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One Blow Job
by Mink

"Do you have your coupon?" Mandi asks seductively. Standing before him, leaning against the door jamb, with one hand resting above her head, and the other poised gracefully on her hip.

She was a vision to behold... A full length silk gown, was illuminating her form, and clinging to her every curve. Loose strawberry curls frame her oval face, and fall carelessly over her freckled shoulders. Her eyes flash with the deepest colors of jade, and seem to have the ability to see right into his soul. The burgundy silk was shimmering against her porcelain skin, while her breasts and nipples were highlighted by the plunging neckline.

Greg breathes in the beauty of her image, and teasingly flirts, "oh, do you mean this one, here?" Holding up a slip of paper lengthwise, between his index and middle finger. Flexing them together, causing the colored slip to wave about like a tip for service, while his elbow rests against the chair.

He was sitting comfortably in his favorite lounger, anticipating her presence and gift. Only a towel, wrapped around his waist, provided a covering for his virile shape... a package, her package... waiting to be opened and appreciated.

Mandi's hand runs down the jamb, as she tilts herself to a stand. "Uh-huh, that looks like the right one," she teases back nodding, with her head slightly tilted. As she takes slow deliberate steps towards him, Greg focuses on every swaying move of her body. A deep slit yields to her curvaceous thighs, offering a luscious peek at her long slender legs, as her hips and breasts gently roll with each sauntering stride.

"Shall I read it for you?" Greg asks, with a grin that stretches from ear to ear.

"Please do." Mandi encourages playfully. Now standing in front of his throne.

Clearing his throat, and putting on his most professional tone, he reads, "'this coupon good for One Blow Job. Including the bearer's choice of time, place, and position'. That's me." Pointing proudly to himself. "I'm the bearer. Here and now... the time and place." As his finger shifts to point, with an insistent bounce towards his lap.

Mandi purrs out a throaty, "Ummmm." While she slowly licks her tongue across her painted pouty lips. Leaning down, she makes sure that her full breasts dangle teasingly before his eyes. Her deep sultry voice whispers into his ear, "you forgot the 'subject to limitations imposed by law' part. Can't have you whipping out your coupon in a public place, now can we? ... Course, there was that time in waters of the Gulf of Mexico, remember? ...Oh, and the nature trail at the 'Morton Arboretum,' ummmm. And oh yesss... we can't forget that hot little car romp in the parking lot at the mall..." Her voice trailing off with a memorable sigh. "Damn Babe, looks like we've broken a few laws already, huh?"

"Uh-uh-ummmm." His sigh wickedly escapes, acknowledging their erotic memories with a glazed far off stare.

Her nose nuzzles the side of his neck, as her whisper thickens. "Well then, it's a good thing that there's no one around to witness what I'm going to DO to you now... Cuz I plan on shattering at least one more... IF that's OK with you?" Her tongue darts out, licking across his ear lobe, and the tip lingers to wiggle through the delicate folds.

A shudder of lust tingles through Greg's bones. "Yesssss... corrupt me! Pleeease..." His voice almost begging. He fights to resist an immediate urge to pull her into his lap, envelop her in his arms, and ravage her womanhood.

Looking around, she observes the careful stage he's set. "I see you have decided on the position too. Ummm, such a good choice too, one of my favorites... giving me so much more freedom to work my magic..."

Greg's breath catches in his chest with anticipation, as his husky voice manages, "I know... That's exactly what I had in mind... your magic, and my wand."

Mandi smiles, licking her lips again, stretching her neck, to put her lips around the edge of the coupon. Then, grasping it with her teeth, begins to slowly tug it from between his fingers. All the while, looking seductively into his sapphire eyes. Removing it from her mouth, she rises to a stand, and looks over the slip of colored paper, as if verifying its validity.

Appearing satisfied, Mandi's delicate hand folds it in half, and tucks it under the band of her thigh high stocking. In the process, allowing him a decadent view of her fingers trailing up her thigh and through the open slit. Revealing a good look at her blush pubic mound and thick outer lips.

"Ummmm... I love your strawberry patch Baby..." His eyes lingering to enjoy the view, before looking up into her eyes.

"How many of these do you have left now?" She asks playfully, as a satisfied smile covers her face, and her head nods toward the small coveted booklet in his hand.

"Not enough!" Greg insists seriously, looking down to browse through the homemade pages, and count off the remaining coupons for her. "Hell, I only have 3 - blow jobs left, and I'm running out of the others too. Shit! Red Alert!... there's only 2 - anal 'back door keys' left! Humm..." He mumbles to himself, "I'll have to save those for very 'special' occasions." Then flashes a monetary evil grin.

Studying each of the color sections, he continues his rundown. "Let's see... 2 - full body massages... I love the warm oils you use... ahhh, such incredibly talented hands you have, Baby.

3 - foot rubs... Damn, even those make my dick hard.

2 - Japanese baths, complete with orgasm. Oooo... I just love the way you wash my 'naughty bits.'" A deep sigh escaping his lips, "my own personal Geisha girl."

Attempting to regain his focus, he adds, "3 - dress up / role playing themes... Now, these are fun! I get a woody just thinking about the jungle... me Tarzan, you Jane." His wicked smile returning, as he winks at her. "Then again, picking you up in that hotel bar... you dressed as a Hooker and me as a Sailor, gets my rod throbbing every time. Wow, what a night! The looks on people's faces was priceless, not to mention..." Stopping abruptly, mid sentence, he clears his throat. "Well anyway, the rest of them are just a few assorted goodies you know I enjoy. This HAS to be the best anniversary gift you've EVER given me, Baby! I get a new one each year, right?"

Giggling from his delightfully narrative accounting. She nods her head while saying, "What ever my Stud wants... If that's what you'd like, I'll make another, and even think up a few new additions. But, before then, it looks like you may need to ration a few of those."

"Yea, I know..." His voice expressing disappointment at the idea of running out of his precious passes to exotic ecstasy.

Carefully closing the booklet, he pauses to lovingly admire his trophy. Greg's smile beams again, as he reads the outside cover to her, "it says;

'Happy Anniversary Hubby.

Redeem these anytime you just feel like having some EXTRA fun.
Enjoy! (I know I will...)
I Love You.

Your Minx

Note: Coupons must be presented PRIOR to the beginning of any activity'."

"I think you threw that last line in just cuz you don't trust me." His grin now devilish as he reaches to place the booklet down safely on the table next to him.

"You're right... I know you." she giggles back. "If I didn't make that a rule, you'd never run out of coupons, or need a new book. Besides... Then I'd miss out on all the fun I have 'collecting' them from you."

His deepened voice responds, "yea, you DO know me too well... But it's all YOUR fault, I can't help it... I just can't seem to get enough of 'playing' with you."

"And that's how I keep you..." she says in a slutty whisper.

Mandi kneels before him, fitting perfectly between his legs. Leaning in, her upper torso rests against him, as her hands begin caressing his chest. Looking up into his deep blue 'bedroom' eyes, she melts with the same intensity, that disarmed her on their first date. His dark brown hair, now thinning and peppered with gray, still accents his handsome rugged face and 'Roman' nose. Mandi realized long ago, that her love for him only grows stronger every time she studies his changing features.

Burring her face into his soft hairs, and drinking in his scents, she kisses his chest. Her fingers roam through his dense forest, teasing his nipples with the palms of her hands, and caressing every inch of his exposed skin. She gently pinches his erect buds, then traces circles outwardly, as her kisses replace her touch. Her lips open, licking, nibbling, suckling... his arms folding her to him. She can feel his manhood responding, beckoning against her belly.

Greg begins to sink into his chair, absorbing the sensations of having his body worshipped. Thoughts of Mandi's mastery dance through his mind. Such a rare find... his erotic Temptress. Every pore of her body oozes with the essence of sex, making it nearly impossible for him to keep his hands off of her. He knows each response of her body, her moans, words, orgasms, as they all sing with utopian enjoyment. Only to leave him wanting more and more. He doesn't worry that every man she meets can sniff it on her. He can't blame them, their radar instinctively detects her wanton playground, as it wafts lust under their noses. He is secure with the fact that he alone can take her to a plane that shall never be rivaled... and they both know it.

Leaning back, Mandi rests against her heels, as her hands trace down to his waist, and the tuck of his towel. Greg's interest pulses under its cotton shroud, rhythmically coaxing her for release and attention. Slipping a finger between his skin and the cloth, she unhooks the folds. Slowly unwrapping his package, her finger tips teasing at his skin. Once uncovered, his rigid sex bounds toward her, now free of the weight restricting his impulse to stand and deliver.

"Yummm, is that for me?" As her sultry voice further seduces his senses. Mandi's eyes soak up the vision of his beautifully aroused organ. Her body begins to ache, as the blood rushes to engorge her mound. "Such an incredible turn on..." Running one finger up the underside of his shaft, his gland jerks upward to greet her slightest touch. "Your body makes me so hot... Just by looking at you, I can feel my pussy swelling."

Placing her hands on his knees, she runs her hands up the inside of his thighs. One hand pausing to caress his sack. The other continuing up, washing Greg's stiff member against his belly, while drumming her fingers against his moistened head. Her hand wraps around his organ, grasping his rod and tightening, then releasing. Repeating, as she steps her way up his hardened sex in stages.

"All for you, Baby... Please, be my guest... " His words releasing through a soft moan.

Mandi's hand folds around the base of his hardened staff. She watches intently, as she strokes upwards, squeezing out a few tasty tears from his lusty eye. Leaning forward she flattens her tongue out, running it up his shaft, eager to harvest those precious drops. "Mmmm." She moans while licking up his offering. "You taste soooo goood. And I know there's more in there ... so much more ... just waiting for me to suck it all out of your cock..."

The tip of her tongue probes his dewy hole, attempting a futile entrance, then backs out to flick at the pattern of the tiny opening. Catching at the tender skin around his duct with each pass. Her lips kiss, and open to slowly engulf his head, before sliding down his shaft, feeding him deep into her mouth. With him swallowed whole, she vibrates a moan that travels through him, igniting his nerve endings. Then shaking her head, swiftly from side to side, she swabs the back of her throat with his applicator. His soft nest hair tickling at her nose and cheeks.

"Oh, God ... Baby, what you do to me..." Greg's head tilted, watching her eat his body. His words now straining, fitting between shallow breaths and soft moans. Her deep red lipstick providing an erotically charged visual statement. Contrasting against the pale tones of his cock, each gulp of his organ, was accentuated by a lush circle of ruby riding his shaft.

Mandi's mouth begins a retreat toward his cap, her lips mapping every vein and shape. Slow, strong, sucking motions extract his stamina, as each inch is freed from her hungry mouth. All the while, her tongue cradling and massaging, from side to side, along his pronounced ridge. Reaching his bulbous head, her tongue circles and flicks just under the rim. Just before plunging for another journey down his throbbing staff.

Lost in her thoughts, she lingers in that special place, the shape of which always reminds her of an inverted heart. The spot where the sides of his engorged head meet forming a lush valley, which points the way along an indented trail, that leads up to a tiny plush opening. "Mmmm, I love this spot." Her words muffled, as she kisses and lilts her tongue across the fleshy seam.

Greg squirms under her touch, his breath hastened. While still coherent, he reaches under the side of his chair, and produces a bottle of flavored oil. Knowing all too well, that the slipperier his skin, the more Mandi gets lost in the sensations. "Want some of this?" He asks, resting the tilted bottle against his stomach for her to see.

"Of course ... you know how I get 'into' a slick dick." She breathes. Then while looking into his eyes, she extends her tongue, and flat licks his swollen head. His cock instinctively pulses a push against her lips. "Ooooo," she moans, "I think he likes that."

Lifting the bottle over his pulsing manhood, Greg pours a generous amount of the oil over the head. Mandi watches as the glistening oil streams down the sides of his beautiful organ and pools around the base. Her hands instinctively begin to caress the silky liquid into his pores, as he hastily returns the oil to its previous hiding place.

"Ohhh yea ... that's sooooo muchhh better." He moans, relaxing back into his position.

"I'm glad you remembered..." Mandi's voice trails off, replaced by a throaty moan.

Her head tilts slightly, as she watches her hands glide over his taunt skin, probing into every fold of his groin. Left unattended, his rigid manhood arches over his nest. The tip brushing his belly, with each beckoning wave for attention. Greg's cock calls to her... summoning... bewitching her soul. Scooping his manhood toward her, cupping him against her palm. She admires his erection, the hardness, shape, and thick swollen head of his sex. From her angle, his cock appears to sprout from his balls. She studies him, noticing how his full balls are tightened by his arousal, causing the skin to thicken with deep ridged wrinkles.

"God Babe, you are soooo sssssexxyy." She whispers. The beauty of his manhood takes her breath away, responding, her body forces in a quick deep breath to recover.

Grasping around his base with one hand, her other hand strokes up and down the length. With both hands cloaked around his unyielding tool, they pump him, traveling the length of his glazed shaft. His swollen darkened head peeking through the end with each descent.

"Oh Nooo... slow down Baby..." He whispers lovingly, as his hand reaches to stop her motions. "I want to make this last."

"Sorry... I just got a little carried away with looking at you." She admits coyly.

Leaning forward again, her lips surround the head of his thick sex, suckling the tip. She releases her hold letting him fall free, so her tongue could travel down the underside of his aching member, before continuing to his ever tightening balls. Gently suctioning one, then the other, into her mouth, savoring each, as her tongue swirls and tickles through the ridged furrows.

Lowering her position to access his nether regions, her tongue stretches to caress every area it can reach. She can feel the pronounced hardness of his inner cock beneath the skin, as she massages his 'taint with flat licks. Mandi searches to taste all of him, hungrily reaching to tongue his anus. Stiffened, her tongue flirts with the soft opening, and pushes into him. In and out, she tongue fucks his pucker, while one hand fondles his balls, and the other glides along his cock in long hard strokes.

Greg's moans grow louder and deeper as he suddenly stops, reaching to halt the stroking hand on his dick. "Wait... wait.." he mumbles between pants for air. "Wait." Mandi can feel his cock throbbing and twitching under her grip, as her hand stops, frozen in place around his pulsing tool. She knows that he is too close, too soon, and she wants to make his pleasure last for as long as possible.

Releasing her hand, Greg relaxes back into position. This is her cue that it is safe to continue, the overwhelming urge to cum has passed, and she can once again get lost in his body. She begins by licking back up, retracing her path, bathing him with her tongue, and seeking the head of his cock once more. Greg gasps another groan.

Bringing his aching manhood back to her mouth, she feeds his body into her throat. Her lips rhythmically moving around the base, as his frame sinks deeper into the chair. Retreating up the shaft, her cheeks are sunken from the suction of drawing out his flavors. Stopping at the head, she pooches her lips outward to form a pillow of red. Holding the base of his wand, she shakes and bounces his cock against her soft lips, vigorously tapping with gentle slaps. Her mouth opens wide and engulfs him again, swallowing his staff passionately, her muffled moans growing louder. Mandi's mind is lost in the feelings of making love to his cock.

"Oh Mandiiiiii..." Greg moans, the rest of his body limp from the pleasure he is experiencing. "Yesss... That's right, Baby... EAT my cock!"

One hand begins stroking his organ, with each entrance into her mouth, and the other massages his balls with gentle plucking motions. The tips of her fingers surround the sack, as it floats free in the palm of her hand, then run down the sides until they meet at the bottom. She trails her fingers lower, tracing the pronounced hardness of his hidden shaft. While the tips roll in circles over the hard ridge, moving from side to side. Slipping toward his nether regions, a finger teases his pucker, rimming the opening and feeling the heat of his encompassing softness.

Greg's groans are louder and his breathing more desperate. His dick is under her spell, hers to command. He watches as her mouth covers him, her hand stroking, and her wrist rotating slowly. He can feel the varying strengths of her grip riding along his shaft, as if attached to her mouth. As she reaches the head, her tongue caresses firmly across the rim, and her hand follows, finishing with an extra twist, as each finger lilts over his swollen bumper. Then she plunges down on his cock again, repeating the sensations. Reacting, his dick twitches and pulses feverishly, as he watches her devour his body.

"Shit!" He spouts with a growl, knowing that he can't hold out much longer. Her pace and intensity increases with each journey up and down his thick shaft. Greg's hands move over her head, as his hips start pumping his dick further into her throat. Then, relaxing, succumbing to her control. Helplessly, his mind reels from the incredible pleasure and weakness his senses are experiencing.

Mandi can feel his organ throbbing with his impending explosion. His cock hardening like stone, the head swelling, and his balls tightening to half their normal size. She has him at the door, and she proceeds to spring open the locks... bringing him home. Her finger probes to find that place between his balls, she gently presses on his inner shaft, while tracing small circles over the ridge. She tightens her grip along his dick, exaggerating the rotation across his head, and increases the suction in her mouth... HE IS HERS.

Suddenly his hands grasp her head, careful not to interfere with her motion, his fingers curl to form fists in her hair. "Oh God... Oh God... Mandiiii... OOhhhh Godddd!" Greg gasps and growls. As his fountain of opals shoot their first offering deep into her throat.

She doesn't change her movements, continuing relentlessly. "AAAHHHHH!!" Greg cries out, his body tightening, as more of his sperm is pumping into her sucking mouth. Involuntary jerking yields the rest of his cum, quenching her hunger.

He pants weakly "stop... stop... no more... no more" She slows, releasing her grip, cradling his spent organ, while her tongue licks up his spilled seed.

"Yummm..." She purrs looking up into his eyes. "A good one, I take it?" Smiling through her cream covered lips, his fingers still entangled in her curls.

Greg exhales deeply, his dry mouth trying to lick his lips, as he struggles to regain control. "Ohhh, th-that wasss th-the BEESTT Everrr..." His voice shaky and stuttering through his pants. Laughing, as his arms relax and fall limply to his sides. "You really ARE a 'Man Eater' Baby!"

Wiping her face and hands with a fluffy towel, she giggles, feeling satisfied that he has enjoyed himself so much. "The best ever, huh? Well, I still think there's room for improvement. Besides, I always enjoy eating my man, what better way to perfect my technique."

Taking the towel she carefully starts cleaning him, when he responds, "you're trying to kill me... that's it! You're gonna give me a heart attack and collect the insurance money... that's your plan, isn't it?" His body still sprawled in his chair, unable to move. "Now, THAT'S the way I wanna go... Yep... and what a way to go!"

"Now there's an idea... Hummm, I wonder how I'd explain 'that one' to the family." She laughs, while leaning forward, cuddling into his waiting arms. "Course, it might work better if we get you insured first, huh?"

"Oh, yea... good point." Chuckling with her. Greg holds her tight against his chest, and his lips plant a long loving kiss on her forehead. "God, I love you Baby, and I love being married to you. Thank you for the coupons... a gift that keeps giving, and giving."

"I love you so much Babe. Every year is better than the one before." Snuggling deeper into his arms, her world is complete. "You are very welcome, it's my pleasure too, ya know... I can't wait to see which one you'll redeem next!"

It's hard to believe, that after 20 years of marriage, they still belong to each other. But now, more than ever, they are two people making up one being... best friends, and forever playmates...


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