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Out Of Control Slumber Party
by Nexxus

Jacquelyn started the letter.

She needed an objective ear and if a "sex specialist" in an adult magazine was the way to turn then she would try. "It's anonymous, right?" she asked herself, "what could it hurt?"

* * * * *

"Dear Dr. Carlene" she began. "It started innocently enough. Salli (my lover) and I wanted to have a silly evening. We had made this new friend at work (Kirstin), and thought we'd invite her over for a kind of slumber party. Nothing crazy, just the three of us staying up late, bullshitting, drinking, and watching videos.

Let me step back a minute and explain. Salli and I have been lovers for about a year and a half. She is three years older then me and I was immediately attracted to her when I started at my company. I had never experimented with other women, but I could not deny my feelings and when she approached me about hanging out after work one Friday, I thought I would explode. We went out, got shitfaced and ended up in the back seat of her car like a couple of teenagers. I had never been so turned on and nervous at the same time in my life. We've been inseparable ever since and we are constantly figuring out new ways to keep our romance exciting.

Anyway, we don't make our relationship an open forum at work, but we're pretty sure that most of the people in our department know. Now back to our slumber party. We invited Kirstin because she was new to the town, kind of to herself, and seemed to be looking to make friends (not to mention she was GORGEOUS!). Well, she first said she wasn't sure, but we pleaded, prodded and coerced and she finally agreed. We all met at my apartment around eight at night on a Friday.

I had made a bunch of junk food appetizers and had the liquor cabinet stocked. Salli got there first and Kirstin followed soon after. All was a little uncomfortable at first. Kirstin was pretty quiet, but we started drawing her out and after the first drink (cranberry and vodka...lame, I know!), she became much more talkative. Well, one drink led to another, and of course the conversations got raunchier and raunchier. Salli and I still planned on not letting our relationship come into play, but I was getting very drunk and finding it hard just being able to cop a feel and a deep kiss in the kitchen out of Kirstin's eyesight.

Now the drinks turned into shots (Goldschlagger!!!) and we were all feeling no pain. Kirstin, as I found out, had a hard time controlling her bladder when she laughed too much, and she was hysterical ALL night. I'm not sure who finally got the bright idea to start a "challenge," but after we all put on each other's pajamas (if you want to consider crop tops and panties pajamas) we decided to have these "races" and judge each other and at the end whoever had the lowest score got a tickle attack from the other two of us.

Salli made no secret that she wanted Kirstin to lose so she could make her pee all over the bed. This got Kirstin going so hard that Salli almost got her wish right there. Well, we did our races and sure enough Kirstin lost (she was so drunk, she fell four times trying to carry an egg to the refrigerator). Well, Salli changed the rules a little and said the loser had to be tied to the bed so they couldn't fight back. We were so trashed anything sounded like fun.

We tied Kirstin to the bed; she looked panicked and excited all at the same time. We tortured her for a little while making believe we were about to start and then not doing anything. I thought I noticed a weird look in Salli's eyes, but I was too drunk to think straight, so I ignored it.

We finally started tickling Kirstin and she went nuts laughing so hard. Salli had one good idea, she put plastic under Kirstin just in case she let the floodgates open, and boy did she. Salli kept tickling her all over and Kirstin was panting like a dog with this crazed look on her face. Then Salli started getting under Kirstin's top. I was tickling her neck and started getting hot watching Salli get her hands on Kirstin's tits. I decided to start nibbling her neck and ears and Salli was on top of her now letting her long hair drape across Kirstin's face, swinging it back and forth.

She had pushed up Kirstin's shirt and was openly feeling her up, full handfuls of tit, pinching her nipples between her thumb and forefinger causing Kirstin's nipples to pucker up. This drove me crazy; I started moving down and started sucking Kirstin's tits. Salli must've lost it about then 'cause she actually tore Kirstin's shirt wide open, so she was fully exposed. I was going back and forth sucking each tit like a maniac. Salli got off of Kirstin's stomach and grabbed Kirstin's pee soaked panties, I looked at Salli and she had this really evil look. I fell over the edge at that point and decided whatever Salli wanted to do was fine with me; I just wanted to get off as many ways as possible.

Salli said 'these are way too wet, you shouldn't wear them, you could catch a cold.' she tore them off Kirstin's body and stuffed them in Kirstin's mouth. Kirstin's laughter had now been replaced with pleading, pleading for us to stop. She said she had never done something like this; she wasn't into women, please stop. The more she begged the more turned on we got. All her pleading became muffled cries and gagging after Salli shoved those panties in her mouth. Salli got down between her legs and went to work on Kirstin's pussy, the sight of which made me insane. I got up and stood next to Kirstin's left hand, secured tightly to the bedpost she couldn't move. All her begging with her eyes did was make me even hornier.

I took her hand and shoved it between my legs pushing her fingers into my cunt. She tried to make a fist, but I was too strong for her I got three of her fingers up there and I stood glued to Salli doing some of her best work on Kirstin's twat. I don't know if Kirstin realized but she was humping Salli's face. She was close to cumming but Salli had other plans. She finger fucked Kirstin until Kirstin reluctantly reached the edge of a climax then stopped abruptly. She said 'If you think you're gonna cum before me bitch, you're sadly mistaken!' I had never seen this side of Salli but I was loving it. I had already cum once all over Kirstin's hand, but was saving my big load for her beautiful face as I was sure Salli had planned as well.

Salli finally took a seat over Kirstin's tortured face; she made Kirstin beg to eat her out under promise of severe pain otherwise. Kirstin cried the whole time, her noises muffled as Salli ground her pussy into Kirstin's mouth harder and harder until she exploded, two handfuls of Kirstin's hair in her fists, brutally assaulting the poor girls face with her cunt.

Went she got up, Kirstin's face was a fucking mess. Smeared makeup, and totally covered in Salli's slimy cum, tear streaks stained down her cheeks.

Then it was my turn. And I wanted it to be bad, to be humiliating, to be the dirtiest sex ever. I was drunk, twisted and had a deep desire to rape another woman. Kirstin's eyes were pleading, but that just made me want it more. She tried to reason with me, but every time she struggled her tits would jiggle turning me on something fierce. I decided I wanted to make her cum. I wanted her to lose it in front of us. I went into the drawer and pulled out some of the toys that Salli and I had bought when we went through our "porno" phase.

I showed her the 9-inch lifelike dildo, the double ended 16-inch "cervix buster" (as we named it) and the vibrator with a high speed that could make your teeth rattle. Kirstin just whimpered, struggling against her ties, getting me more and more wet. Salli started egging me on, rudely. 'Come on Jaquie, fuck her. Ram that dildo up her cunt till she screams. Fuck her throat and her ass. Make her cum like the slut I want her to be. Make her squirt Jaquie, make her squirt like you make me squirt, baby.' That's all I needed to hear. Salli knew how psycho I got when I got her to ejaculate.

I had this talent for hitting just the right spot on her so she would spray her cum all over. I went ballistic. I pushed my mouth down onto Kirstin's. I shoved my tongue in and felt every part of her mouth. I crammed my fingers into her soaking wet pussy, she arched to meet my hand, her body going against what her mind was telling her to do. Two fingers, three fingers, four fingers shoved in to the palm.

Kirstin was screaming 'NONONONO!' I loved it. I took the 9-inch dildo and slid it into her mouth. She wasn't fast enough to close her lips as I stuffed the head in. Her cheeks puffed out as I crammed more and more down her throat. She started to gag, but I wouldn't stop, I was incensed. Salli was behind me feeling me up biting my neck telling me to brutalize her, make her suck it all the way down, fuck her mouth like it was a whore's cunt. The dirty talk just made matters worse for poor Kirstin because it pushed me farther and farther over the edge, as Salli knew it would. I straddled Kirstin's chest and used the heel of my hand to shove the dildo all the way down. She tried in vain to breath around it and through her nose, but struggled at best. I started pulling it up and slamming it down like a stud fucking her mouth in the cruelest way possible. She was panic-stricken and this was just the beginning.

I finally pulled out the latex cock and watched as she gasped and choked. She started to beg and ask why I was doing this, to shut her up I turned around and sat right on her face grinding my cunt against her chin. I grabbed the Vibrator and turned it on high. Salli was laughing saying 'oh shit baby, you're really gonna give it to her aren't you? Give me that 9 incher, I want to get myself off while I watch you work!' I tossed the dildo to Salli and smiled, I loved to watch her use toys, and it was so good to hear her scream when she came.

Kirstin's nipples had been pinched and pulled so much they were tender as hell. I touched the vibrator to one and she jumped pushing her face farther into my cunt. I was satisfied so I pressed on. I ran that vibrator hard over her nipples, making her jump and twitch. I stopped for a second and watched as her chest was rising and falling rapidly. Her legs were tied to either bedpost and spread nice and wide. I reached for the 16 inch "cervix buster" and started easing it into her cunt. She squirmed and renewed her cries but I pushed down on her face and she quickly quieted down.

5 inches, 6,7,8 nice and deep. Her pussy was defying her pleas; she gripped the dildo like a woman preparing to have a mind-blowing orgasm. Then I added one little trick. I figured she was an anal virgin and this would be the ultimate cruel intention. I took the other end of the dildo and plunged it into her ass. She screamed so loud my cunt couldn't even muffle it. Salli almost came right there. She had all nine inches buried in her twat and she was gently stroking her clit and rolling one of her nipples.

I crammed about 5 inches up Kirstin's ass, forcing it with all my might against her virgin hole. She screamed and screamed yelling for me to stop. I just slid my pussy up and down her face and got myself closer to a climax. Now for the cherry on top I thought. I slid my index finger up her pussy with the dildo still in it stretching her as far as she would go. I found the little bump of a g-spot and started to work it. She started really flailing her hips up and down. I grabbed the vibrator still running on high and pressed it to her clit while massaging her g-spot.

To say she came is an understatement. She practically through me off her face. She arched her back and stayed like that until the wave hit. Cum spewed from her cunt like an ocean. She screamed and screamed that she was cumming too hard. I dropped the vibrator and shoved my fingers up my own steaming pussy. I came like a fire hose, spraying Kirstin's face with my juices. When she finally came down she passed out cold. Salli went insane watching all this. When I looked up she had the dildo all the way up her cunt and three fingers buried in her ass. She came so hard she was shaking then pulled the dildo out licking off all her juices.

Salli and I took advantage of Kirstin the rest of the night, sometimes she was awake and sometimes she was totally zoned out. She never asked us to stop again, I wasn't sure she could still speak, she would just mumble incoherently about cumming too hard. We posed her and found different things around the house to masturbate her with and make her cum with. We almost always rode her face to orgasm, sliming her up more and more until she was almost unrecognizable.

In the morning Salli and I woke up in the bathtub together naked and smelling like pee (God knows what we were doing). Kirstin and her clothes were gone and as we expected there was no note. Neither of us could bring ourselves to talk about the insanity of the previous night and we barely had enough energy to look at each other. Salli showered and left and I didn't see her until Monday morning. We were told Kirstin had taken a leave of absence for a couple of weeks, and that she may or may not return. There was no reason given other than 'Personal.'

Salli and I have started dating again and we don't speak about that night. Our sex life has gone on as normal and even a little more kinky being we know there are fewer boundaries now.

I thought about asking Salli if she wanted to bring in a third for a pre planned threesome, but thought I better wait. I want to call Kirstin, but I'm afraid of what she might say. I thought I saw someone that looked like her at a club downtown, but it was dark and the person was fucking around in the darkness in the back room. Who knows maybe it was her and we opened up a side to her she wasn't aware of. Anyway, that's what happened Doctor, Do you think I'm an evil person or do I just have overly stimulated sexual tendencies?"


Jacquelyn R.

* * * * *

"Dear Jacquelyn,

I believe this requires a personal visit. Why don't we meet, say, Friday at 8pm? And don't forget to bring Salli."


Dr. Carlene


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