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Scully Can't Help It Pt. II
by Delight


Her legs felt like Jell-O as she walked down the hallway of the Hoover building heading for the elevator. For the first time in the past hour she was calm. The nagging, burning ache between her legs had settled down to an annoying itch. What the hell was wrong with her? She never acted like this. She had just had the most severe fucking of her life, but she was almost ready for more.

She knew there was something wrong, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. Pausing before the elevator she had a brief moment of rational thought. But before the thought caught hold the elevator opened and all disturbing thoughts fled, as she looked into the horsy face of Gunther the lab geek. Shit, she thought, not again.

Gunther gave her his sweet pathetic smile and moved to make room for her on the elevator. She stepped on praying that he would keep his mouth closed. Looking the other way, trying desperately to ignore the stupid geek, she could not see the way Gunther was sniffing the air. Her musky smell was strong. Special Agent Dana Scully had responded well, he thought. She reeked of pussy juice and cum. His little science experiment was working nicely. Gunther felt a stirring down below.

Scully kept her eyes focused on the numbers while the elevator descended down to the research levels. She was completely ignoring the tall man and did not catch the feral look he gave her. Gunther had a secret. And despite Agent Scully's ice queen exterior, he was determined that she would find out his secret in a very intimate way. He had tried being friendly, but the woman was such a bitch that drastic measures had been needed. Reaching out, he pushed the emergency stop button and the elevator ground to a halt.

Scully looked at him and thought, what now? Looking into his face she was briefly taken aback by the lecherous glare in his eyes. She had no doubts about her ability to handle the nerd, but a chill passed down her spine. Keeping her voice steady she said, "Uhh Gunther, what are you doing?" Gunther crossed his arms over his chest; leaned against the control panel to block her access and his lips opened in a toothy smile.

"You've had a busy morning haven't you Agent Scully. Did Lloyd and Henry help you with your little problem?" She was briefly puzzled that he was able to speak so clearly with no sign of a stutter. But then she realized what he was obviously referring to. She shifted her feet and suddenly wished she had her underwear. A stream of juices dribbled down her bare thigh.

"Yes, they are going to fix my car." Gunther's smile grew wider. He was giving her the creeps. And as disturbing as the thought was, she started to feel the now-familiar burning in her pussy. Really, she thought, how bad could he be? He might be worth one quick orgasm.

Sidling up closer to him, she batted her eyes and looked up into his homely face. "Gunther, I have a problem." He tried to keep his face neutral, but his smile grew at her predicament. "What's wrong Agent? Do you need my assistance?"

Scully slowly lifted her skirt and showed him her slightly swollen, dripping snatch. Batting her eyelashes she said, "I need a man right now."

Gunther pretended to think it over. He scratched his chin and looked at her thoughtfully. "Wwwwwell, maybe I could help you. But only if I can fuck you up the ass." Scully would much prefer he stick his pathetic cock in her burning cunt, but at this point she would take what ever she could get. "I don't know..." Gunther gave her a stern look. "That's the deal Agent Scully. An assfuck or I won't touch you. And I won't let you out of the elevator either." Scully was disgusted. "Fine! But you had better last more than ten seconds."

Gunther smiled. "Don't worry Agent. You see I have an anomaly you need to be aware of. Get on your hands and knees please." Scully did what he asked. He calls his little pecker an anomaly? How incredibly stupid. But still, it was the best she could get. Getting down on her hands and knees she pulled her skirt out of the way showing him her plump ass.

Gunther stood in front of her so she could get a good view. Her eyes grew big as dinner plates as he undid his pants and revealed the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life. It was only half-hard, but she guessed it was about twelve inches from the huge, bright red, mushroom shaped head to his large hairy balls. Gunther chuckled at her shock. She hadn't seen anything yet! Stroking the impossibly thick length, he watched her gasp as his cock grew and grew. It was as big as a man forearm and almost as thick. Scully was filled with dread and a large amount of excitement that shocked the hell out of her. Dana Scully, he thought, meet your match.

"I can't take that monster up my ass. You'll rip me in two." Gunther just laughed at her shock. He jerked on his monster cock making a small amount of pre-cum leak out of its huge tip. Scully moaned in terror. "Don't worry Scully. Your hard fuck from those two stinking ex-cons has loosened you up a bit. It will hurt, but you can and will take all this up your ass."

She was afraid, but then the thought of lab geek Gunther getting the best of her made her relax. She could do this, right? Putting on a determined face she said, "Bring it on lab boy." Gunther threw back his head and laughed. The horney little bitch was too much.

Stepping around behind her, he kneeled and yanked her ass up so he could get a good view of his target. Her cunt and ass glistened with hers and the to black men's juices. Good thing, he thought, he had no lube on him so this will have to do. He shoved two fingers into her sloppy cunt and got them good and wet. His huge cock bobbed up and down between his legs. Its weight prevented it from standing erect. Scully turned her head and watched it while fighting her fear.

Gunther stuck first one then two of his fingers into her slightly puffy asshole. He worked her for a few minutes and her body relaxed at how good it felt. His other hand stroked her burning pussy and she was in heaven. But when she felt his fingers pull out and his giant mushroomed head of his cock nudge the opening, her whole body tensed. Gunther grabbed her by her hips and tried to be patient. "Loosen up Scully." She just whimpered. "I said, loosen up. I'm not going to shove it all in at once. I want to fuck you, not kill you."

She still was frightened. "I can't! It's going to hurt!" Gunther's voice became stern. "Yes, it will probably hurt, but one way or the other you will take my anomaly up this tight little ass." His hand slapped hard against her ass. It was clear to him that he would have to prepare her more. Grabbing her hands, he pinned them behind her back so that her chest and face were resting on the floor of the elevator. He then started to spank her plump little ass until it was bright pink. His handprints stood out against her pale flesh and his cock started to throb at the sight.

Scully was squealing and begging him to stop. He had her firmly pinned to the floor and the slaps stung painfully. The pain mixed with the burning ache of her cunt and her pussy juices leaked out and run down her thighs. She wanted to be fucked so badly!

Gunther felt the change in her and once again pressed his huge cock against her asshole. He steadied her with one hand while still holding her down with the other. He had to shove hard to get the huge head of his cock inside her. Scully screamed at the invasion. It felt like he would rip her apart.

With out pause he began to slowly pack her over-stretched asshole full of his meat. He pulled out slightly only to press in harder. Scully bit her lip to stop her cries. Looking back she saw that he had only forced about half of his enormous dong into her tight hole! She was in agony. He was so huge! She gulped and tried to relax her muscles to help out. Gunther leaned back and smiled at the sight of her trembling spinchter stretched painfully wide around his cock.

He began to rock back and forth until he felt her relax more and then he fucked into her harder until his balls slammed into her dripping snatch. She had done it! All of Gunther's monster cock was buried deep in her ass! Her sense of accomplishment was great. Gunther grunted and still holding her down began to fuck in and out of her abused ass. Scully moaned in pain. "Don't worry Scully, it hurts now, but once I've done this to you a few hundred times you'll beg me for it."

The few hundred times comment was lost on her as Gunther began to fuck into her faster. She had never felt so full. Her breath became ragged as he pistoned his huge cock up her ass. His pace increased and she was lost in the sensation of pain and pleasure. Gunther had no intention of making it easy on her. Holding her firmly down he fucked her harder and harder onto his rod.

Scully cried out as her tender breasts were rubbed painfully against the floor. He made no attempts to stimulate her throbbing clit and with her hands pinned so firmly behind her back, all she could do was lay there and let him impale her again and again on his monstrous cock. It was hard and painful and she was in a haze of pleasure. Her mouth was open and drool collected on the floor below her. Her whole body trembled and shook at each slam of his hard cock.

Gunther was losing control. He began to pound into her horribly abused asshole without mercy. Dana Scully was the ultimate fuck and she would now be his. Taking mercy on her, he reached around and yanked on her swollen clit hard. She shrieked in pain and exploded around him. Her orgasm caused her to clamp down on his cock so hard he had to double his effort in order to slam in her deep. Grabbing her firmly he shoved his cock in as far as he could and held it buried to the hilt while he blew an enormous wad of cum into her greedy ass.

After catching his breath he looked down at her shaking gasping body still impaled on his meat. He thanked his good fortune that he had caught her and her partner at the warehouse.


Scully gingerly sat down at her desk and tried not to let Mulder see her wince. She looked into the adoring face of her partner and explained to him as gently as possible how she was in love. Mulder was in shock. "But Scully, He's a total geek! What does he have that I don't have?" Scully hid her smile. "I'm sorry Mulder, but I can't help it. I love him and I'm leaving the X-Files to be with him." Ignoring her partner's shock, she packed up her things and walked as quickly out the door as her aching body could.

Gunther saw her walking toward where he was holding the elevator for her. Her slightly bow-legged gait made him smile. Reaching into his pocket he fingered the small bottle of synthetic Spanish fly that he had invented and let his imagination go wild. He would have to give her another injection first thing in the morning.

The injection he had given her at the warehouse would wear off by then. In the meantime, he had promised his four roommates a hot red head to fuck tonight. And then tomorrow he would take her to that Star Trek convention. He would be the most popular Trekkie there. He smiled at her and held out his hand. With a whole bottle of serum and another already cooking in his lab, Dana Scully was in for a long hard ride.


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