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Supply & Demand
by Anyport

Craig had enjoyed the party so far, he was a guest at a friend's wedding and although he hadn't met any women he fancied, he was still having a good time. A good-looking man, he was rarely short of female company, though he was always on the lookout for new conquests. The meal over, it was time for speeches, not a part of weddings Craig enjoyed, but he settled himself in for a boring half-hour or so.

It was then that he noticed Pamela for the first time, how had he missed her all night, she was after all, the compere for the evening. She began introducing the speakers and Craig took the opportunity to study her in detail. He guessed her age at 40, since he was 42 that was more than acceptable. She wore a loose fitting black evening gown but his practised eye could tell that beneath the dress was a very shapely body. Possibly a little overweight, but still quite athletic. He decided to make a play for her at the earliest opportunity.

His chance came about five minutes after the speeches ended. Pamela was taking a quick break in the garden at the rear of the function rooms and it was necessary to pass her on the way to the men's room. Craig stopped beside her and congratulated her on her efforts. She smiled slightly and thanked him. "I wouldn't mind learning to speak in public, do you give private lessons?"

"You can get them anywhere, try your local toastmasters."

"I doubt there would be anyone there with your...talent." He said suggestively.

Pamela understood his thinly veiled suggestion and smiled, "Exactly what sort of lessons did you have in mind?"

"Whatever you're offering," He took her hand gently and added, "I'm a very willing pupil."

She looked down at her hand and said, "You're very sure of yourself aren't you, maybe someone should teach you a lesson or two at that."

Craig grinned, "I'm completely at your mercy, when do we start?"

"Not yet you aren't, but I have a feeling you will be later," She said cryptically, "Meet me in the car park at eleven, I think I might enjoy teaching you a few things." She walked back into the hall and Craig went to the men's room. He was feeling quite pleased with himself and was looking forward to getting Pamela alone. He watched her going about her duties for the rest of the night, she showed no sign of having any interest in him and by eleven he was worried that she may well have changed her mind.

He arrived at the car park about ten minutes early, and two minutes after eleven Pamela arrived. She walked over to her car without speaking, and opened the passenger door for Craig, then walked round the other side and waited for him to unlock her door. Climbing into the car she moved straight toward him and kissed him deeply. Craig was caught a little off guard but quickly recovered and returned her kiss. "Very good," she commented as she pulled away, "I think I'm going to enjoy tonight after all." She started the car and was about to drive away when, "Damn, I've forgotten the wine." She moved to open her door then turned to Craig and said, "You won't go away, will you?" "Absolutely not." Craig assured her. "Maybe I'd better make sure, I'd hate to let a catch like you slip through my fingers." She reached over and took a length of cord from the glove box, and then turning him around she deftly secured his hands behind his back. Before leaving the car, she fitted his seat belt in place, 'Just to make sure.' Then she kissed him lightly and left.

By the time she returned Craig was becoming quite nervous. He didn't know it at the time, but Pamela had purposely accepted the offer of a cup of coffee from one of her colleagues before returning and she knew that the longer she stayed away, the more edgy Craig would become. "You took your time didn't you?" He snapped as she climbed into the car. Pamela smiled at him, she'd expected a reaction similar to this, and was ready for it.

Before returning to the car, she'd visited the ladies room where she'd removed her panties and pantyhose. After balling them up and tying them in the form of a ball gag, she'd covered them with her urine. As she reached over to Craig, he opened his mouth to continue his prepared speech, in which he had intended to demand immediate release. But before he could utter a word, Pamela stuffed the soaking garments into his mouth, and despite his struggles, easily succeeded in tying the gag behind his head.

Ignoring his muffled protests she calmly started the car and began to drive out of the car park. Craig paused briefly in his struggles, then redoubled his efforts to escape. Pamela smiled knowingly; he'd obviously just guessed what the wetness was on the gag. Turning on the radio to drown out his complaining, she congratulated herself on her choice of victim. This one had a lot of spirit, it would be a real challenge to break him, but she knew she'd win in the end, she always did.

Once home, after driving into the garage and closing the automatic doors behind them, Pamela left the car and entered without a word or glance in Craig's direction. He no longer bothered to struggle, he'd already discovered Pamela was no novice at tying ropes and he was wasting his effort to try and free his arms. He sat quietly for about five minutes, then the door to the house opened and a tall blonde woman walked over to the car. As he watched her approach, Craig realised that she was in fact wearing a maids uniform, the skirt of which was ridiculously short causing every step to expose an expanse of stocking top and bare thigh.

In the eternity it took for her to reach the car, Craig had time to consider the fact that Pamela's job must pay a lot better than he'd thought for her to be able to afford a maid. Then as the maid neared the car, his mind turned to other, less practical, thoughts. She was very attractive although her face was a little too heavily made up for Craig's taste. Despite his predicament, Craig found himself aroused by this beautiful woman. As she reached over to release his seat belt her musky perfume assailed his nostrils and he could feel his groin responding to the stimulus. Her ample cleavage was inches from his face as she assisted him from the car. Her surprising strength making any resistance Craig may have considered, useless. He tried to speak to her through the gag, but she simply ignored him as he was steered toward the door and into the house. After pushing him onto a chair, the maid began to secure a dog collar round his neck, a hard slap across the face bringing Craig's token resistance to an abrupt halt. A lead was attached to the collar and the other end was tied to the back of the chair, then Craig was once again left alone to consider his plight.

It was quite a while before the maid returned, Craig's brief admiration of her ceased abruptly as he caught sight of the person behind her. At first he wasn't sure it was Pamela, she bore little resemblance to the woman he'd met at the wedding. In her place was someone dressed entirely in black leather.

Her outfit comprised, a short tight black leather dress, which as with the maid, exposed stocking tops and bare thigh. Black leather thigh boots with four-inch stiletto heels, elbow length black leather gloves and to complete the outfit, a wide black belt with silver studs circled her waist. Its smaller twins circled her neck and wrists. Her face was even more heavily made up than the maids, and her shoulder length black hair was pulled tight and tied at the back of her head in a pony tail.

Craig had seen photographs of women like this in magazines. He'd always dismissed as nonsense, the idea that a woman could dominate a man physically and as a result he found the stories in the so-called dominance magazines too ridiculous to be a turn on. Now suddenly he was confronted by one of those very women and he had serious doubts as to his chances of escape.

Pamela sat opposite him and crossed her shapely legs, She stared at him for a while, and then without averting her eyes she said, "Strip him Alice." Craig looked up nervously as the maid approached. The lead was removed and he was lifted effortlessly to his feet. After unbuttoning his shirt, she slid it down his arms; Craig prepared himself for a bid for freedom as she walked behind him. He was expecting her to release his hands but instead she simply ripped the material from him. The trousers, underpants, shoes and socks followed quickly and he found himself standing stark naked in front of two beautiful, but obviously dangerous women.

Pamela pointed to the floor at her feet, "Kneel." She commanded. A moment's hesitation brought a kick to the back of the knees from Alice and Craig's legs buckled under him as he fell to the floor. With snake like speed Pamela reached forward and grabbed his cock and balls in her hand. "Do you want to keep these?" She spat twisting them painfully. Craig nodded frantically, at the same time shouting a muffled 'YES,' from behind the gag. "Then in future, when I give you an order you'll obey instantly. IS THAT CLEAR?" Another twist emphasised her words bringing a repeat of the earlier response from Craig. Satisfied, Pamela resumed her cross-legged position and once again stared at Craig.

He tried to return her glare, but within seconds he found himself staring at her feet, the floor, anywhere except those piercing eyes. Pamela smiled slightly at her first victory; she always enjoyed these opening moments, particularly the expressions of her victims when they first saw her in her leather. A slight nod to Alice and the gag was removed. After a few seconds gasping in the fresh air, Craig began to protest, but a savage kick from Pamela and a barked, "SHUT UP." Sent Craig sprawling, where he lay silently awaiting her next order. "From now on you'll speak ONLY when I give you permission, is that clear?" Craig nodded silently

Pamela watched him for a while then grinned; "When you said you were completely at my mercy, I'll bet you never expected this did you?" Craig remained motionless glaring at his captor. "Now don't look at me like that, it was you who said you wanted to learn, well now I'm going to teach you. It may not be quite what you had in mind, but believe me you're really going to learn something tonight, isn't he Alice?" The maid remained silent.

"Well now, where should we start," Pamela continued, "I'll tell you what, why don't you come over here and show me what a willing pupil you're going to be." Craig still didn't move. "Alice, would you help him up please." Craig was pulled to his knees and almost dragged to within inches of Pamela's feet. She raised her crossed leg, Craig flinched at the expected kick but instead she ordered him to lick. He hesitated and Pamela glanced at the maid, "Bring my persuader please Alice, I think I'm going to need it."

Moments later Alice handed Pamela a riding crop, "You wouldn't..." Before Craig could say anymore, Pamela grabbed his hair pulling his head back painfully. "I warned you about speaking without permission didn't I?" "Aaarrggghhh, yeees." Craig whined. She sat back and began tapping the crop on the palm of her hand. "There's something you should know about me Craig, I love pain, back in the bad old days I used to love playing games with my husband. He used to spank me when I misbehaved, and I enjoyed it so much, I actually used to play up on purpose to ensure a spanking."

"Unfortunately things got a little, shall we say, out of hand, instead of spankings, my husband began to actually beat me. One day I decided I'd like to be on the other end of the beatings for a change. Shortly after that I got rid of my husband and found Alice, didn't I dear, and now she's my loyal servant and any beatings that happen under this roof, happen to her, or to my regular visitors like you Craig. I'm much happier now, and I'm sure Alice enjoys the arrangement as well, don't you dear?" Craig thought he saw a fleeting expression of something other than total agreement, but it vanished as quickly as it had appeared and Alice nodded her head.

"Anyway," Pamela continued after giving Alice a strange look, "I discovered that much as I enjoyed receiving pain, I enjoy inflicting it far more. You have no idea what a turn on it is to have all that power." As she spoke she stroked the crop suggestively. "So you see Craig, not only would I use this on you, but I guarantee I will, the only thing you can control is how severe your punishment will be. Now are you going to do as you're told, or would you like a small sample of my powers of persuasion."

After the briefest hesitation, Craig fell forward and began licking her boot. For the next 20 minutes he licked every inch of both boots as Pamela relaxed over a glass of wine. The mixture of Alice's perfume, which he could smell even at this distance, the smell of leather which filled his nostrils, and the odd feeling of excitement which comes from total submission, all combined to make Craig feel quite horny. Particularly as he neared the top of Pamela's boot and caught a glimpse of her naked thigh and darkness above that promised so much more.

He snapped out of his reverie as Pamela spoke, "My, my, would you look at that Alice, I do believe Craig's beginning to enjoy himself." She indicated his erection with the crop. "Alice, since Craig seems to like licking boots, why don't you sit over there and we'll see how he performs on your legs."

Craig looked up at Pamela as she spoke. He thought he heard Alice moan and he caught a glimpse of the glare Pamela gave her, then he heard Alice sit down behind him and he was instructed to lick her legs. He found this task to be even more exciting since he was now licking her stockinged legs rather than the boots Pamela wore. He was a little disappointed when he was told to stop at the top of the first stocking and begin on the other foot, however, when he neared the top of the second leg, Pamela asked him if he'd like to continue. He could feel Alice tense up as Pamela spoke, even more so when he replied that he would.

"Oh dear, I do believe Alice is shy Craig. I'll tell you what, while she removes her panties, I think I'll blindfold you so you can't see her naughty bits." This done, Craig returned to the top of her stocking and began slowly licking and nibbling his way up. To make it easier for him Pamela had made Alice pull her skirt around her waist and lay on her back. This gave Craig the freedom to tease his way round the outside of her legs as well as the inside.

Finally he was ready to taste her juices and he slid his practiced tongue across the top of her leg. Hearing her groan in what he assumed was pleasure Craig became even more aroused, then suddenly everything changed. In the same instant that his tongue reached Alice's intimate parts, Pamela whipped the blindfold away, and there, resting against his face, was six inches of rampant cock. Craig jumped away in fright and horror, "You're a...but that's not..." "Whatever is the matter Craig dear?" Pamela asked in her sweetest tone, "Don't you want to please Alice?" "You don't expect me to aaarrggghhh." Before he could utter another word, Pamela brought the crop across his upraised behind. "I expect you to do whatever I tell you, is that clear?" She emphasised each word with a stroke from the crop. Craig was cringing in fear and pain as she waited for his reply. "Well?" "Yes...that's clear." He whimpered. "Good, then get on with it."

Craig lowered his head slowly over the rampant prick, never before had he seen one so close up and he stared transfixed, much as a mouse would when confronted by a snake. Hearing Pamela move behind him, he snapped out of his trance and finally took the tip of the cock between his lips. He had no idea what he'd expected, but he was surprised to find that there was no nasty taste, in fact very little taste at all. The main stimulation to his senses came from the overwhelming scent of the same musky perfume that had so aroused him in the car.

He licked the tip and sucked slightly, at that moment Alice groaned loudly. It was the first real sound he'd heard from the 'maid' since he'd met 'her'. He wasn't sure whether the groan was one of excitement or misery, but he was aware of an increasing feeling of pity for Alice.

He made up his mind that if he was going to do this, he could at least give Alice a little pleasure in what must otherwise have been a humiliating experience. Many years of womanising had taught Craig what was and was not pleasurable when it came to having your cock sucked. He now applied himself to giving Alice the best head job she'd ever had. He sucked, licked and nibbled his way around the genitals for ten minutes or more, before deciding to allow Alice release. By now she was moaning loudly, and all those present knew it was nothing to do with humiliation.

As the final gasps escaped from her lips, Craig prepared to move his head quickly to avoid the inevitable. As if reading his mind, Pamela gave him a sharp rap with the crop and growled, "Don't you dare take your head away." It was Craig's turn to groan as he prepared himself to receive a mouthful of cum. Alice arched her back and yelled as the first spurt shot from the tip of her throbbing member. At that instant Pamela grabbed Craig's collar from behind almost choking him. "Don't swallow any of that, I have other plans for it."

Craig, unable to do much else, held the slimy fluid in his mouth. He seriously doubted he would be able to keep it all in as Alice continued to pump it into him. Finally she slumped back on the floor, the juices of her ardour spent. Pamela dragged Craig to his feet and pointed to Alice. "Give your lover a nice big wet kiss." As Craig moved toward Alice, he saw tears of humiliation forming in the corners of her eyes. Had he not just learned first hand the true sex of Alice, he doubted he could have seen it in that lovely face. She was one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen and his kiss quickly became one of genuine lust. As they kissed, the juices were transferred from Craig to Alice, and once more she moaned in humiliation. Had Craig's hands been free, he would have thrown his arms around her to comfort her.

Pamela soon tired of their passion and grabbing Craig by the collar, she dragged him away from Alice. "That's enough of that," she declared, "Alice, I want you to take Craig into your room and find him some suitable clothing to wear." Alice stood up and smoothed down her dress, all signs of her recent arousal were totally hidden and once again she became the perfect maid. After attaching the lead to Craig's collar once more, she led him into another room.

The bedroom was very feminine; all lace and pretty colours it was just the sort of room you'd expect a young girl to live in. Once more Craig's heart went out to Alice. "How long have you known Pamela?" Alice answered in what sounded more like a deep sexy female voice than that of a male. "Just over six years." As she spoke she attached the lead to the bed rail and began sorting through her drawers and selecting suitable garments for Craig to wear. Craig paid little attention to what was happening, he was far more interested in Alice's story. "You mean you've been her maid for six years?" He asked incredulously.

Alice paused and looked over at him in surprise, "No of course not, I've only been her maid for a year and a half, before that I was her husband."

Craig suddenly realised how naive he'd been, he should have guessed long ago, but he'd been too stupid to put two and two together. "How could you let her do this to you?" Alice sighed, then resigned herself to telling the full story as she'd done before to several of Pamela's other victims.

"Pamela told you about my beating her didn't she. That all came about because I was so involved in my work; I hardly had time for her. I owned my own business; well actually I was in partnership. It was very successful, but became quite demanding, some nights I didn't finish until after midnight. I'd get home and Pamela would play up, as she said, she enjoyed being spanked. Well I was rarely in the mood for games and one night I slapped her across the face, just to quieten her down you understand I had no intention of hurting her. As it turned out, it worked very well, she made no more sexual demands of me for a couple of days, which suited me fine, I was always tired anyway.

"So next time she played up I hit her again, this time a little harder. Then, as these things do, it became a habit. If I was annoyed about anything I took it out on her, it was easier than brooding over problems, she became a sort of punching bag. Not that I'm excusing my behaviour you understand, just explaining it. Anyway, one night I came home from work and she was gone. She left a note saying she'd collect her things the following day while I was at work, and that she never wanted to see me again.

"I was devastated, believe me, despite my unforgivable treatment of her, I really did worship her. So the next day I stayed home and waited for her. To cut a long story short, I promised to do anything she asked if she'd just come back home. She sort of agreed, but insisted I take a month off work and that we spend the time at our cottage in the country. I agreed right away, I thought I was getting off lightly but as you can see, I was wrong. Once we got down there, she refused to let me sleep in the same room as her, this went on for three days then finally I forced a showdown. I asked her what it would take to patch things up between us. She said she wanted to hurt me the way I'd hurt her.

"I jumped at the chance, well I mean, what harm could a frail little thing like her do to a big butch he man like me. That was when she played her ace, she said she was too scared to hit me because I might hit her back, so I allowed her to tie my hands behind me. Before I knew it, I was bound hand and foot in the cellar and she was laying into me with a cane. But that was only the start of it, for the next week I was left tied up in the cellar. Pamela paid me very regular visits, each time finding some new way to torture me. She found several pairs of old knickers in a drawer and they were the only clothes I was allowed to wear. I know what you're thinking, what about the toilet, well she even took charge of that. Once a day she gave me a soapy enema and permitted me to release it into a bucket. As for pissing, I had to do that in my knickers, and every time I did she stuffed the wet ones in my mouth and replaced them with another pair.

"That week was easily the worst of my life. She had me begging for mercy, pleading with her to untie me and promising her anything she wanted. I know a lot of people would say why didn't I get my own back once she released me, but I guarantee that there is not a man alive who could have gone through what I did with his spirit intact. By the time she freed me, I was her absolute slave, there was nothing she couldn't do to me, and so I remain. What sort of life do you think I would have if I ever decided to leave her? And oddly enough, I love her more now than I ever did."

Craig listened to the story; amazed at the indignities this poor wretch had suffered at the evil Pamela's hands. He was so intent on Alice's every word; he took little notice of the clothing Alice had been fitting to his body. He looked down for the first time and was shocked to see he was wearing a padded black lace bra, black lace suspender belt and fishnet stockings. His feet had been forced into a pair of black high-heeled pumps. Alice untied the lead and led him back to the other room.

"Excellent Alice, stand him over there will you." Alice did so, then removed the lead. Craig stared open mouthed as Pamela took several Polaroid photographs of him. Then ignoring him completely she went through them with Alice, selecting several and arranging them in a thick album. "Would you like to see our family album Craig?" She showed him page after page of photo's of men dressed in various women's clothes, each one looking bewildered and humiliated in much the same way as he had looked. There were at least fifty different men, Craig was astounded that none of them had ever reported this evil bitch to the authorities, but then he considered the consequences and realised that he himself would tell no-one of this night, if he was allowed to leave, that was.

Pamela watched him intently as he studied the album, then said, "I'll bet you're wondering what happened to them all aren't you?" Somewhat surprised Craig admitted he was. "Most of them are living very happy lives in much the same way as Alice does. I can usually find a home for them, naturally I get a suitable reward for my efforts, in fact, if it wasn't for the fact that the conference business is such a fruitful source of subjects, I wouldn't need to work there at all." Glancing back at the album she sighed, "Sadly, even I don't have a 100% record, this one for instance," she indicated a sour looking redheaded man. "Despite all my efforts, he refused to comply with my simple demands." She shook her head and closed the album.

Craig couldn't help himself; he could see a glimmer of hope and grabbed at it, "What happened to him, did you let him go?" He asked hopefully. Pamela laughed, "Of course not, you don't imagine I'd allow a mere man to beat me do you. No, the last I heard he was living in a sort of harem in Turkey, though I believe it was necessary to remove certain parts of his anatomy. Apparently it's true, you do put on lots of weight when it's done so his duties these days are, well shall we say he provides entertainment for the guests of his master who have more unusual tastes. One thing I can tell you, he doesn't enjoy life the way Alice and most of my other 'boys' do."

By now Craig was turning pale as he considered the fate of the poor wretch who'd crossed Pamela. "Don't look so worried Craig, I'm sure you won't be stupid enough to join any of my failures, will you?" He glanced at the album and shook his head no. "Good, in that case I think it's time we started your training in earnest."

"Over the next few weeks you'll be taught many new talents. How to satisfy a woman, oh I'm sure you think you're pretty hot stuff right now, but you'll learn the art of pleasing women, not just fucking them. Every evening at six sharp you'll be beaten with various whips and canes. The degree and duration of punishment will depend on your progress on the previous day. These first two, particularly the latter," She smiled as she said this, "I shall take care of. Alice, on the other hand, will teach you the art of making love to a man." Seeing the expression on Craig's face she added, "And don't think Alice will take it easy on a soul mate, the consequences of such an act far outweigh any sympathy she may have for you. Isn't that so Alice?" Alice nodded gravely.

"You will also be taught grooming, the feminine way naturally, cooking, deportment and dress sense. Though this last one isn't usually too difficult, most of my selected victims already know what looks sexy on women. Oh, I almost forgot, you'll be given daily injections of a cocktail of hormones, female naturally, and other helpful chemicals. They are usually sufficient to grow a reasonable cleavage and rid you of any unsightly facial hair. Though on a couple of occasions it has been necessary to enhance the growth with silicon. Then again, one of these was for a specific customer who wanted his slave to be well endowed. You'll be delighted to hear that there is an interesting side effect of the injections, apparently they make you feel quite horny, which is just as well since you'll be called on to perform several times a day. Now, have you any questions." He had hundreds, but knew he would be wasting his time asking any of them, so he shook his head then lowered it in misery. "Good, in that case, Alice get him ready for his first beating." Alice produced a ball gag from somewhere and effortlessly forced it into Craig's mouth. Then pulling him over a chair she secured the lead over the back. Pamela was almost childlike in her enthusiasm as she quickly approached his side and prepared to administer the first stroke of a beating, which Craig would remember for the rest of his life. "Oh by the way, if you're hoping someone saw you with me, and will come looking for you, I should remind you my car has tinted windows, and as you will recall, I ignored you all night so no-one will connect us."

Craig had indeed been holding on to that last vestige of hope, and Pamela grinned knowingly as she drew back to deliver the first blow. God she enjoyed this moment.


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