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Old Crush
by Cat

I hate it when I am running behind schedule but today was going to be one of those days. My clothes dryer quit, the alarm didn't go off and I don't have any clean uniforms plus I am going to be late. Now I am going to be stuck in one of those stupid scrub dresses and be behind the entire day.

After taking the ribbing for being late, I received my assignment for the day. It seems that the main house is full and they have transferred some of their adult patients to pediatrics. Joshua Summer had the unfortunate honor of coming down with an allergic reaction to seafood. Oh joy, cranky adults. My day just keeps getting better and better.

I introduce myself to the children and their parents first, and then go into Mr. Summer's room. "Mr. Summer? I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you that I was going to be your nurse today." I said. This voice comes out of the bathroom, telling me to call him Josh, and he's wondering if I have anything for the itching.

He walks out of the bathroom and is covered in a rash that looks very uncomfortable. But for some reason, he has a smile on his face and is being very pleasant. And he looks vaguely familiar for some reason. I leave to get him something for the itching, trying to puzzle out why he looked like someone I should know.

The rest of the day went fairly well. I still hadn't put that nagging question of Joshua out of my head yet. With the day almost over, I deliver the last of Josh's medication to him when the fire alarms in the hospital go off. All patient doors release automatically so that they will close the patient rooms off from any possible threat of fire. The announcement comes over the intercom that the alarm system is being tested and to disregard all fire alarms. After giving Josh his pills, I turn to leave but the door won't open.

"I can not believe this. This can not be happening to me," saying the words slowly through clenched teeth. Josh wants to know what's wrong. After explaining about the door not opening, I call out to the desk to tell them where I am and what has happened. Several of my coworkers try to open the door from the outside without any luck and place a call to the engineering people to have them look at the door. Until they come up, there isn't much else that can be done.

Josh offers me a chair and tells me that I might as well be comfortable and sit down. Since there doesn't seem to be any way to get out of my current situation, I sit. But, now that I don't have anything else to think about, the question of why Josh looks so familiar is really bugging me.

"You have a question, you want to ask me, don't you?" Josh is lying in his bed with this Cheshire cat grin on his face.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"Because I have been waiting all day for you to recognize me," he replies. "Do you remember a kid you took care of about 10 years ago, named Alan? You called him AJ and he had a big crush on you, followed you every where while he was in the hospital."

I give a little chuckle and shake my head, "of course, I remember AJ. He was one of my favorite patients and he was so sweet. I think he was about 16 and he wanted me to go to the junior prom with him. He wrote me for a while after he left the hospital, but I knew that he would forget the crush as soon as he got back to school"

"Well, I go by Joshua now and I never forgot the crush, or you."

Closing my mouth, I turn towards him, "Alan?" We both start laughing at the same time.

"When they put me in pediatrics and I found out you were still here, I knew that I was going to take the second chance I had been given," Josh reaches over from the bed and places his hand on my knee, stroking my skin with his thumb. I can feel my face flush as I stand up. Suddenly there is a knock on the door; my coworkers timing couldn't be any better or worse.

I walk to the door and pull the privacy curtain to close myself off from Josh. And listen in disbelief as I am being told that they don't know when they will be up to check the door because doors have malfunctioned all over the hospital. That's when I feel a hand brushing across my ass through the curtain. I am told to just ride it out in there as the hand continues to circle.

"You heard the lady, you need to ride it out in here," Josh tells me with that evil little grin. "I have waited ten years to do this, as he pulls me close and kisses me. His mouth slowly moves back and forth across mine. The friction builds until he teases my mouth open with his tongue then dives into my mouth. Exploring, tasting, teasing his tongue plays with my mouth until I can't breath.

Pulling back slightly, I still can't take in that this is happening. I feel dazed but so turned on. He pulls me to the bed and sits down. Placing me between his legs, he reaches around to unsnap the scrub dress and lowers the top half kissing his way down to the top of my bra. Licking the skin above my bra, he leans back to appreciate the effect he is having on my nipples. "I always wondered what you wore under your scrubs, he said with a speculative gaze, "but the front closure on the bra is one thing I didn't think of."

He opens the front of my bra and slides his hands into my breasts freeing them from being enclosed and cupping them in his hands. Slowly he lowers his head and wets both nipples before drawing them into his mouth one after the other. Feeling the exquisite torture, I hold his head closer to me urging him to take more of me into his mouth. Wanting to feel like I am being swallowed alive and enjoying the small spasms that I am having down lower in my body.

His hands move down my ribcage to my hips circle around my ass and then down to the hem of the dress. Easing his hands under the hem, he moves his hands up my legs. The feeling of his hands on my stockings is so exciting and when he reaches my hot center I hold onto his shoulders for support. Grabbing the waistband of the hosiery, he rips them down the center seam, saying that they had to go.

Wanting the feel of his skin against my hands, I pull his T-shirt off. Caressing his shoulders my hands move over his skin enjoying the feel of it against my hands. I push him back on the bed allowing me the room to explore his body. Following his lead, I move my hands and mouth down his ribs and use my mouth to tug at his nipples wetting them as he had done mine. I reach for the drawstring on his pajamas but he grabs my wrists stopping me cold.

Telling me that he isn't done with me yet, he pulls us both onto the bed positioning me so that I straddle his hips and reaches for the bed controls. With both the top and the bottom of the bed rising, I become even more acutely aware how hard he has become as he nestles his cock between my thighs. His fingers move to my clit tugging gently at it, then circling around and around the nub watching my face to find out where I am the most sensitive. Knowing that he can feel how wet I am makes me want him that much more. Josh gently probes my opening, easing one finger inside and then removes it. His finger is very slick from my juices and I take it into my mouth and suck it clean. He makes this noise in the back of his throat and then starts stroking my clit a little bit faster, rubbing a little bit faster.

The knot that has been building between my legs feels like its going to explode and I want to take him with me.

I reach down and untie the drawstring and reach between my legs to put my hand down the front of his pants. Enclosing his cock with my hand, I gently pull my hand up the length of him marveling at the heat and the hardness. Holding his cock in my hand again, I slowly rub the head with my thumb spreading the pre cum around his skin. Then I remove my hand and suck my thumb in my mouth loving the taste of him on my tongue.

But before I could continue with my investigation, he pulls me up and positions his cock against my opening, placing the tip just inside and then grabs my hips and plunges into me. I lean slightly forward to keep pressure against my clit and rotate my hips around feeling the length of him buried deep inside me. I start riding him a little faster and faster still, feeling the knot of pressure deep inside me building until the first wave hits me. I cry out as the pleasure washes over me, but I keep moving to bring Josh with me. And don't stop until he cries out with me. His spasms joining with mine. Both of us spent.

"You know when she suggested I ride it out in here," I said whispering into his ear, "I don't think this is what she had in mind."


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