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by JoJo Jinx

It was pouring rain. We were walking home after the game. We lost. Jamie was down. Not because of the game. He was like thinking. Moody. I think he was brooding over the other night when he saw me fuck those guys. They were average. I was more into Jamie watching me than I was into their cocks.

I pulled Jamie under a tree. A little shelter from the storm. I said "You OK?"

He said "Sure." I pulled him to me and I kissed him. I kissed him hard and he kissed me back. I felt him getting hard. At least he didn't have to think about that.

I undid his belt and reached down in his pants. His tool felt warm and wonderful. I unzipped his fly and had it out. I didn't know what to do. The ground was wet and I was wearing nylons. I stroked it feverishly.

This was too much for Jamie. He just leaned back against the tree. His warm seed ran out over my wet hand. I was covered in semen from the wrist down. I thought about licking it off but I wiped it on the tree instead. That left a lot of cum still on my hand. I wiped it on the grass. Now my hand was covered with dirt and twigs and stuff. I finally just pulled my dress up and wiped it off on the inside of my dress.

Jamie said, "Why don't you just lick it off. Isn't that the way sluts like it?"


She had my cum all over her hand under the tree in the rain. She was wiping it everywhere. She finally wiped it off on the inside of her dress showing me her legs nearly up to her cunt.

I said, "Why don't you just lick it off. Isn't that the way sluts like it?"

Open mouth. Insert foot. I was still stuck on what I'd seen the other night.

I could see I'd hurt her. I thought, shit, here she just gave me a great hand job and I shit all over her. I almost laughed. First I cum on her and then I shit on her. I remembered seeing her with those two guys. They were all over her. I couldn't tell how much she was liking it but she was definitely letting them. She even sucked their dicks. She seemed to like it the best near the end. She had one and then the other and she must have been cumming or something because her eyes were glazed and she had this fantastic smile on her face as she looked right in my direction.

I don't think she saw me. I was hidden in the bushes. The guys saw me though. They asked me later why I didn't fuck her too. I couldn't tell them how crazy I am about you. Not after you let them have their way like that.

And now I had to go and call you a slut. I just blew the last chance I'll ever have.


When I heard him say that I just couldn't believe it. I mean it made me so mad. Him. Calling me a slut. Like he was Mr. Abstinence or something. And then I got a little twinge. And it sunk in exactly what he said. About licking it off. That was my first thought. And thinking about it I got wet in my pussy. And it started burning. And I had to have it. Shit! I just jacked him off.

"Oh, Jamie, honey. I'm so sorry I made you mad. Next time I will lick it off, just for you. But I need you to do me now. I can't wait till next time. Next time has to be right now."

I was getting a little frantic so I just thought "Shit, I'm a slut. I don't give a damn about these nylons but I have got to have some cock." And I dropped to my knees in the wet grass right under that tree.

Jamie's soft cock felt so good as it entered my mouth. And it didn't stay soft for long. Soon I was pumping on his long pole with my mouth. I got it just the way I liked it, smooth as silk and twice as shiny. And then I pulled him on top of me and we rolled in the grass and fucked. Since he had just cum I got to enjoy his cock for a full five minutes before his exuberant boyishness took over and he filled me with his seed.

After I licked his cock clean I told him what it did to me when he called me a slut like that.

He said "You were acting like a slut the other night fucking those two guys."

I grabbed his soft pecker firmly and said, "You better watch the way you talk, Jamie, unless you're ready for round three."


I wasn't ready for round three yet but JoJo kept stroking on it and before you know it we were laying in the grass fucking again. This time I just pounded and pounded, I wasn't about to cum. My cock was so stiff and her cunt was so slick, it was like we were made for each other.

Then I heard voices. It was Randy and Chet from the other night. I tried to get off but JoJo clasped her legs around my ass. I could tell this was turning her on. I thought "What the fuck?"

Randy said "Well, lookee here. Looks like pretty boys finally getting a little JoJo nooky."

Chet said zippp and he knelt down by JoJo's face. I couldn't believe it. He was waving his cock in front of JoJo's face while I was fucking her. It was really close to me too. I had never seen a cock so close before. It looked huge and strangely appetizing.

JoJo reached out with her tongue and licked the head of Randy's cock. He grabbed her hair and stuffed it in her mouth.


When I heard Randy and Chet it really got me hot. Kind of like the other night in reverse. This time they could watch while I fucked Jamie. Then they would see why I loved Jamie so much and why they were just dicks. I clasped my legs around Jamie's ass pulling him deeper into me. I was sure I would be able to have an orgasm while Chet and Randy watched.

But then Randy wanted to do more than just watch. And he knelt down by my head and showed me his cock. Jamie looked at his dick and fucked me even harder. I licked the head of Randy's dick right in front of Jamie's face. Randy grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. Now I was getting it in the cunt and the mouth at the same time. That pushed me over the top and I started yelling losing Randy's cock. When I came Jamie went crazy, trying to kill me with his dick. Then he came like a geyser filling my cunt until it was running down my ass. When he got off of me Chet just said "Look at that."

All three of them stood there looking at my pussy with Jamie's cum pouring out of it. Chet unzipped and stroked his cock. He started yelling out "Sloppy seconds, sloppy seconds." Randy said "No way, I'm next."

He pounded me good for about five minutes and then Chet had a turn.


After I fucked JoJo she just lay there with my cum running out of her pussy. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Watching her suck on Randy while I fucked her was too fucking great. It made me so hot I lost control and blew my load right into her cunt.

We stood there and gawked at her pussy. Chet said "Look at that," like we were looking at anything else. He got his cock out. Then Randy said me first. And he fucked her.

He fucked JoJo good and hard for about five minutes and I could tell that JoJo was liking it. She had her knees up and her feet flat on the ground her pelvis meeting his stroke for stroke. I think she got off just before he did and she was definitely over the top when he finished. Instead of squirting in her cunt he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her belly. The last couple of squirts dripped down onto her pussy hair. JoJo lay flat on her back completely out of it with my cum running down her ass and Randy's cum all over her cunt and stomach. Chet didn't even wipe it off. He just got belly to belly with JoJo and smeared Randy's cum all over himself he was so hot for JoJo's pussy.

He was in her before she even came down from her orgasm. He was already stroking her steady before she opened her eyes. I think she was topped out. She just came and came and came. As soon as she would relax for a second she would get over again. I could see her squeezing her legs together using her cunt muscles to work on Chet's cock. Then she would get over again.

It was like Chet wasn't there. Chet's cock wasn't really Chet's. It was only there for JoJo. It's only purpose was to give JoJo's cunt something to squeeze on. So JoJo could cum again. And again.


After Randy fucked me he sprayed his cum all over my belly. I came so hard that I was out of it. When I came to Chet was already hard at work. His cock felt so good I had another orgasm. When I came back to earth I discovered that if I squeezed his cock a certain way with my legs just so it would give me an orgasm. I did that several times. Then it was too much for him. He filled me with his cum. When he creamed me it sent me over the top again. I think counting Randy and Chet together I orgasmed nonstop for over five minutes.

Randy and Chet zipped their pants back up.

"Well, Bye Bye JoJo."

"Yeah, JoJo. And see you later pretty boy."

Randy and Chet left. I smiled at Jamie. He smiled back at me. His cock was already showing signs of life. I patted the ground next to me and he laid down. I turned around backwards and started sucking his cock back to full hardness. Jamie nosed around between my legs and started toungueing my pussy. He sucked Chet's cum right out of my cunt. He licked Randy's cum off of my belly. And he ate his own cum out of my ass crack. Randy and Chet don't understand why I'm so crazy about Jamie when they're just dicks. Well, I understand, I thought while I sucked on Jamies dick. I understand.


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