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Proliferate Drill (Chapter IV)
by Jimi Linden


* * * * *

Exiting the car I lifted my skirt to reveal thigh high nylons and black thong panties. My reward was an ear to ear grin as Leo eagerly licked his lips. "See you tonight lover," I teased.

"After work!" he promised.

Further words were unnecessary to convey our plans for sex in my office after drill. We're eminently in tune with each other so both of us read our quick interchange as a proposition and confirmation. The many bodies transversing our offices throughout the day would fuel our fantasies and sex is always extra thrilling in a strange or perilous locale. I was looking forward to a late afternoon of paradise.

My trip to nirvana had begun the previous evening. My significant dildo, needed to work late, which left me searching for alternate transportation. The sixty-mile trip home usually discourages even the most generous Samaritans, but my co-worker and alternate lover was more than willing to assist. David's assurance of no ulterior motives allowed us both a humorous respite. Mutual appetites whetted by our single previous encounter, we craved seconds.

The feel of power, which emanates from David's 300-Z, throbbed through my body as we cruised along. Excluding the impossibility of maneuvering in the Nissan's tight cockpit, I believe the vibrations emanating through the gearshift handle alone, could evoke an orgasm.

The firm erection straining next to me made me anxious to quicken our journey but I knew David dared not exceed the speed limits. Power hungry officers target power augmented vehicles. Teasing the enlargement of my benefactor's interest, though enjoyable for us both, was causing me to squirm in frustration as I could barely move in my tight Chucket seat. My hero rescued me with, "There's a pillow and sleeping bag behind your seat. I'll bet this console wouldn't be half bad if it was covered with a pillow."

The sleeping bag filled the seat cavity to a comfortable level and the pillow, as promised, cushioned the center console. My head in David's lap, I lay on my back with my legs only slightly bent as he unbuttoned my blouse. Tweaking my sensitive nipples gently between thumb and finger instantly brought them to erectile eruption. I unfastened my bra to allow him easier access to my straining mounds. His hand alternately cupped first one, then the other breast while his fingers delicately milked each mammary toward its peak. Since I can't purr, I tried to access his burgeoning shaft to show my appreciation.

Assured that he would prefer no oral stimulation while driving I stretched my neck across his lap and accepted the thrill of his fingers. Unbuttoning his shirt I was able to nuzzle, nibble and lick the hard muscles of his abdomen without distracting him terribly.

Wantonly wadding my skirt around my waist, then spreading my legs for his benefit, distracted him sufficiently so he obtained only fleeting glances at the road ahead. His invasive finger quickly expanded a small run in my pantyhose to allow him easy access followed by deep probes into his goal.

David dripped my lubricating unguent onto a nipple then massaged its pillar to maximum extension. "I'm going to coat your chest with this delicious nectar then lick you clean when we get home," he promised. My copious juices drenched my skirt, the sleeping bag and the seat. Upon arrival at my home, we christened the hood of his car, the back porch, the kitchen table and eventually soaked the bed with my geysers. A very exhausted David left three hours later just as Leo arrived home. Supper was postponed another hour as my cherished mate loves a wet deck!

"I'm ruined for life," I wailed the next morning. "My legs are still weak. No sex for at least a week," I moaned.

My dear spouse evidently has been taking a course in medical terminology, for his only comment was a smirking, "Uh huh."

I've always suspected that a full semester in medical school must be devoted to the vocabulary necessary to express dedicated concern to patients. It's probably titled; HMMM 101. "Uh huh", "Hmmm-ummm" and "That's not right" are serious subdivisions of the course.

Once each month Americans may feel truly protected, for that's the schedule of Air National Guard Unit Training Assemblies (referred to as UTA's, Guard Drills or simply Drill). We, the truly dedicated members of your Modern Day Minute Men (and Women) gather in the splendor of our blue uniforms to insure you security from oppression and tyranny. Occasionally we gather in olive-drab squalor titled BDU's (called Battle Dress Uniforms by the big shots, the troops generally refer to these comfortless monstrosities as BASICALLY DEMEANING UNIFORMS).

These meetings are held to increase your dedicated guardians knowledge of the weapons, systems and procedures necessary to carry out military assignments efficiently and in a timely manner. Approximately twenty percent of these stalwart warriors are female, for whom it's also a great time to get laid.

By the end of the afternoon our office had been inundated by three thousand of the twenty five hundred troops in the Wing. My office partner Marci was bitchy, my weekend warriors had wandered and I was ready to drop. Then our diligent Office Manager David (of the delightful previous evening) called a meeting.

So much for the afternoon assignation Leo and I had planned. When I called Leo's office he was out so I couldn't even tell him where I would be. My lover would just have to figure out where I had disappeared to and twiddle his thumbs until I returned. David's meetings always run for at least an hour, by which time all I would want to do was drag home.

I closed the office down, locked up and boogied down the hall to the meeting. Surprisingly Leo was there, along with David (of course), a couple of guys from Supply and a fellow from the Motor Pool. When I entered David solemnly requested I close the door. An uncomfortable situation at its best, "closing the door" is usually an indication someone's about to get reamed!

Before I could set down, Leo rose and sidled up behind me. 'What the Hell?' I thought. Then, with his arm around my shoulders, he began making introductions.

"Honey, you know Chuck and Mitch from Supply, right?" Then indicating the dark, handsome gentleman he continued, "This is Rick Fuentas, from Motor Pool."

I nodded my greetings and started to crash into a chair. Leo reached his arm around my waist to stop me. "Before you set down, I think you should know that this meeting is for you. David and I know how much you enjoy a little fun so we planned this session just to fulfill your afternoon!"

Sporting a smile bright enough to light a room, David added, "I saw you flash Leo as you were getting out of the car this morning. It's been hard to concentrate all day just thinking about it!"

I turned my head over my shoulder to look at Leo and he immediately planted a deep kiss on me. As his tongue played with my tonsils, he cradled my breasts with his hands and stroked my nipples with his thumbs. When we came up for air, he said, "Now I'm going to show our other guests what David found so exciting."

Slowly bunching my skirt he gradually unveiled my legs until my black thong panties were completely exposed. Cupping his hand over my mound he whispered in my ear, "You're panties are getting damp! How wet does it make you to know that you're about to be fucked by five guys? Get up on the table so we can begin your pleasure before we satisfy you."

"Leo, no," I protested. "I'm not ready for this!" There are times I wish my dear husband wasn't quite so proficient at hearing what I don't say! He knew I wasn't really objecting and that the idea of all those wonderful shafts in me was making me drip!

Dropping my skirt he lifted me to the top of the heavy wooden surface, jumped up with me then helped me stand up.

The other men now had a worms-eye view up my uniform. Rick stroked his hand up the inside of my leg until he could cup my ass cheeks in his palm. Hooking the waistband of my underwear he massaged and squeezed my bare bottom. When his thumb softly probed inside my now steaming cunt I gasped with unrestrained pleasure. Someone slid my panties down my stems and I rocked my feet from heel to toe for their total removal.

Leo had opened my blouse and bra to expose my chest, then he stripped me of my upper garments and again stalagmited my nipples. "You like?"

I purred!

Chuck, David and Mitch had now joined Rick in manipulating my insides with their fingers. Never previously had four digits fingered me simultaneously. The deeper they probed the more abundantly I lubricated for them.

Leo managed to work my skirt over my head, which left me standing on a table, surrounded by five lovers, wearing nothing but my nylons and heels. I didn't think it could get much better! Then my cherished mate lowered me to the edge of the surface and kissed me while someone began slurping my juices. Two pairs of lips nursed the erections of my nipples as if they could draw milk if they sucked hard enough. I let myself go and caim in a gushing explosion of nectar. Looking down I saw David pull his lips from my wide spread legs and Rick take his place.

Rick's tongue was noticeably longer which made it slide further up my happy canal. Rumors circulated on base that the man was quite well endowed and I was about to gain first hand verification. He did something with his tongue, which caused it to rub my clit while the tip was broad and deep enough to feel like a full fledged, wiggling erection. Sooner than I wished to give up such fantastic sensations he brought me to another gushing climax. My juices dripped from Rick's chin as Chuck slipped his iron hard shaft into me.

Men always enjoy the feel of nylon wrapped around them as they impale a lady so I wrapped my legs around Chuck and pressed my heels into the small of his back. When I felt his muscles tighten preparatory to cumming I gripped him hard and rode him deeply into me. My lips and nipples were being devoured by the three sets of lips and I held Rick's massive organ in my hand.

Mitch replaced Chuck and we repeated the performance. I still was exciting Rick to ever-greater proportions with my fingers and the skin from his scrotum was stretched tightly onto the length of his shaft. As Mitch discharged his pent up energy I pumped him until he fell back exhausted.

Everyone moved away from me momentarily allowing me my first sight of Rick's fabled endowment. Extended before me was one of the largest examples of manhood I had ever encountered. From the four-inch wide base to the slightly blunt tip no lessening of diameter was evident as it stretched at least fourteen-inches of rock hard length toward me. I thought such gargantuan shafts only existed in X-rated movies! To the other anxious studs present, I drooled, "Forgive me fellas, but I simply have to feel that monster inside me, NOW!"

I opened my legs wide for the beautiful giant to enter. Its master nudged deeper with each impact until his tool buried to my rapture. Other hands palpated my most intimate surfaces while tongues caressed me to seventh heaven! Exquisitely fondled in all my favorite places, I could concentrate only on the incredible brute stretching my insides almost to my lungs. Each stroke forced cum from my already overloaded hole. Just when I could feel Rick tensing to fill me fuller still, Leo gently pushed him away.

Telling Rick to lie down on the table Leo guided me astraddle of the monster I so craved. Enclosing a tit in each hand Rick pulled me backward against his chest while his gigantic tool again probed my depths. Lying face up on top of my knight with his wonderful lance allowed everyone else access to my body. David began licking my tonsils while Chuck and Mitch each suckled a nipple. Then my special, sensitive, supportive Leo began to caress my clit with just the tip of his tongue. God, he was eating me while Rick pistoned in and out.

My climax built slowly to a grand crescendo then erupted in a mighty gush of fluid, which Leo noisily slurped as he continued to excite my clit with his teeth and tongue. Twice more I climbed the summit of electrifying arousal and felt Rick empty his rapture into me as I crested my third peak.

Feeling drained I lay quietly as David and Leo alternately brought me down to earth again. Normally having two men make love to me at the same time would have sent me flying, but I was totally spent. Both realized my condition and gave me a slow, loving climax to our previous excitement.

Each of my lovers took me singly with loving tenderness again before we parted with promises to meet another time. I slept all the way home and was so tired that night Leo was only able to bring me to two climaxes before we fell to sleep. His final words for the night were, "You want more of Rick?"

Rather than answer him I simply spread my legs wide and opened my still dripping cavity with my fingers allowing a small trickle of cum to leak out.

The End for now...

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