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One Night Slave
by Jay MacDonald

9 a.m.

The bet was won, I was victorious. I had won a bet that I and a woman named Kelli had made. She was an incredible looking woman. About five foot six and 120 pounds. She had long mousy brown hair and a very curvy frame with a great 36D-24-36 figure, and we didn't get along. I had won the bet and now she was to be my slave for 24 hours or pay me a thousand dollars. She didn't have a thousand dollars. The arrangement was made that she was to come over on Saturday morning and stay until the next morning.

I was awake early waiting for my prize to arrive. Soon the bell rang, I opened the door to see Kelli who didn't look very impressed. I motioned her in and took her overnight bag from her and closed the door behind her.

"So what now" she said taking off her jacket and hanging it up in the closet.

"Well first I want you out of those clothes" I said smiling at her.

Kelli hesitated giving me an evil stare. I smiled and motioned her to continue. She gave a grunt and began to pull her sweater over her head. She was wearing a black lace bra that accentuated those gorgeous breasts. She then slipped her jeans down showing me a skimpy matching thong. She stood there looking at me

"Go on, the rest" I said motioning her to remove her underwear.

"I don't think so" she replied defiantly.

"Ok, put your clothes on and give me my thousand dollars"

"You know I don't have that kind of money"

"Well then get the rest of it off, and do it now. Remember I am your boss and you will obey everything I say"

Kelli looked at me then reached around and undid the bra, she slipped it off and let it fall to the floor with her sweater. Her breasts were incredible, they were full and smooth with almost no sag. They were topped with delectable silver dollar nipples. I watched her slip the bottoms off and admired her dark triangle of pubic hair that rested between those long slender legs. She stood there in front of me naked as I looked her up and down.

"So What now, you pervert" she shot at me

"Pervert, that will enough of that crap. From now on you will say absolutely nothing unless I ask you something. Do you understand" I said now in an angry tone

"Yes, I understand" she replied in a quiet voice.

"Good, now I am going to have breakfast and you are going to supply the entertainment"

I got my breakfast ready and sat down at the table, I motioned Kelli over to me. I slid my chair out a bit and told her to kneel beside me. She did as she was told, I pulled out my cock and told her jerk me off while I ate. Kelli looked at me with disbelief.

"Do it now, this is your last chance or give me my money"

Kelli grabbed my cock and began to stroke it back and forth as it grew in her hand to it's full 8 inches. It was tough to eat with this beautiful woman jerking my cock. She got faster and faster, soon I began to feel that inevitable pulse. I grabbed Kelli's hair and pulled her face to my cock.

"Put it in your mouth" I croaked

Kelli put her lips over the head as My cock shot stream after stream of my thick cum into her pretty mouth. I could hear her gag and try to move away. I kept a hold on her hair until I was done. After I was done and my orgasm subsided I looked down at Kelli with her lips wrapped around my cock. "Stand up"

Kelli stood up with a sour and disgusted look on her face. Some of my cum had escaped down her chin. I could tell she still had it in her mouth.

"Swallow it" I said. She shook her head no

"Don't you dare refuse me, I said swallow" I shouted.

Her face scrunched up as she swallowed my load. I know she wanted to say something, but she didn't dare or she'd default and have to owe me the thousand dollars. I told her to go sit on the couch and relax. I went into my room and brought out a dog choker chain with a leash. I handed it to her and instructed her to put it on. Now The fun was going to start.

Noon I was preparing lunch for myself and my slave. I dished up her lunch and set it at the table, I sat beside her as we ate. All of a sudden Kelli jumped up from the table and started yelling.

"This is bullshit, I am not doing anything any more. I don't care if I have to pay you your money, I'll find a way to pay you."

"Really, well maybe you'll reconsider since I have been taping this whole thing"

"You have not, you are full of shit" she shot back at me

I went over to the entertainment center and pulled out the camera from it's hiding place and held it up to show her.

"You son of a bitch" she screamed as she came storming toward me.

"Stop right there, If you continue this I will send copies of this to your mother and sell copies to everyone you work with"

"You wouldn't dare" she replied

"Why do you think I taped it. Now you will do as I say. And for this outburst and defiance you will be punished"

Kelli as silent realizing that now she had no choice and that if she didn't do as she was told I could easily ruin her life. I took the camera and put in the trunk of my car so there was no way she could get at it. Then at the same time I brought in a small suitcase that I had left in the car. I put it down and opened it up in front of Kelli. Her eyes got wide at the amount and variety of sex toys and devices that were in it.

"Now it is time for your punishment" I said as I pushed her forward over the arm of the couch. "You stay there and don't move" I barked at her.

I grabbed a huge rubber dildo out of the case. It was almost 10 inches long and a good four inches around. I grabbed a small bottle of lube and set them on the back of the couch. I grabbed her hair and bent to talk to Kelli.

"Have you ever been fucked in the ass, bitch" I snarled at her

"No...please..." she trailed off fearing to say more than just to answer my question.

"Well for your punishment, that is exactly what is going to happen. Now pick a number" I said

"What.." she replied

I slapped her ass as hard as I could, she squealed and her body jumped

"I said pick a number"

She thought for a bit then said 32. I smiled and turned on the TV, after all I was going to need something to watch since I would be fucking her virgin ass for 32 minutes. I greased up the dildo and then started greasing up her small puckered opening. I smiled as I started to apply pressure and began to push it in. I pushed harder and harder as the monstrous dildo didn't want to go. Kelli was grasping the couch cushions and flinging her head up and down trying not to scream out. I gave a final hard push and her ass opened accepting the dildo and with that Kelli screamed out loud as the dildo finally penetrated. Once it was in I stopped and asked

"At any time you can quit and go home, just remember the tape" I said smirking

There was no response, I took this as she didn't wish to leave. I looked at the clock. It was exactly 1 pm. I began to push the dildo in and out of her ass. Her ass was stretched wide as pumped the rubber cock into her. I kept it going at a steady but slow pace, as we still had 30 minutes to go. I watched TV as I pumped her ass with the dildo.

I could tell that she had now gotten used to it as she wasn't crying out or in pain. Her hips were now gyrating and her breathing was getting raspy. The occasional groan escaped her lips. I looked at the clock, we had almost 20 minutes left. I decided to slow down the pace since she was starting to enjoy herself. I pushed the cock in and out at a snail pace. This made her obviously annoyed as she tried to push back and forth with her hips, but her hips being over the arm of the couch prevented that. I did this for another 10 or 12 minutes torturing her with pleasure this time. There was only 8 minutes left, so I began to ram the dildo as far and as fast into her ass as I could.

Now Kelli began to thrash and cry out, but these cries were of pleasure. Her body thrashed about as I slammed almost the full 10 inches into her then pulled it almost out. I reamed her ass hard and fast, soon she screamed out and her body shook as a violent orgasm washed over her. I could see the juices flow from her pussy. I wasn't done yet, I still had 3 minutes to go. Now as I reamed her ass my other hand stroked her clit. This sent her into a stream of orgasms that was now soaking the arm of the couch. Finally she was exhausted and went limp. I removed the dildo from her ass and handed it to her. She took it weakly and just looked at me.

"Lick it clean" I demanded.

Kelli began to lick and suck it tasting her ass and lube. When it was clean I took it and put in a plastic bag and put it in the bathroom. I pulled Kelli up and told her to go to the bathroom and clean herself up.

5 pm

Kelli was sleeping on the couch as she was probably tired. While she was sleeping I called a few of my friends and had made arrangements for a surprise later that night. I looked at Kelli's gorgeous form sleeping and I began to get a hard on. I lightly ran my hands over her silky smooth skin, I ran my hands over her neatly trimmed pubes. I started to massage and play with her perfect large breasts. I was gentle as I didn't want to wake her. I pulled out my cock and began to jerk off as I ran my hand over her body giving her nipples a light flick with my tongue. Her mouth was partially open as she made sighs in her sleep.

My caresses were enough to excite her, but not wake her. Soon I felt myself starting to cum, I quickly aimed at her large breasts and blasted jets of cum all over them. I sat on the coffee table as I looked at her sleeping with my load sitting all over her breasts and chest. I got up and got a spoon, I carefully scooped up my cum and tipped it so my load slid into her mouth. Instinctively she swallowed. I got another gob and again fed her. I kept this up until it was completely cleaned off. I got a towel and gently wiped the sheen off her so there was no trace. I looked at the clock I t was almost time to wake Kelli up and prepare her for her surprise.

7 pm

Kelli was tied down well. Both wrists, and ankles were tied. She couldn't move from her prone position on the bed. I had blindfolded her so she couldn't see what was about to happen. Just then the doorbell rang, I knew who it was and I went to answer the door. I was gone about 10 minutes as I filled in everyone. I escorted everyone into the room. There were in total 7 guys and 2 women. I motioned them to begin. All the guys began to caress and grab at her body. The women began to undress as the guys fondled Kelli. Kelli was writhing on the bed as she had fingers in all her holes, hands grabbing nipples. Soon the guys were all over Kelli. One of them was fucking her, while one tit fucked Kelli's gorgeous tits. Kelli was moaning and groaning as they took turns fucking and sucking Kelli.

Then one of the girls climbed on Kelli's mouth facing one guy sliding his cock between Kelli's tits. Kelli was being fondled, fucked, licked and sucked in every way possible. Kelli's tongue swirled over the other woman's pussy, she drained her juices over Kelli's face as she orgasmed. Soon Kelli was shaking and spasming as she herself orgasmed. Soon the guys were ready to cum, the one girl grabbed a large cup that she had brought for this occasion. One by one all the guys deposited their loads into the cup. Once they were finished there was almost a full cup of cum in the glass. Kelli laid there exhausted from all the fucking and sucking. She was covered in pussy juice and sweat. The cup was put to her lips and tipped back, she gulped and gulped as she drank down the loads of cum. Kelli licked her lips and smiled, she hadn't seen one person that had ravaged her for hours. Everyone got dressed and left the bedroom. We all talked for a bit then I saw them all to the door. After everyone had left I went back in and untied Kelli and took the blindfold off.

"So, did you have a good time" I said

"Oh, yes. I am a dirty slut and love it all."

I smiled and told her to go and take a bath and relax then to get ready for bed. Kelli got up and left the room. I sat on the couch watching TV as Kelli took her bath and got freshened up.

10 pm

I directed Kelli into the bedroom, I had changed the sheets and bedding so everything was fresh. Kelli laid down and I crawled in after her. I looked at her and pointed to my cock. She knew what to do without me having to say anything. She stroked it and gave it licks until it was rock hard, she began a slow stroking rhythm as her mouth moved up and down the shaft and her tongue slid all over the head. I laid back and relaxed ready to enjoy a nice slow goodnight blowjob. Kelli worked my cock at a slow but steady pace, it had been almost 15 minutes and I was beginning to reach that point of no return. Soon I was thrashing about as my cock began shooting my hot load into Kelli's mouth. She gulped it down and sucked every last drop out of my cock before she laid back down and drifted off to sleep.

8 am

Kelli and I were having breakfast, I had told her that she could get dressed and the bet was over and she could now speak as normal.

"What about all those tapes you made" she asked

"Well they will be fun viewing, but they will only be viewed by me" I replied

"Can I have a copy" she asked

"Sure, I take it you had fun" I said smiling at her.

"Yes I did, I would let you do anything to me again, whenever you want. I learned something"

"What is that" I asked

"I am made to be used, I am a dirty little whore and I like it" she said smiling

"well, we will have to do this again. I have a lot more in store" I said

Kelli smiled and stood up, she kissed me then grabbed her bag and jacket and left. I sat back and began to think of what else I was going to do to her the next time.


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