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One Summer Night
by Gabriel

My name is Alissa, I am 22 years old and I am a college student in Southern California. I am blonde, green eyed, 5'5" and 115 pounds with average size measurements.

Since my teenage years I have had exhibitionist tendencies and have indulged them as much as possible for a number of years. This is the story of one of those indulgences.

Last summer I took a job at a local elderly care center to help pay for the coming semester of college. It was mainly an evening and night job attending to the needs of the elderly residents, making sure they went to bed by a certain hour, getting them glasses of water, reading to them, etc. On this particular evening four older gentlemen were in a room playing their usual game of cards. Their game usually went on until late at night so I came in the room and told them not to stay too late or I'd have to "spank" them. They laughed and told me to come by later to make sure none of them had "passed out". I told them I would, and left them to their game.

At about midnight I decided to check in on the group and sure enough, they were still at it. They invited me to join in if I was done with my tasks, and being rather bored and having completed my tasks, I decided to join in. I should have known better. I was winning most of my hands, but I only later realized that I was the one "being played". They started making jokes and comments and as they got more used to me their jokes and comments got bolder and bolder as well. I could smell alcohol in the room and knew that they'd been drinking earlier in the night.

I decided to join in their jokes and asked them all how long it had been since they had sex! I was surprised by one of them who admitted that he had tried to get it on with one of the elderly ladies at the facility, and had even gotten a blowjob out of the bargain. We all laughed at that, and the others admitted to being sexless for years. They thought it was a strange question coming from a woman but I re-assured them I was genuinely interested. Then it was my turn, and I told them that I'd had sex only two nights before. If they expected me to get embarrassed, they were disappointed. One of the guys, Jim, asked if I would be embarrassed to tell them about it. I told them I would tell them all the details if I lost my next hand. As I expected, I lost my next hand. This convinced me that I WAS being played, so I decided to give them a GOOD game!

I told them the story in great detail, from the moment I made eye contact with the guy at the club, to the moment he first slipped his fingers under my dress and into my panties, to my decision to "go down" on him and let him come all over my mouth in the parking lot of a local high school, to his decision to "eat out" my smoothly shaved pussy, and finally to one of the best fucks of my young life in the back seat of my Jeep. I made sure to give details of my own body as I went along, to make them want more.

When I was done I was 100% sure that they didn't need any coaxing to get their cocks to stand at attention, and I was sure to be obvious enough when I looked at each of their crotches mischievously with a smiley face. They were hooked and I knew it. I suggested we play some more cards, but they suggested a condition: more stories if I lost. They were shocked at my reply: I'd let them touch any part of my body if I lost the next hand.

I was not surprised when I lost the next hand, but they thought I wouldn't go through with it. I got up, and stood in front of the nearest man to me. I took his hand and said: "Go ahead, I'm a big girl". He sat me down on his lap and slipped his hand slowly up my inner thigh and under my dress. When he got to my panties he took a big "gulp" and looked up at me. I smiled at him reassuringly and he slipped his hand under the material and onto my pubic hair and slowly to my pussy lips.

The next man took my hand and turned me around to face the table. With my hands on the table I was slightly bent at the waist with him sitting behind me. He reached up my dress and pulsed my panties off. I stepped out of them and he lifted my dress above my waist. He placed both his hands on my ass and started to fondle then slipped his fingers between my legs. I felt one of his fingers enter me while his thumb caressed my butt hole gingerly. All the while I was looking at the other men with a look of resignation on my face. This guy's time was up so I moved over to the next man.

He took me and sat me on the table with my legs slightly open. He reached up under my dress, pulled it over the top of my head and took it off altogether. I had worn a small pair of white panties with a matching white lace bra, but I had already lost my panties to the previous gentleman and now I was only wearing my bra. This changed as soon as he reached up behind me, un-clasped my bra and pulled it off. I was on display now to these men. My breasts were out in the open and my pussy lips were out for all to see since I didn't even have pubic hair hiding them. I lay back on my elbows and he started to lick my pussy while reaching up and cupping my breasts with his hands. I got so turned on by the sight I was seeing in one of the room's mirrors that I almost came but stopped myself because the night wasn't yet over. He licked my pussy for several minutes and one of the other guys had taken a liking to my breasts and was now sucking hard on them.

There was only one man left now, and he "complained" that all the good action was already taken. So I got up, walked over, un-belted his pants and pulled them off. I took off his shorts and took his cock in hand. While holding it I caressed the underside with my index finger, then suddenly I took it into my mouth. This surprised all of them and I heard whispered comments of approval behind me. He was sitting in his chair and I was on all fours wearing only my heels and a smile, swallowing an old man's cock for all it's worth. One of them finally got the courage to ask if he can fuck me and I said yes, while taking a mental note that trying to say "yes" with a mouthful of cock comes out as "yeth".

I felt him enter me from behind and he started to fuck me while reaching below me and taking my breasts in his hands. I pushed my ass against him grinding myself onto his cock. For being old, they didn't lack much in cock size; they weren't huge, but they were bigger than some of my high school and college boyfriends. What I really liked though was the whole contrast of our age difference.

Well I'd love to tell you all that this turned into an orgy or something, but only two of them got really lucky that night. The man I was "going down" on decided to let loose and shot several spurts of come into my mouth. Seeing the action up front, the guy behind me decided that his time had come too, and pulled out his cock and shot his load all over my ass cheeks and pussy lips. This upset the other two fellows since there was no way they'd go at it with me in the state I was in, and since the showers were common I couldn't shower without the other intern that night noticing.

I promised them another adventure another night, but unfortunately that never came because school started soon after and I left the job. Maybe next summer...


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