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Sorority Fun Ch. 1
by Tiffany Y

Being in a sorority is like having you own private sex orgy every night. Sorority girls are the biggest sluts in the world. I remember the first night that we came together for some great fun.

Let me explain a little about myself. My name is Tori and I am always looking for a good time. I love a good fuck. whether it's by myself, with another woman or another man. I basically joined this sorority because I heard how wild and crazy sorority girls were and I wanted to experience it for myself.

It was late on Saturday evening, me and my sorority sister Jessica was at home doing nothing. By the way my name is Tori. Jessica asked me what I felt like doing tonight. I told her that I was not sure. Jessica had always been a little adventurous. She told me different stories about her and some of our other sisters and many stories about her and guys. So I decided that this was the time for her to put her money where her mouth was or me to put my cunt where her mouth was.

I told Jessica that I wanted to watch a movie that I had just brought from the store. She said that was fine. I didn't tell her that it was a porno movies because I wanted to catch her off guard. So I went upstairs to get the movie and she went in the kitchen to pop some popcorn. When I came back downstairs I went into the kitchen and told her to forget the popcorn because it was not need for the movie we would be watching.

She was a little confused but said okay and we went into the living room and starting watching the movie. As the movie got started I watched Jessica's face to see her reaction. Her face lit up when she saw the woman telling the man to bring his big fat cock to her mouth. After about 5 minutes of watching the movie I got really turned on and so did Jessica. She must have been reading my mind because she started to get more comfortable. And so did I. We took of our clothes. All except our undergarments. Her clothes were off before mine's and she started to rub her clit through her panties. I told her to let me help her.

She gratefully obliged. I started to rub her clit through her panties. I have been with a couple of women before but I had never felt hotness like Jessica. As soon as I touch her clit the movie became a distant thought in our minds.

I removed Jessica's bra and started to play with her nipples. I sucked on the left nipple until it peaked to perfection. She must have been enjoying what I was doing to her because she started to moan my name. After a few more minutes of playing with her breast I start to work my way down her body to her tight little twat. I tried to move slow but the hotness that I felt the first time was begging for more. I took off her panties and spread her leg wide open so that I could get a good look at her pussy. Her pussy had beautiful pink lips just waiting for me to suck them. I ran my tongue across her outer parts of her lips. I engulfed one side of her lips and started to suck it like I was a baby sucking a nipple.

But this wasn't enough for me or her so I spread her lips with my finger and found her clit. It look like it was waiting for me to lick it. Jessica could take no more of me teasing her so she grab my head and pushed it down so that my tongue was resting on her clit. I started to lick her clit with feather like licks. I did this for about a minute. Jessica was moaning so loud I could tell that she was enjoying it. Finally I started to suck her clit until her body started to jump up and down in a fast pace. She started to scream that she was about to cum and pushed my head away. I moved her hand and told her that I wanted to taste her cum in my mouth. She let out this loud scream and I thick cream started to ooze from her pussy. I lick it up and it was the best tasting cum I have ever taste.

Jessica said that she and never had a orgasm like that and wanted to pleasure me in the same way. I was already fully aroused from the things that I was doing to her that I could not wait until she started to bring me to pleasure.

She pushed me down on the couch and tore off my panties and bra. Jessica was a little rough but I liked that. She grab my nipple with her mouth and started to suck it at a feverish pace. My nipple drew up to a small tight peak. After about 3 minutes of biting and sucking my nipples she said that she wanted to taste the sweet juices that flowed from my pussy. She stuck in head in between my legs and started to lick the folds of my pussy. Then she found my clit and started to lick and suck it until my body started to shake. The orgasm was building inside of me , I was enjoying it so much that I came for about 2 minutes straight. The cum was dripping out my pussy like milk being poured in a cup.

Jessica waited until I calmed down and invited me upstairs to her room, she said that she something that she thought should please us both. She said that her roommate had brought it for them to use and that her roommate would be gone for another hour or so. When she pulled this toy out I could not believe what I saw. It was a double dildo. I had seem then in porn movies but had never used one before. She also pulled out and strap-on penis because she said that she wanted to fuck me like I have never been fucked before.

I said that maybe we could save the double penis for later because I wanted her to fuck my pussy hard.

She strapped on the penis and bent me over the bed. I spread my legs wide so that she could hit me from behind but to my surprise she shoved the penis into my ass. I had never been fucked the ass before and It was a wonderful surprise. She fucked me had and rammed that dick in my ass until I was screaming. I have never felt so good. She pulled the penis out of my ass, threw me on the bed and jumped on top and me and started to fuck my pussy hard and fast. I had never been fucked like that by a man or another woman before. She made sure that she drove the penis all the way in and pulled it all the way out. We were having so much fun that we didn't even notice her roommate come in.

The roommate called out our names and we paused...

To Be Continued...


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