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Old Friends are the Best Kind
by I69luvu22

It had been nearly ten years since I'd spent very much time around Bill. We had been thick as thieves when we were boys together, but as often happens, after we both graduated high school, we had gone separate ways. Bill had joined the Navy right out of high school while I had been a student for most of the next four or five years. I'd heard he'd married , but as often happens, things hadn't worked out too well. He'd just gone through a messy divorce, left the service, and moved back home to help in the family-run business.

On a weekend trip back to visit friends, I happened to run into him at the local grocery store.

After a few minutes of excited catching up on what was going on in each others' lives, we decided to grab a few beers and ride out through the countryside that we both loved to roam so much as boys. After an hour of so of riding we decided to stop and talk at one of our boyhood haunts, a small pond located on an isolated portion of his fathers' land holdings.

This area had always been a favorite of both of us. We'd had beer parties, gone fishing, (and skinny dipping too) there, and it had been the favorite lovers lane of both of us as it offered total privacy from interruptions. Within minutes, the talk had turned to the subject of sex, long one of our favorite subjects.

After a few more beers, Bill began to talk about how his marriage had gone sour. He related how that while stationed in California, he and his wife had become active swingers. While frequenting the swing clubs in the San Diego area, they had become close friends with another couple that shared similar interests. The two couples often got together and enjoyed a variety of sex fantasies.

During the course of things, he and his friend Porter often performed oral sex on each other. In the course of describing how much he liked the feel, taste, smell, and excitement of another man's cock in his mouth, I began to get an obvious erection.

Whether it was the beer, the fantasy talk or my own uncurious yearnings, the next thing I knew, I felt a hand on my throbbing erect member. With no self-consciousness at all, I opened my pants and felt the soft, hot lips of my good friend as he engulfed my throbbing member. Within moments, I felt the oncoming rushes of an imminent orgasm.

Not wanting the moment to end, I grabbed his head, lifting it off me before things went too far. I felt the tip of his tongue seeking out the sensitive middle of my throbbing shaft, and self-restraint became a thing of the past. Bill was as anxious as me to experience my coming, and I was not in control enough to delay it one second longer. I grabbed his head and felt the tip of my manhood as it passed his lips again and entered the warm, demanding tightness of his eager lips and mouth.

Within seconds, I was enjoying the best orgasm of my life, as I climaxed in his eager mouth. He eagerly swallowed every drop and licked my member clean with a self-satisfied smile, commenting on how long that he dreamed of doing that very thing.

Over the next few hours, many taboos were broken. I got to enjoy the services of a craftsman, unable to practice his craft for a long time. Bill spent most of the afternoon on his knees with my dick in his mouth. I was able to enjoy several intense orgasms and to provide an old friend with a happy ending to a favorite fantasy.

Over the last few months, I've visited home often, and renewed one of favorite old friendships. I've even developed a new hobby of my own, but that's a whole other story.


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