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One Orgasmic Night
by GMB

It happened last month when I had the opportunity to make a fantasy come true for my girl Kathy. I have tried in the past to fulfill her dreams but this time I wanted to out do myself, and I did.

Let me start by telling you how this all came about. About a year ago I had asked my girl about her sexual fantasies and she reluctantly told me some of them. She liked to be controlled and be taken by a man against her will and she loved to drive a man crazy with her womanly charms. She loves attention that men would give to her anytime she would be out somewhere. She is really sexy and had no problem getting men to notice her. She has blonde hair, sexy blue eyes and a fantastic body with a nice tight ass and pussy lips that hang down from her mound, which follows a sexy pair of legs. Her big tits are so sweet, especially when she wears a tight shirt and her big nipples are erect sticking out threw her shirt. Huh, well anyway back to the story.

I had set up a few experiences with other men to fulfill her fantasy of having two men at once. The first time I did it, I tried to surprise her and it didn't work out that good. Being my first time and all. The second time I picked the wrong guy that got off right away and well, that was that. The third time I found a guy on the Internet and it was perfect until she tried to stop herself from an orgasm at the end so she wouldn't hurt my feelings that another guy could make her cum. I was still satisfied anyway that I did make it come true for the most part. Which brings me to last month.

I wanted to give her another experience that I know that she was into. She always wanted to be a go go dancer but never had the nerve to try it. What gave me the idea for my plan was a few weeks earlier I took her to a gogo bar and she loved it. All she could talk about is how she would like to do that and how exciting it would be to watch the men squirms in their seats as they did for the girls that night, for her. I told her she should try it one time but because she didn't have the nerve and felt she wasn't thin enough she wouldn't attempt it.

Last month we were invited over to my cousin's house for a 30th birthday party for him. She never met him because he lived down the shore and I never had the occasion to bring her there. I almost didn't go because my other brothers couldn't come and I didn't want to go alone. But because I had felt like taking Kathy away for the weekend anyway and we were going to be down near my cousin, I thought I would stop in for a while.

When we arrived at the party, the place was hopping. Almost everyone was wasted from the outrageous supply of liquor that my cousin had on hand. The music was going and everyone seemed to be having a good time talking and laughing with each other.

My cousin Brain saw me as I walked in and came over to greet us. "Hello cus", he said as he shook my hand. "And what do we have here", as he looked Kathy over. I saw his eyes wonder, as he looked at Kathy in her tight white outfit. She looked spectacular with her nice tits and sexy ass filling out her dress. "I'm Brian," he said as he took her hand to welcome her and took a quick stare at the cleavage she had exposed.

Kathy shyly replied with a smile and said, "Hi. Happy Birthday". I looked around the room and noticed it was filled with people I didn't know.

Brian then made an announcement to everyone, "Everyone, this is my cousin Gary and his girlfriend Kathy". With that everyone turned and welcomed us. Brian began to walk us threw the room, introducing us to everyone. Most of the people at the party were friends he had from work. We grabbed some drinks and sat down and began to chat with some of his friends. They were very easy to talk to and we both found ourselves begin to loosen up and have no problem talking up a storm. Kathy even seemed to be completely relaxed as she talked with a guy's wife that owned a music store.

The night wore on and our short stay turned into hours as we talked and drank all of the different types of alcohol that was there. We were having a great time and both of us were feeling pretty good from all of the drinks. As I sat there looking around the room I could see that the guy's were staring at Kathy intently as she sat on the couch talking with Kelly, I believe her name was. I saw their eyes wondering, looking at her legs and her chest almost in a trance. I even saw on guy that was sitting on the chair across from her hit his beer bottle on his tooth as he saw her cross her legs, anticipating seeing under her skirt that was riding up on her. I thought to myself how luck I was to have such a beautiful, sexy woman for my own and thinking how he must wish he could have her.

I got up and walked into the kitchen to get another beer to find Brian and some of his buddies huddled around the table acting routy. "Hey Bri" I said as I went to the refrigerator to get another beer. Brian came over to me and said in a low voice, "Oh man, your woman is really hot". We were just saying how she is giving us all a hard-on with that sexy outfit she is wearing. The look on their faces was one of excitement as I thanked him and said, "I know and she is all mine, sorry" as I walked from the kitchen into the living room where Kathy was still talking to that girl about music.

It was about 12 o'clock now and the party was winding down. Most of the people had left except for a few of Brian's guy friends from work that were in the kitchen playing cards, the guy that had been ogling Kathy all night from the chair across from her and a couple that Kathy had struck up a conversation with about kids. I noticed that Kevin, the guy in the chair, had a bulge in his pants. I moved over to Kathy and sat down beside her on the couch. I started to rub her shoulders as she talked to this couple.

I ran my hands down and started to stroke her sex legs as I watched the look on Kevin's face, looking at what I was doing. I thought to myself how this guy is going to go home and relive that huge bulge in his pants thinking about my girl. The idea of it sent a twinge in my cock thinking of her making this guy stroking his cock for her and making himself cum. My cock began to swell as my mind wondered and I leaned over to Kathy and whispered in her ear that I was horny. She turned to look at me with a look of lust and blew me a seductive kiss with her lips. I felt the head of my cock mushrooming and tried to conceal it from the couple's view. She turned back around and continued her conversation as I looked at her sexy legs fidget as she talked.

When the couple left, Kathy had me follow her to the bathroom and said in a slurred whispery voice, " So baby, what got you so horny?" I began to tell her about the guy on the chair and she said in a laughing type voice that she had noticed him too. I told her what I was thinking and how horny I was getting thinking about it. She smiled at me and said, "you were, were you" as she grabbed my bulge in my pants and squeezed. "Oh wow, you are hard, aren't you" she said with a surprised look in her eyes. I could see that she was getting excited as I told her what I was thinking and said, "Why don't you tease him and make him squirm like those gogo dancers did to those guys a few weeks ago in that bar we went to.

Her eyes lit up in embarrassment and said, "I couldn't do that". Are you crazy? I could see by the way she reacted that the idea somewhat excited her but she was still unsure. I told her that he was the only one in there and I know she wanted to do it, so do it I told her. She hesitated and mumbled to herself as I began to rub her legs up and down, stroking her soft silky legs moving my hand under her skirt to her mound.

Her panties were soaked and I looked in her eyes as I said, "Oh baby. Your pussy is so wet. I moved my fingers, tracing the outline of her pussy threw her wet panties as she let out a low moan telling me she was getting horny. I said again as I caressed her wetness, "Come on, Baby. You can do it."

She replied, "You aren't going to get mad at me?" "No", I said. Just tease him a little, you know what I mean. I saw the look in her eyes as I said that and new right then that this guy was going to get the show of his life.

We walked back into the room and seemed to startle Kevin. He jumped and repositioned himself on the couch as he picked up the TV guide and pretended to be reading it. Kathy walked up to the stereo and tried to find a station that had some good songs on it while I went to sit down on the couch.

As we walked passed Kevin, I could see that his cock was ripping threw his pants at full length. He must have been playing with his cock while we were out of the room. I smiled to myself as I walked by watching him try to conceal his enormous hard-on and sat down on the couch.

Kathy found a station that had some really sexually suggestive music on and shyly called me over to dance with her. She had that provocative look in her eyes as she began to sway her body, calling to her. Kevin glanced at her as he was pretending he was reading the TV guide. My cock was swelling in my pants as my heart started to race thinking about how sexy she looks and what must be going threw Kevin's mind right about now.

I got up and went to her making sure Kevin had a good view of her as she spun around and into my arms. We started to dance and I began to run my hands over her sexy body. I traced out her outline and moved down, running my hands down her sides and around her ass. She slivered in my arms like a snake as I watched Kevin start to fidget in his chair. I was shock when Kathy turned towards Kevin sitting in the chair and asked him if he liked the music that she had on.

Kevin replied with a big smile and said, "It sounds like stripping music" you know like the music the girls dance to in gogo bars. I saw my opportunity to get this going and stepped back from Kathy saying, "Hey baby, why don't you dance for us". I turned to Kevin and saw his eye's light up like a little kid as Kathy pondered the thought for a few moments. "uh" "I don't know baby" she said as I helped her along by grabbing her hips and moved them side to side with the music. She started to laugh slightly as she said, "ok, I will try but don't expect to much from me."

I took my place on a chair next to Kevin and we watched as Kathy began to dance for us. She danced uncertain as our eyes were glued to her every move. Kevin said, "Oh yeah. Feel the music as he tried to reposition his cock in his pants. She smiled at the site of Kevin's obviously big cock growing in his pants.

Kathy looked at us and said in a sexy voice, "So guy's, do you like what you see?" Our mouths dropped open at the sound of what she said and I felt my cock trying to break threw my zipper in my pants. "OH YES" we both replied in a horny type of voice. She smiled at us and saw hoe excited we were getting and began to get really into what she was doing. She started to feel her body all over, running her hands over her tits and ass and her eyes had that look of lust in them. When she notice that Kevin had his hand on his cock, stroking his length threw his jeans, she turned around and bent over slightly to give him a view of her panty covered ass.

I heard Kevin start to breathe heavy as she swayed her ass back and forth in front of us showing us her wet mound between her legs. She grabbed her panty and pulled it up the crack of her ass to extenuate her nice tight ass while looking over her shoulder with a (wanna fuck me look) on her face. I found myself now feeling my cock threw my pants and getting really excited watching her tease us. She was startled as Brian and his buddies came out of the kitchen and saw what she was doing.

"Oh wow", he uttered as he saw Kathy performance. Kathy quickly stopped what she was doing with a look of embarrassment and pulled down her skirt to cover herself. Kevin looked over and saw that they had finished playing cards and came out of the Kitchen. "Dam," he said. "Go back inside so Kathy can finish her dance for us." Brian exclaimed, "why weren't we invited for this" as he stood by the kitchen door.

Kathy was looking as Kevin and Brian had some words and then she interrupted and said, "all of you can watch if you want, if you promise you are going to be good boys." I looked at her as she smiled at me and I nodded to her to show her I approved. The guys all replied, Ok and moved the couch back so that she had some room in the middle, between the chairs and the couch to do her thing. The guys sat down on the couch and waited for her to continue her show. She now felt uncomfortable as all of us were watching her, waiting for her to continue. She uncertainly began to dance again, unsure of what to do.

I smile came over her face as she turned and looked at Kevin looking intently at her as he rubbed the bulge in his pants. She started to sway her body as she shifted her skirt up the sides of her legs exposing her v-like crouch. The guy's mouths were watering as they watched her slither her curved body in front of them. "Would anybody like to see my tits" she asked as she brought her hands to her big tits and began to feel them over her tight dress. Everyone just nodded in approval, as they were too mesmerized at what she was doing to speak. "Well then", she said in a controlling voice, I want you guys to take off your shirts first and then I will.

We all jumped up and took off our shirts without a second to spare. When we were done, she began to slide her straps down her shoulders and work the top of her dress down exposing her lacey white bra. Her tits were full, partially popping out of the top of the bra holding her tits in place. Her nipples were rock hard, sticking out threw the fabric and you could she the darkness of the area around her pervading nipples. The guys looked on in amazement at the site of her captivating tits and how nice they looked. "Do you like what you see, boy's?" "Humm?"

As she grabbed them, lifting them in with her hands and caressed them. We all nodded as we all began to rub our cocks threw our pants. "Would you horny little boys like to see more" as she reached and unsnapped her bra from the front, letting it drop to the sides releasing her beautiful breasts from their confinement. Her nipples were standing at attention as she fondle then with her fingers, pulling on them while she watched us rubbing our crotches.

"I bet you guys would like to see more, wouldn't you" as she turned around with her back to us and slipped her dress down her legs exposing her white bikini panties. Her panties were soaking wet and you could see the outline of her pussy as she bent down to remove her dress from her ankles. Our cocks were raging in our pants as we looked at her run her fingers under the bands of her panties and slowly pulled them up the crack of her ass.

"Ohhhhhh shit," I heard one guy say, as he needed at his swollen member in his pants. My cock was throbbing at the anticipation of what she was going to do next. She gyrated around and faced us as we all looked her up and down. " Oh wow, she exclaimed as she looked at our cocks bulging in our pants. "Would you like more" she said in a teasing way. Ya yes's filled the room as everyone was ripping horny and wanted to see her completely naked.

"Ok then," she replied in a whispery voice "I will show you mine if you show me yours." The lust in her eyes and the sound of her voice caused me to swallow a knot down my throat and needless to say we all got up and gladly removed our pants and underwear. Kathy's eyes widened as she saw our cock's spring out as we removed our underwear.

"Oh my" she exclaimed as she looked at us with our raging hard-ons bouncing in front of her. "Now sit down" she said and let me watch you play with you cocks. We all shifted down and stated to stroke our cocks as she stood in front of us and began to slip her panties off. My heart was racing as I saw her expose her privates to the guys in the room. I looked around the room and saw Kevin stroking his enormous rod as he watched her panties fall to the floor. Her shapely crotch stood just feet away and I could smell her sweet sexual odor filling the room.

She stepped out of her panties and turned away from us and bent down to pick them up exposing her ass and her slick wet pussy. I saw the look on the guy's faces as they rolled there eyes back and yanked on their meaty cocks. "That's right boy's" work those cocks for me as she bent down, looking over her shoulder at us and started to run her finger in the wet crease of her pussy. "Oh my god" I heard Brian say as her finger slid between her lips sending them hanging down between her legs.

Kathy looked over at Kevin's ridged pole who was sitting in the chair across from us and asked him if he wanted her to suck on him. My heart stopped at the thought of her taking his enormous cock into her mouth. He had to be at least 10 inches long and was incredibly meaty. Kevin, with a look of desperation on his face glanced over at me to see my reaction. She looked at me to get approval and all I could do was nod in the state I was in. She turned her back to us and squatted down in front of his ridged pole removing his hand from it saying, "let mommy do this for you" and proceeded to try and wrap her hand around his throbbing prick.

She started to stroke him, sliding her hand up and down his full meaty length in oar of his size. I grabbed the skin under my swollen cock and began to twist it while I jerked my cock making some precum form at the tip of my head. The other guys were jerking themselves off also as we watched my girl hold his massive rod by the base and begin to lick up the crevice of his swollen knob running her tongue around the little entrance at the tip. I felt the pressure building in my cock as I then watched her lick up and down his throbbing member and run her sweet tongue between the sacks of his balls as they hung down off the couch while she stroked his swelling prick.

"Do you like what mommy is doing to you" she exclaimed as she yanked his cock up and down in quick strokes with her hand just below his now oozing head. Brian leaned down to the side to get a look at her hanging pussy lips dangling between her legs as she worked on Kevin's cock. They were dripping wet and he motioned with his tongue to me that he wanted to taste her wetness. I motioned to him to do it and he got up and walked over to Kathy's venerable ass.

With his hard dick swinging from side to side, he walked up behind her and slid himself under her on his back, working his head between her legs to gain assess to her hanging lips. She looked down between her legs as Brian positioned himself under her long cunt lips and began to lick the moisture off the edges of them. As he sucked on her sweet pussy lips, he stroked his ridged cock with his hand while he enjoyed her sweet charm in his mouth. A moan came from her as Brian's probing tongue licked her pussy lips and sucked all of the excess moisture from her mound.

Running his tongue between her lips and licking her thighs to get the moisture that had ran down her legs. Her head kept bobbing up from Kevin's cock to moan as Brian worked her pussy into a frenzy. Her breathing got heavier as found her harden clit and began to work his tongue around it. "Oh, Oh god" she started to chant as his tongue worked on her swelling clit. Kevin reached under and began to fondle her erect nipples hanging down below her. I saw her ass twitching as her pussy began to pulsate from the pleasure Brian had been giving her and I moved over to her ass and began to run my tongue up the crack of her ass to her tight little asshole.

"Oh" she moaned in pleasure as I licked the rim of her ass. "Oh fuck, Baby!" she cried as I felt her tensing up closing in on an orgasm. My cock was aching as I waited for my turn to lick her tight wet box. "Yoa, yoa gonna make, huh, me cum, you fa, fuckin" "Oooooh shit" she moaned as she let the air out from her lungs.

Her body began to shake and I heard Brian's muffled voice from under her say, "Hummm, this bitch tastes so fucking sweet". That sent Kathy's pussy trembling and she let out a long moan and erupted on Brian's tongue. She had sucked Kevin's mushroom to extreme ripeness and stroked his throbbing cock as she felt her juices flow from her pussy.

After a few moments, Kathy stood up and turned herself to suck on Brian's stiff cock. She got into a 69 position and began to take his ridged prick down her throat as he continued to lick her cum that was dripping from her pussy. Kevin got up and knelt down behind her and started to lick her tiny asshole and I got up and moved to her to let her suck my hard cock. She took turns sucking Brian and I off as Brian and Kevin worked her holes. The other guy on the couch, I think his name was Timmy got up and moved over to the rest of us and started to play with her tits and ridged nipples.

Brian's cock was at full attention and I could see he was about to lose it. He was moaning into her pussy as she sucked and jerked his swollen dick. I bent down to Kathy's face and said, "Do you want his cum, you little Bitch." She uttered "yes". The look on her face was of ecstasy as the guys worked her private's back to intensity. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down to Brian's swollen prick and told her to lick the head of his cock under the rim. She did as I asked and Brian began to squirm as her tongue licked his throbbing head. I felt Brian at the point of losing his load as he mumbled, "I'm going to ca cum for you mommy".

I grabbed his stiff cock and began to jerk it off as she licked the rim of his dick sending his cum flying into the air. The first shot splattered up her face and then into her mouth. He drenched her with his fluids and she then sucked the rest of his cum out of his cock. Brian lay there for a few moments as Kathy drained his cock dry and then he moved out to let me slid under to taste her sweet wet mound. Timmy then moved his way in front of her and slid his erect cock into her warm mouth. She jerked my cock as she sucked on Timmy's dripping prick as he fucked her mouth. It didn't take long before she made him blow his cum all over her face.

Kevin was now fingering her wet asshole as I licked her dripping pussy hanging over me. The faster he fingered her ass the faster she jerked my off. I reached under her and started to play with her perky big nipples. A few moments later, she shuttered into another orgasm streaming threw her body. I thought I was going to lose it right then but I was able to control myself and continued to eat out her pussy. Kevin at this point stood up to mount her and I saw his enormous cock positioning in back of her. Kathy felt his hands grab her by the waist and start to mount her.

"Baby No" she cried. "He is way to big for me. Tell him to just come in front and I will suck him off. By this time Kevin already was spreading her tight wet hole with the head of his cock. She screamed in panic as his big meaty cock pushed inside of her.

"OH, Mother Fucker" she yelled as his swollen cock began to slid in deeper. I watched in amazement as her pussy opened up to accommodate his huge stiff member and saw her clit swell like a balloon as the veins of his cock rubbed up against her sensitive clit. Once he was all the way in he began to slowly fuck her pussy in long slow strokes.

The excitement caused her to start sucking my rod like a vacuum. Sucking my head into her mouth and deep throating me down to my swollen sack. I felt Kathy's nipples growing harder then I have ever seen them before and the area around them became very ridged. I could feel the pressure building up in her stuffed pussy as his cock started to pound away faster and faster as time went on. I saw her clitoris sticking out like a little erect cock as his growing prick slammed her cunt, slapping his balls against it. As he went faster, pumping his meat inside of her, his moaning became louder and I saw his balls start to swell. Kathy was now in shock as he drove his expanding cock faster and faster inside of her.

Her stroking of my cock made me swell so hard, it was starting to feel numb. Kathy's pussy began to clamp down on his intruding member sending him into a crazy state. I knew he was going to blow and I moved his ball with my hand, cupping them gently as I ran my middle finger lightly across his swollen balls. We were all moaning, building up to explosion as I stuck out my tongue and ran it over her little hard cock and sent her into a fit.

"Ohhhhhhhh, huh, Ohhhh mmmyyyyyy ga goddd" she screamed as she shifted her pussy forward and arched her back, jerking my cock like a mad woman. I felt so much pressure shooting up my cock that I didn't realize that I was already shooting my cum like a fountain all over my baby's face. Kevin felt her pussy spasm on his cock.

"You Fuckin Bitch!" he yelled as his cock ruptured filled her tight pussy with a load of hot cum. Her pussy exploded, showering my face with a explosion of her cum as his pulsating cock slid in and out of her hole filling her to capacity with his own. Her body went into convolution, trembling with goose bumps that traveled throughout her body as she orgasmed like I have never seen her do before.

Kathy stayed motionless for a few minutes with Kevin's cock pulsing in her pussy before she rolled over to her back, completely exhausted. I moved over to her and watched as the cum drained from her swollen pussy and ran down on the floor. I snuggled up next to her and gave her a soft kiss on her lips. The other guys knelt down to give her a kiss on the cheek as they patted me on the shoulder saying, "You are one lucky guy!" as they went to get dressed.

"I love you so much, baby," I said as I put my head down on her chest and laid there holding each other completely drained.


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