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by C Love

My sophomore year in college I got quite an education. I lived in a house by myself, which was right next to fraternity row. My friends and I would have huge parties that will spill over into frat parties down the street. One night my friend Matt and I went to a frat house we had frequented and bumped into Laurie and Katrina, two roommates. Katrina was the better looking of the two (but not by much). She had Auburn hair, green eyes, nice perky hand sized tits, and great curves. Laurie, had dark hair, dark eyes, bigger tits, but was a little fuller in the waist. Not so much as to be unattractive, but enough to make Trina the better looking of the two. However, Laurie had two distinct advantages over Katrina, an insatiable sexual appetite, and no gag reflex. I had seen her at a party put an entire Heineken bottle down her throat.

The four of us all started drinking and dancing and switching partners. Soon we did more drinking, and followed that with some grinding on the dance floor with both ladies. Before long, I was making out with Laurie, and Matt with Trina. Soon the party ended, and Matt and Katrina went back to Trina's place, while Laurie and I went to mine. That night, I learned all the rumors about Laurie's sexual appetite were true. We fucked until I was exhausted, then she kept fucking me. We'd fall asleep, and I'd wake up an hour later with her riding me. Talk about sweet dreams.

The next night we had a party at my place, and Laurie and Katrina were obviously invited. The night started off the way the previous one had, some drinking and dancing and switching partners, however, by the time we got to the part where everyone was making out, I was with Katrina rather than Laurie, and Laurie was with Matt. The night with Katrina was not as raucous as the previous night with Laurie, but was amazing nonetheless.

Matt and I didn't see the girls for a couple of days, and were worried that our swapping had angered them. When I finally did see them in the cafeteria on Tuesday night and struck up a conversation, I was dumbfounded. Not only were they not mad, it was their idea of heaven. No commitment to a boyfriend, but regular sex. Sleeping with more than one person, but not being considered a slut. They decided that every weekend, we would meet at a party not knowing who would go home with whom.

This went on for a few weeks, and it was great. I was having amazing sex with two college coeds who wanted nothing other than for me to fuck and suck. Then it happened. We were all too blinded by sex to think about this scenario, but it eventually happened. Katrina went home to visit her parents one weekend and Laurie was left to choose whether Matt or I would go home without a companion. The entire night was awkward, with Matt and I both staying close to Laurie, but neither wanting to seem desperate.

Finally, the party ended, and Laurie grabbed Matt's hand and led him directly into my room. Confused, I followed them in and watched as they proceeded to makeout right in front of me in my room. Then Laurie reached behind her and grabbed my arm, pulling me against her back, sandwiching her between Matt and I. I took the hint, and began to kiss her neck and grind against her ass. Matt and my hands worked their way all around Laurie's body, and up her sweater and down her skirt. Soon she was naked between us, and started to tug on Matt's clothes. We took the hint, and pulled off our clothes as well. As soon as Matt was naked, Laurie had him on his back on my bed. She sucked on his cock for about 5-10 seconds, just enough to get it good and wet. Then she turned and did the same with mine.

Then like a cat she pounced on top of Matt, and slid his cock into her pussy. The two of them began to move rhythmically together, I stood there, cock in hand, watching and enjoying, until Laurie turned her head to make eye contact with me, and without breaking eye contact lowered her body to Matt's chest. Then with her left hand she reached back, and opened her anus with her fingers. Like a reflex, I licked my fingers and stuck them in her ass to lube it as much as possible. Then I straddled her backside and slid it into her nether region.

Laurie groaned in delight as I started slowly, and then picked up speed. Matt caught onto the rhythm and joined in. Soon no one was using any energy, we just rocked back and forth, and 3 had become 1. Even Laurie insatiable appetite was fulfilled that night as the three of us fucked all night, and all weekend. The next Monday I bumped into Katrina. I asked her how her weekend was, and she smiled that it couldn't have been as good as mine. Then she traced her finger in figure eights around my chest and said that if Laurie ever abandoned her for a weekend, she hoped that Matt and I would be as hospitable to her as were had been to Laurie. I told her we were dying for the chance.

After that weekend, things settled into a groove again. When all four of us were in town, I'd go home with Katrina or Laurie, and Matt would go home with the other. When one of us was out of town, the odd man (or woman) out would join the other two. Over the next few weeks, everyone was double teamed at least once. Laurie was the lucky winner three weekends in total, as Katrina left town twice, and was under the weather once.

Matt and I each confided that we'd prefer to be doing the double teaming, rather than being with both girls, not because we had any homosexual leanings, but because Katrina had made it clear that she wasn't into any girl on girl activity. Which meant when Matt or I were alone with both of them, we were doing twice the work. Not that we complained, but after weekends when Matt was out of town, I usually missed more than my fair share of classes.

The subject of a foursome had only come up once. I had thought about it, but figured I didn't want to mess with the good thing I had. Laurie and I discussed it one night while discussing our experiences and fantasies. She'd been in her share of sexual situations (threesomes, exhibitionism, domination), but her fantasy was to have a foursome. That night Laurie was especially aggressive, and I knew it was because the thought of a foursome had ignited a fire.

A couple of weeks later Laurie and Katrina had gotten into a roommate spat. I had won Trina for the night and she was taking her frustrations out by riding me harder than usual, which I didn't mind at all. We were on the couch in my bedroom, just about to work ourselves into a frenzy, when there was a knock on the window. It was Matt and Laurie. She had forgotten her key, and wanted to know if she could borrow Trina's. But, when the two of them saw that Katrina and I weren't using the futon, they made themselves at home.

Katrina and I went back to what we were doing, as Matt and Laurie started up not too far from us. Katrina, still pissed off at Laurie, began riding me even harder than before. She moaned a little louder than usual, and then I heard Laurie moan too. Katrina and Laurie seemed to be having a contest of who could fuck the hardest and moan the loudest. It wasn't long before Matt and I also seemed to be competing. Hearing the moans of the other couple just made Trina and I even hotter, which made us moan louder, which made Matt and Laurie hotter, increasing their moans. Finally with a loud grunt, Matt came all over Laurie. As Trina and I were nearing our point, Laurie comforted Matt by telling him Trina always takes longer to get guys off. Katrina responded by yelling that Laurie was a "fucking whore" as her orgasm shook through her and she collapsed on top of me.

As the four us were laying there I realized a problem, the only clean sheets I had had just been used by Matt and Laurie. Katrina and I weren't going to sleep on someone else's wet spot, but we weren't going to freeze on the couch either. Laurie came up with the only solution there was, we'd all have to sleep in the futon. There we were, four of us, sleeping in a futon that was tight for two. Matt was on the extreme left side spooning Laurie, the wet spot was on their side. Laurie was spooning me, and I was spooning Trina. We were all naked, hot, sweaty, smelling of sex, and packed together. Needless to say, there wasn't much sleep that night. My hands explored Trina's body all night long, fondling her breasts, and rubbing between her legs. Occasionally I'd reach down and stroke Laurie's leg, which I felt rubbing against mine all night. I was erect most of the night, and rubbed my cock against the lips of Trina's pussy, entering briefly a couple of times. Laurie had her left arm under my head, and was rubbing my chest with that hand. I don't know what else was going on behind me, but they were constantly writhing, and occasionally moaning. At the foot of the bed, all eight legs were entangled in an orgy of their own. The constant grinding finally began to die down after a while, and we faded off into some sort of sleep.

Trina got up to get a glass of water. Feeling that extra space open up in front of me, I slid over and onto my back, still half-asleep. This opened up a little room for Laurie, who slid towards me, and resumed rubbing my chest. Feeling Laurie's breast against my side and her nails on my chest, I rolled back towards her, and we started to grope, grind and make out. All of this started to pull me out of my slumber. Matt must have felt us writhing next to him, because it wasn't long before he slid in behind Laurie. By this time all of the grinding and groping had fully awakened the three of us, with Laurie in the familiar sandwiched position again; that is until Katrina walked back in. Trina later admitted that she did what she did because she was still mad a Laurie. As she saw us working our way to a frenzy, she knew she'd have to relieve the tingling sensation between her legs, but she hesitated. She decided she didn't want to give Laurie the satisfaction of a foursome. So rather than join in Trina grabbed Matt, rolled him onto his back, and mounted him, separated from Laurie and me.

Off and on we all went at it until well into the day. Laurie and I fucking each other, just inches away from Matt and Trina, but the couples never touched. Finally, when Matt and I were too spent to blow another load, everyone went home to get some sleep. After that night, things were never the same. Somehow the chemistry changed, and eventually our little arrangement fizzled out.

I did have one more threesome with Laurie and Trina, just before finals. They came over to unwind before the big exams, and we did a different sort of cramming. I asked if they wanted to invite Matt over for one last fling, but Laurie winked that they had seen him the night before, and he wouldn't be in any condition to go out. A few hours later I knew how he felt.


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