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Our First Time
by Mhaile

The evening with Maddy had been marvelous. Good food, good conversation, good laughs... and even a chance to do some good dancing. I loved her sexy smile, her expressiveness, the way her hands moved as she spoke. I was pleased she invited me in when I took her home. It was clear, when we entered, that the attraction was mutual. She ambushed me as I turned towards her after closing the door.

Maddy was suddenly in my arms. Our kiss was hungry, her fragrance intoxicating me as our tongues played and toyed and swirled. It was one of those hard-to-breathe kisses, where gasps of air are only taken when absolutely necessary. Our hands were immediately busy, running through each other's hair, groping over material, undoing and removing clothing. We didn't make it past the living room as we stumbled inside, sliding to the floor, clothing flying off our bodies in different directions.

I had never had such an urge to devour a woman... but Maddy's beauty was ample inspiration. I had been looking at her sensuous hands all night, wondering what it would feel like to have her tailored nails rake down my back. And now she was fully naked... egging me on!

"Ooooh Baby Doll! I want you so bad!" she purred in my ear and then locked her lips on mine once more. I grunted into her mouth as her hand found my cock, already very hard, aching and hot. In seconds she had massaged it to its full, happy length. Desperately tearing my lips from hers, I kissed my way over her chin, down her neck, onto her chest. It was time for a quick tour of her sensuous curves and soft skin, exquisitely smooth against mine as our bodies became a symphony of movement.

Her breasts took my breath away. Maddy moaned as I suckled each nipple into my mouth, introducing them briefly to my tongue, then kissed my way down over her belly, onto her thighs, caressing her knees with my lips, pushing apart her legs. As I began to nibble my way back up, I glanced at her pussy and froze momentarily. Maddy had spread her pussy lips open with her fingers, naughtily offering her most intimate parts to me! She was incredibly wet, her juices already seeping from her sweet hole, clearly ready for my cock...

At that moment I decided there was no rush, deliberately slowing my attentions, though it was hard not crawl over her and ram my cock home. I wanted to tease Maddy. Her beauty, her body, deserved it. Watching as she toyed with her lovely pussy lips... dipping her finger inside her wet well, drawing her liquid up over her swelling clit, rubbing it, luring me... I slowly kissed my way up her inner thighs. I adored the smell of her smooth skin and the musky scent of her sex... made me hungry, raw animal hunger that I had to contain... control.

"Come on baby... fuck me with your tongue... uhmmmm! Taste me baby! Please taste me!" Maddy moaned, arching her pussy toward me as my lips approached the apex of her thighs.

"You want my tongue on your beautiful little clit, Maddy honey?" I murmured, blowing my warm breath over her wetness, making her quiver in anticipation.

"Ooooooooh yes darlin'... make Maddy happy!"

My response was a kiss... a soft kiss on her pink nub... a worshipful kiss. I heard her gasp and moan in joy as my tongue then took one long deep lick from the bottom of her seam to the top... gathering her delicious juice on my taste buds as it went.

"Oh yes, yes, yes!" she cried. My tongue began to explore, delicately tracing Maddy's inner and outer lips, teasing the hood over her clit, circling and swirling around her tender opening. Her fingers dug into my head, holding my lips to her. It was with some amazement that I realized her beautiful hands, which I had admired all evening, were now inviting my tongue and lips to play in her pussy.

"Mmmmm... God you taste so sweet baby," I managed to gasp before I plunged my tongue, like a small slithery cock, into her juicy hole. Then, lost in the heady joy of discovery, I gently suckled her petals, moving up to her pearl. Pursing my lips I sucked her little joy nub between them, flicking my tongue.

"Ohhhhhhhhh babeeee! Oh baby, baby, baby..." Maddy's voice sounded pained, coming from somewhere deep inside. Her shapely thighs wrapped around my head, capturing me, imprisoning me in heaven!

I pulled away. My cock was so hard it hurt... my groin on fire... stoked by the pleasure of exploring Maddy's beauty! But I did not want her to cum just yet. She must feel me inside her. I wanted to be inside her. Desperately! To fill her up!!

Pushing apart her legs I moved up over her. She felt the hardness of my cock glide up her leg as I kissed my way over her belly towards her gorgeous breasts. I had not had my fill of them yet. My mouth found her left nipple, erect and swollen, and suckled it between my lips. I ran my tongue around her fleshy knob, delighting in the rumpled, sensitive skin surrounding it. My hand cupped her breast gently as I lightly bit and sucked, wondering if she liked that. Her moaning and arching and writhing seemed to indicate she did.

"Oooooh Maddy, you have dayum fine breasts... the finest in all the world!" I moaned as I moved to her other nipple, giving it the same treatment, cradling her breast in my hand. Her hands found my back, tracing my muscles with her fingernails, reaching for my ass, pulling me to her.

"Ohhhummmhh..." Maddy sighed, "Fuck me baby... fuck me hard and long...!!"

Rising slightly above her I embraced her lips once again with mine. This kiss was hungrier than the last, hot breath, biting tongues, sucking on lips. Then I quickly moved back to her nipple, applying the same hungry embrace for a moment, then to her other nipple, them back to her mouth. Maddy gasped with pleasure as my fingertips found her wet and aching pussy, caressing her pulsing hole, my fingers sliding effortlessly inside her... while I continued my circle of wet kisses... nipple to nipple to her lovely lips to nipple....

Maddy groaned with delight as her hand found my cock hovering above her, squeezed it, traced its shape with her fingertips. Her touch made me burn inside. I could not last much longer at this.

I could tell by the way she pulled my cock towards her pussy, opening her legs even wider, that she was ready for me. I was more than ready for her... but anticipation is the true delight of making love.

"Rub my cockhead over your sweet clit baby... tease my little hole..." I breathed into her ear, kissing her earlobe, then finding her lips again. Maddy moaned into my mouth as the head of my cock nudged between her pussy lips. Fulfilling my wish, she slid the tip up over her swollen clit, down to her hole, up and down... coating my smooth knob with her juices. It was my turn to moan as she arched towards me.

"Ohhhhh fill me with your cock now! Now baby... now!" she gasped, breaking our succulent kiss, hands clutching at me, legs wrapping around mine.

"Your wish is my command... Maddy, my sweet..." Shuddering in joy, I began to push, feeling my cockhead cupped in her opening... and then it stretched her tender pink skin as it popped inside... slow... oh my Gawd... keep it slow! My head arched back as I felt my shaft enveloped deeper and deeper in Maddy's wet heat... my mind reeling at our union... pushing until her pussy lips kissed my balls.

"Oh yeesssssssssss!" she cried, mouth wide open, as I drew my cock out till my head reached her entrance, paused a brief second, then plunged it fully in, not rushing... but reveling in the sensation of entering her again. Her nails dug into my ass, leaving little grooves where they clutched.

Finding it hard to catch my breath... overwhelmed... I slid my hands under Maddy's buttocks, squeezing her delightfully round moons, lifting her to me with each thrust, trying to get deeper into her treasure. I swear, in that moment, I could have fucked Maddy forever... wanted to stay inside her forever!!! My cock was so hard it felt like it might break off in her hot pussy.

We began an earnest love dance, rocking rhythmically into each other, flesh on flesh, matching thrust against thrust, ever quicker... animal sounds escaping from both our throats, speech impossible. Hooking one of her legs with my arm, I pulled it up near my head. I wanted to open Maddy up more, spread her... fuck her deeper.

"Oh Yes... Yes... fuck me baby!" her cry egged me on. "Fuck me!" I thrust harder. "Fuck me!" I was ramming her now, her pussy clutching at my pumping cock. "Fuck me!" Her voice was high-pitched, strained.

It took all the will I possess to suddenly stop, fully inside her, breathing hard, chest heaving.

"Nooooo, baby don't stop!" Maddy cried in anguish, squirming on my hard shaft, on the edge of oblivion, panting hard as well. She looked up into my eyes, wondering what the problem was, but all she discovered was affection and love in my gaze, a mischievous smile on my lips. I leaned down and kissed her before she could speak again, a playful succulent kiss. I wanted her to remember our first union forever. As much as I wanted to fill Maddy with my cum, it was more important to me to fill her with my love until it overflowed.

Looking into her eyes I confessed: "I want you to remember this Maddy... this first time... to make you mad with desire, my sweet, before I fill you up..."

"Ooooooh baby," she managed to say, caressing my face, my lips with her hands. "You have made me crazy already... more than you can know! Fill me up darlin'... fill me now!"

I kissed her once more, caressing her cheek, stroking her long hair. "First I want to see my cock sliding in and out of you, my luv," I murmured, determined in my affections, rising up, drawing up my knees, adjusting, pulling her onto my thighs, her legs splayed, my cock still impaled in her pussy. In this position I could make little short thrusts, while I touched her face, touched her breasts, caressed her belly, placed my thumb lightly on her clit... all the while watching my reddened shaft caress her spread pussy lips as it slid in and out.

In helpless surrender Maddy placed her arms above her head, let her legs relax wide open. When my thumb began to strum her hooded nub she groaned in ecstasy, giving in to the waves of joy running over her, eyes closed. She licked the fingers of my other hand, which were caressing her lips. The pleasure of the moment was lifting her away, white hot heat melting her insides, everything now tightening...

"Oh.... oh... oh... oh..." is all that came out of her mouth.

I knew Maddy was about to cum... I was close too, my mouth twisted in the pleasure of seeing her beautiful body spread before me, her pretty face scrunched with joy. But somehow I stopped again, just in time. Such sweet torture!!!! She gulped in air, both of us breathing hard, as I adjusted once more, moving back over her, against her, gathering her in my arms and kissing her once again. I wanted us to cum together.

She was determined this time, arching her pelvis as I thrust in and out so that my cock rode over her clit and put added pressure on my pistoning shaft. Our bodies became synchronized once again, finding new heights of desperate rhythm. My hands slid up her arms, found her hands, our fingers entwined and locked, frozen to the floor beside her head.

There was no stopping now. At that moment the only thing that existed was Maddy and I... arms, legs, skin, flesh... all one... joined... melting together.

"Oh God!" My voice sounded painful... definite orgasm-tone!

"Ohh Baby!" Orgasm-tone for her as well.

The sound of our voices only made it worse, accelerating the inevitable... sweeping us towards oblivion. I felt as if I was going to turn inside out, that my innards were going to spew out of me, swallowed, lost in her. The thought of filling Maddy was a vise of hot desire in my chest, consuming me. If I could have screamed with joy I would have, but I could not even breathe.

"Aaaahhhh, I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum baby!" Maddy somehow managed to cry, verbalizing the words I wanted to yell too. It was probably the last earthly memory for both of us. Maddy's body seized, hitting that heavenly plateau, hurtling towards the edge of the cliff, no return this time! We flew off the precipice together, clutching each other, her nipples pressed against my chest, soaring into space, our cries of delight distant echoes. The violent convulsions in Maddy's pussy milked each hot explosion from my cock, flooding her with my cum, oozing out along my shaft as I tried to ram myself in yet deeper, her body arching... wanting it to be so.

We were a gasping, heaving, collapsed mass as we came back down, spiraling back to earth, adjusting for comfort, snuggling, stroking, smiling, kissing, laughing. It was then I felt the scratch marks on my back. Craning my neck, I saw the pink ribbons where her nails had raked me.

"Jesus, when did that happen?" I said, smiling and looking at Maddy quizzically, still breathing hard, stroking a lock of long hair from her cheek.

"Oh sorry darlin'... just got a little carried away I guess," she replied, seeing the scratch marks and chuckling.

I laughed. "No worries luv. All evening I wanted to know what your nails would feel like digging into my back. Funny thing is... I didn't even feel them! You had me just a tad... preoccupied!"

I extinguished my chuckle by suckling her nipple. Hmmm... what did those nails feel like? Maybe we should try that again...


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