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Partying with the Office Divorcee
by Chuck Wood

After I graduated from college, I landed a job as a salesman for a plumbing supply company. It was a great job with a lot of traveling and a great bunch of co-workers. I made a lot of friends. The receptionist was a hot 25 year old. Cindy was tall at 5'8" and very athletic. She had a great rack, a firm round ass and a great face to go with it. She wore short tight skirts to work and showed some cleavage. Generally speaking, it was not that hard to see some tit or get a beaver shot or see the outline of her panties beneath her skirts. She was a real turn on. A lot of guys would have given anything for a quick go with Cindy. She knew it and enjoyed teasing the guys. However, she was married so the rest of the guys and I could only drool.

Once when I called in from a business trip, Cindy was crying when she answered the phone. I asked her if she was okay, but she refused to talk about it. When I returned home, I learned that Cindy and her husband were divorcing. I had met her husband a few times and he was a complete idiot. I could tell he had no idea how hot his wife was. Some guys just do not have a clue. At least they did not have any kids. We all tried to console Cindy as best we could, but I could tell she was broken hearted.

A few weeks later, on a Friday afternoon, Cindy came back from lunch late and announced that she had just appeared in Court and her divorce was final. She asked if anybody wanted to party with her to celebrate. The whole office volunteered.

Cindy had a very tight short skirt on which showed her ample round ass to perfection. I was sure I could make out the outline of some very skimpy panties beneath the tight fabric. She also wore a very tight sweater which showed off her large breasts. I complemented her on how good she looked and she told me that she wore the outfit especially for her ex- husband so that he could see what he would never have again. She was pretty sure she made her point when she showed up at the court house for the divorce hearing. She said a lot of men were gawking at her at the court house and her husband looked plenty sheepish.

It was Friday and everybody, men and women, took Cindy up on her offer. There were about twenty of us at the local watering hole. The women were talking to Cindy about what asses men were and the men were trying to figure out who had a chance to get lucky with Cindy on her first night as a divorcee. All of the women and some of the guys were married and they had to leave early. Cindy was just getting loosened up at that point and made it clear that she was ready to party. There were ten of us who were single. Jim suggested that we head to a club in a nearby town which had a good band and a big dance floor. Cindy was all for it. She said she had not danced for a long time.

We had to take two cars. I made sure to stick close to Cindy and jumped in the back seat of a Lincoln Continental with her in the middle. Before we started, Bart produced a pint of Jack Daniels and passed it around. Cindy took a big pull on it and I could tell she was getting pretty drunk.

I was watching what I drank, because I was hoping to fuck her before the night was over and I did not want to be incapacitated if and when I got the chance. It was about a thirty minute drive and I could not resist running my hand over her leg. It was dark in the car and she did not seem to mind. I slipped my hand between her knees and she still did not resist. She did look at me with her big eyes and gave me a big smile. I decided that was a good sign and pushed my way up to between her thighs. That was as high as I was going to get as she squeezed her legs closed. I withdrew the hand, but I was not discouraged.

When we arrived at the dance club, it was crowded. We went in and ordered some more drinks. Cindy started dancing with anyone that wanted. We were taking turns. As the night wore on, the guys would report back about how far they got. Nobody was getting very far. A few feels of her ass was about as far as it went. By midnight, Cindy was drunk. We decided to take her out of there and go back to Mike's place to party some more.

I am not sure whether Cindy knew where we were going, but she was still in a mood to party. I was still lucky enough to sit next to her. This time I was more forward. I grabbed her and starting kissing her. She melted in my arms. I gave her the tongue and she started sucking on it. I ran my hand up her leg to her panties. There was no resistance. The guy next to me was feeling her tits and she was not resisting that either. I got my hand in her panties and she was smooth shaven.

I about came in my pants. This was hot. I got my finger in her snatch before she came to her senses and told us both to slow down. We retreated and she started talking. She told us she was no virgin when she married her husband, but she had not been with any other man for the three years she was married. She said that everything was going very fast and she was a little confused. We offered her another drink of the Jack Daniels and told her we understood.

We arrived at Mike's house and Cindy acted a bit leery about whether she should go in. She asked if there were going to be any other women there. We told her no, but since we were not far from the office we convinced her that we would be glad to take her to her car anytime and help her get home. That seemed to satisfy her and she accompanied us into the house. Mike had a great house with a big backyard and Jacuzzi tub. It was not long before some of the guys were buck naked and in the tub. Cindy did not want to be left out. She said she did not feel comfortable stripping down to nothing and asked if it would be okay if she wore her bra and panties. We all said "YES" at the same time.

I watched as Cindy pulled her sweater over her head revealing a set of massive tits which were barely constrained by the smallest bra I had ever seen. The tops of her areolas were clearly visible above the sheer fabric and her nipples were sticking straight out. She unzipped the back of her short skirt and wiggled her hips as she pushed it down to her knees and stepped out of it. Her panties were nearly nonexistent. I suddenly noticed that I was standing there naked with my dick as hard as a rock. When Cindy stepped over the side of the tub to get in, I was close behind. I know she saw my hard-on as I slipped into the hot water.

I think Cindy quickly figured out what was going to happen. The bra disappeared fast as did the panties. Everybody was taking a turn kissing her and feeling her up. Unfortunately, it became obvious that I was not going to be the first to fuck her. One of the other guys had her bent over the top of the tub with her ass above the water. I watched as he ran the head of his big dick up and down the crack of her ass and then entered her smooth shaven love hole. She must have been wet and ready because he slipped right in without trouble. He fucked her hard while we all watched. Cindy was enjoying herself. She started out breathing hard, progressed to moaning and screamed "I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMING" as he unloaded deep inside her.

At that point we moved the party inside. It was about 2:00 a.m. and that scream could have been heard a block away. I did not even get sloppy seconds. Mike was next to impale her cunt and Bob lined up in front of her face. He rubbed his cock over her face and along her full lips until they parted and accepted his manhood. Bob had a good sized tool and she had no trouble taking the entire length of it down her throat. She was really giving it a wet and sloppy blow. Each time he withdrew it before ramming it back down her throat, I could see that it was dripping with saliva. Mike grabbed her hips and unloaded. Bob unloaded down her throat almost simultaneously. Cindy made gurgling sounds as she struggled to swallow all the cum.

Cindy stood up to stretch for a moment and it was clear that she was not finished. She was just getting started. Before I could grab her to take her, she spied a guy in a recliner and mounted him. I was frustrated. She was going to be all fucked out before I got my pecker in her. As I stood there waiting my turn, I was fascinated by the view of her ass in the air and her cunt filled with a cock. I had heard of double dipping before, but never had the opportunity to try it. No time better than the present. I grabbed her hips. Her ass was at exactly the right height.

I wondered if there was room for two cocks in her cunt. I think she thought I was going to fuck her in the ass because she looked around and said "No! Do not fuck my ass!!" I told her not to worry and rammed the head of my cock at the top of her stretched fuck hole. She gasped and said "You can't get two in there!" She was right, I couldn't. Then I pressed my finger against the opening and it popped right in. That was a real strange sensation! With my finger still in her cunt, I lifted up and stuck the head of my cock against the opening. It was tight - REAL tight, but suddenly I was in.

I do not know how, but there were two cocks in Cindy's snatch. I was afraid if I moved, I would pop out. Cindy was moaning "OH MY GOD, I don't believe you are both fucking me at the same time. Cindy screamed "I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMING" and I could feel her muscle contractions. The guy below started ramming in and out and I started doing the same thing. Cindy was still orgasming and gasping "FUCK ME, FUCK ME as hard as you can!" The guy below started grunting and I knew he was about to go over the edge. That caused me to lose it and we both filled her cunt at the same time. I have never cum so long or so hard. When we withdrew, Cindy's hole stayed open and the cum ran out and onto the guy below. She had definitely been double dipped.

I do not think Cindy's cunt contracted before somebody else filled her again. I heard a few complaints that her cunt was too loose and was all stretched out, but it did not stop anybody from fucking her. Despite her earlier protest she even took it up the ass a few times. By the time the sun rose, Cindy had been fucked at least thirty times. Mike had even gone around the neighborhood and notified a few of his buddies about the divorcee who was taking on all comers at his house.

To our absolute amazement, Cindy did not remain a party girl for long. Within a month she was back with her ex-husband and they remarried two months to the day after they were divorced. We were all invited to the wedding. I could not help wondering what he would think if he knew Cindy had been recently gang fucked and double dipped. Who knows, maybe it excited him to know that Cindy was a slut. Maybe he would like to watch us party with Cindy next time!!!


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