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Stacy and Alison
by Deview

It was Friday night and my girlfriend, Stacy, had invited me over for the weekend while her parents were away. Her parents were pretty wealthy and the house was enormous, so I was pretty stoked, but nervous as hell. I was pretty inexperienced despite what I implied to my friends at school and Stacy never went out of her way to appear virtuous. I got over to Stacy's house at about five, I'd told my parents I was going to stay at my friend, Matt's house. I knocked on the door and it was answered by Stacy's friend Alison. My heart sank a little when I saw her, I'd been hoping that Stacy and me would have the place to ourselves.

"Hi Robbie," she said, "Come in, we were just doing some aerobics." I followed her into the living room where Stacy was still following a routine on the TV. She smiled at me but didn't stop for another minute. When she did she walked over and wrapped her arms around me and I leant forward to give her a kiss. Her face glistened with perspiration and for some reason that really turned me on.

Alison was watching from the couch. "Hey you still want to open a bottle of champagne Stacy?" she interrupted.

"Yeah," my girlfriend replied with enthusiasm. She ran into another room and came back a minute later with a bottle and three glasses. It wasn't long before we had finished the bottle, we only had a couple of glasses each but we were all feeling its effect.

I hadn't said much this whole time, just listened to the girls chatting, but every time I did open my mouth I noticed Alison paying close attention. Alison was just as hot as my my girlfriend. Their bodies were almost identical, trim and tight from regular workouts and they'd both been blessed with large set of tits. I'm not good at describing faces so I won't make much of an effort, but I know Stacy had green eyes and I think Alison's were brown.

They both had long, blonde hair, but Stacy's was straight, while Alison's was permed. It was getting on towards about seven o'clock when Stacy asked us if we were getting hungry. Alison and me quickly both said yes and we all decided to order Chinese take away. When Stacy got off the phone she told us there was going to be a fairly long wait because the chinese was pretty busy.

"Why don't we get in the shower while we're waiting then?" suggested Alison.

"Yeah, ok," Stacy agreed "You be alright down here for a while?" she asked me.

"Sure," I said. They both went up the stairs to the bathroom next to her parents room. I'd been up there once and the shower was huge, I'd told Stacy she could have a party in there.

I flicked through a couple of channels on the TV and heard the shower start. A minute later, Stacy's head popped over the railing of the balcony.

"Hey, I don't suppose you'd like to join us?" she asked.

Naturally I was up the stairs and in the bathroom in a flash. I was greeted by the sight of Alison soaping up Stacy's back. It wasn't a particularly sexual act but they were both naked and my jaw dropped.

"You coming in?" Alison asked me. I quickly got undressed and hopped in, I just stood there feeling really awkward until Stacy turned to me and pulled my face to hers. We kissed passionately for about a few seconds before I felt Alison start to run her hands over my back. I jumped a little at her touch and Stacy looked past me at her friend who was trying to get a better look at my hardon, which I'd been doing my best to keep covered with my hands.

"Don't be shy," Stacy told me, "Alison and me have known each other since we were seven," she pulled my hands away to give Alison an eyeful. Of course I had been getting an eyeful this whole time and my cock was rock hard.

"Nice," Alison said, "Can I touch it,"

"Go ahead," Stacy said answering for me. I wasn't really surprised by this time and I groaned a little as Alison stroked my cock with her soapy hands.

Then Stacy whispered in my ear, "Watch this," she said and reaching out pulled Alison towards her. Their lips met and I nearly came right then. Their hands were running over each other as they kisses passionately and my own hand wrapped around my cock and started jerking it. I watched as Stacy's fingers found Alison's pussy and started rubbing causing Alison to lean forward against the wall to steady herself. Stacy continued rubbing her friends pussy for a minute and watching me beat off at the same time, she was obviously enjoying the effect the situation was having on me. Then she gave me a wink.

"Both of you stay right here," she said. Alison nodded and turned to watch me slowly stroking my cock, while Stacy jumped out of the shower. A few seconds later she was back with a jar of Vaseline.

"Bend over," she commanded her friend, Alison did just that, again steadying herself against the wall. Dipping her fingers into the vaseline, Stacy dug out a large glob. Then bending over herself she kissed Alison's butt cheek then pushed her fingers between her friends butt cheeks began to rub the vaseline around her friends asshole. She did this for a minute until Alison began to push back at her fingers and then she slowly began to push one finger right up her friends ass.

Gently she reamed her friend's ass before she said in a soft voice, "Do you want another one?"

Alison was shaking gently now as she nodded her head, she was breathing heavily now and shut her eyes as Stacy slid a second finger up her ass, a few strokes later Stacy squeezed in a third and Alison's eyes flew open.

"Oh god," she moaned. I was still stroking my cock and she was watching my hand with a glazed look in her eyes. Stacy looked at me and winked.

"Would you like a nice cock in here?" Stacy asked her. My heart nearly stopped. Alison looked up at me locking her eyes on mine.

"Yes," she whispered.

Stacy beckoned me over behind Alison, taking my cock in her hands she gave it a few light strokes then guided it to her friends asshole.

"Lean in," she said, "But be gentle, she's never done this before." My eyes bugged, SHE's never done this before.

I leant forward just a little and felt the amazing sensation of Alison's ass opening to allow my cock to slide deep into her. A low moan escaped her lips as I began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her ass. Stacy was fingering herself now, and she used her other hand to reach under her friend and rub her pussy and my balls. I don't know how I achieved it, but I managed to control myself for almost two minutes before I felt my balls tighten.

"I'm gonna cum," I said and Alison pushed her ass back at me hard driving my cock deep inside her, where I exploded.

She cried out as she felt my cum gushing into her ass. Then Stacy moaned as she orgasmed as well. Slowly I slid out of her friend and Alison stood up. Our heads came together in a three way kiss, the shower still running over all of us.

To Be Continued...


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