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Shauna's Heaven
by Wet

Shauna pauses outside the conference door and takes a deep breath. She has been preparing for this for several months now. She looks down to see that her skirt is just the right height. She is wearing a red miniskirt with a pale pink blouse. Both leave little to the imagination. Her black clad silky legs and red high heels completed the very sensuous outfit. But it was evening and she was not expected to be at the office. She left work several hours ago. So they could not fault her for her attire. It was the evening after all and she had planned on going out, or so she told them when they called. That sounded like a perfect excuse to show up at this board meeting dressed as she was.

Clasping the files she was holding closer to her chest, she could feel the wetness gathering between her thighs, as thoughts of the upcoming events that she hoped would transpire, formed in her mind. On the other side of this door were three very handsome, very eligible gentlemen who had no idea that they were being setup this evening. All the planning was slowly coming together.

She thought of John, fair-haired and equally fair skinned. He was the living equal to the Greek myth of Adonis. His heart was pure gold and his manners, impeccable. The company could not have chosen a better public relations executive then John. She thought about the times she had teased him and the look on his face when his desire became evident in his suit pants. But he always moved away just when she thought he would take his wanting a bit further. She was not sure it was because of her position in the company, or his shyness around women.

Then there was Mike, quite the opposite of John in many ways. He was the clique of tall, dark and handsome. He had deep brown, almost black eyes, and bedroom eyes as they say. His dark Italian skin and a body that showed his passion for weight lifting, was her undoing. But unlike John, he was always on the prowl. She was never sure just how much of the teasing was in fun and how much was serious. But she knew she would find out one day. He was the company's attorney and despite his easygoing manner he was lethal in the courtroom.

The last board member was James. He was the handsomest of the three as far as she was concerned. He was older then her but not by much and he sent out such an aura of sensuality that just being around him caused her heart to race and her thighs to glisten. He was graying at the temples that gave him a distinguished looked to his already handsome face. His hands were his most erotic features. He had large hands, strong hands. You can tell that this was not a man to sit behind a desk all day. The thought of those hands running over her body had taken Shauna to the edge of a climax and over in her fantasies. She was hoping this was the night all her fantasies would come true.

He was the main brain in this company. He knew every detail of the operation and all the workings of the machinery. Together the three of them made a hell of a team. Shauna's abilities to work on all three of their levels gave her the best position within the company. She knew everything there was to know about the workings, the legal standings and the public relations that there was to know. She was invaluable to all three of them and her salary and bonuses proved just how much they relied on her. There was not a dealing that went down, not a product that was discussed that was not brought to her attention. They had originally called her position Administrative Secretary, but they have since renamed her job to Executive Manager.

She clasped the files tighter, grabbed the doorknob and after swinging the door open and hearing it make a resounding bang against the back wall she walked into the room. Knowing that all eyes were immediately on her.

She surveyed the gentlemen in front of her. Mike as usual was drooling and could not keep his eyes off her legs and boobs. John was shifting in his seat, and Shauna was sure it was because of his instant arousal. James had a look of pure lust that he was trying unsuccessfully to hide. She walked to the table and asked them all to come to the end where it would be easier to show them all the latest updates so that they can all look at them at the same time.

Mike practically ran to the head of the table where she was standing, John took a few seconds after standing to adjust his pants. Shauna was looking at the papers but kept one eye on him and smiled when she noticed his condition. James was the last to arise, as he slowly got out of his chair and flashed her a huge smile as he came closer.

She gathered them around the papers and started to speak. She showed them the results of the latest survey. Her voice was a melody to their ears but they had no idea what she was saying. They were all too aware of her breasts rubbing and caressing their arms and hands as she explained the files. What made it even worst was the fact that they knew just what she was wearing under that shirt. For that matter what she was not wearing would have been a better evaluation. James had the hardest time concentrating. Just when he controlled his thoughts she would rub her butt gently across his crotch in a manner that left him hard as a rock. She had to be aware of his state of arousal, but gave no sign or indication that she was anything but business.

They could not believe the sight of her when she walked in the door. That mini skirt should be illegal. They should ban see through blouses also for that matter. No sooner did she walk through the door than all three of them got erections. They had desired her for a long time, but other then a few smiles and some quick glances she never seemed interested. Now with the way she was looking all they could think of was putting her on the conference table and making her the main course in a very pleasurable sexual meal.

John kept swallowing to try and moisten his dry throat from the heavy breathing he was trying so hard to control. Mike was gazing non stop at the places her breast touched his arm and every time she moved he would raise his arm slightly to caress her breast as they moved over his arm. James was another story altogether. He was not able to control his erection and after a few minutes didn't bother to try and pull back when she leaned against it. But instead push a little forward as she did. Shauna was getting wetter by the second. This was working out just as she had planned. They had no idea what she was talking about.

This meeting was now under way. She was going to get her wish. Her wildest fantasies were about to come true. Until that moment she was not sure about their desires and their wants, but by their reactions to her outfit and her movements, though subtle, things were going just as planned.

She knew now that they wanted and desired her as much as she did them. James was the first to make a move. He slid his hand slowly up her thigh as she moved back to him and then back to the table. She closed her eyes briefly. His touch was so light she was not sure she felt it. When he received no reaction from her he got bolder. He slid his hand to the inside of her thigh and closer to her crotch. As he got higher on her thigh he realized she had thigh high stockings and garters on.

Now his cock was harder then before. He slowly slid his hand higher. He figured she would either keep going or she would turn and slap him. Either way he had to find out if she wore underwear under that outfit. He slid his hand boldly up to her pussy and almost groaned aloud when he found not only that she did not have on underwear, but also that her pussy was shaved. He felt her smooth as silk lips and the moisture that was slowly soaking her lips and thighs. She only paused a second in her explaining as she felt James' exploring fingers. She wasn't sure the others had noticed his hands under her skirt with him standing behind her.

As she leaned over to point out another fact in a file she heard John's quick intake of breath and she knew he was aware of James' finger exploration. She did not have to guess at Mike's thoughts as she felt him reach out with his fingers and take her nipple between them and pinch them tightly, to which she could no longer hold back a soft moan. John reached out and took her whole right breast into his hand and started caressing it. James got bolder as he saw the others starting to caress Shauna's body and he slowly slid a finger into her.

Feeling the wet moist heat penetrating his finger as he slide it all the way in. He moaned slightly as he wiggled his finger inside her soaked pussy. Mike got up and pushed on Shauna's back to lay her upper body on the table. He pulled her skirt up around her hips as James' finger continued his exploration. Mike leaned over her pussy and took a deep breath. Sighing at the wonderful smell she was giving off. John and Mike pulled on her hips until they were off the table and her exposed butt and pussy were draped over the end of the table. Reaching down Mike slowly searched her lips for her clit. Mike started to rub it quickly, smiling as he heard her moan louder now.

James started sliding his finger in and out slowly. Adding first one then two more fingers to her dripping pussy. John stood there not sure what to do. He then leaned over Shauna started to caress and rub her tight butt. He bent to lick her skin as her moans of pleasure increased. Mike rubbing her clit in faster and faster circles as James slammed in and out of her pussy with three fingers. Her juices were dripping down onto Mike's hand as he brought her closer and closer to a climax. John spread her butt cheeks and exposed her tight butt hole. He reached under her and wet his hands with her juices and slowly circled her butt hole with his finger. As her hips started to move with James and Mike's hands she moaned louder.

They knew she was close to a climax and all three of them increased they speed to bring her over the edge. James' fingers flew in and out of her and he added a fourth finger to her pussy, spreading the lips tight against his hand as he continued to fill her with his fingers.

Mike rub faster and much harder, the juices from her pussy dripping onto her clit and his hand making the area slick for his movements. John slid his finger around her butt hole and then slowly slid it into her tight hole as she neared a climax. Shauna had never felt so pleasured. Here were three very handsome men bringing her to orgasm. She was soaked before she even came into the room and now she knew that she was making a puddle of juices on the floor with the help of these three wonderful pleasers. She was climbing closer to an orgasm as they continued rubbing and filling her.

As she neared her orgasm her hips started bucking like crazy. She started to scream as she went over the edge. Bucking her hips and screaming as an orgasm shook her entire being. James, Mike and John continued to fill, caress and rub her until her orgasm started to subside and she lay on the table panting, trying to regain her breath. James slowly removed his fingers as he caressed her pussy lips. Mike removed his hand from her clit to rub her tight butt. John slowly pulled his finger from her butt hole and rubbed her other butt cheek as she slowly calmed down.

Mike reached up and slowly turned Shauna over. John went to the other side of the long table and helped Mike move her until she was lying on the table between the three of them. Mike and James were standing to her left and John standing on her right. Not a word was said as they slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. James went to the end of the table and slide off her heels and skirt. She lay there with only her bra, garter and stockings on. The three men just stood there and gazed at her. They have all wanted to see what she was like under all those business outfits. The fact that she walked in here dressed to kill to begin with was a shock. But now she lay here before them in just her erotic lingerie. They all had a raging hard on but they knew that their desires would soon be satisfied.


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