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Shavonne's Big Decision
by Nyalas

Looking in the mirror, Shavonne sees the face of a beautiful young women. Creamy brown skin, shiny brown hair, grey-green eyes, a beautiful mouth, and high cheek- bones. Shavonne looks at the pain and puzzlement in the women's face. Turning away from the mirror, Shavonne starts getting dressed looking at her smooth skin, her womanly curves, big beautiful heavy breasts, and big round ass.

Getting ready for her morning classes, Shavonne thinks back to the prior evening and her big date with star football player Rodney Glass. The night was full with numerous promises of hot love and endless ecstasy. Rodney had taken her to a nice restaurant, where the waiters wore ties and suite jackets. Over dinner Rodney professes his love for her telling her of the after-college plans that would come for the two of them if only they could make it through these hard years. Shavonne looks into Rodney's eyes with complete adoration and faith.

After dinner they go to their special spot by the lake to look at the dark, mysterious sky with its shining bits of gold. "The sky looks beautiful tonight Rodney!"

"Not as beautiful as you!" Rodney responded. Standing there so close was creating an eternal itching of love in them both. Looking into Shavonne's eyes. Rodney takes her chin in his hands, tilts her face heaven ward and kisses her passionately, sliding his tongue smoothly into her mouth searching and probing its sweetness. Kissing for what seems like a life time they break away. "Lets stand here for a few more minutes okay?"

Rodney said, "Okay."

After a little while they leave getting into the car sharing another kiss. Thinking back to this night, Shavonne wonders what went wrong between them in that short instant.

Finishing putting on her clothes Shavonne leaves out of her apartment for her first morning class. Least I'll get to talk to Jason about what happened last night maybe he can help me figure out what went wrong. On her way to class a group of Shavonne's friend great her with the normal Hi's and Hello's.

Smiling she speaks to them all, and tells them she'll talk to them later otherwise she'll be extremely late for her class. Walking away from the group she continues to class as before, getting the usual catcalls and whistles. Walking into class a few minutes late she takes her usual spot next to Jason. Glancing over he asks "Why so late?'"

"I'll tell you after class."

Taking longer than usual class finally lets, out still sitting she looks over at Jason wondering if she should tell him the long version or the short version. Opting for the short versions she waits till everyone finally leaves the room. "Well I don't know where to start I guess I'll just start by saying that you know that I had a date with Rodney. Well we went out but I don't know, its like one minute we were cool you know, and then it seemed to all go sour from there."

"What do you mean it went sour?"

"Well were driving back to the apartment you know thinking about the what's at home waiting for us, you know. And then he just goes crazy, I don't know questioning me on our relationship.."

"Who's relationship you two's or yours and mine?"

"Yours and mine. So I'm like what are you talking about were best friends you know, he's been my best friend for like 4 years now. But he just kept ranting and raving about there being more to it than what I'm telling him, so I'm like whatever say what you like I don't even care anymore. I never told but he's done that before, accusing me of having sex with other guys before, mainly you, and I kept telling him 'your the only man I'm fucking so what's your problem' and he'd continue to act like an ass so I said then maybe I will FUCK Jason since you keep accusing me of things I haven't done."

"Wow and that's how you too really left it?"

"Yeah, I couldn't defend myself anymore so I just got out of the car when he dropped me off, and he sped off."

"Dang, I don't know what you want me to say, except maybe we should!"

"Should what?"


Not knowing what to say Shavonne just looked at her best friend. He's fine for a white guy, she thought. Being 6'3 with blond hair and eyes so gray it was like looking into a hidden cavern of beauty, it was hard not being attracted to him. Besides the fact he was also tan, muscular, kind, and had a cock the size of a luxury car. She'd seen his cock a couple of times when they were at the gym noticing it was about ten and a half inches long and thick as her wrist. She could just imagine how much bigger it would get hard made her wet despite the situation.

She thought fuck it why not. Looking into his eyes with a sea full of lust she asks him, "Are you serious?"

"Why not, its not like we don't know each other you know, and you know I love you and would never hurt in anyway, and I have always thought that we would have made the perfect couple so why not?"

"Are you sure it wouldn't hurt our friendship?"

"Of course not if anything it will make us stronger." Finishing his sentence he leaned over and kissed Shavonne full on the lips in sheer ecstasy, probing her mouth with his thick, long tongue.

Breaking from this kiss Shavonne looks into his eyes and says, "I think we should go back to my apartment and continue this!"

"Okay." They grab their books and get up to leave. Walking out the door into the fresh air, Shavonne hesitates thinking this might not be right, but looking into Jason's eyes and seeing the love and lust she takes back her hesitation. Reaching the apartment, five blocks from campus, she opens the door and walks in to be turned around and passionately kissed from Jason. Continuing his kiss, he starts to fondle Shavonne's massive breast with both hands weighing their size, breaking the kiss he moves slowly down her neck with his tongue making her pussy wetter and wetter with these sensations.

Removing her blouse and bra he cups her beautiful round globes of perfection and starts placing kisses up and down them , reaching the nipple he grasps it into his mouth making her moan with passion. She grabs his head with her long, slender hands and pushes his face into her breast, loving the sensations coursing through her body. She can feel the heat rising from her steaming wet pussy. Moving down her stomach he slowly unbuttons her jeans tonguing his way to her belly button playing with the small gold ring making her hotter and hotter.

Moaning she calls out his name saying, "Please don't stop, oh God please don't stop!" Continuing down her body he pulls of her jeans which had began to form a wet circle in the crotch. Loving her body he thrusts his tongue into her pantied crotch sucking her sweet honey juices from the cloth, revealing in her sent and taste. Moaning she cries out as he finds her fully visible clit through the material and bits it. Standing up Jason carries his black beauty to the bedroom to make sweet love to her. Laying her gently down on the bed he slowly takes off his shirt driving her crazy with his eyes letting them roam over her body. Watching him take of his shirt Shavonne realizes this night would change her life for the better.

Slowly he unbuttons his pants letting them fall to the floor stepping out of them he moves over to the bed in one fluid motion with the grace of a true athlete. Climbing onto the bed he moves his body between her spread legs. Laying atop her he begins his passionate decent upon her mouth, loving her in every way possible. Sliding out from under him she positions her body on top of him kissing his neck touching every inch of his body, trailing her tongue down his chest to his nipples she pulls them into her mouth sucking and gently biting them, slowly making his cock rise to attention.

Moving down drawing her tongue across his perfect, muscular stomach and abs she pull the front of his boxers down below his balls releasing his straining dick from its confinement, she grabs it unable to get her hand fully around it and moves her beautiful full lips around its head and pulls it into her mouth licking the pre-cum off the head, she slowly licks down his shaft piece by piece, inch by glorious inch imagining it thrusting deep in her pussy inside her stomach.

Making her way back up his shaft she swallows the head and slowly descends pulling his powerful cock down her slippery throat making him moan writhe with each of her movements. She slowly starts moving her head up and down, building speed until he cries out for her to stop before he cums.

Removing her mouth off of his dick with a popping sound she looks into his eyes with a smile and says, "My turn." He looks up at her with a grin on his face and lays her back down on to the bed with her legs splayed open ready for his attack on her boiling, juicy pussy. Looking down at her neatly trimmed pussy he licks his lips dives in licking her slit, sucking her honey out and swallowing her natural goodness. Loving the contrast of her pink inside to its soft brown outside he dives into to her pussy making her cry out with satisfaction. Running his thick, long, hot tongue up and down her slit missing her clit on each stroke upwards he drives her crazy thrusting his tongue into her love hole with every move downward.

After a few minutes of this assault he in circles her clit which is the biggest he's ever seen and sucks it into his mouth pulling on it with his teeth as slides it in and out of his mouth driving her further and further to climax. Screaming his name, "Oh God Jason, of FUCK me, FUCK, don't stop, don't stop, oh god don't stop, uh uh uh ohhhhhhh, uh...oh...God!" falling back to the bed she looks up at him through her lashes and says, "Now put that big, fat, beautiful cock inside me you handsome bitch."

Moving up he kisses her mouth so she can taste her delicious honey on his tongue, moaning she brings her knees up to hr head, slowly he moistens his dick running it up and down her drenched slit and slowly enters her FUCK hole , crying out in passion Shavonne arches her back and meets his slow attack on her tight, black, pussy. Slowly for what seemed like an eternity Jason gets his full length deep inside of her.

Crying out in love Shavonne begs for him to continue, "Oh God don't stop FUCK me like the stallion that you are u bitch, FUCK me, FUCK me, FUCK me,...oh God that feels so fucking good don't stop , don't stop, please..." Crying out for his assault, Jason begins his slow pistoning inside of her driving her wilder and wilder into an utter frenzy for his cock, close to cumming he speeds up saying, "Are you ready...uh...are you ready... to cum...huh..are you ready...get ready you FUCK bitch...uhhhhhhhhhhhh...God..." cumming inside her pussy shooting his burning hot jizsm into her pussy she starts to quake as her orgasm hits, making her pass out from its intensity.

Laying atop of Shavonne in sheer exhaustion, he rolls to the side kissing her beautiful face with sloppy, wet kisses. She falls into a deeply needed sleep of serenity and peace.

But is that all for Shavonne and Jason? I think not...


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