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Scully Can't Help It Pt. I
by Delight


She couldn't believe how hot the office was! Standing Up, Scully walked over and lowered the temperature on the thermostat one more time. Looking up from his work, her shivering partner felt he had to say something.

"Come on Scully I'm freezing. What the hells wrong with you." She just didn't know. Ever since they returned last night she had felt strange. Her body kept going from too cold to too hot. She had woken up a dozen times last night sweaty, with an intense ache between her legs. Four times she had felt the need to stick her fingers into her panties and get herself off. This was very unusual for her. She rarely masturbated more than once a week. All the traumas of her job had long ago turned her almost frigid. So why was she Horny as hell?

Mulder gave her a worried look. She was flushed and seemed agitated. He had never seen her like this. It couldn't be from last night? Mulder fought a sense of dread. While they were unconscious any thing could have been done to her. He had told her he was awake the whole time. It was a lie but he didn't want her to worry. What if they did something to her and she finds out that he had lied? God, would she be pissed! Not only that but he would never be able to get her to come on Non-work related investigations again. She had warned him after the last time. No, better to keep his mouth closed.

He had only wanted to watch a warehouse. A source had told him that they were experimenting on Nanotechnology there. Ever since he had found out about his boss' infection, he had been keeping his eye out for information. They had sat there for hours and saw nothing. Telling his partner to take the first shift sleeping, he had reassured her he would never fall asleep. Within minutes he was fast asleep beside her. He had woken up and was shocked to notice that Scully was not beside him. His watch said it was only midnight.

Walking around the warehouse he thought he heard a noise. Two dark figures were running away into the darkness when he found her. She was lying unconscious in an alley. He had carried her back to the car and put her in her seat. He had gotten to her on time, right? She woke up and seemed fine. Mulder was so shaken he had told her it was a waste of time and had taken her home. Now as he watched her anxiously pacing the office he tried to contain his panic. He would just keep a close eye on her. She would be fine.

Scully tried to sit down. It wouldn't work though; she was just too hot. Twice she had gone to the bathroom and fingered herself to a quick orgasm. But it wasn't working any more. As she resumed her pacing around the office, she discreetly readjusted her dripping panties and had a revelation. Special Agent Dana Scully wanted to get laid! Fast, hard and most importantly right now! She looked over at her worried partner and flashed him a devilish smile.

"Oh Mulder?" He looked up and was transfixed by the look in her eyes.

"Yyyyes Scully." She walked over and hopped up on his desk. Pushing some papers out of the way, she wiggled until she had put one leg on either side of him. Mulder sat back in his chair in surprise. She leaned back on her elbows and started to slowly lift her skirt.

"I've been thinking."

Mulder's mouth was so dry he could barely respond. "About what?"

Her voice was low and sultry as she continued to inch her skirt up. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Of course Sc..." Mulder stopped in mid sentence. The smell had hit him like a blow. His senses were filled with the musky smell of her cunt. Like a Geiger counter passed over some uranium, his cock went from flaccid to pointing strait up.

"I want you to fuck me Mulder. Right now." He tried to question why she wanted this. Could it be that something was done to her last night? Or maybe it was just time? Yeah, Mulder thought, that sounds good. It was time and she smells so fucking juicy and he was going to fuck her right here right now.

Mulder stood and undid his pants and pulled them down. His cock popped out. Scully looked at it and tried not to be disappointed. It was an average sized cock and very pretty. Normally she would be very pleased with such a regular sized tool. She just had the intense desire to be filled. Completely packed with not just average cocks but big huge monster ones.

Mulder wasted no time ripping down her panties and ramming into her deep. She laid back and tried to relax and enjoy herself. It was nice but she knew she needed more. He pounded into her. All the while kissing her and professing his undying love for her. She started to feel like maybe she could cum. It did feel good. He was trying. "Aarrgghh." Scully rolled her eyes. Okaaay she thought. That's it huh. Mulder was kissing her and asking her to marry him. She knew she had to get out of there quick.

Giving him a kiss and a promise that they would talk later, she yanked up her panties and fled. She wandered the halls of the Hoover building wondering where to go. She stopped outside of Skinner's office. Big, tall, ex-marine, he has possibilities, she thought. Scully walked in and smiled sweetly to the receptionist. "Is Mr. Skinner free, I have a problem."

Fifteen minutes later she was shaking her head angrily as she left his office. Gay! The guy's an ex-marine for Christ-sakes! She mumbled. He even had the nerve to offer to suck Mulder's cum out of her! She needed a man or men. This wasn't working. She would have to leave and find a biker bar or something. Scully didn't even know of any biker bars in the DC area. She just knew she had to look elsewhere if she was going to get good and properly laid.


Going to the parking garage she got in her car and tried to start it. Her car made a gasping noise and went dead. She wanted to pull out her gun and shoot it. Getting out of her car, she stood in indecision. Call the auto club or blow a fucking hole in the bitch? Maybe the tow truck driver would be hot. Just as she was reaching for her phone a man walked up behind her. Scully rolled her eyes when she saw whom it was. Gunther Anderson worlds biggest geek!

Gunther had been hired to be in charge of the chemistry department. Unfortunately, Scully ran into him a lot. He was tall and gangly and constantly stooped over. He had a large homely face and tape holding his glasses together. Since he had first seen Scully he had nursed a huge crush on her. Mulder teased her about it non-stop. It wouldn't bother her so much if the man could talk normally around her. As it was he stuttered horribly whenever she was in the room? She had no patience today for his stuttering or the pathetic pencil she was sure was in his pocket.

"Wwwwhat's wrong with your ccccar?"

She tried to be patient but this was ridiculous. "It's not working, Gunther." Jesus, she thought, what a pathetic loser. Gunther went on to give her a stuttering lesson on the inner workings of her car. Scully fingered her gun. She looked around to find a way to escape. Suddenly she saw a beautiful sight, Lloyd and Henry.

Lloyd and Henry were the two black men who ran the parking garage. She wasn't sure, but by the looks of them she knew that they were ex-cons who had been given a second chance by the government. They were huge and ugly. Hired more to scare off any car thieves than to do anything else. They had leered at her on many different occasions. Always she had rushed to her car or walked closer to her partner if she saw them. They were just two men that could really scare a petite white woman. Even one who was packing heat!

"Oh look Gunther, there's my friends Lloyd and Henry. They'll help me with the car." Gunther looked upset but she quickly dismissed him and walked away. Strutting over to their office, she flashed them a seductive smile. "My car is broke fellas and I have a real bad problem." The two black men looked at her and smiled. They had talked a lot about what it would be like to fuck this particular redhead. "Well, now miz Scully, why doncha step into our office and we'll see what we can do."

Would it be too obvious if I grabbed their cocks? She thought to herself as she walked in front of them into the office. She made sure to sway her hips provocatively. Once in the office Henry asked about her car. Putting on her best helpless female voice she answered "Well it won't start and I have to get to this bar." "Whatcha doin goin to a bar in the middle of the day?" Lloyd asked. "Well you see it's like this, I am so horny that I can't work. So I thought I'd go to a biker bar and try and find a gang bang." The men looked at her in shock. They couldn't believe their luck. Lloyd started to laugh. "Miz Scully you don't hafta go to no bar. Fucking horny employees is part of our job!" Scully tried to look surprised "Really that's wonderful! Can you help me?"

The two men just exchanged happy looks as Henry shut and locked the door. "We might be able to. But first you'll have to pass our test." Scully nodded anxiously, this was perfect for her needs. "First you'll have to take our cocks all the way down your throat. If you can swallow each one of us ALL THE WAY we'll give you a good hard fucking."

Scully quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her tits free of her bra. She didn't know if she could do it. Maybe if they saw her pretty pink nipples they would forgive her if she failed. Both men took off their clothes. Scully was happy to see they had very big, already hard cocks. She licked her lips and kneeled before them.

Lloyd took her by the hair and with one hand took his cock and slapped it against her face to get it harder. Scully smelled his faintly bad smell and her mouth watered. What's wrong with me? He's filthy and it's making my pussy twitch. She puzzled it over until he said, "Suck my cock bitch." She opened her mouth and gobbled him down. He was almost too big to swallow. Filling her mouth with spit, she eased him down her throat. Just when she thought she couldn't do it, he slammed her head down on him impaling himself down her throat. She tried not to gag as her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

Lloyd fucked her throat for a minute. Going all the way down each stroke. He pulled out and looked at Henry. "Ok I'll fuck her." Henry walked over and took her by the hair. "Come on white bitch, my turn." She opened her slutty mouth eagerly for his black cock. He also had to help her take his big cock all the way down. She wanted to shout for joy as his pubes mashed against her nose. Of course she couldn't, with ten inches of black cock meat blocking her throat. Henry took a minute to enjoy slowly fucking her mouth. He worked her head up and down on his cock. One hand holding a fistful of her hair while the other pinched and squeezed her nipples.

Henry pulled out of her and the men started to pull off her shirt, skirt, and thigh high stockings. They left her bra on saying they liked the way it pushed her tits up. Henry confiscated her soaked panties. Putting them in a drawer he told her they were evidence in case she later called it rape. Any bitch who's panties were that wet, was asking for a fucking. Scully wondered briefly about this. Just what had he gone to jail for? She thought she figured it out as Henry grabbed her and threw her on the desk. In seconds he was laying on top of her with his cock buried deep in her cunt. He pounded into her, his thrusts so hard they pushed her to the end of the table.

Lloyd seemed pleased that her head was hanging over the end of the table. He wasted no time sticking his cock in her mouth. The position was hard for her, but Scully bent her head so he could fuck down her throat with ease. Both men began to pound furiously into her. Scully was in heaven. Finally her body was getting what it craved. Never could she have imagined wanting to be double fucked by two smelly, black ex-cons. She had a wild orgasm at the very thought.

"How's her cunt Henry?" Lloyd said while his cock pounded down her throat. "It's pretty sloppy. Got any ideas how we can tighten her up?" Both men laughed and Lloyd pulled his cock out of her with a pop. Henry also pulled out of her. She looked at them and pouted. They better get on with it, she thought. If she didn't get banged hard she was going to scream.

Henry pulled her off the desk and lay down on the floor. Holding his huge wet cock in his hand he said, "Hop on baby." Scully happily squatted over top of him and impaled herself onto his huge black meat. She squealed as she sunk down onto it. His huge meat filled her full. Lloyd walked around behind her. Getting down on his knees between her legs, he lifted her ass up into the air. Scully looked at him in shock. She had never had anal sex before and there was no way she could take two huge cocks at once. "Hey wait a minute guys. I'm too small to do that." Henry grabbed her wrists and yanked them down beside him. He pulled on her until she was struggling with her ass high in the air. "Don't worry bitch, you'll stretch." She wanted to scream, but how would she explain why she was there? Biting her lip and relaxing her body as best she could, she prepared herself for the ultimate invasion.

Lloyd spread her ass checks wide and slowly began to force his huge cock up her tiny hole. The burn at first was painful and Henry had to cover her mouth to keep her from screaming. He held her tightly against him and laughed at her discomfort. Scully felt as though she was being torn in half. But Lloyd continued to pack her full of his black meat. Finally he was in her all the way. They stayed still for a moment fully embedded in her ass and cunt. She felt so full. The pain had turned into a burning that felt almost pleasurable. The thought that she was so very stuffed with cock, soon over came the pain.

The men felt this change in her and started to set up an alternating rhythm pounding into her. She couldn't believe she was doing this! Her screams of pain, muffled behind Henry's hand, soon became moans of intense pleasure. Henry let go of her mouth and started to maul her breasts. "Yes! Yes!" she cried. She angled her ass and braced herself with her hands so they could fuck into her poor battered holes harder. Lloyd had a bruising grip on her ass checks. Mashing them tightly together he slammed his cock into her ass. "Fuck, yeah. Do me hard." The men couldn't believe that the cool and professional Agent Scully could be such a cock-loving whore.

"Henry, can you believe this bitch! She must of needed it bad!" Henry just grunted and pounded into her harder. Each slam of his cock caused her to squeal with delight. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he yelled. No, she thought. Not yet! She needed more! Reaching down between their sweaty, smelly bodies she grabbed at her clit and yanked it painfully. "Harder! Fuck me harder!" The men complied and were soon pounding brutally into her small soft body. She felt she would be a mass of bruises from the horrible abuse. It was like they were gutting her. "Take that, bitch!" Lloyd yelled in her ear as he slammed into her even harder. "Fuck, what a hot slut!" Henry cried. The sounds of their fucking filled the room. Henry could not hold out any longer. He yelled as he shot his load in her cunt. Lloyd slammed his cock in deep and held it there as he spray her bowels with his cum. The thought of the huge black man filling her ass with his load caused her to scream as the most intense orgasm of her life crashed through her.

They all collapsed. She was crushed between the two sweaty, smelly men. Both of them were gasping and unable to get up. Men! She thought. One fuck and they turn into Jell-O. She was satisfied for the moment, but had a feeling she would need more. Pushing the black man off her back she stood up and grabbed one of their tee shirts to wipe the spunk that was leaking out of her off her ass and cunt. They lay still on the floor gasping, with their limp cocks lying on their thighs. She pulled on her clothes and Squatted down beside them. "Well fellas, it's been real and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun." The men just looked at her with glazed eyes. They couldn't believe that the petite white women had gotten the better of two ex-cons like themselves. They were so wore out they couldn't move.

Scully waved and smiled as she walked out the door. Her ass was sore, but the pleasant ache only made her want more! She would find a cab and maybe give the cabby a blowjob in exchange for a ride to a biker bar. Just then her cel-phone rang. "Shit! What now?" It was Mulder, calling to ask her where she was.

"I'm busy Mulder. I have to run some ummmm errands!" She had to get away from the lovesick dog.

"But Scully," He whined "you have to get the lab results this afternoon or we'll have to answer to Skinner."

No, she thought, you'll have to answer to that fag. But she knew she had to get the results. "Fine, I'll get them and drop them in your mailbox on my way out." After brushing off Mulder's attempts to get her to go out to dinner with him she hung up. Straightening her wrinkled skirt she headed back into the building. Those lab geeks had better have them done. She wasn't going to wait much longer.

To Be Continued...


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