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Starfleet Captive
by C. L. Carne

Ensign Billy Howell is the sole survivor of a long range shuttle crash. He is picked up by a small Klingon Explorer Class Ship.

The captain is Saura Korv. She is an tough warrior woman who is fond of the 'old ways'. Ordering Billy brought to her quarters from sickbay, she considers him to be her prize. She is the only unbonded person on the ship and they are on a mission that may take many years.

* * * * *

"Come here!" She barked the order at the young Ensign, as he stood at attention in his tattered uniform. "This little k'poc? He is starfleet?"

The young man looked up slightly as the tall, striking woman approached him and glared frostily at him. "Ma'am." Billy stood a little straighter and met her gaze. A southern boy he was always polite and soft spoken. He was fair with dark blond hair and startling light blue eyes, which now wavered slightly under the hard black stare of the Klingon woman. "I know we are far from home. The others told me that we are out of radio range and will be for some time. Is there something I can do to help out. I'd like to earn my keep."

The tall woman looked him up and down. With one powerful stroke she tore the remnants of the uniform from his body. Stepping back she sighed, "Perhaps I could find SOMETHING for you to do." Billy tried not to react as he stood exposed before the beautiful, slightly older woman. Her features were surprisingly fine, with a smooth light brown complexion and long wavy brown/gold hair. Those eyes seemed to strip him ever more naked and he saw hunger there. Surely, he thought, she couldn't mean what he thought.

"I'm a fair pilot, Captain."

She smiled, "I have a pilot. I don't need one who has crashed his ship. Come closer, little pilot."

Billy fought the urge to tell her that his ship was totaled by an energy storm. She had certainly been told already. He also balked at the 'little' crap. He was no more than an inch or two shorter than her. Boldly, he stepped forward, not stopping until he was almost touching her. "Anything the Captain wishes." As if she sensed that he was bluffing, she smiled again, like a hungry wolf. "Oh, my dear little pilot. The things I wish might send you running from my ship." She reached between them and took his manhood in her rough hand. " have definite possibilities.

Billy gulped, and fought the urge to back away. He was also alarmed at the thrill of excitement that surged through him. He met her gaze and held it as her hand slipped between his legs and weighed the delicate flesh covered balls there. He felt a flush of desire as his cock hardened obediently at her arrogant caress. He had been a long time without a woman. His last lover had tossed him out and he had been nursing a broken heart. If what he had heard about Kingons and sex was true he might soon be nursing broken bones - and it might just be worth it. Still he was starfleet and there were rules. "I would like to remind the Captain oft the Kitimer decree and the fact that the Klingons agreed to treat shipwrecked..."

His words were cut off as she lifted him and tossed him onto her hard bunk. Saura had to laugh at the young man's expression. His fair skin turned white then red and his eyes, (those eyes...the color of Romulan Ale they were) flashed. He was all sleek muscles and silky skin, with a manhood worthy of a Klingon warrior. He filled her hands to overflowing and she growled with sexual hunger. "Lie still and behave yourself. I won't hurt you."

"No!" Was he insane that he defied her. His randy cock stood at attention and all he could say was no.

She had started to remove her uniform and wore only a brief one piece undergarment. Her bare shoulders and arms were sculpted with defined muscles and her breasts curved high and firm, threatening to slip out of the confines of the fabric. Her legs were long and powerful with firm hips and a tiny waist. She followed this 'Billy's' eyes and knew he liked what he saw. "Come now Pretty One. You know you want to taste the 'different', the exotic Klingon woman. Besides you couldn't stop me anyway."

"" He pushed himself to a sitting position. "I can't do this. I am a Starfleet Off..." He was cut of again as she grabbed his ankle and dragged him toward her.

"Am I going to have to call someone to come and hold you? The matter of fact tone she used told him this was no idle threat.

"No." This time the word was a quiet assent. He lay back and watched as she pulled off the undergarment and stood like a naked golden goddess for a moment before she climbed onto the bed. She straddled him, her knees on either side of his hips, her hands splayed on his chest. Toying with the gold hair on his pecks she smiled devilishly. "Everything on you is so soft, so pretty." She lowered her self slightly until her moist core brushed his rampant erection. "Well almost everything, it's pretty... but not soft at all."

Billy fought the urge to thrust his hips up and claim her that second. He resolved to remain motionless, sure that she would tire of this if he remained still. Now if only his horny body would co-operate. To think that the size of his cock had put off some women, making him a cautious lover, always careful not to cause discomfort. Now it seemed to be the cause of his captivity. Captain Saura Korv seemed to enjoy the sensation as she twisted and slowly lowered herself onto him until she came to rest, taking him completely into her body. He looked down, marveling at the light and dark of them, joined as one.

Saura moaned as she was filled as completely as she could remember. She studied the perspiring young man who seemed determined to lie still if it killed him. She toyed with the flat pink nipples and teased them erect, nipping them carefully with sharp teeth. His drew in a breath between clenched teeth and his hands caught at her head, tangling in her thick curly hair. She smiled like a hungry cat and slipped her hands under him, cupping his buttocks in powerful hands. In one motion she rolled over and he was on top of her, legs holding him tight.

He was on top but all thoughts of not co-operating fled. Her probing fingers quested into his sensitive anus and he bucked, making her cry out. She bit his shoulder, drawing blood. He only pounded her harder, for the first time in his life, completely out of control sexually. Her musk smelled like ginger and her internal muscles were incredibly strong, clutching at him to the point on pain. They found a rhythm as they struggled with sensations new to both of them, with him pulling almost completely out then slamming back in to the hilt. His fists were full of her hair as he kissed her softly at first then hungrily as the pressure mounted in them both.

In her desperation to take him deeper she drew back her knees and hooked her long legs over his shoulders. Now he was drilling down into her narrow channel until he made her scream with pleasure as she came in waves of passion. Billy felt her reach her orgasm and felt a strange powerful urge to claim this woman as his, to show her who was in control, that he wasn't some toy. He withdrew his still hard penis and prodded the smaller hole so readily exposed by her position. Wet as he was he sank halfway in and felt her go still. She made a hissing sound as he leaned hard and buried himself to the hilt. He couldn't fight the clenching tightness he found and exploded with a shout.

What was he doing? Saura was lulled by the strength of her release, her muscles shivering and weak. She had been startled by the pleasure she had found with this 'human'. When he dared to prod into her bottom she was so shocked that he dared to do something so forbidden without asking permission. She knew some who enjoyed such things, but she had always thought it disgusting. And painful, it turned out, as he sank in to the hilt. She grew still, too proud to show that she was in pain, and let him finish.

Then, when he slipped from her body, she wrapped her legs around him and with the skill of long practice, flipped him into the air and onto the hard floor. Her sensitive ears picked up the sound of at least two bones breaking. With a grim smile she dressed, stepping over the unconscious naked body. Slapping the com she ordered, "medical officer to my quarters, bring a stretcher."

To Be Continued...


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