trial that starts in a week and a half," Lennon said, taking some of the air out of Kevin's balloon.

* * * * *

"Goddamn its hot!!" Kevin gasped, wringing the sweat of his neck as he sat in his open air press box seat at Atlanta's Turner Field.

"It ain't the heat down here's the stupidity," a fellow Boston sports journalist said who was sitting beside Kevin for the game, eating a very messy chilidog.

Sitting in front of Kevin was a scorecard, the first one he had used since he was a effervescent 12-year-old watching the Sox with his Dad at Fenway Park. A big yellow legal pad sat to his side also along with two Bic pens to use to write down any relevant items to bring up at the post game locker room interviews.

Kevin always loved baseball growing up but with heartbreak after heartbreak coming from his beloved Red Sox, he had slowly weaned himself from the American Pastime. He still enjoyed the game enough however to sit through three sweltering days in Atlanta to get a week on the sands of South Beach.

Sitting in the press box several stories above the playing field watching batting practice, Kevin's eyes gravitated up to the large diamond vision screen above the outfield stands that showed game highlights and ran occasional commercials.

Somewhere during the litany of ads, CNN ran a commercial for their 24 hour cable service, CNN Headline News. Kevin watched with bored fascination, chin resting snugly in hand, as the promo ran by.

Suddenly his eyes shot open and were treated to the wonderful smile and beautiful face of one of the Headline News anchors on the huge screen that he had always lusted after. Her name was Lynne Russell.

Being a reporter himself, part of Kevin's job description entailed keeping up with the newsworthy events locally as well as around the world. On the occasions when he was home during the evenings and channel surfing, he had always made it a point to check in on what was unfolding throughout the country by taking in a dose of CNN Headline News. Often, the lovely anchor would be the well dressed and stacked figure of Lynne Russell sitting behind the desk, reading the day's news with a voluptuous, almost come hither look on her sultry face.

Kevin felt strangely like a lovestruck schoolboy when he would sit and watch such a beautiful and well built woman stare straight at him for minutes at a time, almost as if she was doing her job only for him.

When the CNN ad disappeared off the diamond vision, it was followed by a brief reminder that CNN offered daily tours of the huge TV studios. Right then, something clicked inside Kevin's head, telling him that would be a great way to kill a few hours the next day before he had to report to the ballpark.

* * * * *

As Kevin was shepherded through the tour along with the 20 or so other tourists in his group, it hit him suddenly that it was early in the afternoon on a Saturday. He cringed at the realization that he had never seen Lynne do a show that early in the day, especially on a weekend.

Now deflated, in more ways than one, Kevin stoically fell in line with the group and tried his best to block out the monotone drone of the tour guide as he desperately scoped out any other attractive women to take his mind off of not being able to see Lynne.

About halfway through the tour, as the procession meandered across the elevated walkway that gives the tourists a chance to look down onto the inner workings of the main studios at CNN, Kevin's eyes were completely diverted from the sight of the middle aged woman's butt in front of him, down over the walkway, into the main studio.

A moment after he began staring down, he ended up plowing right into the woman's behind. "OOOOPPPSS...Gosh...I'm sorry Miss...I must have tripped...I'm sorry," Kevin blathered, trying to compose himself.

"That's OK..." the slightly graying lady replied, as she turned to see if he was really alright with a voice that seemed to say..." could bump into me ..ANYTIME."

Feeling a little queasy from the woman's tone, Kevin immediately looked back down over the rail to see if what he thought he had saw was still actually down there.

It was almost as if something sinister and needy had switched on inside Kevin's head and before he knew it, his feet had taken a left when the rest of the tour group had continued on straight and he had suddenly found himself one closed door away from entering the Headline News Studios.

There was an elderly security guard, with gun, posted outside the door. Instinctively, Kevin eased up to him with an amiable air and a media savvy, smug smile plastered across his face. The security guard tipped his cap towards Kevin as he approached and Kevin nodded his head back in recognition.

"Good Afternoon, Bill," Kevin said confidently, reading the guard's name off his badge as if they were old friends.

"Good day Sir," the guard replied, letting Kevin by without a hint of resistance.

Once inside, Kevin was overwhelmed by the sheer size and layout of the place. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up contemplating how many people from all corners of the world were actually watching the programming that the nerve center in which he was standing was beaming out.

Runners ripped and zipped around him, getting their emails, faxes and text copy to where it needed to be. Kevin simply stood on the outskirts of the room, enjoying the air conditioning and watching as the employees went about their jobs like ants scurrying around the huge floor.

Rotating his head from left to right, Kevin took in the breathtaking sight of the wall of huge monitors that were hooked up to almost every country that mattered in the world. He also saw the small anchor desk off to the side that was surrounded by several $100,000 cameras. As his eyes continued to scan, suddenly his gaze finally fixed upon the sight that originally had dragged him away from the boring tour. His eyes had not been deceiving him.

It was in fact Lynne Russell sitting at her desk, legs crossed, and typing away madly on her computer.

Lynne was wearing a short black business skirt with a matching ivory blouse. Her dark jacket was draped over the back of the chair behind her as she sat there erectly, her long red fingernails typing like mad.

Kevin felt himself swooning as he watched the lurid way Lynne's long and toned legs intertwined as she sat there. He also felt his dick begin to throb as he swore he could almost feel the rich texture of Lynne's midnight black stockings as they rubbed together against each other.

He shuddered when Lynne casually reached down, almost as if she didn't even consider anyone else being around, and dug her fingernails into the fabric of her stocking at about mid-thigh level. With a subtle tug, Lynne proceeded to snugly grip her hose and pull them up, tighter against her left leg before resuming her typing.

"Geez," Kevin sighed in a raspy gasp.

Just at that moment, one of the runners darting by grazed him, momentarily breaking Kevin out of his lust filled hypnosis.

"I'm..sor... " Kevin began before realizing the guy who hit him was in such a big hurry, he was already well out of earshot.

Turning back towards Lynne, Kevin's body quickly warmed internally, staring at the sensuous middle aged brunette.

Kevin stood there mesmerized, doing his best to conceal his flat out lust for the busty brown-haired newswoman. He sensed keenly however that he would soon have to make a move one way or the other so that too much attention wouldn't be drawn to him just standing there staring.

Deciding discretion was the better part of valor, Kevin began to turn and make his way back to his tour group after successfully getting to see the beautiful sight of Lynne Russell up close and in person. As he turned however, the booming, gruff voice of a man yelling Lynne's name grabbed Kevin's attention.

"You're on in 20 minutes Lynne, " The balding man shouted from halfway across the crowded set. "Go get your makeup on so we can go over a few things before you hit the air...there are a few things different about doing weekends your probably not use to."

Lynne looked up from her computer and smiled slyly towards her shouting producer on the other side of the studio. Hitting the save button on the keyboard and switching the monitor off, Lynne slowly uncrossed her legs and raised her statuesque frame up from her chair. Stretching backwards slightly to work out the crimp in her back, for just a moment Kevin was treated to the sight of Lynne arching her large round breasts out fully, to the point where he was sure he could see both her nipples poking out slightly from her tight cream colored blouse.

Turning quickly on her heels, Lynne spun around and slunk her way towards the hallway where the makeup rooms were. Without consciously realizing it, Kevin's feet began moving forward in the exact same direction that Lynne was gliding.

Lynne briskly sashayed up the well lit hallway, the sound of her black patent leather pumps echoing sweetly back down through the hallway into Kevin's ears. Kevin watched Lynne's rear end intently, as the sounds of her heel clicks filled his head, almost salivating at how good the woman's tight ass looked, snugly covered in her short black skirt.

Kevin was about 15 feet behind Lynne when the realization hit him that he simply just couldn't follow the news anchor into her makeup room. Slowing down, Kevin felt himself begin to giggle internally from the whole silliness of the situation and prepared to turn around to head back out of the studio.

Taking one long lasting deep breath, staring directly at Lynne's rear profile and the way her long wavy dark hair rested below her shoulders, Kevin tried his best to save one last delectable memory in his mind to savor for the rest of his life.

Turning around to retreat back in the other direction, out of the corner of Kevin's eye he saw something happen to Lynne. There was the distinct sound of a hollow crack and Kevin immediately turned to see what had caused Lynne to suddenly lose her balance.

Instinctively moving closer, Kevin could see Lynne's left leg buckle and the beautiful middle aged beauty teeter like an elegant pelican on one leg. The sound of Lynne's deep husky voice shrieking "Oh Shit," echoed down the hallway as Kevin eased up behind her.

Totally reacting on instinct, Kevin sprang heroically up behind Lynne and put his steady hands on her back to keep the 5 foot 10 inch Amazon beauty from falling down.

"OOOHHHH....," Lynne gasped, feeling herself begin to topple only to be caught from behind.

As Kevin helped Lynne right her balance, both looked down onto the floor and saw that the 4 inch heel on Lynne's left pump had totally broken off.

"Damn," Lynne spat disgustedly, "That's a $150 pair of wouldn't think they would just fall apart."

"Are you alright?" Kevin asked in a voice tinged with shyness.

"I think so," Lynne replied, "I'm glad you were there...I might have had to do the news tonight in a wheelchair."

"I don't think I've seen you around here before," Lynne said looking over her shoulder at the guy holding her from behind. "Are you one of the new interns?"

Before Kevin could think of a proper reply to Lynne's friendly question, suddenly he felt the awkward but very real sensation of Lynne's tight behind pressing snugly against his crotch as he tried steadying her.

"Oh My God," Kevin whispered to himself, helplessly feeling his cock inflate to the point that it pressed furtively out against the fabric of his own slacks onto the dark material of Lynne's business skirt pressing against his crotch.

"I just know she's gonna slap me any second now," Kevin cringed to himself as his libido and common sense fought a terrible battle over determining what his next move would be.

* * * * *

Lynne had been through this seemingly awkward situation with the young horny male interns so many times that it had become almost routine. Just like all those times before, a young kid nearly half her age who through some evil stroke of misfortune had been in the right place at the right time when her heel had snapped or she had tripped or dropped some packages.

Now here she was, still in Kevin's arms with the swelling ridge of his penis tapping her rear as she 'accidentally' swayed her behind in an attempt to 'steady' herself. Usually all it took was 4 or 5 twists of her ass on an erect penis to either make the owner of it cum in his pants or to make them take off running in the other direction, totally embarrassed from the overwhelming sensations.

As Lynne waited there in Kevin's arms, one heel on and one heel off, she was surprised he had done neither of those usual outcomes yet.

Like the proverbial cat that catches his first bird, Kevin held Lynne in his unrelenting but soft grip, paralyzed momentarily as the realization sank in over who he was actually holding.

Feeling his cock throb and twitch spastically against the back of Lynne's tight skirt, out of the corner of his eye, Kevin detected a dark empty make up room directly beside him.

Helpless in his arms, Lynne waited for Kevin to make his next move.

Making a decision that was purely born from his lustful desire, Kevin lowered his right hand from Lynne's muscular upper arm and wrapped it around her waist. With a determined tug, the visiting reporter pulled an off balanced Lynne into the darkened room and closed the door behind them with catlike quickness.

Once inside the darkness of the small stuffy room, the sound of Lynne's rapid breathing and the scent of her elegant feminine perfume filled Kevin's senses completely, arousing him even more.

When he heard the front of Lynne's blouse collide against the wall in front of her, he gently pushed her flat onto the wall and lowered his left hand right onto Lynne's round, tight buttocks. Squeezing her asscheeks with his touch, Kevin smiled wildly in the dark, loving how good the beautiful older woman felt under his surprising control.

Taking his right hand off Lynne's waist, Kevin eased it up the back of the woman's body until it disappeared into Lynne's long, thick, wavy dark hair, brushing it aside until her pale neck was totally exposed.

Opening his mouth wide, Kevin's face descended in the darkness. His nostrils flared slightly as the potent smell of Lynne's rich perfume filled his senses the closer he got to the nape of her neck.

As his lips crashed down hard on the softness of Lynne's throat, Kevin clenched his hands tightly against Lynne's frame, both of them lustfully collapsing into each other as Kevin began ravaging her neck.

With Lynne's soft hair tickling the side of his face, Kevin rolled his wet tongue gently down Lynne's collarbone until it smacked up against the silky fabric of the news anchor's expensive blouse. Rubbing his tongue back up the other way, Kevin slid it up all the way back up until he could taste the perfume that was spritzed behind Lynne's ear.

She could feel her heart thump wildly in her chest as Kevin held her cheek against the wall. The softness of his kisses mingled with the strength of his grip, combining to make Lynne's taunt body slowly turn to jelly.

The middle-aged temptress could plainly feel Kevin's left hand holding her hair while his right hand suddenly disappeared off her waist. Lynne went breathless waiting for where the young stud's touch would fall next.

A moment later the sultry newswoman would get her answer. Feeling Kevin's fingertips brush softly against the back of her stockings, Lynne's breaths become choppy and hurried as he methodically guided his digits steadily up the backside of her thigh.

Stretching her arms out, Lynne placed her hands flat against the smooth linoleum wall as if she was about to be arrested, leaving her whole body completely open to Kevin's masculine advances.

Using the fingers on his right hand like 5 individual massage heads, Kevin slowly crept his hand up the back of Lynne's leg until the silky softness of her stocking gave way to the lacy fringe of her garter.

His dick throbbed inside his pants , now painfully erect as he swept his hand over the garter onto the heated skin of Lynne's upper thigh. Feeling her toned thighs tremble and shake, sandwiching his hand, Kevin opened his palm, allowing the heat flowing out of the older woman's pussy to coat his entire hand and wrist.

Forcing his exploration upwards, Kevin's thumb and fingers closed tightly around Lynne's sizzling muff, griping it's fury mass tenaciously as the helpless woman whimpered softly in front of him.

"God your pussy's on fire you want me to fuck it?" Kevin heard himself whisper into Lynne's ear.

"AAAHHHH...." was Lynne's only verbal response. The liquid seeping out over the lining of her panties onto Kevin's gripping palm told him everything he needed to know.

The reality of who he was actually getting ready to fuck danced in the back of Kevin's mind as his electrified libido took over and the primal call to satisfy the woman that had just completely submitted to him caused his blood to boil with lust.

Folding two of his fingers around the moist fringe of Lynne's soaked designer panties, his fingertips quickly disappeared into the curly, dense, and humid bush that bordered Lynne's molten cunt.

"YYYEEESSSS...that pussy feels soooooo wet," Kevin hissed confidently as he poked and prodded the frothy opening of the woman's syrupy vaginal fissure. "Raise that ass into the air baby..Let me get a good angle to rip those panties away so I can ram my cock right into your pussy that what you want Baby...HUH?"

A low guttural moan of base pleasure seeped from Lynne's throat as her hips thrust backwards, slamming hard into Kevin's gut. Pulling back slightly, Kevin lowered his left hand from Lynne's hair and briskly dropped it to the front of his trousers. Fumbling with the zipper for several moments, he was finally able to reach in and take hold of the fleshy piece of lumber that had been straining to get free.

Cock in hand, Kevin brazenly held his manhood out proudly over top of Lynne's uplifted ass before dropping it down. Smacking it vigorously against the smooth fabric of Lynne's tight short skirt, Kevin grinned in the darkness when he heard the dull thud of his cock smacking Lynne's behind echo around him.

Feeling the stud's virile erection pound her ass like a drum, Lynne ground her teeth together as he head shot back from her serendipitous arousal.

"Give it to me," Lynne whimpered helplessly.

Clearly hearing Lynne's submission, Kevin immediately took the invitation. Sliding his hand off Lynne's swampy pubic mound, he guided his slick, wet fingers towards the underside of her panties.

As he deftly dug his fingers into the lacy undergarment and ripped them to the side, Lynne immediately felt a cool rush of air billow between her legs, cascading directly against her steamy vulva.

Using his left hand like a prod, Kevin lowered his weight softly down onto Lynne's spine through her blouse, forcing the middle aged woman to lift her ass up in the air just a little more so that Kevin would have all the access he would need to slide his massive white spear towards her velvety depths.

Taking both his hands away from Lynne's sopping sex momentarily, Kevin dug his fingers into the black revealing skirt and hiked it up forcefully, all the way up to her waist.

Through the murky darkness of the closed up makeup room, Kevin looked down and could faintly see the contrast of Lynne's white thighs above the sheer darkness of her stockings.

With her skirt now nothing more than a large belt around her waist, Kevin returned his hands back to Lynne's quim, letting his wet sensual probes roller coaster around the inner folds of the woman's sizzling sex.

Feeling Lynne's knees buckle, Kevin passionately wrapped his left arm underneath Lynne's left arm and grabbed a handful of Lynne Russell's ample breasts through her silky blouse to hold her steady as he prepared to slide his cock into her waiting depths.

As the sensitive tip of Kevin's jerking phallus smacked up against the initial outer folds of the frothy wetness that was Lynne Russell's cunt, Kevin took a long and pronounced deep breath, finally allowing himself to comprehend that he was actually preparing to fuck a real celebrity, one that he had long admired and fantasized about. As his exhale left his mouth, Kevin clutched both of Lynne's now bare asscheeks forcefully before powerfully pushing forward, burying his steely girth first between the soft tether of Lynne's buns then directly into the news anchor's smoldering quim.

Once Kevin's mushroom shaped cock head disappeared inside Lynne's snatch, the rest of the wide shaft proceeded to plow ruthlessly into the heated sheath. He gasped loudly as the wincing sensation of his dick slamming against the back wall of Lynne's cervix exploded in his head. Kevin simply couldn't believe how aroused Lynne had gotten during the brief but intense moments leading up to the consummation of their serendipitous encounter. He thought to himself, as he slammed his dick in and out of her, since she had surrendered so quickly whether or not Lynne made this a regular part of her work day.

"OHH...GGGOODD...YYYESSSS," Kevin hissed into Lynne's ear, feeling her syrupy emissions drip down out of her pussy, onto his now coated phallic spear and onto his sweaty and hanging nutsack in a series of small pungent rivers.

"AAAAAHHHHGGGGG," Lynne managed to moan in a guttural whimper that emanated from deep within her lust filled body.

Kevin's chest muscles flexed mightily as he rammed his pride and joy harder and harder into the quivering pussy of the newswoman who was almost twice his age.

"Take that Baby," Kevin said cockily. "Squeeze me back with that pussy...come on...FUCK ME BACK!!" he grunted boisterously as he continued to sandwich the amazon like beauty between his gyrating frame and the cool tile wall.

Lynne honestly couldn't tell is she was standing, kneeling, or pressed face first into a hard mattress as the rapid fire waves of ecstasy violently continued from behind as the young visiting reporter prepared to bust a nut up inside her juicy pussy.

The position Kevin was thrusting at from behind provided a perfect angle for him to slide the wicked ridge of his blood-filled spear back and forth against the underside of Lynne's g-spot.

"OOOOOHHHH....SSSSHHHIIITTTT," Lynne cried before biting down hard on her lower lip. Overcome with lust, Lynne began trying to hump Kevin back with her firm muscular hips. After a couple of awkward sways of her ass backwards, Lynne was able to find her rhythm and proceeded to slam her asscheeks and her pussy into Kevin's crotch with as much vigorous passion as he was slaying her with from behind.

As if a flash of a firecracker had went off suddenly in the darkened room, Lynne's orgasm exploded out of nowhere causing her long, toned athletic legs to turn to mush as Kevin relentlessly continued his assault. Instinctively, Kevin held Lynne steady with his sweaty grip, knowing he would soon be experiencing the same temporary orgasmic paralysis.

Feeling Lynne's constricting pussy squeeze his cock as if it was trying to literally suck the seed out, Kevin fired his head backwards , spasming wildly as his super heated cum sizzled its way up his glistening rock-hard shaft before firing his milky ammunition deep into the middle aged woman's dripping cunt.

Frantically pumping his cock in and out of Lynne, letting his rich cum spew into every nook and cranny of the beauty's quivering quim, Kevin trembled with glee as he slowly arched backwards like a cowboy slowly bringing his horse to a stop.

As he slowly tried easing his still half erect penis from Lynne Russell's still squeezing snatch, Kevin smiled broadly from the sensation of dragging his cock through the massive amounts of mixed semen and feminine ejaculate that clung to it inside Lynne's pink sheath.

Looking straight ahead through the hazy darkness, Kevin could see the outline of Lynne's outstretched arms as they slowly lowered to her side from sheer exhaustion. Kevin beamed internally hearing the sound of Lynne's sculpted, manicured fingernails as they scratched down the polished wall in front of her.

Finally, Kevin was able to snake his cockhead completely out with a loud, resonating plop. Letting his spent cock dangle behind Lynne's quenched genitalia, he rubbed his cum-covered cockhead against her vagina one more time before slipping it's messy mass back into the fly of his trousers.

Reaching down and kissing Lynne one final time on the cheek, Kevin inhaled deeply, taking in one last gasp of the woman's aroma before politely lowering her short dress back down over her hips. He then turned quietly, exited the door and left Lynne alone to get herself ready to go on air.

* * * * *

Six hours later, Kevin Sutherland lugged his tired body back inside his hotel room at the Atlanta Ramada. The baseball game that night had thankfully been a 7 to 2 snoozer and after collecting a few locker room quotes, he had e-mailed tomorrow's story back to Boston.

Kevin tossed his sports coat onto the bed and sat down on top of it, needing nothing more than a good night's rest before he boarded the plane the next day to take him down to Miami so that he could actually start his real vacation.

Leaning forward, Kevin flipped on the TV to give the room a little background noise before turning in. As the TV screen illuminated to life, low and behhold, Lynne Russell was on Headline News just finishing up her shift.

Kevin gazed at the TV screen, mouth agape, as he giggled internally realizing the woman with whom he had fucked hours earlier was actually sitting on screen, staring out with a icy but articulate persona at the camera while his own cum was still embedded deep inside her pussy.

It was enough to make Kevin fall backwards on the mattress, laughing out loud from his good fortune as he spent his last night in Atlanta.

- The End -

* * * * *

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